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Earth snake
Japanese あきら
Alias Earth Snake
Personal Information
Species Possessed Human (formerly)
Gender 212px-MaleMale
Age Teens
Status Alive
Hair Black
Occupation Magika Stigma (formerly)

Illegal Magician (in Japan)

Affiliation Chaos Faction


School None
Diva Midgarsormr (formerly)
Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 1
Manga debut Chapter 9

Akira (あきら) was a Stigma Hunter known as Earth Snake as well as an Illegal Magician. His body was taken over by Midgarsormr. But by that point Akira was practically a mental vegetable. When he was taken prisoner by the Knight Order during the Civil War his Diva abandoned him.

Appearance Edit

Earth Snake has short black hair, wide eyes and jagged teeth. He wears a tattered black shirt as well as white jeans with boots.

Personality Edit

Earth Snake has a cruel and wicked personality as seen when he attacked Amasaki Miō and Hayashizaki Kazuki for no reason.

History Edit

At some unknown point, he became an Illegal Magician and a Stigma Hunter.

Plot Edit

Volume 1 Edit

Otonashi Kaguya, Hoshikaze Hikaru, and Hiakari Koyuki had taken on a Quest to bring him down but he kept escaping, He attacked Amasaki Miō and Hayashizaki Kazuki by surprise while they were on a date. Kaguya catches up and attacks but he gets away again. Kaguya is angry at herself for hesitating to use a sure-kill attack. Kaya is angry at him for attacking her friends. She vows she will kill them herself. Of course, this is Loki's influence, which she was still fighting against. Earth Snake, on the other hand, was so corrupted he couldn't think for himself at all anymore. Midgarsormr soon takes full control of Akira's body.

Volume 5 Edit

Loki and his followers formed an alliance with various Chinese sleeper agents within the Japanese government including the former Knight Academy Board Chairman Takasugi Takayoshi.  The Divas of Japanese Mythology had fallen into a Wild God state after being neglected for so long The Illegal Magicians corrupted by those Divas were aligned with them. A massive coordinated attack was launched on Knight Order bases all over western Japan. They took them totally by surprise and only 200 Knights, plus a dozen third years from the Knight Academy managed to escape to the east. The former Board Chairman and Kaya appeared on TV declaring west Japan was now the independent nation of Yamato. The fact they were using Divas of Japanese Mythology, rather than Taoist Mythology, gave them at least the pretense of legitimate independence.

Third year students serving in the Knight Order led by Kodzuki Kanon fled back to the Academy to request assistance. Kazuki agreed to lead a volunteer force of high-ranked students to reinforce the border. They wound up with 150 volunteers along with the German Knight squad led by Beatrix Baumgard, who were after Loki. On their way to the front lines the group fell victim to a perfectly executed ambush. Hayashi Shizuka was leading the assault and Kazuki and Kanon were almost killed by friendly fire when he realized too late that some of those third years had been brainwashed before being returned to their unit. Beatrix risked her life to protect Kazuki and Tsukahara Kazuha managed to free those girls. Earth Snake was caught by Kazuki and Koyuki when he attempted to assassinate Kazuki at close-range. When they checked the prisoners later all their Divas had abandoned their flesh bodies. Kazuki had been worried because Loki, Joka and Nyarlathotep were all on the same team. Kazuki knew those three Diva specialized in manipulating minds and hearts. By combining their powers and techniques he realized they had probably found a shortcut allowing them to seize a new flesh body without the normal delay. They would probably move on to a new contractor as soon as the old one was killed or captured.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Akira's body has been taken over by Midgarsormr. Because it was a full possession he can use skills rapidly. After he was arrested his body was abandoned leaving him powerless.

10 Inherent Powers: Edit

Level ?: Debris Bullets: The smashed up pieces of debris around the caster levitate and fly towards the enemy.

Level ?: Titan Stomp: The caster stomps the ground causing a stone wall to rise up and block attacks.

Level ?: Land Escape: This power enabled the caster to escape underground instantly and elude capture.

Level ?: Fire Stone Flood: A wide-area attack magic that creates a flood of molten lava.

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