Akira Mibu
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Akira Mibu
Japanese 壬生(みぶ)アキラ
Rōmaji Mibu Akira
Personal Information
Species Human
Gender 212px-FemaleFemale
Age Teens
Status Alive
Eye Light Brown
Hair Platinum Blonde
Occupation Student
School National Knight Academy
Diva Astaroth
Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 4

Akira Mibu (壬生(みぶ)アキラ Mibu Akira) is a participant in the Student Council Election Tournament, as part of Karin Katsura's team.


Akira is a young beautiful girl, with very long platinum blonde hair that goes past the waist as well as bright brownish eyes. She also wears a student uniform.


Akira has a very serious and stern personality rarely showing expressions, however if she does it is at a minimum level.


She's well known in school as a "problem child". Not because she causes trouble, but because she refuses to participate in any combat activities. The reason for that is that she never wanted to be a summoner (she wanted to be a confectioner), but the stigma manifested on her so she was forced to go to summoner school anyways. Since Kazuki Hayashizaki saved Karin from getting tossed into the gulag equivalent for being a Chinese spy/assassin and humanized her, Akira seems to think quite well of Kazuki.



Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Abilities and SkillsEdit

Astaroth 10 inherent powers:
Level ?: Poison Argument
: Summons a lizard that vomits out a large amount of pitch black bubbles. When opponents get in contact with those bubbles, they immediately wobble around as if feeling some kind of dizziness. Even their movement immediately dulls. It also discerns between enemies and allies.

Level ?: Dragon Bite: Summons a giant black dragon head that seeks and bites its' opponent.

Level ?: Apocalypse Venom: Astaroth spews a red and black liquid from the mouth onto the surface of the ground or on opponents and then it gradually erases magical powers.

Level ?: Trampling Drake: Summons a giant lizard clad in blue flames because of the constant burning of a poisonous substance. Since her individuality is so strong it can also transform into a huge blue armored car.


  • Mibu (壬生町 Mibu-machi?) is also a named town, located in Shimotsuga District, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan