Amasaki Mio
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Japanese 天崎 美桜
Personal Information
Gender 212px-FemaleFemale
Age 15
Status Alive (Resurrected)
Relatives Kaya (stepsister)

Mr. Amasaki (stepfather)
Unborn child

Eye Blue
Hair Blonde
Occupation Student
Affiliation Magic Division

Witch's House

School National Knight Academy
Diva Phenex
Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 1
Manga debut Chapter 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Sakura Ayane

Amasaki Mio ((あま)(さき) ()()) is the childhood friend of Hayashizaki Kazuki and one of the main heroines of the series.


Mio is a beautiful young woman with blue eyes and large breasts. She has long blonde hair that is tied in twintails with large red bows. She is usually seen wearing a school uniform which has a black and white shirt with four buttons along with a white skirt and thigh-high socks. In her casual clothes, Mio wears a white blouse with a jacket on top and brown laced shoes, she also wears a phoenix feather-shaped necklace. Her Decorteo Brigieux is made of red attire over her breasts, parts of her stomach, legs, and arms.


At first, Mio is seen with a harsh and cold personality, but later when she opens up to Hayashizaki Kazuki, she acts like any other ordinary girl, blushing and acting bashful when she went on a date with him. Mio likes painting, writing, modern poetry and magical arts. Her dream is to become the strongest magician among the Kishidan, she also wants to become student council president in the future. At first Mio also calls Kazuki her "slave" often. Mio is a classical tsundere (A person that hides their true feelings); at the beginning of the story she insults Kazuki for being skilled with using swords and not magic. When he is accepted into the Witch's house, she treats him as an annoyance and calls him her personal slave, but in truth she is a little bitter that he does not remember her from when they were at the orphanage together and that he was adopted by a family skilled in sword arts.

Mio is also childish when she's with Kazuki and calls him Kazu-nii. After being resurrected, she started to be more honest about her feelings for Kazuki. In fact, she would openly boast about it, especially since it was because of her high positively level that she was the first girl who could do telepathy with Kazuki and become one of his favored princesses (along side Koyuki, Kaguya and Hikaru).

Mio also loves fashion and is knowledgeable when it comes to clothes. She's even capable of sewing clothes on her own, which she often uses to seduce Kazuki. Mio is also a skilled illustrator, as shown when she drew Kazuki an election poster.



Mio comes from the noble magician family of the Amasaki household. She also lived in the Nanohana house with Kazuki and Kaya when they were children. Shortly after Kazuki was adopted for his proficiency at swordsmanship, she in turn was adopted for her high proficiency in magic.


Volume 1Edit

Mio was assigned to year one class 2 taught by Liz Liza Westwood, who noted that her class held not ony the only E-Rank magician (Kazuki) but also the only 2 A-Ranks in the first year. When she hears that Mio stood up without being asked and boldly introduced herself and spoke of her ambitions for the future. The teacher told her off for doing so and made her sit down. Koyuki Hiakari was soon identified as the other Rank-A and Mio soon singled her out as a personal rival. When everyone was asked to introduce themselves Mio stood again, ignoring the teacher. While speaking she recognized Kazuki and waved to him. But it was clear he did not recognize her (though she did look vaguely familiar he could not place her in his memory). Mio was very angry about this and immediately became the ringleader of the students who were openly hostile towards him (which was everybody in the class but Koyuki). They all mocked him for listing swordsmanship as one of his hobbies, something even the teacher criticized him for. It was announced that they would be doing a ceremony to try to form a bond with their diva, which they were excited about.

Before the ceremony Kazuki asked Mio flat out where they had met before, which made her even angrier. The Magic Division Student Council Preident Kaguya Otonashi was in charge of the ceremony, using telepathy to guide students to the Astrum where they would try to contact their diva. It was rare for students to succeed on their first try and nobody in class 1 had done it. Mio was the first person in their year to manage it and wanted to test out her new powers on the stage and had to be stopped by the teacher.Kazuki and Koyuki also managed to succeed on their first try, But Kazuki's Diva, Leme, was an unknown Diva with amnesia. He was immediately under suspicion of being an illegal magican. But since Leme was not hostile and had no apparent powers the staff reserved judgment and he moved in with the student council along with the two Rank-A's so they could observe him. Mio was outraged about this, especially after he accidentally walked in on her changing and she refused to accept it. But the decision was already made, so out of spite she announced she would be treating him as her personal slave. The Vice-President Hikaru Hoshikaze arrived and was introduced. She was very uncomfortable about Kazuki, being afraid of men. Hikari also tended to dress and act like a boy herself, which was quite confusing. They held a party to welcome Mio and Kazuki.

In the morning she was thrilled when he perfectly prepared a dish she remembered from their days at the orphanage. She had tried to re-create it herself but had always failed. But despite her hidden enthusiasm for the food she still treated him like an underling. While most of the students were still trying to contract with their Diva Mio and Koyuki were busy trying to improve their summoning magic. Meanwhile Kazuki's seemingly useless Diva had given him no summoning magic so the teacher had given him very dull rudimentary magic training. He was once again the laughingstock of the classroom. Mio enjoyed rubbing it in his face that she could already use level 2 summoning magic and made it clear she was overwhelmingly superior. Kazuki had no choice but to press on with what he was doing if he ever hoped to escape the stigma of being the lowest ranked magic student. Mio continued to be the ringleader of the bullies making Kazuki miserable. But she still sat with him and Leme at lunch to enjoy his delicious food. It was a contradiction no one understood, least of all Kazuki. The final straw was when she insulted the ancient sword style taught by his adopted family. It was Leme who first suggested that they settle things was a duel, his sword skill vs her magic. Before the match no one thought he had a chance to win other that Leme and his sister Hayashizaki Kanae. But no such duel had ever been held officially at thje school before. Nearly everyone had already accepted as fact that magic was overwhelmingly superior. But thanks to Kazuki's strict training in martial arts he easily dodges her magic and dominates the fight. Even though Mio refuses to concede, Koyuki the referee declares him the winner, It is at the end to the macth that Mio finally reveals her identity and how they knew each other, shocking Kazuki. Mio later locks herself in her room in depression and refuses to eat anything. But Kazuki lures her out by playing on her enormous ego and their relationship starts to recover. She then becomes the first person whose magic he can use.

Mio and Kazuki were out shopping together. She wanted to have curry, a mild one with cheese. On the surface she had not forgiven him and was treating him like a servant, But she was in a very good mood and when they ran into their classmates, they could tell their relationship was much improved. Back home as he was cooking her asked their other roommates for input. As he expected they wanted something more spicy than Mio, so he made their portion in a separate pot so he could add more peppers to the rest. Kaguya then talked to them anout the Inter-Division championship. She suggested that Koyuki be the one to participate, as she had not had the chace to show off her skill publically yet. They were interrupted to Kanae, who was extremely angry. She had just leanred that her brother was not living alone (as was the original plan) but living with a bunch of girls, He tried to explain what happened but she had already spoken to the staff behind his back, They had agreed that after what happened he might be better suited to the Sword Division. and agreed to approvean immediate transfer. But Kazuki had no desire to leave the Magic Division and refused to go, she failed to persuade him. Mio and Kanae began to jealously argue over him. He was mad at her, but she already had the staff on her side, having succesfuly demonstrated his clear skill with a sword while showing no ability to use any summoning magic. Kazuki had only acquired Barret that day and had not even tested it out. It had been arranged that Kazuki would take part in the tournament and would face a swordsman she had taken on as her own student, Kamīzumi Iori. Kazuki realized he was sorely disadvantaged using only Barret alone against someone with the power of foresight. As she left they realized Kanae had them at a disadvantage. While they were busy taking, Mio's special pot of curry had burned on the stove, which upset her.

Kazuki demonstrated he could use Barret to Mio and Kaguya. He had only told the Leme could copy magic. He had told their teacher the whole truth, but she thought it was better to keep most of it secret for now. Everyone else, including the staff, was only told Leme could copy the low level summoning magic of others. Kaguya noted that he had only used Barrett and not her own magic. She was upset when she was told that their compatibility was not good enough but vowed to work on it. However since he lacked a magic dress or a direct link to the divas his casting speed was quite poor. With only Barret at his disposal he would be at a serious disadvantage. He practices until he gets tired then Leme encourages him to get closer to Mio. Thay share some memories of the past and Kazuki is finally forgiven and he begins calling her Mio. With encouragement from Leme, Kazuki works up the courage to ask her on a date (though she didn't cal it that). Kazuki is forced to learn the proper way to be out with a girl from Mio. She was dressed up and he noticed that she wore a pendant in the shape of a feather. As he took has arm and pressed against him he was embarrassed and turned on, she teased him. They went to a restaurant when they were given a special dessert if they behaved like a couple, which they did. Later she asked him to wait while she ran off to get him a gift. While she was gone had had run in Kaya, another orphan they knew as kids. But she acted strange and suddenly had silver hair (it used to be black). While still puzzling over it, she gave him her gift. It was a pendant in the shpe of a feather, which perfectly matched hers. He liked it and agreed to wear it from now on. As they were waling they come under attack by an illegal magiacian. He picks Mio up and starts to run, He knew he was of no use becuase he did not have a sword and his magic power was exhausted. Mio's magic was already to leve 3 and she tried to fight, but did not do much damage. Kaguya turned up and began attacking with real power. The illegal magican made his escape. She, Hikaru and Koyuki had been on a quest looking for that man, called Earth Snake. They learned that people who had been corrupted by Divas began losing their minds, but had almost no casting time for their magic. Kaguya felt she should have started but a sure-kill attack but Kazuki was sympathizing with her hesitation.

During the matches Koyuki was once again the referee. She has to step in when Hikaru gets carried away in the fight with Torazō Yamada. Mio is shocked when Kazuki defeats his opponent using her own level 5 magic. Kaya the attacks the school as an illegal magician. She summons dragons to go wild. While the other students face the dragons and evacuate the spectators Kazuki and Mio team up to fight their childhood friend. She was very corrupted by the diva at that point and had almost lost her mind. Kaguya used her sure-kill attack against her, even though Kazuki asked for mercy. The magic could not be undone and the situation was too dangerous. On the very verge of death, Kaya surrendered herself completely and Loki was able to fully materialize. When everyone else lost hope only Kazuki kept fighting. Loki was stunned to have an opponent he could not beat with sword skill alone. He the used an attack that would surely have killed Kazuki with his depleted magic. Mio jumped in the way of the attack to protect him and collapsed, mortally wounded. Outraged, Kazuki finally managed to wound Loki, who retreated. Mio apologized to Kazuki and confessed her love before dying. Kazuki then took a great risk, kissing her and performing a full summon of her Diva, saving her life. He fell into magic intoxication for days as a result, Mio had no clear memory afterward of what happened. When Loki rose to power the others were frequently gone, But Mio stayed behind to take care of Kazuki, dressing as maid when she did so. She gave him a meal when he awoke and suggested they should form a party to take on quests together. The others returned and were very happy to see him awake. They jumped into Kazuki's bed to hug him, which didn't make Mio happy.

Volume 2 Edit

Mio and Kazuki had formed a party and were taking on a quest to clear Demonic Beasts out of a Haunted Ground. They run into a group of slimes and Kazuki found his sword was not effective. They used fire to defeat many slimes but they learned that the red slimes were immune to fire. Kauki was able to beat one with his sword. But Mio was attacked by a swamp creature with tentacles that melted away her battle dress and left the embarrassed girl weakened and almost delerious. Kazuki cut her free but they were in a tight spot until Koyuki suddenly appeared and used cold magic to rescue them. He was very grateful to her. She suggested they retreat as Mio was longer able to fight. Kazuki then fled the Haunted Ground carrying the nude body of Mio in her arms, which made her very uncomfortable.

Their quest had started three hours earlier in a perfectly normal way. They had their identities checked by the Knight Order before they were allowed to enter. They were warned to be careful. Once he heard Mio's arrogant comeback he had a foreboding feeling of imminent failure and three hours late his fears had been realized. On the train ride home Kazuki tried to convince her that they were not strong enough as a two person group to take on the unexpected obstacles of quests and should really add someone else. Their range of tactics was just too limited because Kazuki only barely had use of Kaguya's magic aside from Mio's. But she remained arrogant and selfish and flat refused to allow anyone else to join their party.

Mio had fully recovered at home but was confronted by Koyuki, who challenged her to a duel. Koyuki told her that she was about to demoted to Rank-B and evicted from the Witch's House as a result of her loss to Rank-E Kazuki and her failure the previous day. If she lost this duel she would be demoted and evicted at once.Though Kazuki tried to stop her, Mio accepted her challenge at once. Koyuki then left to get the teacher and Kaguya to act as their witnesses. Hikaru acted as their referee and both girls used equally advanced magic in their fight. But Mio had always shown a remarkable amount of magic power when cornered, and had never been known to sink into Magic Intoxication. In the end the fight ended in a draw. Mio's evaluation rose slightly and she was no longer in immediate danger of losing her Rank-A status. Mio visited Kazuki in his room that night, intending to sleep together with him. But he was warned not to try anything and he managed to keep his self-control. They spoke of the past and they were both grateful they would remain in the same house.

Many of their classmates had been trying to recruit her and Kazuki for their team. They were suddenly impressed with him after he won against Mio (after having bullied him at first). Though he claimed to be over it he would not join any of them, though one was a contractor of the 72 Pillars and Leme recommended it. He told them he was only interested in teaming up with Koyuki, which she was still refusing to do. He tried to break her out of her shell by using magic to make a funny anime-like face and she indeed couldn't help but laugh. The teacher commented on it when class started but he could not undo the magic right away. She introduced a new transfer student (which should be something impossible for their unusual school), saying vaguely shat she was a relative of hers who had only just returned to Japan. Charlotte Lieben Frau didn't look remotely native but her Japanese was excellent (they were told not to ask questions). She was only 14 but was already a Rank-A and would be skipping into their grade. She was a big time otaku and was delighted by to the strange look on Kazuki's face. Her unususal looks made Lotte very popular in their class. But she was drawn to Kazuki and asked him to make the face again, which he did. She tolg them she was big time Anime fan, despite it being forbidden in Germany.

Kazuki, Mio, and Koyuki were summoned to the Student Council room where they were met by Hikaru who said that Kaguya would be along shortly. When Lotte and Liz arrived it was revealed that the class had been lied to. She was not the teacher's relative but is in fact a refugee and the princess of a small dukedom in Europe. Her country was currently the puppet state of Germany, one of the other magically advanced countries. She had fled her home to seek asylum in Japan (which would make her an enemy to Germany) and having used her remarkable Telepathy magic to learn Japanese in only 3 days. Liz asked Lotte show off her power and she summoned her Diva who who looked like a small boy. Leme was amused to finally meet a Diva shorter than her. Leme correctly guessed that this Diva had also lost his strength and memory, just like her. In fact, he could no longer remember his own name, she called him "Prophet". Because she had made a contract with a Diva from outside the Norse religion she became an illegal magician which would have carried a death sentence under the strict faith doctrine of Germany. Germany had demanded her return but Japan had refused. Germany was not happy but the other countries would never have approved of such a cold hearted act, since it would mean an innocent girl's execution.

Of course she would be an illegal magician in the eyes of Japan too, being outside the 72 Pillars (they were not nearly so strict but still horrible). She had agreed to the contract, despite the risk, because she had suffered from an illness for her whole life. As she turned 14 she was on death's door when "Prophet" offered her a chance to live, the two of them would share her body and he was able to correct all that flaws in her that made her sick, allowing her to finally go outside and have a normal life. In return it would give him a chance to recover his own strength. Of course, doing this made him a fully materialized Diva. and there was a risk he could to what Loki did and take her over completely. But they had thoroughly checked and found he had not harmed her mind at all and since in was an act of mercy on his part it had been decided to just the keep an eye on him. "Prophet" had a power to make use of technology, allowing him to pilot the plane that brought them to Japan. It seemed likely that he was a Diva from Greek Mythology, but he had been defeated in battle and lost his powers. After talking about that mythology for a bit and had been decided that Lotte too would be staying at the Witch's House for observation like Kazuki. Liz also asked Kazuki and Mio to include Lotte in their party, her level was already up to 3 and her telepathy was very strong. It was decided to do a mock battle tomorrow to show off her powers. Lotte was thrilled about teaming up with Kazuki and was already unusually affectionate with him. Mio was among those who told her she was being inappropriate. At Liz's suggestion Lotte became loyal to Kazuki and officially became a conquest target, despite being from outside the 72 Pillars. As the experts on the Norse, the Germans would soon be arriving to aid in the search for Loki That night Mio helped Kazuki prepare the food for the welcoming party for Lotte, which she quite enjoyed. As they ate people started feeding each other, Kazuki made sure to include Koyuki who was sitting off by herself.

Lotte's practice match was against Kōhaku Hikita of the Swordsmanship Division (another rival for Kazuki, though one he did not take seriously). Hikaru was the referee for the match. Even though Kōhaku was extremely fast, the fact that Lotte shared her body with her Diva made her chanting time extraordinary. She not only used lightning in her attacks but modern firepower as well, something no student had seen before. She won the fight and the students had to be told he was an Illegal Magician but the rest of her history remained a secret. After this Liz convinced Kazuki to admit her into their party and they left to re-challenge the quest they had failed before This was to secure Mio's status as a Rank-A. Kazuki was confident the fact Lotte was with them would ensure their success. As they approached the gate they saw severval knights, one of the was from Germany. It had been announced that some of them would be in Japan for a month to assist in the hunt for Loki. Her presence made Lotte nervous but Kazuki reassured her. As they entered the guards recognized them from the humiliating retreat a few days before and also noted Lotte's unusual features. With Kazuki with his sword acting as their vanguard and Lotte's firepower, they indeed found the quest much easier. It was a hot day and the girls took a dip in a lake to cool off, where they were attacked by a tentacle monster. Mio, remembering her humiliation from last time, took great delight in defeating it. They came across a shrine and found a katana which had clearly become a Sacred Treasure. Kazuki picked it up out of curiosity when they were interrupted. Two members of the Knight Order Yukari Souma and Hajime Kondō told them off for even touching the sword and confiscated it before leaving. Mio was offended by their words and felt they had been implying they would have kept if for themselves, when of course they would have turned it in with their mission report.

Lotte was only recently out of her sick bed and her stamina was running low. Kazuki reassured her that they were nearly done and offered to carry her back, a notion that made Mio jealous. They were suddenly approached by that woman from Germany Beatrix Baumgard, who had deliberately waited until they were low on magic power and stamina. Kazuki questioned her but it was clear what she was after and he warned the girls top treat her as an enemy. She carried a Sacred Treasure in the form of a shield which blocked most of their incoming magic. Kazuki rushed forward to fight her with a sword and she was impressed by his skill, concentrating mostly on him during the fight. The defensive abilities of her Diva were strong enough to make their magic ineffective. The same two knights from before came across the fight and ran in to help them. Beatrix was surprised by their intervention. Kazuki could tell they were way out their league against her and she could have easily killed them. He jumped in to help them, offering to cover for their escape. The professionals wanted to complain at first but realized the danger and took his advice, thanking him for saving theit lives. Beatrix used a strong summoning magic against Kazuki, which might have killed him. But the same swordsman had come back to help, repaying the debt he owed to Kazuki before finally making his escape. Suddenly a demonic beast appeared out of nowhere and provided a diversion. While Beatrix was distracted Kazuki and Mio used Blazing Wings to make their escape, taking Lotte with them.

In the aftermath Kazuki learned that the Japanese government had reached a secret deal with the Germans. The Knight Order had been ordered to "look the other way" while they disposed of Lotte while she was on a quest in exchange for their continued help with Loki. That way they could claim her death was an accident and any witnesses would be students or knights who they could order to remain silent. When Kazuki was ordered to stand aside and let her die he refused and knew Mio would agree with him. In fact Liz had paired them together because she knew he would never go along with it. She also knew that if he was truly a king he would have power beyond that of a normal student and be able to protect her. Since the Germans would only be in Japan for a month and he was ordered to take her on another quest so she could be targeted again. Given the limited time, she felt that if they escaped from her once more the matter should be settled. It was something no normal student could do and would be the first real test of his abilities as a king. It's unclear how much of all this he shared with the rest of the party, but he did not want to cause them worry. Kaya approached Kazuki and offered her help in facing off against Thor, who Loki was very familiar with. To Kazuki's relief Loki had not consumed Kaya entirely but was now sharing the body with her. He told Kazuki about his beliefs and the reason he was opposed to the rest of the German Mythology. He also did not kill humans needlessly. He respected Kazuki's potential as no one else did at the time and hoped they might be friends. As the odds were against him he reluctantly accepted their help, as he could thing of no logical reason to turn them down. Kazuki also received help from the two knights who he had rescued during the quest and they returned the Sacred Treasure they had confiscated from them. It was later revealed they had been hired by Mio's overprotective step-father to bodyguard her in secret after they failed their first quest.

Kazuki spent a day working to improve his relationship with Lotte and then they chose to re-challenge the same quest to clear that Haunted Ground. As had been prearranged, Kaya had cleared out the entire space except for a single Demonic Beast, which she had tied up at her feet. Mio was shocked by her changed appearance when Kaya ran up to hug her. By leaving one beast alive, it acted like a beacon that drew Beatrix right to them, ignoring the obvious trap. The death of that beast became the trigger for the fight. Once again Beatrix was able to block their long-range magic. But Kazuki was able to use it to great effect at close range. Beatrix seemed disappointed he was not relying entirely on swordsmanship this time. But Kazuki was not foolish enough to use the same tactics against the same opponent. She tried to go after Lotte, her original target, but with help from Mio, she successfully defended herself. She then targeted Kaya, recognizing that she lacked any real sword skills, despite having a powerful weapon. Kazuki helped her, despite being only a temporary ally. They had learned from their first battle and were using far more effective tactics against her, which irritated Beatrix. Kazuki also started making full use of the Sacred Treasure, which also seemed to be quite effective.

Needing to reduce the number of opponents, she began to target them one at a time, searching for the weakest link. Moving more rapidly than Kazuki, Beatrix targeted Kaya again and the power she used to protect herself exposed her true identity as Loki. She made another attempt at Lotte and was surprised when she used the same magic Kazuki used to drive her off. She rapidly closed in on Mio, who indeed was vulnerable at close range. He jumped in the way to protect her and Kaya warned him it might have been a fatal error. He should have been trying to disrupt Beatrix's casting instead. Her powerful spell might have killed them both had Kaya not jumped in the way. By combining his defensive power with hers, they managed to all remain standing, but Kaya was in sorry shape. She told Kazuki he might never get a better opportunity to beat Loki, but he refused to attack while they were allied. Thor materialized, carrying a message from Odin. While they made the pretense of being allies in the hunt for him, it was only a pretense so they could try to kill Lotte. Instead they hoped to bring Loki home with them. But Loki refused, not approving of the way they did things. Thor accepted that their long friendship was over. Kaya could no longer continue the fight and escaped, telling Kazuki that with the power of his bonds he already had the means to win this fight. Lotte was willing to sacrifice herself for their sake, but he kissed her and did a full summon of her Diva. His true identity as Prometheus, Titan of Greek Mytholy was revealed. By using Kazuki's power he was able to temporarily use his original power and appearance. He transformed Kazuki's weapon into something far more powerful and ideally suited to him. With that, combined with his skills, Kazuki is able to overpower Beatrix and drive her into magic intoxication. As Lotte is thanking him, Mio approached Kazuki and asked him what his true power is.

Kazuki had contacted the Knight Order and as they waited for them to collect Beatrix he told them everything. How he could read the levels their their affection and how he could use a kiss to perform a full summon. He insisted to Lotte that he had not kissed her only for the sake of power and she knew that already and didn't mind. Mio was thrilled by the idea of being saved like that and was shocked to learn it had already happened. He told her he had done it after she had been killed by Loki in order to save her life. She was clearly upset that she had no clear memory of this happening. Lotte told Kazuki he owed her a proper memory so Kazuki kissed Mio again, which made her happy. Lotte kissed him again too and in the end they were all happy. Instead of the Knight Order, Kaguya and Torazō turned up to arrest them. The conspirators against Kazuki becoming king had decided to seize this opportunity to be rid of him. The Knight Order had declared him a dangerous Illegal Magician and both he and Lotte were to be arrested. Lotte would be returned to Germany to be killed while Kazuki would have his Stigmata forcibly removed and would be sent to the Swordsmanship Division.

They both now regarded Kazuki as a criminal and would not listen to anything he said. They insisted it was best to meekly accept sentence to avoid matters becoming worse. But Kazuki would not let Lotte die without a fight. Torazō would not have much impact on the fight, the problem was Kaguya. Even at full strength they would have a hard time fighting her, at that point the were still exhausted from the last battle. Kaguya's magic caused illusionary pain and only Lotte, with her power of telepathy had any resistance to her attacks. Kaguya used a scythe to deprive them of the senses one by one, Mio lost her sigght and sense of touch and was understandably terrified. Soon the girls were restrained by tentacles and Kazuku was making a desperate last stand. They were saved by the sudden intervention of Koyuki, who used Moves on the Filed to halt their attackers and give them the chance to flee. She told them about the charges against them. They had staged all this knowing they would resist arrest. They would use that as an excuse to revoke the deal the made to provide Lotte refugee status and deport her back to Germany.

Their pursuers caught up quickly, riding on tentacles summoned by Kaguya's magic. Kaguya had suspected that Koyuki may have overheard her earlier. She had hoped to avoid anyone else close to Kazuki finding out about this and being forced to make a painful decision. She never realized that Koyuki felt so close to Kazuki that she would take his side under these circumstances. Koyuki noted that Kaguya was quite torn too, as she had been crying when she took this job. He was urged again to give up but he would not surrender Lotte and was worried about what the 72 Pillars might do as a result of this situation. Koyuki used her strongest magic but it wasn't enough against Kaguya. Just as all hope seemed lost, Kōhaku turned up to assist them, armed with several Sacred Treasures. One of which produced a mist that provided cover for their escape Neither Koguya nor Koyuki even knew who she was but Kazuki trusted her. She told them she would give them shelter secretly inside the Swordsmanship Division. Koyuki used up too much power trying to cover for them and they wound up carrying her the rest of the way when she fell into magic intoxication.

They wound up sharing a single room, as space was at a premium in the Swordsmanship Division. The girls were all lying down. Koyuki was still unconscious and the other girls had not yet recovered the senses stolen by Kaguya's magic. He was grateful for the rescue but didn't understand the timing. It turned out their teacher Liz had learned about the order but felt she could not trust anyone in her department to help them. So she had contacted a teacher in the Swordsmanship Division Hisatada Tsukahara, who had once been her partner in the Knight Order. It was he who had sent Kōhaku to help them. Kazuki was thankful that he still had a few allies left and she was glad for the chance to place him in her debt. The teacher arrived and they explained how the more progressive elements among them planned to turn this situation to their advantage. There was an important school meeting coming up. There they planned to expose the corruption of the Magic Division and the role they had played in the attempt on Lotte's life. While at the same time they would glorify the fact that they had been the ones to rescue her and keep her safe. This would raise their stature while harming the exalted reputation of the Magic Department. Kazuki did not like the idea of them dividing the school any further but it might be their best shot at keeping Lotte safe in the future. Worried about Kazuki's loyalties, they decided to confine them and warned him all their supporters had been secretly provided with Sacred Treasures. They made it sound like the planed to go to war with the Magic Division council and get rind of any elements of the staff they considered corrupt. As they left Leme materialized, worried that hings had reached the point of no return with both sides so far gone, But she was pleased to learn Kazuki had found new resolve. Fully embracing his role as king for the first time, he planned to stop both Kaguya and Kōhaku and bring everyone together.

Volume 3 Edit

Powers and Abilities Edit

Abilities and SkillsEdit

Phenex 10 Inherent Powers:Edit

Mio uses Phenex's power from long range distances. However, when Kazuki uses it he makes it versatile from any type of range whenever he's in a fight. When Kazuki became the king of Japan, Mio became the favored princess magician of Phenex from her over 150 positivity level bond with Kazuki. Mio is currently the only one the full power of Phenex. The downside is that it can only last for a short time and any other contractors that were chosen by Phenex are unable to use magic which puts them in a bind if they were to battle. During a mock battle with the Knight Order she took down her opponent with no difficulty. As a Chouki magician she is the strongest summoner of Phenex.

Level 1: Barrett: The avatar of Phoenix appears behind the user and it then shoots a fireball-like attack at the opponent.

  • Volcanic Barrett (Chouki Magician): Summons a bullet of lava that shoots from the ground.

Level 2: Fire Wall: After placing her hand on the ground, it creates a magic circle under the opponent and summons a wall of flame from it.

Level 3: Self-Burning: It clads the targeted person with protective fire. Using psychokinesis it can be extended on different objects like a sword.

  • Self Burning Empress (Chouki Magician): Wraps the target in armor of flame like being embraced in the wings of the undying bird.

Level 4: Anti-Aging: Healing magic that creates a small fire that accelerates natural recovery.

Level 5: Blazing Wings: Summons wings made out of flame which grants the ability to fly for short amounts of distances. Can also be used like a shield or sword.

Level 6: Israel Judgement: The avatar of Phoenix rises behind the summoner's back and fires concentrated flame and light in the form of a powerful laser.

Level 7: ?:

Level 8: Imitation Flare: Summons the avatar of the firebird. The flames of the Phoenix liberate all of their power, which creates a small pseudo sun. The converged energy can be directed to an opponent and detonate like a bomb. It possesses heat and light elements and the energy released is comparable to a solar flare.

Level 9: Super Nova: A small fire spark is created and fired, within the small spark Phoenix's everything that carries infinite life is compressed creating something that has devastating destructive power.

Level 10: Revive: This spell denies someone's death. This spell can also be casted on the user.


  • Mio is the first heroine to ever meet Kazuki.
  • She is the first girl to date Kazuki.
  • She has a rivalry with Kanae Hayashizaki. This is because they both looked up to Kazuki as a older brother, yet love him as a man, and they both enjoy imitating cats.
  • Until Kanae contracted with Kazuki, Mio's affection were initially the highest. A fact she would never stop boasting of.
  • Mio is the cause for Kazuki having a maid fetish.
  • Mio animal cry is a cat. She even made a custom-made cat suit to flirt with Kazuki.
  • Kazuki obtained the key to her heart in Volume 1, Chapter 3 (she was the first)
  • Kazuki kissed her in Volume 1, Chapter 5 (to do a full summon and save her life, she had no clear memory of it)
  • She became a Chouki Magician in Volume 9, Chaper 3
  • She lost her virginity to Kazuki in Volume 13, Chapter 2 (along with most of the Harem)
  • She and Kazuki conceived a child at the end of Volume 14