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Japanese アスタロト
Rōmaji Asutaroto
Other names Ashtaroth


Personal Information
Species Diva
Gender 212px-Male Male
Status Alive
Affiliation 72 Pillars of Solomon

Hayashizaki Kazuki (King)

Partner(s) Mibu Akira
Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 4
Astaroth (アスタロト) is the 29th of 72 Pillars of Solomon. He is the Diva of Mibu Akira.


Astaroth resembles a giant lizard.

Personality Edit

All of the 72 Pillars of Solomon recognize Hayashizaki Kazuki as their King.

History Edit

Background Edit

Mibu Akira became his contractor last year.

Plot Edit

Volume 4 Edit

His contractor often rides on his back during battle.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

10 Inherent Powers: Edit

Level 5: Poison Argument: Summons a lizard that vomits out a large amount of pitch black bubbles. When opponents get in contact with those bubbles, they immediately wobble around as if feeling some kind of dizziness. Even their movement immediately dulls. It also discerns between enemies and allies.

Level ?: Dragon Bite: Summons a giant black dragon head that seeks and bites its opponent.

Level ?: Apocalypse Venom: Astaroth spews a red and black liquid from the mouth onto the surface of the ground or on opponents and then it gradually erases magical powers.

Level ?: Trampling Drake: Summons a giant lizard clad in blue flames because of the constant burning of a poisonous substance. If her individuality is so strong it can also transform into a huge blue armored car.

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