Ame no Uzume
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Japanese 雨のうずめ
Personal Information
Species Diva
Gender 212px-FemaleFemale
Status Alive
Affiliation Japanese Mythology

Yamato (formerly)
Hayashizaki Kazuki (King)

Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 5
Ame no Uzume (雨のうずめ) was among the Divas of Japanese Mythology who entered a Wild God state after being deceived by the leadership of Yamato.

Appearance Edit

A woman clad in a bright crimson garment.

Personality Edit

She is the Japanese entertainment god, not someone you would expect to see on a battlefield.

History Edit

Background Edit

After Japan became aligned with the 72 Pillars of Solomon, their traditional gods were mostly ignored. For the most part they were lethargic abut it ad bore no ill will. That changed recently when all the shrines in western Japan were destroyed by officials saying they were showing devotion to the 72 Pillars. Many of them became Wild Gods and lost all reason. When a group made plans to create a separate nation in western Japan which would follow the Japanese Mythology they were totally on board and helped them destroy numerous Knight Order bases and seize control. Thus the nation of Yamato was created, causing s Civil War.

Plot Edit

Volume 5 Edit

When Hayashizaki Kazuki led a group of students to reinforce the Knight Order at the border they fell into an ambush. Her contractor was among those who assaulted the students. Kazuki later led his classmates on a covert raid behind enemy lines and destroyed one of their bases, her contractor was among the prisoners who were interrogated. Kazuki and Tsukahara Kazuha were watching Futsunushi no Kami question her. Her Wild God state ended due to using up her magic power. She responded to questions and told them about the destroyed shrines. But the Japanese government would never do such a thing. Leme concurred, the 72 Pillars didn’t demand such devotion from people. Most likely the Japanese gods had been deceived by the people behind Yamato, to turn them against Japan and the 72 Pillars. By winning their allegiance, those guys could pretend to be a genuine Japanese independence movement, when in fact Yamato was a puppet state of China. She realized they were telling her the truth but in their Wild God state the others wouldn’t listen to reason. They were told the fastest way to calm them all was to calm the rage of Chief God found in Ise Grand Shrine.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Level ?: Disorder Heaven Dance: A mental attack that causes enemies to lose their sanity and attack each other.

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