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Japanese アマテラス
Other names God of Sun
Personal Information
Species Diva
Gender 212px-FemaleFemale
Status Alive
Affiliation Japanese Mythology

Hayashizaki Kazuki (King)

Partner(s) Kamimura Itsuki
Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 6
Amaterasu (アマテラス) is the Diva who rules Japanese Mythology. Her chosen contractor Kamimura Itsuki turned out to be no match for Susanoo's contractor Ikōsai Aisu in combat and was killed. Out of guilt over her friend's death, she decided to place herself and her contractor under the protection of Hayashizaki Kazuki, King of the 72 Pillars of Solomon and used his power to resurrect her. In Volume 9 Kazuki became King of Japan after defeating Aisu.

Appearance Edit

She had lost most of her power prior to her first appearance. She looked like a young girl with dark hair wearing a red jersey. When she wanted to be taken seriously she wore a golden diadem with a rainbow-colored coat with long sleeves over an ancient shirt tied with a kimono sash. This appearance gave the false impression of being a respectable deity.

Personality Edit

She is the polar opposite of her counterpart Susanoo, she is a peace-loving, kind and selfless person. But she is also lazy perverted and a hardcore NEET. She spent nearly all of her time indoors playing on her computer. That was how she first met Kamimura Itsuki, who became her best friend and contractor. She risked her very existence in order to keep her safe and later became a subordinate of Hayashizaki Kazuki to save her and rescue her subordinate Divas from corruption.  



Unlike Susanoo she didn’t seem to care that the Japanese Mythology was on the decline. She made a contract with her friend Kamimura Itsuki, who she dearly loved, without considering the possible consequences to her. Ikōsai Aisu was chosen based on combat strength alone and Itsuki wound up being instantly defeated by her. Not that they gained anything by it, as Itsuki hadn’t been made an official candidate for King for her own safety, but the other side had lost patience. Susanoo was so desperate for power he betrayed Japan to side with Loki and a group of sleeper agents working on behalf of China. In the process nearly all the Japanese Divas were transformed into Wild Gods, other than Futsunushi no Kami, and a Civil War began. After he arranged for the brutal murder of Itsuki, Susanoo thought he could intimidate her into choosing a different candidate. Instead Amaterasu took Itsuki’s soul into her realm and used most of her remaining power to create a safe environment for her and even created friends for her to interact with. To conserve what power se had left, Amaterasu entered a state similar to hibernation.


Volume 6Edit

Young people with talent in magic who were jealous of Magika Stigma agreed to take part in a ritual to bind them to Japanese Divas. But in their Wild God state they couldn’t form proper contracts and could only possess these people. Those magic users became the front line soldiers who conquered western Japan and founded Yamato. This gave them the façade of being a legitimate Japanese independence movement. Some of those who were possessed lost their minds and became little better than Demonic Beasts. Susanoo used them to turn Ise Grand Shrine into a Haunted Ground to sap away the last of Amaterasu’s power. Futsunushi no Kami had taken notice of Hayashizaki Kazuki's strength and character and believed he was the person to help them. So he led Kazuki and his contractor Tsukahara Kazuha to the shrine in an effort which could both save his Mythology and end the Civil War. With no small effort they managed to free those cursed people and clear the Haunted Ground. They then entered the Astrum and met with Kamimura Itsuki. They were told to put on a “lewd festival” to get Amaterasu’s attention and wake her up. They had no choice but to put up with the humiliation.

Itsuki was happy to see her again but complained about being left behind in the first place. They then discussed their exact plans. Amaterasu would finally make Itsuki the official candidate but place her under the protection of the King of Solomon. Doing this would make Kazuki the formal candidate who would face Ikōsai Aisu for the title of King. If he won the title he would be able to calm the Wild Gads down and end the Civil War, which was his original purpose in coming here. Also by combining her revived power with that of the 72 Pillars Amaterasu would be able to recreate Itsuki’s flesh body, the guilt over her violent death was still haunting her. Kazuki felt sorry for the lonely and depressed girl and agreed. Itsuki’s lifespan would depend on her Positivity Level. She didn’t care much about romance but Amaterasu insisted experiencing real life would be worthwhile. After making the formal agreement with Lemegeton the deal was struck, though it seemed Itsuki wouldn’t be warming up to Kazuki anytime soon.

They were ambushed by Aisu and the Takasugi brothers while they were fleeing the realm of the dead. The brothers had abandoned their humanity altogether in their quest for power. Itsuki held back the evil spirits pursuing them while the others fought them. Once Kazuki understood Aisu’s tricks he was able to dominate the fight because she wasn’t used to facing strong opponents and lost her composure. She admitted it was her loss this time and fled. This was enough to tip the scales, most of the Divas originally loyal to Amaterasu came back to their senses. Thus their mission to drive Yamato into disarray was achieved. They also dragged the collapsed brothers back to the real world before they were consumed by the darkness. They headed outside so they could light off the beacon that would signal their success and the start of the attack.

Powers and Abilities Edit

10 Inherent Powers: Edit

Level ?: Yata no Kagami - Youka Ippou: A very thick laser is fired at the opponent, able to evaporate weak targets.

Level ?: Ame no Murakumo:

Level ?: Ame no Murakumo - Shirakumo no Yoroi:

Level ?: Yata no Kagami - Youka Issen:

Level ?: Yasakani no Magatama - Yachimon Shibari: Summons a short sword (Sacred Treasure of Amaterasu's) with the ability to add something akin to white armor (Body Reinforcement). The full extent of this magic is as yet unknown.

Level 10: Ame no Nuboku:

King's Authority: Edit

Power of Harmony: Amaterasu's King's Authority given to Kazuki for his relationship with Kamimura Itsuki, Kazuki is able to gather and redistribute magic power among his teammates to increase the strength of spells or make Level 10 spells more easily usable. It can also be used to power himself up and refill the magic power he loses if he uses Zekorbeni.

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