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Hayashizaki Kanae is a female swordsman with the title of <Storm Cat>.

Since her childhood period, she went to many dojos and defeated them without a single loss. Her ponytail was like a black cat’s tail, flapping in the sky. The strikes from her two sword style Kodachis flowed nonstop and were undoubtedly an infinite wind of swords.

Her battle form was indeed similar to her title of a Storm.

However, her sleeping face was like an angel.

The curtains were fully opened and the sunlight from the morning shone into the dark room. But even so, she still slept like a sleeping princess and showed no signs of awakening. Her skin was white to the extent that the light went through her cheeks. Her long black hair was tied disorderly and was in a mess. Her usual stern swordsman’s face was also innocent and relaxed.

……It’s been a long time since he saw her, she had become cute. Kazuki looked at her fascinated.

No, no, wait. This is not the occasion to look at his imouto in fascination.

“Hey, quickly wake up. Breakfast is already made.”

Hayashizaki Kazuki infused a loving gesture and shook her shoulders. Just at this moment ——

“——Nii-sama, chance!”

Kanae’s eyes, who he thought was still asleep, suddenly opened.


Kanae’s hands and feet were like tentacles and suddenly stuck out from under the blanket.

Kanae’s soft and small hands and legs wrapped around Kazuki’s body. In just a short period of time, she pulled Kazuki onto the bed and was tightly hugging him. Towards him, Kanae revealed a fearless smile

“Nii-sama being attracted by his imouto’s cute sleeping face had become careless. The bed is the battlefield for men and women. This is the Hayashizaki-Ryuu’s Art <Strategy of Flower Attracting Insect> (Deathly Plant Temptation)

“……Don’t just randomly invent a ridiculous art.”

Kanae, who was rubbing her face, flirted with Kazuki, who was stunned and sighed.

“The feeling of Nii-sama, the scent of Nii-sama, it has really been a long time. Even though yesterday Kanae finally had the opportunity to return home, but Nii-sama was not willing to sleep with me. It must be because you’re embarrassed, so Kanae thought of a scheme. As expected, you’re embarrassed, right?”

“I’m not embarrassed! ……Really now. If it were before, it would be fine. Right now we are both high school students, it is disgusting for siblings to be stuck together. I have already said not to hug me!”

“Don’t treat Kanae’s pure sibling love as something disgusting!”

Hayashizaki Kanae is a female swordsman. ——However, the fact that she is a severe bro-con was really her only drawback.

Although Kazuki wanted to escape and struggled, Kanae’s hands and legs that wrapped around his body firmly did not move. Her hands and legs were releasing a faint blue light.

The reason the petite her could use such degree of strength was because she was strengthening her body with Magic.

While they were being noisy, the blanket slid off——Only then did Kazuki notice a frightening fact.

“……You, what are you wearing? Although it is already spring, but what should we do if you caught a cold.”

Kanae was wearing pajamas that could nearly see the skin underneath.

Her slim waist and round hips were clearly shown through the translucent fabric.

“What do you think, Nii-sama? This is Kanae that has upgraded into a female high school student. Since Kanae had not seen Nii-sama for so long, it is the anniversary where she wanted to show her female charm to Nii-sama.”

Kanae, whose face was red, stuck her body onto Kazuki and began to rub him. Her small boobs slowly changed shape.

The bed was a battlefield……Kazuki began to take deep breathes and calmed himself down.

“You are indeed my cute imouto……But I will not generate any desires towards my imouto. Quickly get away.”

“Ku. You only said cute, you actually still treat the matured lady, Kanae, as a child?”

“What mature Kanae, idiot. There is already no time for us to sleep, quickly wake up.”

“Kanae is still asleep. Fu——Fu——♪”

“……It is still the first time seeing such a shameless sleeping wear.”

“Kanae, who have not returned home for a long time, is a princess. So if you do not use a suitable method for waking up a princess to wake her up, Kanae will not leave the bed.”

“No matter what, you are still born and educated as a samurai. What is the method for waking up a princess.”

“Speaking of which, the method for waking up a princess is obviously a kiss, Nii-sama. Come.”

“Uwah, don’t come closer! Don’t bring your face closer!”

Kazuki tried again to escape……However, sure enough, if he was to only use his physical strength, it was impossible to escape from his imouto’s magical clutches.

——Helplessly, Kazuki could only also cast <Physical Enhancement Magic> onto his own body.

Drawing out energy from his spirit and allowing it to flow through his entire body. At the same time, heat gushed out from his body and Kazuki made his body awaken. In an instant, he broke away from Kanae’s hand and legs’ bind and escaped from the bed.

If the conditions were the same, then he would definitely not lose to his imouto in terms of strength.


“What meanie. You are the one that first used Enhancement Magic, right?”

Once the cold words came out from Kazuki, Kanae stared at Kazuki with puppy eyes.

“……Don’t make an expression as if you are a small animal that was abandoned. Really, I will forcibly make you get out of bed.”

Kazuki wrapped his hand around Kanae’s waist and gently held her up from the bed. If that’s the case, he should quickly finish the work of serving a princess. Kanae’s expression suddenly brightened up.

“Nii-sama! This is Hayashizaki-Ryuu’s Final Secret Art <Princess Carry>!”

“Don’t randomly invent a Secret Art! We, Hayashizaki-Ryuu, do not have such final secret art!”

This person shouldn’t be looking down upon our school.

“This is nerve-racking, Nii-sama really is nerve-racking……The princess carry is almost like a dream……Even though it was so difficult to wake up, but Nii-sama had to do such a dream-like thing in the end……Is this situation what they call a heavenly feeling……”

Kazuki used a carrying posture made Kanae, who had a dreamy expression, spin around.


“Okay, it’s over.”

“So short!? The feeling of floating in clouds was only a fleeting moment!? It’s too short!!”

“Hey, before you eat breakfast, go change your clothes. That kind of appearance is a scandal.”

Kazuki placed Kanae down, she pursed her lips and threw a fit.

“……Because I am a princess, so I cannot change clothes by myself. Nii-sama, please personally help me change.”

“Are you still playing the game of acting as a princess, why did you suddenly say such willful words?”

“Because didn’t Nii-sama say it yesterday night, since we have not met for so long, so you will do whatever is requested, right? Us, Swordsman, must keep our promises!”

I am already not a swordsman……Just when this sentence was about to come out from my mouth, Kazuki’s gaze fell upon the back of his left hand. An egg-shaped circular pattern was revealed there.

<Enigma>. It is an emblem from another world that changed Kazuki’s fate.

“Although I said anything is okay, but I did not imagine that you would put a request such as kissing and helping you change your clothes. If we were to do such things as siblings, then it is not skinship, but perverted acts.”

“Anyways Nii—sama won’t generate any lust towards Kanae, isn’t there no problem then……Or is it that Nii-sama want to escape from Kanae’s arousing charm?”

Kanae revealed provocative eyes and raised both hands. Kazuki was outraged by this phrase.

Due to the challenge issued by his imouto, replying to all of it was a duty as her brother.

Using the mentality trained as a previous swordsman, Kazuki opened up his imouto’s pajamas. Just like peeling off thin skin, the snow-white skin was gradually revealed in front of his eyes. Kanae, mojimoji 1, wriggled her body.

“I, It was seen……Kanae’s appearance of only wearing undergarments. I’m currently being seen by Nii-sama……Please carefully look after me……”

“Why are you excited, are you a pervert. I didn’t see. I didn’t see it one bit. And even if I did see it, I will not generate any thoughts towards my imouto wearing only undergarments……Where is your uniform?”

Kanae pointed on top of the table, a folded uniform was placed there.

<National Knight’s Academy Caryatid>’s <Sword Division>’s female uniform was a narrow sleeves kimono-styled blouse with a female hakama-style miniskirt, combining into an outfit that consist of both Japanese and Western style.

After helping Kanae wear the stern outfit, Kazuki was finally relieved and sighed.

“Okay. Compared to that kind of pajamas, you are still more suitable for this type of clothing.”

This was the real, female swordsman <Storm Cat>.

Having said that, swordsman all like to consider their nickname, sure-kill techniques, etc.

Kazuki also once had a nickname……But this was already something of the past.

“This kind of Nii-sama wearing a brand new uniform is also very very suitable!”

Kazuki was wearing a different uniform than Kanae. Because he was entering into a different division than Kanae.

He was wearing a blazer, which had an atmosphere of high quality, made from <Alchemical Silk>.

A dazzling <Gem System> embroidery was embroidered everywhere. The metal parts of the belt and the metal buttons were made by intertwining a precious rainbow-colored metal <Marble Metal>.

This was a male uniform that generously infused the true essence of <Alchemy>.

“A gentle Nii-sama coupled with an intellectual blazer is really a wonderful coordination. This is the type that gives me the number one feeling of wanting to hug Nii-sama. Nii-sama, I love you——Haahaah.”

“Calm down, Kanae. As a Hayashizaki swordsman, you cannot lose your calm……Do not excitedly breathe raggedly in front of your brother.”

“But, although my appearance of wearing the uniform was praised by Nii-sama and made me happy, Kanae further hopes that Nii-sama would be more aware of the sexy undergarments earlier. Although I am your imouto, but it is only in name……”

“Just because it is a imouto in name, so I have to be more mindful of it.”

Kazuki, who was once an orphan, was in a position where he was accepted as an adopted son by the Ancient Sword Skill Prestigious Family —— Hayashizaki Family.

In other words, Kanae is the daughter of the family that he owes a great debt to.

“Even if it is only kissing on the cheeks, it is fine. I want Nii-sama’s kiss. So sad……”

Kanae revealed an expression as if she had lost a duel and whispered. She placed two kodachis on her waist. She was already accustomed to the extremely heavy weight from the true swords. She turned her gaze towards Kazuki at the side.

“Nii-sama……Although, you are very cool while wearing the uniform……But as expected, you won’t be bringing your blade?”

“How can I bring it. I am not a student of the Sword Division.”

Listening to the answer that had no room for change, Kanae angrily glared at Kazuki’s left hand.

“It is all because Nii-sama’s left hand suddenly emerged that damn Enigma!”

“It is already too late to talk about it……I already left behind the feelings of the sword.”

The people with magic qualities that were recognized by <Diva> will be awarded a Stigma on the back of the left hand at the age of fourteen when their magic begins to grow.

People who owned a Stigma had to enter the <Magic Division> to study and was destined to form a contract with a Diva.

Hayashizaki Kanae is a female swordsman. And Hayashizaki Kazuki —— From today on, he is a <Summoning Magic User>.

Part 2 Edit

Because the morning temperature had dropped a lot, spring mist had appeared outside.

As if it was cutting apart the hazy patch, the <Magic Light Train> released a blue magic light and was moving on the street.

This train was the product of high degree Magic and Alchemy. The materials used for the train’s body was the newly generated metal <Mithril> made by Alchemy and it had succeeded in substantially reducing the weight.

And by using the driver’s <Thought Magic> to act as a support for the performance and operations, even if it was a complex urban route, it is still feasible to run it with a speed no less than on Shinkansen. 2

While its performance could be accelerated to 250 km per hour in a short period of time, it could also utilize the blessing of Thought Magic to reduce the weight of the train and swiftly reduce the speed as it approaches the station. It will not make any noise as it stops.

However, the production of mithril is extremely difficult, so it is still a valuable product. This kind of train operation is only an experimental project that is limited within Tokyo.

——The Magic Light Train had arrived at <Knight’s Academy Station>.

Kazuki and Kanae both came down from the train and onto the station platform.

Because they had left home when there was still ample amount of time, the figures of other freshmen were extremely limited and it was very quiet. The shopping street near the station was also the same. Aside from the convenience store, the other shops’ rolling shutter doors had not been pulled up yet.

“Nii-sama is really planning on entering the Magic Division and not the Sword Division?”

During the way to the academy from the station, Kanae asked unhappily.

“……By now, there is nothing to say about it. This isn’t something I should hesitate about on the day of the entrance ceremony.” Kazuki replied.

Since humans have discovered Magic, this brand new power, it has already been 15 years.

The cause of it was due to Alchemy.

Due to the <Rosicrucian group> that seeks human evolution, the <Golden Dawn> led by MacGregor Mathers and the Nazi Germany’s research institution <Ahnenerbe>, these secret organizations had inherited the alchemy through the line of succession and finally produced an massive result 15 years ago.

That is the fruit of their research, a great red fruit <Philosopher’s Stone>.

It was produced by an mysterious Alchemist. A man-made magical stone with an unknown creation method.

By embedding this ruby-like red-color stone into the human’s brain, the Magic Power of humans will awaken.

Although it is embedded, it is not directly placed into the brain through surgery. Just by placing this incredible stone on the forehead, the part that touches the skin will slowly assimilate and gradually enter the body until it reaches the brain.

Due to the appearance of the Philosopher’s Stone, the world’s order had completely changed.

Magic could not be explained through scientific theories.

Magic is not restricted by the scientific theories.

Magic belongs to a higher dimension than science, causing the rules to be completely rewritten.

For example, when a Magic user uses Magic to cover his entire body, this layer of Magic barrier will “Ignore” and bounce back all weapons or physical phenomena. This layer of Magic Barrier could only be destroyed by Attacking Magic or Magic Swords that holds Magic.

Thus, the era had become <The Era of Swords and Magic>.

Police and self-defense forces had transformed into <Knights> composed of Swordsman and Magic Users.

And Japan’s Knight training academy was the National Knights Academy Caryatid.

——Which is also the school that Kazuki is about to enter to study.

“Nii-sama, who had aspired me to the way of the sword, actually entered the Magic Division……Having to enter a different dormitory than me, who belongs to the Sword Division……The Diva that gave Nii-sama an Enigma is extremely detestable……”

The Knights Academy is divided into Sword Division and Magic Division, and implemented a complete boarding system.

Kazuki and Kanae were divided into directions of different careers. Kanae still could not accept this result.

“What kind of purpose did that fellow known as Diva have to give a person like me this kind of thing?”

Kazuki raised his left hand that had the Enigma emerged on it and whispered quietly.

The Divas are inhabitants of an alternative world that was brought forth through Summoning Magic.

Through the vast and deep psychological see inside a person’s heart—— Deep down inside, there is a door that leads to another world.

Until the very end, the scientific community did not completely understand a human’s heart and spirit. It was through this <Heart of Door> that the body contained something that came from alternative world.

By allowing Magic Power, this supreme feeling to be attached to the body, the current generation of humans were able to feel it.

All of the humans are connected to each other through this alternative world.

The non-material alternative world was named as <Astrum>.

At Astrum, large amounts of Magic Power were swirling.

Inside the swirl of Magic Power lurked <Consciousness with Personality>. They contacted with humans and when people sleep, they will move from Astrum into their dreams to communicate with humans.

To form a contract with the humans, the magic that summons them to this side of the world is —— Summoning Magic.

What was surprising was that they, who were called out from the depths of the spiritual world, had similar attitudes and names of the <Gods> and <Demons> from ancient mythology.

Thus there were given the name of Diva. 3

The numerous countries all over the world all became fanatical religious countries towards the Diva encountered.

However, in the originally, weak faith Japan, a contract with a Diva is basically controlled as a power for the military.

This is because by using the Diva’s Power’s Summoning Magic, it was too powerful compared to Normal Magic.

A portion of the Divas responded to the Japanese Government’s summons and selected people, who were suitable for the power, from Japanese citizens and granted them Enigma.

Enigma was currently under strict regulations by the country. By holding a <Contract Ritual>, it will become a <Stigma> and gives the host the power of Summoning Magic.

Thus, the people, who got an Enigma, all had the obligations to enter the Magic Division to study.

This was in order for the precious Enigmas to not be wasted and become combat strength.

And it was also in order for Summoning Magic, this dangerous power to be completely placed under the control of the country and the academy.

——Right now, Kazuki’s hand also harbored an Enigma, which could be called as an <Invitation sent by a Diva>.

“I also did not want to become a <Stigma Magic User>. However, if you are awarded a Enigma, it is equivalent of losing the freedom for the future.”

It is not too much for Summoning Magic to be known as a heroic power that is equivalent to thousands of forces on a battlefield.

Normally, being awarded an Enigma shouldn’t absolutely make one frustrated, even if it made one unhappy.

“……But I, instead of a Stigma Magic User, wanted to become more of a swordsman. I wanted to repay the gratitude towards my foster father-sama who discovered my talent for the sword while I was an ordinary orphan.”

Even if they were both a Knight, the position of a Swordsman was much lower than a Stigma Magic User.

Although swordsman specializes in swift close combat, in the end, the role it plays was only a meat shield to buy time for the Stigma Magic User to chant Magic.

However, even so. Kazuki still wanted to become a swordsman, and replace his foster father, Hayashizaki Jinkai. To let everybody in the world know the power of <Hayashizaki-Ryuu Iai Jutsu> was his greatest goal in life.

“However, my foster father actually said. “Since you are a person that was selected, then don’t continue to hold this kind of intolerable dreams. Do not let your life to be bounded by thoughts of gratitude.” So I decided to enter the Magic Division. In order to find a brand new goal.”

So you should also accept this reality, Kazuki said as he tapped Kanae’s head.

“It is fine if you do not consider gratitude. By now, you should stop trying to be an outsider.”

While being tapped upon, Kanae issued out an unsatisfied voice.

“Indeed. The ancient sword skills used for actual combat that was passed from generations to generation from Hayashizaki Family, had a mission of allowing the world know the true power of a sword. Swordsmanship has always been underestimated compared to Summoning Magic. Our Magic Swords will not lose to Divas. However, the mission of allowing the world know the strength of Hayashizaki-Ryuu, I am enough by myself! Nii-sama’s gratitude is completely unnecessary! But!”

Kanae said up to this point, and her cheeks began to pout.

“Although it is like that, but Nii-sama becoming a Stigma Magic User, I still can not agree to it! If there is a need to say why, the match between me and Nii-sama have not yet determined the winner!!”

“If it is about the outcome……Am I not leading with 139 wins and 118 loss?”

“The match is to continue until I overtake you! Until then, we should always continue to fight!”

When Kazuki was first adopted by the Hayashizaki Family, Kanae did not recognize Kazaki as a family member.

And it was because Kazuki had continued to hone his own sword skills, allowing his own rudeness to slowly conflict against Kanae during that period of time. Kanae unconsciously began to call Kazuki “Nii-sama” and started to flirt with him.

The record of 139 wins, 118 loss was the history between the two of them.

Kazuki used both hands to pinch Kanae’s pouting cheeks. The air pufu leaked out from Kanae’s mouth. Kazuki began to play with Kanae’s cheeks by pulling left and right.

“N, Nii-sama……Please don’t play with your imouto’s cheeks……”

“If you are the strongest swordsman, then I will become the strongest Stigma Magic User.”

Kane suddenly widened her eyes. Kazuki stared at those eyes and said to her.

“So from now on, we are still opponents. Kanae’s Magic Sword must not lose when fighting against my Summoning Magic.”

Although the path for the two of them had split apart, but it was not to the point where they lost their bonds.

“……Nii-sama must become the strongest in Magic Division. The people of Hayashizaki Family cannot be anything else.”

The strongest power huh, although to me, I still do not know how to use this kind of thing……

While I whispered softly in my heart, Kazuki stared at the sky shrouded by the spring mist.

Part 3 Edit

As they walked, the spring mist finally dispersed. The academy appeared under the blue sky.

The stone built school doors were standing in front of them. Flower beds decorated both sides of the path as it extended directly forward. In front, you could see a fountain square.

On the left of the fountain square was a brick built mansion and a sharp tower. The classic brick structure produced a feeling that it was indeed a school for Magic Users.

Comparatively, on the right, wooden built Japanese-styled building were lined up closely in rows. That side was undoubtedly the dorm for swordsman.

A school that was divided into two—— The school divides the Magic Division and the Sword Division to show a completely different perspective.

Kazuki stopped in front of the school doors and swiftly turned to face Kanae.

“So that’s it. From now on, please take care of me……Senpai.”

“Please don’t be like that! Nii-sama is obviously my beloved Nii-sama!”

“But truthfully……Kanae-neesama is older than me and is a 2nd year senpai at school.”

“K…Kanae-neesama!?” Kanae suddenly became speechlessly.

Kanae, who treated and admired Kazuki as a brother, was in fact older than Kazuki. It was the so-called imouto that was older in age.

The reason why this strange relationship was because Kazuki is an orphan with an unknown birth.

Kazuki was raised as a child of the same age as Kanae in the Hayashizaki family, his birthday was also celebrated at the same day as Kanae’s birthday. Because his mother from Hayashizaki family had died to a disease, Kazuki took the lead and was responsible for housework. Thus, the relationship between Kanae naturally become <The Caring Brother> and <The Lazy Sister>.

Enigma are something that appeared upon the selected people when they became 14 years old.

After Kanae’s 14th birthday had approached, in Hayashizaki Family, they had a grand celebration for the two child having not revealed an Enigma. ——However in the year after that, an Enigma appeared on Kazuki’s left hand.

Speaking of which, this was something that should be impossible.

Kazuki, who always thought he was the same age as Kanae, was extremely surprised because “He was still fourteen years old!”, and the truth about Kanae, who was always “Nii-sama Nii-sama” and desperately flirting with him, was actually older was revealed.

“So that’s why I said, our relationship will not change! If it was during the time when I was stronger, it should be fine, but now since I have been overtaken and even the fact that that I am older……I, it makes one angry!”

“Please become more mature, Nee-sama”

“Don’t call me Nee-sama! Kanae is Nii-sama’s imouto!!”

“Then, please show me around the school. This is the reason why we got up early and rushed over here.”

From today on, Kanae is a second year student. So she will usually live in the Sword Division’s student dormitory.

However, Kanae said that she was going to bring Kazuki around the school before the entrance ceremony, so she returned back home. Then they come to school together.

“Please rest assured and leave it to me! Then we will immediately begin by visiting the school from the Sword Division!”

“No, it is still better to bring me to visit the Magic Division. I am going to study over there.”

“How can it be ……You don’t plan to go to the Sword Division now, but instead head off to the Magic Division!?”

“Don’t turn the conversation back again!”

Kazuki tapped her head, but Kanae happily revealed an “Ehehe~” expression. Just when they were performing this sibling two person-show,

“President! I finally found you, president——!”

From the other side of the school door, a male’s voice came.

A bulky guy directed rushed over in a straight line.

It was a guy that was cleanly dressed with short hair. He was wearing a Sword Division’s male uniform. A Odachi was on his waist.

“Torazo!? Why are you here!”

Kanae revealed an expression as if she noticed a person that could not easily be dealt with.

“President, why do you not reply the text messages I sent to you, even if I call you, no one answered!”

“This morning I have a very important event to lead a freshman on his way, so didn’t I say to absolutely not bother me, I had conveyed this to all of you when I submitted the application to return home to the school! Of course I will obviously switch off my phone!”

At this time, this person, Torazo-senpai turned his gaze towards Kazuki and revealed an “Ah!” expression.

“Even though he is a male, but he is wearing a Magic Division uniform. Could this person be the legendary……?”

The incident about Kazuki’s body having an Enigma seems to have already spread throughout the country as a much hyped topic.

The reason for this is because it was something that should normally not happen.

Torazo-senpai continued to stare at Kazuki. It was a slightly uncomfortable feeling.

“Hmmmmh, this person is my Nii-sama. He is super strong! It is a brother that I am proud of!”

“The president’s older brother? Even though this person should have only entered the school this year……?”

“Although he is a kouhai, but he is still my Nii-sama! Compared to that, what business do you have for finding me? I will decided based on your response whether or not to cut you!”

Kanae untied the sheath, placed her hand on the handle and threatened. Torazo-senpai immediately flinched.

“S,Sorry……Inside the school’s garden, there is a person from the Magic Division that found faults with the Sword Division and created a commotion……”

“A dispute? But Torazo, you disregarded the commotion and specifically search for me in this vast campus where my location is unclear to you? How should you explain?”

“Iori is waiting at the scene. Although I called your phone number, there was no response, but I recalled hearing that you were going to lead a freshman, so I didn’t bother and took a chance to look at the front of the school doors.”

“Your luck is really good.” Torazo-senpai smiled as he spoke, but Kanae reacted with a “Awful……” and held her head.

“……What a useless person. Stop relying on me to this point. Can you still be considered as the 3rd place of the Student Council belonging to the Sword Division?”

“But if president does not think of a way to solve it, then the dispute with the Magic Division will not be solved. Only the president is capable of directly fighting against the people of the Magic Division. It is not only me, who is unpromising.”

“It is that kind of thinking of taking the Magic Division as granted that is the most unpromising! This guy or that guy, once they come to the Sword Division, their heads are filled with thoughts of defeated!!”

After Kanae severely scolded Torazo-senpai, she turned towards Kazuki and revealed a dejected expression.

“Then, Nii-sama……I am extremely sorry……There is an emergency situation that occurred.”

“Although it is regrettable, but since it is the Student Council’s work, then it can’t be helped. The things over there are more important.”

“I actually made Nii-sama felt regret! As compensation, even if I have to exchange my life, I will……!”

“Don’t be too concerned about it. Good luck, senpai!”

“Really now, don’t call me senpai! ……Damn, it can’t be helped. Let’s go, Torazo. What on earth is that expression of yours as if you saw something strange. Stop looking over there and quickly bring me to the scene!”

Kanae mercilessly kicked Torazo-senpai’s butt and rushed over to the site of dispute.

“You’re trusted by everybody, Kanae.”

Knight Academy’s Student Council President. That is the other appearance of Kanae.

The Knight Academy followed the spirit of meritocracy. In other worlds, Kanae is already the strongest person in the Sword Division.

“Since Kanae had already become the Sword Division’s Student Council President, I must also aim for the Magic Division’s Student Council President.”

Having a remarkable sister, the younger brother must be difficult to do.

Although anyways I do not know why that is.

Speaking of which……Kanae, who was originally planning to lead the way, was already gone.

“This side is probably the Magic Division.”

The school uses the fountain square as a dividing point, left and right were respectively split into Magic Division and Sword Division.

Heading to the Magic Division on the left side, many brick constructed buildings were lined up. Although it was still early, you could still the figure of female students scattered around.

“……Hey, that person is the legendary……It’s the one that was awarded an Enigma even though he is a male…….”

“Eh, it’s him……Looks more normal than expected. I imagined him to have a more wild-like feeling.”

“Is it a mistake. A savage male swordsman actually got mixed into the Magic Division……!”

The female students were all secretly looking at Kazuki and were quietly discussing something.

Just now Torazo-senpai also……As expected, it had already spread out.

Enigma. Originally it will only be ushered onto a <Girl>’s body on their fourteenth birthday.

Because a female’s Magic Power was naturally higher than males.

However, speaking of which, Kazuki did not have a Magic Power surpassing the average standard of males. Why Kazuki obtained an Enigma was still a complete mystery. Even he, himself, wondered if there were something wrong.

……And those are the Magic Users that belongs to the Knight?

While he walked, Kazuki noticed an abnormal tension. The situation wasn’t just throughout the students, it was also mixed among the female Magic Teachers that were wearing <Magical Dress> (Decorteo Brigieux) and belonged to the Knights.

Because it was an entrance ceremony that was responsible for the country’s future Stigma Magic Users, so they have specifically sent out the originally understaffed Knights as a precaution.

Really now, if you carefully think about it, he had really came to an amazing place……

Truthfully, he did not have any confidence in his magic talent. Especially in Magic Power. Acquired growth is extremely rare, the pros and cons have mostly been determined from birth. Could relying on effort make up for the unfavorable situation in the end……

Why am I here in this place.

In order to avoid the gazes sent to him, Kazuki headed to a location where there were no shadows.

However, just after he walked for a while ——His vision was suddenly blinded.

“Guess ——Who am I?”

A sweet voice entered his ears, is this —— a girl covering his eyes from behind!?

Just like a scene in romance manga. However, this was too abrupt.

“Who ——Am I? Okay, okay, say quickly. Do you not recognize me?”

It was undoubtedly a voice he had never heard before. At the same time, a soft feeling was pressed from behind. T, This feeling is……!

“Even if you want me to guess, I do not have any idea……!?”

“Quickly answer me! If you do not quickly determine who am I, I will become a yandere! This “Guess —— Who am I?” question includes a weird scene involved!”

“ “Guess —— Who am I?” It is something scary that there is a need for an ethical review!?”

“Quick—ly——say! If you do not immediately answer, the luxurious prizes will be gone! The prize is actually a two person hot spring trip, if you answer correctly, then I will go together with you!”

“The prize appeared!? What has this situation become!?”

The feeling is indeed extremely soft. Although he wanted to vent, but it could become troublesome, so Kazuki was almost confused.

“10, 9, 8, 7……Really now, because there are no signs of answer my question, all of the middle numbers are omitted, 0! It can’t be help, it’s time to enter the time to kill. It is fine to answer while looking at me.”

Both hands from the girl moved away from his face, Kazuki immediately turned around and looked behind.

What entered his vision was ——a tall girl with a slim figure. Although it was the slim figure of a model, but her boobs were so massive as if it was teasing the male’s heart.

From behind, her long smooth hair was flowing due to the early morning’s breeze.

Coupled with the scenery from the academy, it was as if she was a person from a painting.

The generally huge eyes sparkled like gems and stared through Kazuki.


Kazuki muttered in a daze. As long as he met this person once, he would absolutely never forget it.

“The correct answer is ……It’s our first meeting!”

Kazuki, who placed out a stance, suddenly felt all his strength disappear.

“Sorry, because I wanted to become your friend, so it can’t be helped.”

Her face revealed a blooming flowers-like, dazzling smile. Once she smiled, the dimples on her face were revealed.

“It’s my first time meeting you. My name is Otonashi Kaguya, the silent, shining night sky 4—— A mysterious and beautiful girl that was like an aurora and the constellations in the sky. Because my parents wanted to bring me up as such a person, so they had given me such a troubling name. A 16 year old girl who has her face filled with tears due to her small-minded name being teased around. I am your senpai.”

She placed a hand on her huge boobs, and clearly made a self-introduction.

“Uhhhh, my name is……”

“I know! You are the otouto of the Sword Division’s Student Council Present, Kanae, who was awarded an Enigma, Hayashizaki Kazuki-kun!”

“Are you familiar with my older sister?”

“Our relationship is very good! And because you are a special existence so I slightly investigated it.

……Special, huh. Even I do not know understand why I came to such a place.

“Anyways, can you become my friend? No, please be my friend!”

Otonashi-senpai powerfully gripped Kazuki’s hand, and her face approached over.

The gem-like eyes emitted an intense light. Due to the power of that gaze, he was pressured—— Kazuki could not help but nod his head.

“Success, I am friend number 1!”

Otonashi-senpai happily, bunbun 5, swung Kazuki’s arms.

“Then please call me Kaguya. I hope that you will use the method of directly calling your friend’s name.”

“T, that’s a bit……Please allow me to call you Kaguya-senpai.”

“Senpai……Senpai, huh. From this year on, I became a senpai. It feels somewhat embarrassing.”

Senpai’s face was filled with a smile. By the way, how long do we have to hold hands……?

“Incidentally why are you in such a remote location? A school adventure?”

Senpai maintained the posture of holding Kazuki’s hand and her face quickly approached as she asked.

Too close Too close, her face is pointlessly approaching too close! Seems like you could smell a certain fragrant scent!

“Until just now, my older sister was showing me around, but because of an emergency, she had to leave first. Thus, I did not know what to do and hang around here.”

“Ahahah! I know, as an replacement, then I will show you around this school! Ok——ay, speaking of Magic Division, why not first head off to the most famous attraction, the <Witch’s House>!”

Senpai shouted “Let’s go!” and pulled Kazuki’s hand. She is really a motivated person.

Do we have to walk while holding hands? Should a male and female of this age be doing such a thing? ……But the other side shows no signs of being concerned, being excessively concerned feels a bit outrageous.

And……I am a human who had devoted his life towards training swordsmanship. Therefore, I must not be in disarray just by the extent of a beautiful big sister holding my hands. I will not lose!

In turn, Kazuki gripped the other’s hand, thus Kaguya senpai issued out a “WA” sound.


“WAA! UWAH, it’s my first time experiencing this feeling. A male’s strength is rather strong. It feels like I’m being hugged!”

A calm heart. Right now I must maintain a calm heart that is even more than Gandhi……

However, just after they walked for a while, Kazuki produced a strange feeling. It was rustling within his heart.

Although there was no wind, yet the air was swept away. It was as if there were signs of him being involved in a whirlpool of confusion.

Once as a swordsman, the keen sense he trained before was currently telling him about this abnormal situation.

“……This is” From inside his mind, Gandhi was blown away.

“Ara? You noticed as well? How keen. Are you the type that specializes in Perceptibility Enhancement Magic? ……Yes, in a certain location, a great volume of Magic is currently flowing and causing the world to tremble.”

Due to a completely different power ——Magic, the world that is supported by physical laws, was trembling.

Yes, the confusion was not the air, but the space in the vicinity——The world, itself.

Somewhere in the academy, a large-scale magic phenomenon——Summoning Magic was currently occurring.

“Let us go see the situation!”

Kaguya-senpai’s expression became tense and she tightly held Kazuki’s hand as she began to run.

Part 4 Edit

Rushing to the location, it was the English-Style Garden on the outskirts of the Magic Division.

In the place that was covered with overflowing green lawn, it was currently filled with lights from Magic.

The two types of colored lights, red and green ——Two female students, who were wearing the Magic Division’s uniform, were currently chanting Summoning Magic. Although generally, Magic will release blue lights, but Summoning Magic is based on the Diva that was contracted and will emit a different colored light.

With the red and green colored Magic lights as the background, there was a figure that stepped onto the lawn like a dancing shadow. Although you could not see the face from behind, but the figure was holding a slightly short Japanese sword ——Kodachi, in one hand.

The two Stigma Magic Users were currently in battle with a Swordsman.

The red light began to swell. It was the pulse from a Diva that surpassed human wisdom. Right now, the world is being distorted——

“Too slow!”

However, compared to that, the figure of the Swordsman was even faster and swooped over.

At the same time, a voice with a rippling atmosphere and the sharp sound of piercing through the air “Byu!” rang out.

The instant the swordsman slashed, the swelling red light burst open and disappeared.

Although the Magic User had opened up a blue Magic Barrier, but it was blown away by the powerful impact.

The swordsman rolled over and turned to face the other Magic User.

This time, the face of the swordsman was shown. Kazuki gasped in surprise.

It was Kanae!…..Although the moment he saw the Kodachi, he wondered if it was her……

“I know thy name. Thy name is Andromalius……” 6

The female releasing a green light was chanting a spell. Andromalius is the name of the Diva that she was contracted with. Her entire body was wrapped by light ——

“You are also too slow!”

With the terrifying momentum, Kanae jumped and gave her a blow with the Magic Sword before the Summoning Magic activated.

This female’s blue Magic Barrier that she enacted was also blown away.

The blue colored barrier was not the power of Summoning Magic, but Normal Magic using their own Magic Power. As an emergency defense, she was forced to give up on the Summoning Magic Chant and resorted to her own Magic.

The modern humans that awakened as Magic Users. When they are aware that they are in danger, they will reflexively use Magic to cover their body. In order to deny the phenomenon that will bring him to themselves and negating it. Thus, it was rare for them to be injured.

The Magic Barrier that arise from the defensive instinct was known as <Defense Magic>

However, if it suffered from an attack that contained Magic Power, this Defensive Magic will gradually be reduced.

In a battle between Magic Users, it is about reducing the opponent’s Magic Power——Which is also their Spiritual Power.

“Ara, although they did not wear the Magical Dress from <Simplified Chant> , but having their chant disrupted so easily is bad. If they wish to face against Kanae-chan, then their training is far from enough.

Kaguya-senpai quietly said beside Kazuki. Could this senpai be a person with great strength?

The two girls stood up and once again, began to chant.

“Hmph. You want to be cut by me a thousand times until your Magic Power runs out!”

Kanae’s face revealed a smile that was just like the incarnation of a battle maniac, and pulled out her second Kodachi. The two sword style was the sign of Kanae becoming serious. Then she pounced over again like a cat——

“Stop right here!” Kaguya-senpai, who was watching the developments on the side, issued a loud cry.

The Magic Lights were once again interrupted. Kanae also stopped her own actions.

“In other words, it is the two Magic Division students over there ……Ogiwara-san and Sato-san, who was refusing to give way towards the Sword Division students, and created a dispute. Thus, the Sword Division students intervene to mediate, is it not?”

After the battle stopped, the three Sword Division students that were observing the situation in a sheltered location, appeared one by one.

Revealing a frightened expression, Torazo-senpai and another female student that seemed to be in the Sword Division Student Council explained the situation to Kaguya-senpai.

Kazuki stood beside senpai and carefully listened to the development of the situation.

“It is not something cute as mediate! That women, suddenly used her sword and chopped over here!”

The Magic Division student that released the red light, roared as she retorted.

“In the first place, was it not you two, who used Summoning Magic on the Sword Division students.

“That was only a slight warning. Even though it is obviously the territory of the Magic Division, but these people continued to resist.”

“Did you only plan it as a warning? Sato-san.”

Kaguya suspiciously asked the female student that was called Sato-san.

“You actually said it was a warning? Don’t joke around. It was probably because you wanted to test the Summoning Magic you’ve just learned and specifically came here to cause trouble. Speaking of which, recently the Magic Division people, like criminals on the street, have used the Sword Division students as experimental subjects and caused trouble. In the earlier period, there were also students that became unconscious!”

Unconscious, in other words, they suffered from a powerful Magic attack.

In the face of threats, Magic Users will instinctively deploy Defense Magic, but there is also a limit.

When Magic Users feel that their own Magic Power could not protect their bodies, they will open the <Heart of Door> and attempting to draw out large Magic Power from Astrum.

Although through this method, they will temporarily have Magic Power that exceeded their body’s limits, but as the cost for it, their consciousness will be dragged into Astrum and they will become unconscious.

This unconscious phenomenon is known as <Magic Drunk>. If the symptoms were severe, their consciousness will be unable to return from Astrum. The Heart of Door will also be damaged and causing their spirit to become unstable.

“People fainted!? I did not hear that such a thing has happened……!?”

“That is because the teachers in Magic Division hid the incidents up. The Sword Division students that suffered from Summoning Magic were requested to swallow their frustrations and were not allowed to make a big commotion. Only recently, I have begun to grasp the situation.”

“……Were you two planning on doing such things as well?”

“We did not think about doing such things! You only listened to what the Sword Division was saying!? Aren’t we the ones that suffered an attack from the criminals on the street!”

The person that released the red light ——Ogiwara-san retorted. Listening to what she was saying, because there was no third party other than the Sword Division, thus it was impossible to figure out what had happened.

“Just because there is no evidence, it cannot be treated as a case. Based on this side, the only punishment method is to beat them up here until they cannot get at this place. If they were beaten up by the people in Sword Division, then they could up endure their disgrace.”

“Kanae-chan, you too, please don’t use this kind of violence as a solution!”

“Don’t call me Kanae-chan! Don’t act like you are familiar with me!”

Towards the Kaguya-senpai’s and Kanae’s attitude, Kazuki was somewhat surprised.

Although Kaguya-senpai had said that they were friends……it feels that this atmosphere was very suspicious.

“Even if there are no means that could directly address this situation, I also think that we should not resort to violence in order for the long-term vision of improving relationship between the two Divisions. If we do this, sooner or later……”

Although Kaguya-senpai delivered a passionate speech, but Kanae bit her teeth and denied her opinion.

“Don’t talk about nonsense. You think the Sword Division students that were treated as experimental subjects for Summoning Magic will accept this?”

The one that emitted a green light, Sato-senpai, also shrugged with a mocking expression.

“Sword Division, this inferior species suddenly cutting over here. It is impossible to improve relations.”

Listening to her remarks, Kaguya-senpai sharply gazed at her.

“Speaking of which, your Sword Division is inferior, threatening to move away, this kind of attitude……!”

However, Sato-senpai only “ Yes, yes, I know” and interrupted senpai’s words.

“You say you want the Magic Division and Sword Division to become friendly? ……If it’s me. Although I acknowledge your strength, but this I cannot agree with your perspective. Even though we were obviously the victim here.”

Sato-senpai swiftly turned around. Ogiwara-senpai also followed to do so.

“ Making “Us that obtained a Stigma” and the Sword Division equal, that is what was truly unfair.”

Kazuki, who was watching the situation develop, frowned……Anyways, it feels that these people were too arrogant.

Stigma. Is it really something that special?

“Hmmph, what amazing Stigma Magic User-sama. Even though it was two together, yet they were beaten by a swordsman easily.”

Kanae sneered and provoked. The two of them instantly paled and they turned over.

“That was……because you suddenly slashed over here, okay! That is basically the same as plotting against others!”

“If it was based on the form of a <Duel>, then we will not have been so easily disrupted our chant by you!?”

“So you are saying that the gentlemen-like Magic Users could only fight on a battlefield when they are fully prepared. Speaking of which, you Magic Division fellow, even if I request a duel, you would not even accept it, right?”

“That is because even if a Magic Division student wins against a Swordsman Division student, our ranks will not increase! In other words, what Swordsman Division, they are completely not within our sights!”

While dropping this sentence, the two of them left the garden.

“……I’m really unhappy, I was not able to fight until I fully enjoyed it” and so on, Kanae muttered some dangerous sounding words.

Towards Kanae, who was like this, the male Sword Division student, who was picked upon, bowed his head down.

“President, I’m really sorry. Because I am too weak, I caused trouble for you.”

Torazo-senpai gently held his shoulder.

“President, I’ll send this person over to the teacher’s office. And I’ll submit the report about the incident and the victim.”

“I feel that it is futile. I already am only interested in catching those who caused harm and beating down onto the ground.”

“I have been sick and tired of it , really.” Torazo-senpai whined and brought the male student away.

It seems that little girl member of the Student Council also chased after him.

——Waiting until they left, Kanae’s head turned swiftly towards Kazuki’s direction.

“Nii-sama~♪ Nii-sama actually took the initiative to find me!”

Kanae seemed like a completely different person and issued out a sweet voice as she pounced over here. Kaguya-senpai’s eyes widened.

“Nii-sama? Isn’t Kazuki-kun Kanae’s otouto?”

Although physically, he is my otouto, but spiritually, he is my nii-san.”

After Kaguya-senpai scratched her head “I see, although I do not understand”, she turned around and faced Kanae.

“Speaking of which, Kanae. That kind of violence is not allowed! You should think of a more peaceful method instead!”

“What, so you are still here? Don’t casually talk with me.”

“……Aren’t you two friends?”

“Who is friends with this person. I only, as the Student Council President of the Sword Division, had to greet this person……Because this person is the Magic Division Student Council President.”

Kazuki was suddenly dumbfounded. ——In other words, this person is the strongest Stigma Magic User in Magic Division!

“This girl is currently the Magic Division Student Council President, <Nightmare Bringer>, Otonashi Kaguya !”

Kaguya-senpai proudly straightened her chest.

“Why is Nii-sama together with this fellow?”

Towards Kanae’s question, the one that replied was not Kazuki, but Kaguya-senpai.

“Because I noticed this new student was walking very lonely within the school, so I decided to bring him around the school.”

“Nii-sama was lonely!? Sorry, Nii-sama! Kanae will absolutely never abandon Nii-sama again! Come, let’s ignore this fellow and continue our date while visiting the academy.”

Kanae hugged onto Kazuki’s arm and pulled with force.

“Ah, wait a minute. I’m also bringing him around!”

Within a hairbreadth, Kaguya-senpai also grabbed onto my other arm. Pe~! ……What on earth was that Pe~ feeling.

“Nii-sama! Just now in a Unyou-like time, your expression suddenly became indecent and relaxed! What made you so happy!? Could it be that this fellow’s cow-like boobs made you feel happy!

The so-called “Unyou” was used as a speed unit in Ancient Style Swordsman Skills. The instant the lightning from above flashed in the sky was recorded as “Unyou”. In other words, it was so fast that the eyes could not perceive it. It was the territory of a God.

“I, I did not revealed any indecent expression! This kind of thing was never disturbed my heart!”

“Boobs?” After Kaguya-senpai froze for a while, she noticed that her own boobs were currently pressing onto Kazuki’s arm. Then she said “Sorry, you must hate it” and hurriedly pulled away. Although I did not exactly hate it……

Kanae also seemed to confront this and pressed her boobs onto Kazuki’s arm. Flat!

…….What was that flat feeling earlier.

“Why is it when it’s my turn, it is not indecent, but an expression of regret……”


“Boobs will only get in the way. I also want to become slim and cool like Kanae-chan.”

Kanae’s expression had suddenly become like Asura. It was a face of a swordsman filled with killing intent.

“Go die! DIE FASTER, YOU STUPID MEAT WOMAN! Speaking of which, Nii-sama and I already made an appointment long ago, so don’t just shamelessly get involved! Go away to one side! Your boobs should also fall apart!”

“But I am also currently bringing this child around! And this child is a freshman in our Magic Division! If it is only Kanae-chan, I think it is impossible to bring him around effectively……Ah, right.”

Saying up to here, Kaguya, pon7, and clapped her hands. Then she, once again, held onto Kazuki’s hand.

“Shouldn’t Kanae-chan, who does not have any intention to peacefully get along with Magic Division, be the one to go away from my Magic Division freshman?”

“What!” Buchin!8 From Kanae’s head, the sound of a blood vessel bursting apart could be heard.

“Magic Division students should be led by the Magic Division Student Council President, what do you say, Kazuki-kun?”

“No, even if you ask me……!”

“Nii-sama……Compared to the Magic Division, Nii-sama is a person more suitable to the Sword Division! Nii-sama and I are not at fault, it is the world that is at fault! Diva, you baka!!”

Kanae’s body began to tremble, while she activated enhancement magic, she fiercely pulled Kazuki’s hand.

Kazuki, who nearly fell down due to the momentum, also activated enhancement magic to resist.

“Don’t use Magic! This is still the morning of the first day of school, isn’t using Magic Power a waste!?”

From the other side, senpai also “EiiEii” 9 and pulled onto Kazuki’s arm.

“This is my Nii-sama! This is my Nii-sama!”

“Right now, we are a trio with very good relationship! Or is this my delusion?”

Kanae cried out. Kaguya-senpai began to enjoy this situation. What on earth is this situation.

……In the end, it seems like there was no way to let them bring me around the school.

Part 5 Edit

At the Fountain Square, the Magic Division’s entrance ceremony finally began.

Speaking of entrance ceremony, if it was a normal school, the principal should be the first one up for a rather long speech……However, in front of all the neatly arranged freshmen, the one on the platform was the Student Council President, Kaguya-senpai.

Her face had a serious expression that was completely different than before. She was wearing a robe that almost covered her entire body.

“——The world is currently being eroded by myths.”

In front of the microphone, Kaguya-senpai began to speak such words.

As the peak of Magic for a human was when they were 20 years old, it will begin to decay afterwards. Based on this fact, compared to the principal, perhaps Kaguya-senpai was more suitable for the task to deliver an important speech at the entrance ceremony.

Although the adults can teach, but they are not powerful Magic Users.

In this academy, the strongest Magic User was this —— Otonashi Kaguya.

“Because of the Philosopher’s Stone brought by <Dawn of the Almighty Wisdom>, the world is forced to change. The power that ruled the world became from Science to Magic. The balance of power for each country in the world had also undergone tremendous changes. Moreover, Magical Beast had also appeared and began to attack humans. Right now, our current world is becoming relatively similar to the fantasies of myths that were once widely spread.”

——The world is currently being eroded by myths.

Science and laws of physics are already not the absolute truth.

From the secret groups, <Rosicrucian Group>, <Golden Dawn> and <Ahnenerbe>, that had inherited the thoughts and technology, they claim to be the legitimate Alchemy organization <Dawn of the Almighty Wisdom>.

The person that acts as the leader is known as <Basileus Basileon> 10. He was a strange person that published the results of producing a Philosopher’s Stone 15 years ago. In order to protect themselves from the threat of Magic, the Philosopher’s Stone was imported into the countries at an alarming speed.

Because the Dawn of the Almighty Wisdom had sold the Philosopher’s Stone at a high price, they ruled the world.

“Although Japan had luckily been listed as a <Magically Advanced Country>, but facing the aggression from other countries, we cannot think lightly of this and sit back and relax. The Knights are currently seeking for a stronger fighting force than now. This responsibility also falls upon us, who will be responsibility as future Knights.”

The Dawn of the Almighty Wisdom had expanded to the extent where it could rule the world. However, due to the internal power struggle, it had led to their leader Basileus Basileon to be killed.

The Dawn of the Almighty Wisdom that expanded over the entire world, suddenly lost their unity and fell apart in an instant. Each country’s government immediately tried to seize this opportunity and absorbed the legacy of the Dawn of the Almighty Wisdom.

Then, the 7 countries with many Magic User, meaning that they had purchased the most Philosopher’s Stone, as the <Seven Magically Advanced Country>, they had inherited the ruling position of the world.

However, Basilevs Basileon’s body had still not yet been found.

“Just as everybody knows, we, Japan, had established a system with the Israel myth’s <Solomon’s 72 Pillars of Demons>. However, the other 6 countries had established relationships with <Very Different Divas>. The combat capability gap between the 7 countries is in a completely evenly matched state. Although currently on the surface, we are at peace. However, we do not know when a Magically Advanced Country will trigger the <Battle of Myths>, it is not strange if it does happen.”

The 7 Magically Advanced Countries ——Japan, United States, Britain, Germany, Italy, Russia and China. Each country’s Knights had inherited the legacy of the Dawn of the Almighty Wisdom and had earned the help of Divas from completely different Myths.

The other countries were different than Japan. They had gotten the power of Divas through <Faith>.

There was no knowing when the Divas break the balance and cause the 7 countries to be in danger. This is the truth about the temporary peace.

“Not only abroad, but also within the country, there exist the threat of <Illegal Magic Users> that abuse Magic for crimes. They were tempted by the evil Divas, who have evil intentions, and formed a <Illegal Contract>, allowing that power to rampage uncontrollably. At the same time, the Knights are also a police organization. They are forced to manage these Illegal Magic Users.”

The Divas that harbor evil intentions towards human would contaminate the human’s spirit as the reward for their power.

Because these things were extremely risky, within Japan, all Diva contracts outside of the Solomon’s 72 Pillars of Demons were strictly prohibited.

The past Illegal Magic Users had once made Tokyo become ruins.

“In addition, cracks suddenly appearing in the world and the Magic from Astrum leaked out, producing <Magical Beasts> and <Spirits>. These phenomenon known as <Cancer11> had also started to occur. The spaces, where the Magical Beasts are concentrated at, will become contaminated by Magic Power and be known as <Magic Land>. This allows the Magical Beast produced by the Cancer to appear more frequently. Defeating these Cancer is also an important job for the Knights.”

Accompanying the death of Basileus Basileon, the production method of the Philosopher’s Stone had been lost.

However, the amount of Magic Users in the world had increased. As if it had been triggered, naturally awakened Magic Users began to appear.

To the countries known as the Magically Advanced Countries, basically all their citizens had become Magic Users.

Then as the amount of Magic Users increased, the phenomenon known as Cancer had also increased in proportion. When the amount of Magical Beasts increased, the spaces would be contaminated and gradually turn into Magic Land.

Magic will bright forth more Magic. Just like the world is currently being eroded by Magic.

Humans would sometimes even start to miss the <Era where Science was Everything to the World>.

The fact that they obtained the Philosopher’s Stone. To humans, is it really an evolution that should be welcomed…….

“Aggression from Foreign Countries, Illegal Magic Users, Cancer……Dealing with these three big threats are the mission of the Knights. However, there is nothing for us to fear. Because we, the people here right now, have the power to defeat these threats. Everybody should be proud of themselves ——Everyone here are selected by the Solomon’s 72 Pillars of Demons. As a <Knights> and a hero of this new world, we are cadets with fame!”

Solomon’s 72 Pillars of Demons. In the past, they had obeyed King Solomon and helped established the Country of Israel. The Demons of this kind of Myth were Demons, yet they assisted the humans at the same time.

They were Divas who really had friendly relationships with Japan.

“I hope that everybody will be able to cultivate their abilities and the overly powerful strength known as Summoning Magic in this academy while having a Knight’s spirit and a strong sense of honor. Powerful strength is accompanied by a great responsibility……Even if we say these to you, towards everybody, who were still ordinary middle school students yesterday, there should not be any realistic feeling……”

After saying up to here, Kaguya-senpai suddenly stopped and began to chant an incantation.

“I know thy name……Thy name is Asmodeus12……Thy power is the omnipotent desires. Comply with the contract, obey my command, and display thy power!”

Kaguya-senpai drew out a spell and allowed her spirit to connect with Astrum. The interior of her robe released a purple light……This is Summoning Magic!

Beside Kaguya-senpai, a large amount of light appeared and the light was shaking and twisting.

——Shortly, it became the unusual outline of a form that could not be distinguished as a human or Magical Beast.

To summarize it in one word, what Kaguya-senpai had summoned was a <Witch>. Her entire body was wearing black clothes. From her head, a crooked horn was grown and on her shoulders, a cow and lamb head was placed. It was an unusual witch.

“Kukuku, Student Council President. You actually called me out to perform this kind of acrobatics, what an amazing fellow, my cute Kaguya. Forget it, based on your honor, I will help you out once.”

One of the Pillars of Solomon’s 72 Pillars of Demons, Asmodeus. At the same time, it is an existence along with Lucifer, Beelzebub and the others that ranked as the <Hell’s 7 Great Kinds> that manages the <Seven Deadly Sins>.

This is Otonashi Kaguya —— This is the school’s strongest Student Council President’s Contracted Diva?

From afar, gishigishi, gishigishi 13……this kind of sound came.

—— What issued the gishigishi sound was a cage car. Just like a huge cage in a zoo placed on wheels. An awe-inspiring female student transported it to the square.

The female students beside Kazuki looked at the thing inside the cage car and immediately “Huh!” and let out a frightened voice.

In the cage, a <Dragon>’s big body was folded unhappily. The golden light lines tied up the dragon’s limps, stripping its freedom. This was probably Binding Magic.

The so-called dragon was a type of Magical Beast. The Magical Beasts that appeared from Astrum all had fantasy-like appearances that seemed to have come out from myths —— that attacked humans.

This is the difference than the instinct of a wild beast attacking other animals for food. It is unrelated to whether the Magical Beast is hungry or not. Compared to their other desires, they will place priority on attacking humans.

The Magical Beasts is not a part of the ecosystem and was obviously an enemy of mankind.

And they only exist to contaminate spaces and summon new Magical Beasts from Astrum.

It is not something to let live alive and then used for acrobatics.

The cage car was moved up in front of the freshman. There was probably a distance ten meters when it stopped.

The female student, who had completed the delivery, walked onto the platform and stood next to Kaguya-senpai.

She is probably one of the members of the Magic Division’s Student Council.

“……The shackles of constellation, let the day’s operation to be restarted again……Stars binding the day release”

The microphone slightly captured her chanting a short spell. Then, the golden light lines that bounded the dragon’s body seemed to dissolve into the air and disappeared.

The Binding Magic was released……What was that senpai planning to do!?

“……Even if there is no realistic feeling yet, but if we do not allow you to understand, it will be very troublesome……”

Kaguya-senpai used a calm tone and continued her speech.

The dragon seemed to be confirming what had happened to its body and turned its head around. When its eyes reflected the large amount of humans it should attack, just like as it was venting its anger from being tied up, it fiercely smashed the steel bars.

Gan! The door of the cage was smashed open. The locks were not even in place originally!


The fierce roar that caused the air to ,biribiri, and vibrate made all the students tremble.

With a green-colored sheen that only reptiles have on its body, it rushed out from the cage car.

On its back, wings, similar to the bats, with many sections expanded greatly. The dragon with its great body that was probably 5 meters in length swooped over like a bullet —— directly at the freshman.

At the same time, noticing a powerful Magic Flow, Kazuki turned his gaze towards Kaguya-senpai who was standing at the platform.

——A great amount of purple light, dazzling enough to burn Kazuki’s retina was shining.

“The thought that burns my chest, portray this world as a living hell……!”

Compared to the time at the garden, an enormous difference in Magic swirled around like a whirlpool, senpai’s long hair and robe was fluttering in the winds and was lifted up.


The dragon opened its huge mouth that had many murderous teeth and it seemed like it was about to pounce over to the closest students!

At this moment, Kaguya-senpai’s spell chant ended.

“Thou art a demon king of wicked desires! The incarnation with an obsession that brings forth tragedy, let thy long-cherished wish……pain this entire world! ——Hell’s Thought Flames! (Guernica)”

“Kukukukuku!” From the cow and lamb heads on Asmodeus’s shoulders that was stretched out, just like vomiting, the two heads ejected a large flame.

The dragon was surrounded by flames and squirmed in the air. In front of the foremost students, in a place not so far in front of them.

Hell’s Flames. It revealed a red black color just like blood. Like tentacles, it continued to entangle and wrapped around it. The scales that were hard as iron was gradually melted into liquid like candy.

……What is this. No —— It was a different dimension in terms of high temperature.

The Hell’s Flame caused the dragon’s bones, the head to melt into a mess and then it caused it to evaporate.

In just a short period of time, the dragon’s body disappeared. Even the remains soon disappeared.

“Kukuku, when you need me next time, feel free to call me, my cute Kaguya……”

Asmodeus once again turned into light particles and disappeared.

“This is Summoning Magic. This is the power that everybody will begin to obtain from now on.”

Looking at the freshmen, Kaguya-senpai continued to speak. This was such an unscientific scene.

Causing the very existence to be denied, covering it and eliminating it, the red black flames.

Transporting the dragon over was just a show to demonstrate the power of Summoning Magic.

Although Summoning Magic is something that everybody could see on television……Should it be because Kaguya-senpai was too amazing, or was it because the breathtaking scene was being shown in front of their own eyes? No matter which one it is, the freshmen all held their breath.

“Please constantly ask yourself, “What is this Power used for”. This power should only be used by a person who could feel honor from their heart of justice. Great honor, responsibility and consciousness……Please allow me to use the words above to give a final gift to all of you.”

The sound of applauses suddenly rang out. Because they are able to obtain such strength, the freshmen became passionate.

However, among this, Kazuki was aware. Aware of ——his own emptiness.

The thought of praying for such strength, he had never had it. Suddenly lodging such ferocious strength inside this kind of person on day ——What a terrible thing.

I only wanted to repay the debt to the family that adopted me, who was alone.

“In other words, you are a person not satisfied with just being a Hayashizaki swordsman. Do not become such a small person. There is no need for you to be bounded by gratitude for your entire life.”

However, I, it was not for the sake of justice or peace, these kinds of vague ideas……

I only wanted to be praised by you and Kanae, only just like that……

As if he was terrified of the foreboding of a huge fate, Kazuki’s gaze fell onto his left hand.

——What on earth gave the insignificant me an Enigma……?

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