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Feeling a mysterious warmth, Kazuki opened his eyes. It feels like he was being embraced completely by someone…he felt a sweet scent and humidity.

When he opened his eyes, there was the sleeping face of Koyuki in front of his eyes.

This was…that Hiakari-san was hugging me while half asleep!?

Kazuki fell into a light panic. However if he moved unskillfully he would wake up the girl. The outside of the window was still dark. Kazuki’s morning was early because of his habit as a swordsman to practice.

Suddenly it crossed his head about the rabbit plush doll that was placed on top of the bed in Koyuki’s room. The girl might have mistook Kazuki completely as her plush doll.

“…zu, ki…”

In front of him, the girl’s lips moved slightly. Was she calling his name just now?

Koyuki was circling her hands around Kazuki’s neck, even now the distance between their lips were in almost touching range. Both of her legs were tucking Kazuki’s body, she used her whole body in her embrace.

Across the thin pajama, the undulation of Koyuki’s body and the sense of touch, everything was transmitted to him.

Kazuki’s right arm was thrust inside the triangle that was drawn from Koyuki’s thighs and nether region, there was a squishy feeling of ‘punipuni’ in his palm.

He noticed that his hand was in contact with a place that he really should not come in contact with.

He never even imagined that she would do this kind of thing. Just as he thought, she might be really lonely somewhere in her heart living in isolation.

Kazuki felt the incredible loveliness of this girl who fawned on him unconsciously, his left hand that was not being embraced moved and stroked her head.

The silver hair that was cut short felt silky in his hand each time he stroke her hairs apart, it felt very good.

“Nn…” With the small voice she leaked out, a smile floated on Koyuki’s face filled with relief.

Her white cheeks were soft and full with her smile, this time he poked those cheeks with his finger. The sleeping Koyuki was nuzzling her cheek against the poking finger. Somehow she looked so cute.

Next Kazuki pushed her nose. The girl’s noble face was warped slightly along with a strange “funya” voice that she leaked out. This girl was also so cute when she was this defenseless.

A heart mark flew out from her chest. She might have felt something about Kazuki inside her sub-consciousness. Then her sleep talk before, just as he thought, perhaps she was calling his name.

When Kazuki’s finger was drifting around wondering about where he was going to poke next, Koyuki’s face that was supposed to be sleeping was reacting mysteriously, ‘paku’ in a snap the tip of the finger was held inside her lips.

While Kazuki was startled somewhere else, Koyuki sucked out ‘chuu’ Kazuki’s index finger just like a child who was sucking a milk pacifier. Uwaa…Hiakari-san’s lips, so soft…

Feeling fretful because there was nothing coming out from Kazuki’s fingertip, Koyuki started to lick Kazuki’s fingertip.

The tip of her tongue made out watery sounds ‘kuchukuchu’. It was strangely lewd somehow….

There, Koyuki’s eyes opened.

“Kajuki?” She whispered in half asleep voice. Her mouth was gaping open absentmindedly and the finger that was covered in her saliva was dropped from her mouth.

She started to comprehend the situation little by little, then in the blink of eye her expression was colored with shock and shame.

However when she noticed that the ones that embraced Kazuki strongly were her own arms and legs, she couldn’t express neither her complaint nor her disparagement, she was trembling in silence. She turned her back and shrank in embarrassment.

“I saw a strange dream and clung to you like that. ...Forgive me.”

What kind of dream that she saw? In any case, this was not something she needed to apologize for.

“You lie, like this…I only did embarrassing things since yesterday…”

“That’s not true Hiakari-san…rather if I say, you were really cute so it’s fine.”

Kazuki said so with the intention to follow up, but with a tiny voice the girl was,

“…I don’t understand what did you see from me that was fine or cute, Idiot.” She whispered so.

After a while, Lotte also opened her eyes. Kazuki had long-waited for that.

Kazuki spoke his mind frankly to Lotte who was coming back from washing her face in the washroom.

“Lotte, can you teach me Telepathy magic?”

Kazuki recalled Kaguya-senpai’s scent in his mind. His yearning feeling for senpai urged a determination from Kazuki for the whole time since last night. …He had to win against Kaguya-senpai.

Lotte blinked her eyes in surprise toward Kazuki’s words.

“You could reduce the hallucination of agony by using Telepathy magic to enter a Trance right?”

Senpai used a magic that assigned her opponent a hallucination of agony.

When he saw senpai fight for the first time, he couldn’t do a thing. That magic was something he absolutely needed a countermeasure for.

“Yes. I never expected that kind of magic before, so my mind was consumed and thrown out of order into a wreck completely, but―if beforehand I could enter a state of Trance and [resolve] myself, I should be able to endure to a certain degree desu.”

Resolve…if it’s resolve, he has it.

Trance was a state where he controlled every nook and corner of his mind including the subconscious area. A mental magic skill where oneself was completely in control of one’s own emotions and senses.

“Lotte, I ask you to consent for something unreasonable. I want to Trace Lotte’s method of Trance. For that I want you to remove your wall of heart for me.”

Hoshikaze-senpai had once before aligned her mind with Kazuki and Traced the way Kazuki’s flesh body moved, with that she learned the kata[1] of Kazuki’s sword style. That great efficiency was something one should be surprised of.

Lotte learned Japanese language by aligning her mind with the surrounding humans’ minds and Traced their emotion and the interrelation of their vocal chords’ movements. The time that she spent to learn Japanese language was a mere period of three days.

Kazuki thought that he could learn the technique to manipulate his sense of pain with the state of Trance by aligning his mind with Lotte, in the same way Lotte learned language.

But it was difficult to Trace the depth of the mind. Because if his mind trespassed the Mind Hackbottom of the mind of other people, he would be repelled by the defense mechanism called <Wall of the Heart>.

There Kazuki proposed for Lotte to remove the wall of her heart beforehand and let him Traced her completely defenseless mind.

…Normally that was a request that absolutely couldn’t be asked. For the wall of the heart to be removed, it was an action of nothing other than surrendering every nook and cranny of her own heart to other people.

Every secrets of her heart would be exposed, there was even risk of her will being hypnotized by the other party.

Even so for the sake of victory against Kaguya-senpai, that was an absolutely needed step.

If for example he requested this from Mio, she would reject him for sure in embarrassment of getting all her shame exposed to Kazuki. That was not a problem of the high and low of the positivity level, but a problem of personality. However if it was Lotte―

“I don’t mind at all. Because I don’t have any feeling that I want to hide from Onii-san, none at all desu.”

She said so quite indifferently as though that request had nothing to do with her.

“But, if we are going to do it then let’s do it where no one can bother us.”

Lotte smiled in mischief and she pulled Kazuki inside the toilet.

“We are going to do it in this kind of place?”

Kazuki who was the one that asked for it in the first place was bewildered.

“Kazuki-oniisan, please sit down there.”

Lotte brought down the cover of the toilet seat as she was talking and sat down Kazuki there. Then she sat on top of Kazuki’s knees with her legs out to the side, only her head was facing toward Kazuki. Both their eyes drew near each other.

“By all means, go on.” Lotte closed her eyes and readily cleared her wall of the heart.

“Thank you, Lotte.”

Kazuki also closed his eyes, he poured all his concentration to sympathize with Lotte’s heart.

Several blue strings of magic power’s light was lengthening from Kazuki. It enveloped Lotte completely.

Kazuki perceived all the ripples that were produced from Lotte’s heart.

{Well then, how I use the Telepathy, I’ll show Onii-san the way I control my mind, please perceive it.}

Lotte’s heart informed him so. At the same time countless idle thoughts outside of the control method also rose out in her heart.

{I like Kazuki-oniisan} {I believe you so there is no problem} {I’m so happy that Kazuki-oniisan is entering me} {Feel me more} {Only now I can monopolize Kazuki-oniisan} {This is something that Mio-oneesan cannot do} {I love you}

Lotte’s each and every thought poured into Kazuki like fierce surging waves.

Lotte’s positivity level was 106. But all these thoughts were the real contents of that number.

Her good will spontaneously grew, at the same time the heart mark that symbolize the increase of positivity level also flew over.

{Thank you Lotte}

Kazuki accepted everything of those and conveyed his gratitude.

This was a training method that absolutely couldn’t come into existence without a partner like Lotte. He felt Lotte’s heart and Traced all the performance of Lotte’s mind’s movements.

―A little after a hour passed, Kazuki could somehow get the hang of the trick.

When the Telepathy was over, Lotte laughed “ehehe” and came flying, hugging Kazuki tightly.

“Let’s try it in practice. Please cancel Onii-san’s defensive magic power desu.”

Kazuki strongly thought of nonresistance, then his defensive magic power was cancelled.

Lotte pulled Kazuki’s cheek strongly. Sense of pain was primarily the work of subconscious mind. But he seized it with the Trance and controlled it.

The pain was softly abating like being enveloped in silk floss.

He still couldn’t shut out the pain completely. However he had to reach the level where he could shut out the brutal agony of Kaguya-senpai’s magic and persevered through it.

“If Onii-san couldn’t deal with unexpected and sudden pain, than all this would be also in vain desu.”

When Lotte said that, she suddenly drew near Kazuki’s face and bit Kazuki’s ear in a snap.

Kazuki could even deal with that kind of sudden movement and quickly the pain was abating. Finally the pain vanished and what was left was only the sensation of Lotte’s mouth caressing his earlobe. Rather her mouth felt pleasant.

“Thank you Lotte.”

Kazuki hugged back Lotte who was biting his earlobe like she was fawning at him.

“Right now I can sense Onii-san’s feelings, this is somehow enjoyable desu.”

“…How dare you pull my cheek and bite my ear huh.”

With a joking tone, Kazuki pinched Lotte’s cheek that felt like touching a smooth silk.

“Plese don’t pull my cheek~. Ehehe, Onii-san is not going to bit my ear desu?”

Lotte was happily coming to pursue a skinship with Kazuki.

Part 2 Edit

“Oi Mio, wake up soon. Kohaku is going to come after this you know?”

With her twintail untied slovenly when she slept, the slightly amorous Mio was “Nn…I cannot wake up if there is no kiss from the prince….”, then she stuck out her shapely lips.

Her way of thinking was in the same level with Kanae….

“You, you just want to say that and only pretending to be asleep isn’t it…”

It was not like what she asked was something he disliked, rather he was tempted to just kiss her for real, but he became aware of Koyuki’s chilly gaze so Kazuki shook Mio’s shoulder with more strength.

―It was 7 o’clock in the morning.

Kohaku showed her face at this time when the SHR would be started soon. She came here a few times a day to pass Kazuki and the others foods and the likes.

But this time she was a bit late.

“From today onward, it’s fine to go out from this room limited inside the ground of the Sword Division as long as someone accompanies you.”

Suddenly Kohaku informed them of the change of the situation.

“Why is that? Isn’t it bad if Kanae and the others from the Sword Division student council found out our whereabouts?”

“The Sword Division student council that Kazuki knows doesn‘t exist anymore.”

“What did you say? Did something happen to Kanae?”

“Kanae-dono judged this one one-sidedly and came to attack and was defeated. The school tradition of the Sword Division is based on real strength doctrine even more compared to the Magic Division, because of that the moment the student council president is defeated by someone, she would lose all credential.”

“Then Kohaku had won against Kanae!?”

Kazuki was struck with admiration from the bottom of his heart.

“Although you have seven pieces of Sacred Treasures, to win properly against that girl…”

“You have said enough. This one heard before that when Kazuki and Kanae done crossed swords, Kazuki was the stronger one.”

Certainly he had more wins than losses with the score of 139 victory and 118 defeat. However those were not real battles.

“Because Kanae’s disposition is to fight using her instinct, she cannot make a serious effort in a contest of strength that was half playing around. If she get really serious, in just sword she is much more stronger than me. …I see, so you really win nicely against her.”

Kazuki displayed his heartfelt admiration, but Kohaku’s expression didn’t brighten at all.

“…Anyway this one is taking over the authority of the student council president, Kanae-dono and the others were suspended from school and underwent their penitence in their own room because of their crime in assaulting other students. At the same time, the Magic Division is forbidden from entering the Sword Division, all the students will enter states of high alert after school. In other words our preparations are in good order. The next time the Magic Division would appear in this ground is the moment when they come to attack right from the front in order to seriously recapture Kazuki and Lotte.”

Kaguya-senpai and the others will come to attack the Sword Division…that was a situation that he wanted to avoid the most.

“Kohaku, I have said this many times, but the Magic Division and the Sword Division shouldn’t antagonize each other. To prepare for bigger threats, the swordsmen and the Magica Stigma have to join their strength. This is not the time to squabble with each other. Even though you won against Kanae with the use of Sacred Treasures, opponents that you wouldn’t be able to defeat without the cooperation of the Magic Division will surely appear in the future.”

This was an argument that he kept repeating each time Kohaku came to the room until now. If she wouldn’t lend her ear too this time then―Kazuki intended to use all his strength to escape from this room.

He couldn’t just sit around and wait anymore.

Despite laughing off Kazuki’s argument with full confidence until now, for some reason this time Kohaku was looking down with doubt residing inside her eyes.

“…This one really don’t understand why Kazuki is always advocating such claim. If we let the Magic Division to do as they please, you realize that you are only going to be judged as an illegal magician right?”

“I never did anything like causing harm to any knight and trying to steal a Sacred Treasure. Those are false accusations. Inside the Magic Division, there is someone who attempted to trick me into something. Liz Liza-sensei should already tell you that there is some strange distortion going on. If this distortion is not set right, the Knight Academy’s situation will turn dire.”

“A dire situation?”

For Kazuki to claimed that there was [someone who tricked him into something] by himself was a fairly lame thing to do. But it looks like Kohaku had underwent some change in her mental state, she lent her ear to Kazuki seriously.

“My contracted Diva, Lemegeton, is the Demon King that unify Solomon 72 Pillar. I have to become an appropriate King for her. If the situation keep like this, the whole Solomon 72 Pillar will be disappointed of us. If Solomon 72 Pillar wash their hands from Japan’s government, that would be the end of this country.”

I am a King. It couldn’t be helped even if he made a thoughtless and outrageous remarks, however this was most likely the truth.

If he didn’t resolute himself and took action, the situation would turn dire.

“Unify the Solomon 72 Pillar, Devil King…?”

Mio who watched over the two was dumbfounded. However she knew about Kazuki’s ability. If she included that fact, what Kazuki said was not so out of the realm of possibility.

“What this guy said is the truth.”

Leme materialized besides Kazuki. Now that he thought about it, since they were confined in this room, she never appeared at all, was it because of her discretion of the other girls?

“…You, haven’t you grown a little more since the last time?”

“Are you an uncle that meets his nephew after a long time? This is the fruit of Lotte’s positivity level’s increase.”

Leme showed a sullen face, was she being awkward?

Leme’s figure had turned into a girl around the age of a first year middle school student. Although there was still some innocence left in her look with that squishy cheek of her, inside her well-ordered face and figure was a hint of the budding charm of a woman.

If she kept growing like a human with this rate, she might grow into a beautiful girl that couldn’t be ignored by anyone.

“This girl is not a bad Diva. See, she doesn’t look like a bad guy at all.”

“Shop hith~, dhon’ fhull fhy sheeck~ (Stop~, don’t pull my cheek~)”

While pulling Leme’s cheeks widely, Kazuki appealed that Leme was a harmless existence. Was this a success, Kohaku was looking down and thinking for a while.

“…This matter might be something this one cannot decide. Kazuki, this one had someone this one want you to meet.”

“A person you want me to meet?”

“This one and the other also have a power broker behind us.”

After a long time, Kazuki and the others could finally get outside led by Kohaku. The group traversed the Sword Division’s ground. They could feel the awfully bright sunlight along with the morning air and fresh cold wind.

Different with the Magic Division, the Sword Division had a Japanese atmosphere. Gentle undulations at the ground made from the artificial hill, a long stretching road filled with line of stepping stones, stone lanterns and pine trees were attracting their eyes.

“This one fought with Kanae-dono here.”

Kohaku said so with a sigh in the immediate area of the clubroom building. Her face seen from the side looked quite uncertain that was so unlike of how she usually acted, this place gave a true account of what kind of fight had unfolded here.

Even though Kohaku owned several Sacred Treasures, she shouldn’t be able to defeat Kanae so easily.

But no matter what had actually happened in the fight, it wouldn’t be able to shake the fact of the outcome.

Even Kanae wouldn’t act like a child by insisting in protest against her defeat.

“The person you want me to meet is not in the student dormitory but inside this kind of place?”

The time was still before the start of the school class. Despite that, why would that person being here in the clubroom building and not in his room at the student dormitory?

“There is a special circumstance, she is a Sword Division’s student, but she spend a lot of her time secretly outside the dormitory.”

Kohaku ascended the exterior stair of the clubroom building while talking, then she knocked the door of the clubroom with a dirty plate that was hanged on it with the writing of [Pingpong Club]. Looking from its outward appearance, the clubroom looks abandoned already.

“<Mikohime>-sama[2], this is Kohaku. Coming in.”

“…I told you already, don’t call me Mikohime-sama! Someone that calls me something like Mikohime cannot come in, idiot―!”

Boos were returned from the other side of the door.

Kohaku was stunned for only a moment, then she opened the door with a key while saying “Entering.”

Peeking at the other side of the door, Kazuki’s eyes suddenly became round.

The inside of the clubroom was not a conventional high school clubroom, but it had been turned into an altar of Shinto ceremony.

The whole surface was colored brightly with vermilion and gold colors, while there was a large altar in the inside. There were not even any shadow or shape of anything ping-pong inside. In the middle of the room, there was a girl clad in the Sword Division’s uniform.

“Kohakuu―, I have said this so many times, but title like miko or hime is not appropriate for me. I’m just one girl that had decided to reach success in life by sword, a swordswoman! So stop elevating me to a weird position!”

A girl with a short-cut hair in shaggy-style that make her look energetic. With an imposing countenance that really suited a swordsman, she was sulking at Kohaku in dissatisfaction childishly.

When that girl noticed Kazuki, she thrust her index finger to him and raised a loud voice.

“A young man in the Magic Division uniform…I heard about it before, this guy is the enemy of women, Hayashizaki Kazuki! Kohaku, what is this about? Why will you take this kind of guy to this altar? Have you been corrupted by him!? En-gacho[3]!”

…Wait a second there, what does she mean by enemy of women?

“Mikohime-sama, first please let me introduce them. …Kazuki, in this side is Tsukahara Kazuha-sama. A senpai in the Sword Division.”

“You said Tsukahara, so she is that teacher’s…?”

“Correct, she is his daughter.”

“Stop calling me Tsukahara, I’m going to be compared with that good-for-nothing glasses father. Then Kohaku too, stop that stiff tone of yours when talking to me already. You’re my important friend after all.”

“Before you are this one’s friend, Kazuha-senpai is the mikohime of the sword.”

“I told you to quit it haven’t I―! I’m angry here, otherwise I’m going to cry!?”

Kazuha-senpai waved her arms about energetically. The long sleeves of the Sword Division’s uniform were flapping around.

“Then Mikohime-sama, these are those who were chased by the aforementioned Magic Division, Hayashizaki Kazuki and Charlotte Liebenfrau, and the additional two names that were dragged into that strife.”

“Wait there, what’s with that mention of ‘additional’ you said! I’m the one with the number one charisma you know!?”

Though the mention about getting dragged into this was true, but Mio was still angry because she was introduced lightly.

“I understand their problem when I see them. But why would you take them to this place?”

“I wish for Mikohime-sama and Sword God-sama to hear their story.”

“I told you…don’t call me Mikohime…”

Kazuha-senpai was being fed up with how Kohaku keep calling her Mikohime.

…Mikohime, Sword God…?

“Kazuki, Kazuha-senpai is being contracted with a Diva outside of Solomon 72 Pillar, she is the same like Kazuki, an illegal magician in the eyes of law. Because of this one and my comrade’s encounter with Senpai here, we started to get really serious about overthrowing the Magic Division.”

Kazuki spontaneously faced Kazuha-senpai with shocked eyes.

“Wait, is it okay for you to reveal me as an illegal magician so lightly? Of course it’s not okay you know!”

Kazuha-senpai glowered at Kohaku. Looking at her abundance of the emotion that she showed, it seems there was no unnaturalness at all in her like a person that was having their heart encroached. She was overflowing with energetic vitality, a very open and bold woman.

“Well, indeed I am an illegal magician. But my Diva is by no means an evil existence. I’ll show you the proof right now, you’ll see.”

Kazuha-senpai chanted a spell, her body was enveloped with vermillion light of magic power.

“Mine bare hand grasp the red hot ore. Ridges on the sky, blade on the earth, merge in a flash namely as the only sword. Thy inscription is <Futsunushi no Kami>! Oh god of iron and fire, show thy forge!”

Kazuha-senpai’s hands were both swallowed in burning flame.

Inside that flame, a hot red iron [sword] was created.

That sword was not a Japanese katana. It was an ancient double edged sword that was used in the era far before even the katana.

A human’s face was carved like a relief in the part of the hilt,

The avatar that was born from the spell was floating away lightly from Kazuha-senpai’s hand.

“…Mine’s name is Futsunushi no Kami! One of the pillar god that had watched over the children of Yamato[4] from the ancient times!”

The rough human face that was carved into the hilt opened its eyes suddenly and widely and proclaimed to Kazuki and the others.

“Mikohime-sama is contracted with Futsunushi no Kami-sama, but she hid this matter and went through the Sword Division. …So to speak, [the Magica Stigma of Sword Division].”

In contrast with Kazuki who was the swordsman of the Magic Division…Kazuha-senpai was the Magica Stigma of the Sword Division!

“Is there no danger? If you are possessed and your mind get hijacked then…”

Kazuha-senpai’s turned indignant toward Kazuki’s apprehension.

“What are you saying, you enemy of women! You’re going to be cursed by all the god-sama that had been in Japan since the ancient times! I had associated with Futsunushi no Kami since when I was born! If he have any intention to hijack my mind than he would have already do it from a long time ago!”

“Guwahhahha!” Futsunushi no Kami laughed off.

“That’s correct, I don’t have any such intention like stealing human’s flesh body. I’m also not interested in human’s faith. So to speak, I am the same with Solomon 72 Pillar. I bind a contract only to grant the strength to this frail young girl!”

“Don’t call me frail, idiot!” “Guwahhahha! Hooww cute!”

The human-faced sword―Futsunushi no Kami was laughing heartily. The expressive features of the carving in the hilt felt like a good natured uncle, Kazuki couldn’t see any lie at all from him.

There was no reason to think that just because he is a Diva, he wanted to steal human’s body from anyone. Lotte’s Prometheus was also like that.

Each Diva’s objective were different. The current law that grouped all the Diva that were not Solomon 72 Pillar as something to be wary of and classified those Diva’s contractor as illegal magician might be too rough and broad. Though thinking of the risk of those Diva with evil intention, probably that kind of law couldn’t be helped, but….

Now that he thought about it, the illegal magicians that were captured by the Knight Order was when their mind were encroached thus losing their sanity and turned violent. Supposing that the Diva was not encroaching their mind, as long as they didn’t use their power and hid their stigmata, they could pass off as normal humans and keep living normally.

By some chances, perhaps there was a lot of [Hidden Illegal Magician] contracted secretly with Diva from various mythology that stay under the radar in this country outside of Kazuha-senpai.

“…Japan Mythology’s Diva!?”

Leme materialized at Kazuki’s side.

“Oooh, little girl! Are you one of Solomon 72 Pillar?”

Futsunushi no Kami asked to Leme.

“Leme is the King of Solomon 72 Pillar, Lemegeton. Right now most of my strength and memory are lost. This guy is the master of Leme’s contract, if he grow to become appropriate King, Leme will also recover my strength and memory.”

Leme spoke rudely while pointing at Kazuki.

“But the government and the adults in this academy doesn’t trust Leme and Kazuki, they gave us designation as illegal and pursued us. On top of all that, they even created some suspicious plot by giving us false accusations and treated us like a criminal…”

“I see. How pitiful even though you are just a little girl. But won’t it be okay if you just explain it through the 72 Pillar?”

Futsunushi no Kami who was floating around in the air buoyantly slanted his body and asked Leme.

Was that gesture something like someone tilting his neck in wonder?

Certainly, if Diva like Asmodeus or Phoenix just explained to the people that [Lemegeton is our King] , all the issues would be resolved neatly.

“That’s no good. Solomon 72 Pillar had decided not to intervene in the action and decision of the people in this country. We granted power freely to this country without the rule of faith so we can see with our own eyes what will they use that power for. Right now is still the stage where they need to be aware of what had awoken in this world, isn’t that right? If they make a move like eliminating the King who are Leme and Kazuki for their own selfish interest then…Solomon 72 Pillar is going to forsake Japan and move to a different place.”

Leme answered with some cruelty spreading into her sentiment.

“…Eh, what’s with that! Isn’t that bad!?”

Mio who listened carefully in that place couldn’t help but raising her voice.

“In which case in the current situation, all of you are currently in the process of running out of patience toward the government of Japan then, guhaha.”

“The situation is just like you said. In the meanwhile this guy…our King, what is he going to show to us, Leme is looking forward to it in anticipation. …And then, what is the stance that Japan Mythology is taking? I thought that Japan Mythology didn’t plan to concern themselves with the humans proactively.”

This time Leme was the one that asked Futsunushi no Kami. Distinct color of wariness was floating in Leme’s expression towards Japan Mythology. Suddenly Futsunushi no Kami’s face turned serious and he answered.

“True. Frankly speaking, I don’t have any trust with all of you from Solomon 72 Pillar.”

The Diva of sword with strangely deep character, Futsunushi no Kami started his story with grave expression.

“We, the Diva of <Japan Mythology> is a mythology that doesn’t particularly demand faith from humans. We don’t have any intention to aim for a monotheism where the gods are absolute and things like subduing the humans and basking ourselves in self-satisfaction. Having an altar built for me and also an interesting person like Kazuha as a partner for playing around with is more than enough. We are the native friends of the children of Yamato, the local friend, think of us as the localee.”[5]

“Localee…is that a vocabulary that is used by god-sama?”

“Guwahhahha, I’m happy that you can insert the tsukkomi[6] there! When I’m the idiot someone is going to tsukkomi, just having someone accompanying me for that is enough to satisfy me! The same goes with my other comrade. But if we are neglected and become sulky, then we will go wild and bring forth calamity!!”

Harming the mood of the god-sama would cause a great disaster, that was the standard pattern for Japan’s folklore. Are they friendly or vicious….

“By the way, usually I put some offering on the altar here, chatting with Futsunushi no Kami about what happened today at school, playing some game, or other things. We are close friends see!”

Kazuha-senpai’s expression broke open slightly and she puffed up with pride.

“Mikohime-sama don’t have any friend in the class after all”

“Kazuha don’t have any friend except me after all, guwahhahha!”

“Do, don’t say that I don’t have any friend! …It can’t be helped that I cannot make any friend…No wait, Kohaku is my friend right? That’s why don’t call me Mikohime-sama…”

“Bu, but senpai is the one that is contracted with Sword God-sama so no matter what it’s too august…”

Kohaku was flustered. When she started to call Kazuki informally before this she was also hesitating very much, it seems she had a quite reserved character against someone established as her senior.

Kazuha-senpai dropped her shoulder in dejection hearing Kohaku’s reply.

“…<Nature’s Worship> isn’t it? Even in Europe, similar mythologies that believed in spirits are not few.”

This time Prometheus’ form also appeared at Lotte’s side.

“However nature’s worship at Europe was distorted at the present era because of the censure in the middle age that demarked them as demon’s belief. Japan Mythology can be said to be a rare case because they are a primitive faith that are still continuing to the present era, don’t you agree.”

Prometheus' original form and strength had returned back for a time in the middle of the fight with Beatrix.

But it seems it was nothing more than it was only a temporary recovery using Leme’s power, he immediately returned back to the form of a young boy.

Looks like he still had to reside inside Lotte to recover his divinity from now on too.

“Hou, looks like this time a youngster come out. Are you that one, the Diva who is said to be contracted with the heretic magician Charlotte Liebenfrau…?

“Correct, Prometheus of the Greek Mythology, best regards.”

Prometheus presented his hand for a handshake, but when Futsunushi no Kami presented his sword body suddenly he drew back his hand in shock. What are they doing, these Divas?

The situation developed into a gathering of three Diva, each from different Mythology.

Solomon 72 Pillar also had a secrecy doctrine, so this was an exceedingly rare scene.

“We of the Japan Mythology are not particularly concerned when Solomon 72 Pillar started to get along with the people of Japan. Thereupon there is this feeling of us being treated lightly in the recent time that make us irritated!”

Futsunushi no Kami talked with a lively tone. It seems he was irritated.

“The consensus of opinion of the whole body of the Japan Mythology is that whatever other Mythology attempt to do in Japan is inconsequential…but for me personally, recently I was entertaining doubt about whether it is okay or not to leave the people of Japan who is my friend to Solomon 72 Pillar.”

“Mu, so Futsunushi no Kami has something he is unsatisfied with Leme and the others. I’ll accept your challenge then.”

Leme faced Futsunushi no Kami and took a fighting pose.

“To start with number one, the current Japan make light of the swordsman too much. I am the Sword God that was worshipped by the lineage of Tsukahara for generations, this tendency to make light of swordsman is not something pleasant for me as the Sword God.”

“Precisely, exactly like that.” Kohaku raised a voice of approval.

“That, even Leme and the others of Solomon 72 Pillar can say that we are troubled too. Japanese government is the one that give favorable treatment to the Magica Stigma on their own accord. …Well, though it might turn out differently if Solomon 72 Pillar’s magic handling are more focused on reinforcement magic like Thor of the Nose Mythology the other day…”

“And then one more thing, the matter of the ominous ceremony that is performed in the underground of this academy. That ceremony is eerie no matter how you see it, it make Solomon 72 Pillar feel all the more dubious.”

“Ominous ceremony? What are you talking about?”

Leme’s eyes turned perfectly round. It seems somehow she really had no knowledge of the mentioned ceremony.

“The swordsmen are continued to be discriminated unjustly, and then an ominous presence can be felt from the underground of this academy. From these two primary factors, I harbor a considerable distrust toward Solomon 72 Pillar. In that occasion, the humans of the Sword Division elevated Kazuha and I and raised a plan to aim for the restoration of the swordsman’s rights, we too were cooperating with them in this plan. Though even if I say cooperation, but it will become a problem if Kazuha fights in the center stage extensively and get the designation of illegal magician, that’s why there is nothing I can do except to bestow the <Divine Protection> indirectly to those swordsmen.”

“By earning the Divine Protection of Futsunushi no Kami-sama, we become able to draw out <Battou Kaikon> from Sacred Treasures that possessed element of <Sword>.”

“Battou Kaikon?”

After hearing that unfamiliar words from Kohaku, Kazuki interposed a question to her.

“Kazuki is still not accustomed to use Sacred Treasures right? What is called Battou Kaikon is to make a path between the mind and the Sacred Treasure, a skill to draw out the essence of strength that Sacred Treasures possess.”

Now that she mentioned it, the first time he used <Raikiri>, there was the sensation from Raikiri that tried to address him. Coming to a mutual understanding with the Sacred Treasure like that and then it seems they would be able to pull out some kind of special move.

Kohaku’s group of comrades were swordsmen that each possessed special moves of Battou Kaikon. Certainly their group was fairly strong with that kind of ace. He could see how Kohaku could be so full of confidence.

“…It’s dangerous to only rely on just one sword. If these swordsmen could use the Sacred Treasures skillfully, there wouldn’t be any need for Japan’s government to depend solely on Solomon 72 Pillar for all of the military power.”

“…By no means that we are doing this for our own personal grudge against the Magic Division and the Magica Stigma.”

Kohaku whispered with a sigh.

“Leme understands about the general of the matter with Futsunushi no Kami. But…what is that you mean about the ominous ceremony!?”

Leme was in the condition of taking offense. Leme didn’t have any knowledge about the [ominous ceremony] that was the crux of the matter since not long ago, she looked very reluctant to be doubted because of that.

“Hmmm, sometimes there are outbreak of ominous magic power from the underground of this academy. It made my sword bodyradar reacting, like ‘binbinbin’. And also, about this ominous ceremony, there is no doubt that it is related with Diva. This stinks. Absolutely suspicious.”

“Ominous magic power…but I have never felt anything like that since I came to this academy. Maybe we cannot feel it because Leme-sama and my power haven’t returned completely.”

The young boy Prometheus tilted his head in curiosity. His power was still not insufficient after all.

In the other side, Leme was being angry in a huff.

“Wait right there, Leme is in amnesia so I am not really clear with the situation, but Solomon 72 Pillar is undoubtedly the ally of this country! If there is any ominous presence, then that is a separate case from Leme and the others!”

“But, in fact I really feel it.”

Futsunushi no Kami talked back with stern face petulantly.

Young boy - Young girl – Sword, these three Diva that were glaring at each other made for a little foolish appearance.

Was it because the Diva that gathered here were only human-friendly Diva, but there was really no dignity at all that could be seen from them.

“That is the matter at hand, but Futsunushi no Kami-sama…”

Kohaku interposed herself between the Divas.

“It seems Kazuki is being accused with groundless charge by someone in the academy’s internal. Someone that would trap Kazuki who is the King of Solomon…if that is the origin of the ominous magic power then…the true opponent that we ought to fight might not be the Magica Stigma.”

“…Hmmm, so that is Kohaku’s real intention of bringing these people to my location. After all Kohaku is prudent unlike with Kazuha. I’ll believe you, guwahhahha!”

“Hey wait Futsunushi no Kami, why do you put out my name there for the comparison!?”

…The one that led Kazuki into these predicaments and the ominous magic power from the academy’s underground.

Were these two event not originated from the same root?

Thanks to Kohaku lending her ear to Kazuki’s words, Kazuki could become aware about such significant fact. If they could solve this puzzle, then it might be possible for all of these problem to be resolved.

“Moreover, this one had lost confidence. This one had the conviction to defeat Otonashi Kaguya and slay the owner of the ominous magic power just because this one owned Sacred Treasures. However…”

“…The fight last night made you waver in your path. You too are an expert, but your opponent last night is also a magnificent and praiseworthy swordsman. To bear a sense of defeat against that kind of opponent is not a shameful thing.”

The swordsman that Futsunushi no Kami praised so, there was no doubt that he referred to Kanae.

“This one is still too immature to realize the ideal of Futsunushi no Kami-sama.”

Kohaku dropped her shoulders and hung her head down dejectedly.

“Gahaha, there, there.” Futsunushi no Kami used his sword body and tapped Kohaku’s head lightly.

…He seems to try to comfort here, but it sure didn’t look like it….

“As I thought, this is not the situation where the Sword Division and the Magic Division can waste their time fighting each other.”

Kazuki asserted so once again toward Futsunushi no Kami.

“Hmm. If Kohaku say so until that much, then it seems there is a need to also take your words into consideration. Then let’s do this. Your group alone will head toward the underground of the academy and make clear about the true identity of the ominous magic power. If in the end you can prove that Solomon 72 Pillar is unrelated with that, I will also believe in you guys.”

“…Do you know where is the exact location of that magic power and also the route?”

“For sure. But the entrance to the underground is locked with barrier and stigmata authentication. The barrier can be torn off by my power, but the lock of stigmata authentication can only be passed by owners of Stigmata, my cute kids from the Sword Division couldn’t even investigate that place.”

I see, if there was unknown magic power produced from a place that couldn’t be passed except for owners of stigmata, then it was not unreasonable to suspect the Magic Division and Solomon 72 Pillar.

But owners of stigmata were not limited to just the contractor of Solomon 72 Pillar.

Stigmata was the proof of the connection that had been tied with a Diva. Stigmata had the role as the code to allow Diva to pass through to the heart of the contractor, even in the case of possession contract there would still be a small stigmata emerged in the body.

Wasn’t the possibility that the perpetrator who was passing through that exit and entrance was an illegal magician quite high?

“Wait a second, wait a second, is it really okay to just trust these guys that easily?”

Kazuha-senpai that had kept quiet for a long time opened her mouth with an astonished expression.

“Mikohime-sama, Kazuki is a person that is worthy of trust.”

“I told you don’t call me Mikohime! …After all isn’t he a happy guy who make who knows how many women to serve him? I don’t want to side with that kind of shameless guy no matter what.”

“……That’s…certainly this one too feel deep inside that Kazuki is surrounded by a little too many girls and quite astonished.”

Hey wait, so Kohaku also thought like that!?

“That’s a fair argument. …Kazuki really has no integrity against various girls. To even flatter someone like me cute, cute…also having bizarre obsession for maid…”

Even Koyuki also murmured her approval.

Wait a second you all, we have all come up to this point and yet the situation would change because of this kind of matter!?

“It’s hard to understand for Leme why Harem King doesn’t have any more credence from the humans. It’s different case don’t you agree? Harem Banzai. O Our King, more Harem is a must.”

Leme start talking about a topic that provoked even more animosity from the girls. You should just keep your mouth shut.

“Kazuki is not a shameless guy at all! He absolutely doesn’t do anything that I hate at all!”

“That’s right desu, Kazuki-oniisan is a perfect gentleman desu! Rather I’d welcome it if he do anything like that desu!”

Mio and Lotte came in Kazuki’s defense vehemently.

“Hee…they really put their faith on you huh. I’m reluctant to give in but even if the matter about the harem and so on is not included, we still don’t understand whether these guys’ strength are reliable or not. If they invaded the underground and yet they just collapse and die in the ditch without even any result to show for it, won’t it just make the situation even worse?”

“Mikohime-sama, Kazuki and the others' strength are the real thing. Besides, other than Kazuki and his friends, there is no one else that can enter that place. We don’t have stigmata.”

“That’s why there is me. After all I’m the owner of Futsunushi no Kami’s stigmata. Rather than making this kind of guys going there, I’ll go!”

“It’s dangerous to go alone Mikohime-sama!”

“That’s foolhardy Kazuha. I don’t want to lose my cute contractor, also I don’t want to expose you to danger, that’s why I make a proposal so these guys are the one that go to that place you know?”

Kohaku and Futsunushi no Kami cut in while panicking to stop Kazuha-senpai who was chattering in high spirits.

“You two, don’t make that face like you are my parents! Compared to these guys, I am more…Futsunushi no Kami, give me the Magic Dress!”

“…Haahhh, what a hopeless girl.”

While breathing a long sigh, Futsunushi no Kami suddenly changed into a lump of red flame. That flame enveloped Kazuha-senpai―The uniform of the Sword Division disintegrated into Prima Material and transformed into the Magic Dress.

Her Magic Dress was resembling the white and red miko uniform, he could feel the spirit of Japanese seeing it.

At the same time, Kazuha-senpai’s hair was lengthening with a thud. A majestic appearance suitable for a Magica Stigma of Japan Mythology, then Kazuha-senpai drew a katana from her back smoothly.

“Duel with me, Hayashizaki harem-guy! A weakling with no integrity like you, there is no way you have any character that could be relied on or any real strength!! If I win, then your harem party will be dissolved at once and I’ll be the one to lead those girls over there to search the underground!!”

“Eh, I don’t want to do that kind of thing!” “Main gott!? That’s tyranny desu!”

Mio and Lotte were booing from the side, but Kazuha-senpai didn’t even turn to look.

“…Don’t joke with me.” As expected, Kazuki was fed up with that proposal.

“You are going to hinder us in this kind of place with that kind of trivial reason! You have shot your mouth harshly as you please from a while ago, things like enemy of woman…Mio, and Lotte, I have decided that I’m going to protect them with my own hand! I will absolutely not do anything like entrusting them to any other person!!”

“Then…show to me the suitable strength to protect a woman―!”

Now she said it…Bring it on!

“…The only one suitable to become my knight is no other than Kazuki. Get her Kazu-nii!”

“I am Kazuki-oniisan’s property desu. Onii-san, please do your best!”

For some reason the female camp were roused up in happiness.

“Somehow, you my King and even the girls are starting to get accustomed with the harem situation huh―”

Leme secretly whispered inside Kazuki’s mind using telepathy.

But…I’m not particularly saying that I want to do something shameless together with the girls just like what Kazuha-senpai said.

“That duel challenge, I accept!”

{Yosh, Our King. Make this girl submit too just like in the duel with Amasaki Mio! And then make Futsunushi no Kami to obey Leme together with inserting her as member of the harem for sure―!”

Wahaha―, Leme’s loud laughter was resounding inside Kazuki’s mind.

Part 3 Edit

The place that was chosen for the duel location was the Sword Division’s gymnasium.

Kazuha-senpai’s illegal magic was by no means something that could be showed to other people. For that, Kohaku used her authority as the student council president to secure the gymnasium.

The Sword Division had a complete facility for exercise, beyond this there was even a martial arts stadium, but this gymnasium also had the space for three fields of basketball court. This place was sufficient to perform a duel.

According to the rule of duel in academy, Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai were separated with 50 meters between them while facing each other.

“Well then, both side have finished their preparation.”

The one who wound up becoming the referee was Koyuki. Among them Koyuki was the one with the most experience in refereeing.

Mio tried to be the referee, but he was worried that she would make some strange miss, but he was relieved if it was Hiakari-san…Kazuki had that kind of mentality. There was some worry about unfairness with the referee coming from Kazuki’s side, but Kohaku didn’t particularly mind and accepted the referee. Looks like Kohaku was quite poor at being a referee.

“Well, I don’t have any reason to make a judgment that is partial to Kazuki. Then…begin!”

Koyuki announced the opening of the duel. It was a rare chance to hear her loud voice.

…First is to challenge her at close-quarter!

Kazuki dashed toward Kazuha-senpai while taking the stance of Iai with full alert.

The Magica Stigma of the Sword Division…there was no doubt that she could use both sword skill and summoning magic skillfully. Then first I have to challenge her in the field I am specialized at!

I won’t be defeated from any kind of opponent in sword skill!

Kazuha-senpai chanted her spell and attacked.

“O unparalleled sword master, reshow from beyond the dream! Together with the flame of training, the sealed memory in the silver mirror is liberated right here!! Devilish Swordsman ReincarnationKenki Tensei!!”

A globe of fire burned to existence in Kazuha-senpai’s side and floated in place. From within the flame, a Japanese Katana was born. A phantom of a person was floating faintly overlapping with the katana.

“Thy name is…Yagyuu Nyounsai! Go!!”

A silhouette with grandiose physique like cumulonimbus cloud in the mid-summer. That phantom took hold of the katana in its hand and he stood in Kazuki’s way following Kazuha’s command.

…Yagyuu Nyounsai she said!?

Kazuki was planning to not be defeated in sword skill no matter who was his opponent, but his expression cramped.

Yagyuu clan. Chosen to be the instructor in the art of war for Tokugawa House, the noble house with the best sword below the sky.

Even among that clan, if talked about Yagyuu Nyounsai, he was born not from the main branch of Yagyuu in Edo but from the branch family of the Yagyuu that was called Owari Yagyuu and he was surrounded in obscurity. Still his ability in sword was said to be the best in the history of Yagyuu, a man of high honor.

She said this phantom was…that one Yagyuu Nyounsai!?

There was no free time to leisurely wallow in surprise. The phantom of Yagyuu Nyounsai was immediately closing in upon Kazuki, the sword of Yagyuu that was famous in the history of sword skill was swung downward on him.

…He could tell just from his step-in that his skill was uncommon!

Kazuki responded with his Iai draw. Both of their katana clashed with sharp sound ‘GIIN!’ and their blade were locked against each other.

Kazuki read his opponent and attempted to redirect him with his <Instant Positioning>.

However the phantom of Yagyuu Nyounsai attempted the same positioning at the same time. Kazuki and Nyounsai Foresighted each other moves respectively , katana and katana connected with each other flexibly.

Sword locking between fellow master was not decided by the clash between power and power.

Foresighting the movement was the specialty of Kazuki, but…they were even in reading each other.

This was endless. Kazuki and Nyounsai mutually leaped far back at the same time.

With the distance opened between them, Kazuki calmly surmised the strength of the opponent.

He was at advantage in physical ability. Even though Kazuki was just a high school student, but he could reinforce his body using Enchant Aura. No matter how much of a master swordsman Nyounsai was, he was still a swordsman from the era where there was no magic. His movement was a natural movement unaided by reinforcement magic.

But Nyounsai’s ability was not usual as expected. There was nothing wasted in his movement, no preliminaries movement, even mistake in judgment was also none. Even though Kazuki used Foresight, it was still hard to read his movement.

As expected, this famed swordsman surpassed him in pure sword skill….

“…Kenki Tensei! Thy name is…Togakure Daisuke!!”

While Kazuki was in the middle of glaring with Nyounsai, Kazuha-senpai summoned even more phantom.

The katana that was born along with the flame, this time it was a somewhat straight short sword―that was a ninja sword. The phantom that picked it up in reverse grip had a small build―the founder of Togakure-style ninjutsu[7], Togakure Daisuke! Kazuki was once more doubting his own ear.

It looked like the magic that Kazuha-senpai chanted was a magic to summon the swordsman from the past.

But certainly the last one could be called to be an expert in sword, even so….this guy was a ninja right!?


Following Kazuha-senpai’s command, the ninja – Togakure Daisuke dashed fiercely like a gale.

The ninjato[8] that was held in reverse grip was slashed at Kazuki horizontally.

His movement was not as sharp as Nyounsai. Kazuki blocked the slash with his katana and warded it off.

Daisuke Togakure’s posture was broken violently when his sword was warded off―that was what he made Kazuki thought.

But that was a ninja’s <Trick Movement>.

Kazuki that was tricked by the acting couldn’t Foresight the next movement. Togakure Daisuke’s body posture that made him thought it was disordered, was standing still like an acrobat. That body was like an unshakeable trunk.

And then from that unnatural posture, his hand that was not holding the sword was turning to Kazuki and swung with a jerk.

Something was flying from that hand―sands!

Kazuki was perfectly taken by surprise, blue light was flickering in Kazuki’s field of vision. The light was produced by the defensive magic power that protected the eye from the foreign substance that was entering. But Kazuki’s eyes was dazzled by that very magic power light.

Despite that here was the gymnasium…where would he get the blinding sand!

Ninja hid various arms and hidden weapon in their hand armor and outfit, they improved their skills with the premise of using those tools. Even the blinding sand was included as part of his kenjutsu[9].

Most likely, this magic was a magic to reproduce the exact kenjutsu of swordsman from the past in this world. That’s why even the gadgets that became the prerequisite for the kenjutsu was also summoned.

Togakure Daisuke returned his blade and aimed at Kazuki whose eyes were dazzled for a thrusting of certain death.

It was evidently a ninja’s kenjutsu that was full of trick and wiles, but it was brought back to the present era in this gymnasium.

But Kazuki missed nothing of the current thrust.

Their body was a phantom that was created from magic. Therefore if he sensed the magic power using Extra Sense, even with his eyes closed he could perceived all their movement.

Rather his sense became even more sensitive with his eyes blocked.

That response was something that Togakure Daisuke couldn’t even predict.

Kazuki avoided the thrust with paper-thin difference, conversely he stabbed his katana at Togakure Daisuke’s chest. He intended to stab Kazuki in surprise but it he was outsmarted and the table turned on him, the phantom of the ninja and the ninja sword vanished. …First was one!

Yagyuu Nyounsai observed those exchange of offense and defense like he was a human with personality.

“Kenki Tensei! Thy name is…Hattori Takeo!!”

Kazuha-senpai summoned even more additional swordsman.

Kazuki was not surprised anymore. He was not surprised, but…that name was enough to make him shudder.

Hattori Takeo…although he was a betrayer of Shinsengumi, but he was said to be Shinsengumi’s strongest, a two-sword style swordsman.

His real strength was said to surpassed even the famous Okita Souji!

Masters who left behind their brilliant name in the history of sword blocked Kazuki’s path one after another. If at all possible, he wanted to challenge them using only kenjutsu, but…this wouldn’t end if he didn’t use the power of magic.

There was no doubt that Kazuha-senpai’s aim was to buy time with the phantoms to chant her high-level magic.

―Nyounsai moved. Yagyuu’s kenjutsu was not a defensive style. Observing the opponent’s interaction even while preparing one’s own response, then responding with the divergence of nine secret sword, that was the innermost secret of <Tengu’s ExcerptTengushou>[10].

Kazuki tried to see through that every movement, but to respond with that Foresight, Nyounsai’s movement too shifted with ever-changing appearance. The result, a simple clash between physical ability and skill.

It once again became the locking between swords. Hattori Takeo used that chance to attack.

Shinsengumi signature move was a group strategy with good efficiency. First they designated the turn of death to each member, then the sacrificial pawn started the assault, from there the regimental soldiers attacked one after another in continuous ring of attack, the <Weed Attack SwordSoukouken>[11].

Hattori Takeo made use of Nyounsai as the sacrificial pawn, he showed the reproduction of that tactic again in this world.

But while pouring his nerve in the sword-locking, he awaited with chanting of a spell.

“O calling voice of the ruler of flame, liberate the rage in the bottom of the earth! The creation of my rampart is here…towered in the heaven and earth, isolate the impurity! Fire Wall!!”

A magic of surprise attack by raising the wall of flame from underfoot. A swordsman from Bakumatsu[12] wouldn’t be able to predict it, he didn’t even have time to swing his sword at Kazuki before he was swallowed by the flame. The burning Hattori Takeo let loose a single bisecting stroke at Kazuki. The second one, the phantom scattered as blue magic power.

On the other hand, Nyounsai was not dragged into the flame, he leaped back in a flash. …Do you think I’ll let you get away!

“Scattering spark of dancing wings. Drifting spiral wind, become the life piercing bullet! Flap and shot! Barrett!!”

He aimed at Nyounsai who was taking distance and released the flame bullet. However―the flying bullet that was as fast as average rifle was nimbly evaded by Nyounsai, like he was already seeing through the bullet path completely. …Impossible!

Although it was a feat that even he could do, Kazuki’s tongue was tied up.

A swordsman from Edo era like Nyounsai shouldn’t be able to Foresight the magic power.

But a swordsmaster at Nyounsai’s level, presence and killing intent, wild instinct…the sixth sense that couldn’t be clarified by science, using that to sense the danger of the coming magic might be possible.

Nyounsai slashed in once more. Its destructive power couldn’t be compared to Beatrix’s sword, but its swordsmanship stabbed Kazuki’s gap with delicateness in the extreme, he was trying to buy time.

During that time…Kazuha-senpai chanted even more spell.

This time the magic had even more aria until now. High level magic was coming!

“O forging of artisan, scattering the flower of night performance, fill the tip of the sword with the heaven’s weave! Listen to the battle cry of the phantoms, become thunderstorm and rain down! The Heavens Drawn Sword Lotus CannonTenkuu Battou Rengehou!”

On the ceiling of the gymnasium, giant wind of flame was going wild. From the billowing vortex of flame, katana were born one after another. Packed crowdedly above Kazuha-senpai’s head were katana, katana, katana….

“All bullet firing!”

―On the basis of Kazuha-senpai’s order, a hail of katana came flying to Kazuki.

Each of those katana were not just a normal katana. Those katana that flying cutting the sky were each clad in flame, or clad in electricity, or drawing irregular trajectory, they all had various special quality.

This was a fusillade of Battou Kaikon!

“O undying bird soaring from dusk to dawn, grant those wings of hope on my back! Destruction for the sake of rebirth, right here…! Blazing Wings!”

Kazuki finished his spell chanting in a close call. Kazuki flew away to the air leaving behind Nyounsai on the floor. He evaded and brushed off the flying Sacred Treasures that were coming one after another with the wings of flame.

The feeling changed kind of like from a one-on-one fighting game into a shooting game.

On the other side, Nyounsai was not just watching over the flying Kazuki silently.

Aiming the gap where Kazuki swung the wings of flame completely, Nyounsai kicked the floor and leaped off.

This time Kazuki was tangling with a swordsmaster in the air.

But this time, Nyounsai’s swordsmanship was suddenly became disarrayed.

It stood to reason, even though he had polished the kenjutsu of Yagyuu to the extreme, a technique with the assumption of facing enemy that was flying in the sky didn’t exist in it. Yagyuu Nyounsai required an improvised sword technique, that was why useless movement, preliminary motion, and a slight mistake of judgment were exposed. …He saw everything!

“Yagyuu Nyounsai, be defeated!”

Nyounsai’s single stroke slashed at empty space, Kazuki cut his way through that paper-thin difference.

Nyounsai’s phantom was bisected in two, he became moth of lights and fluttered in the sky.

“Oou…splendid! Just because you are a swordsman in the modern era, but that technique was peerless in the past and present!!”

Futsunushi no Kami’s avatar was appearing and raising an enthusiastic praise.

“What are you doing, praising the enemy in the middle of the duel, Futsunushi no Kami! Cooperate properly with me!”

“Guwahhahha! Splendid thing is splendid even if he is the enemy!! Guwahhahha, how delightful!

“Don’t laugh! Don’t laugh so hard in the middle of the fight!!”

Kazuki evaded all the Sacred Treasures that were came flying, finally he turned to Kazuha-senpai and took a nose-dive.

“So you have come, but from now on is the real performance of the swordsmen’s duel! I’m going to judge you with direct clash of blade! …I become the miko of sword. Stone cleaved, root torn, sin cut through, right now in this hand that virtuous sword of crushing evil! Draw sword, Cutting Through Soul Futsunushi no Kami!!”

Kazuha-senpai’s both hands were swallowed in flame in wait, an ancient double-edged blade was formed inside those both hands. It was a sword that was the spitting image of Futsunushi no Kami’s avatar.

Sacred Treasures creation Summoning Magic―what kind of power that sword had, Kazuki was in vigilance.

And then above all…how skilled her kenjutsu was as the [The Magica Stigma of the Sword Division] !?

Kazuha-senpai swung the sword right from the front.

Toward that attack―Kazuki felt a huge let-down. That attack was something like, ‘henyaa’[13]

Kazuki evaded leisurely so as not to touch the Sacred Treasures which abilities was unknown to him. And then he poured on a counter of a single stroke of katana. Blue lights was scattered from Kazuha-senpai while she was blown off.

“O, only this much…not yet!”

She stood up again immediately, Kazuha-senpai slashed at Kazuki once again.

But that step was shoddy as expected. Kazuki evaded with composure and returned a counter attack.

Kazuki visited a series of slash to Kazuha-senpai. Kazuha-senpai was prevented from chanting her spell from the shock of smashed magic, naturally her sword was also blocked, she keep getting slashed one-sidedly.

“Uwaa…this sandbag situation, somehow I feel a déjà vu, my trauma is…”

Mio who was watching the duel was trembling.

“That’s enough!”

When Kazuha-senpai fell onto her backside, Koyuki proclaimed the end of the duel.

“I, I can still fight, I still have magic left! Why do you stop it!”

“…Even if you fight more than this is useless don’t you see?”

Koyuki told her straight out coldly. Beside Kazuha-senpai whose lip and shoulder was trembling all over in vexation, Futsunushi no Kami’s avatar was floating.

“…Kazuha, it’s okay for you to retreat from something like close-quarter combat. If you kept running away desperately while using my long-range type summoning magic, you still had some chance to win you know?”

“Sh, shut up! A swordsman like me cannot fight in such pathetic way!”

Kazuha-senpai raised her voice in respond to her contracted Diva’s finding fault.

Kohaku who was observing the battle walked near Kazuki’s position.

“…Kazuki, truthfully Mikohime-sama…her sword skill is utterly hopeless. The matter about how she can use Summoning Magic is a secret except from this one and the other comrades, so she is being made fun by her classmate, because of that she became overly fixated of becoming strong as a swordsman more than ever…”

“Do, don’t say that I’m utterly hopeless! My heart is going to break you know! I mean, don’t expose even the matter in the class! There is no need for that to come out in this place right―!?”

“Guwahhahha, that’s because Kazuha is so weak in sword despite loving it so much right! Guwahhahha!”

“Don’t laugh! Don’t make fun of me!”

“But despite doing nothing but sword training, she can use Summoning Magic so skillfully to that extent, you can understand what a frightening genius she is in magic from that. If she didn’t make a contract with Futsunushi no Kami when she was little and an enigma appeared on her normally, I think she will become a rank A in the Magic Division.”

“True, even if it turn out like that I will still make a contract with Kazuha. A person who is this good in magic yet loved the sword is rare. Her kenjutsu is a totally different matter though…Guwahhahha!”

“Damn, I don’t need something like talent in magic! I wanted sword talent!!”

With her Magic Dress of miko uniform so disheveled, Kazuha-senpai made a fuss while still on her back in the ground.

This was…the Magica Stigma of the Sword Division…?

“Mikohime-sama is mortified with Kazuki who despite being a student of Magic Division is also first class as a swordsman, this one thinks that’s why she challenged Kazuki to a duel intentionally. Forgive this one for going along with it Kazuki.”

“Gahaha, sorry for going along with Kazuha’s selfishness, Hayashizaki Kazuki. The new kenjutsu of the age of magic, I received some enjoyment from it. The spirit that made you opposed them with only kenjutsu until the midway is also fine.”

Both Kohaku and Futsunushi no Kami said so while giving a nod with their head (and sword body).

“You, you two, don’t act like you are my parents―!”

Kazuha-senpai was very vexed like ‘muki―’ and then she glowered at Kazuki with tearful eyes.

“Someone that can use both sword and magic so skillfully, being waited upon by a lot of girls…I loathe small person like you who has no fidelity so much! Don’t think I will yield even if you had won! It’s vexing but you are strong. Not only magic but also kenjutsu… Hmph, a promise is a promise so, the entrance to the underground where the magic power is occurring…I’ll guide you there properly. Follow me.”

Part 4 Edit

“Kazuha-senpai, so the entrance to that suspicious underground is located inside the site of the Magic Division?”

“That’s so. You are being pursued by the Magic Division right, don’t raise any large sound earnestly, stealthily advance.”

Kazuha-senpai said so while leading ahead. All present crossed over from the Sword Division to the site of the Magic Division.

“I’m not good at being stealthy you know…somehow I let out some useless loud voice before I realize.”

When Mio whispered such thing, Kohaku was nodding her head and said “I understand that.”

“I lived my life continuously in secret before desu.” Lotte puffed her chest proudly.

The time was 9 o’clock in the morning. This is the period of time where SHR was conducted. Even though they must be careful, there were no human presence in the outdoor of the Magic Division.

“This way…is just the way toward the Witch Mansion.”

All present stepped their feet into the area that was dense with thick greenery. The same direction was just a coincidence, but the Witch Mansion was also erected wrapped among these trees.

Nonetheless, the residents of the Witch Mansion―the senpais were supposed to have already went to school at this time.

“…What are you all doing in this kind of place!? This is already time for morning assembly to start you know!”

A sharp voice that was unexpected in their carelessness rang out.

They were to easy-going in their vigilance. When they turned back, a shadow of someone was running from the direction of the Witch Mansion.

The moment the both side could see each other clearly, voices were raised at the same time.

“Hoshikaze-senpai!” “Hayashizaki-kun, you guys!”

Kazuki and the others were petrified in spot involuntarily. Should they run, what should they do?

But Hoshikaze-senpai could chant [Ride Lightning], even if they tried to escape this was not an opponent they could escape from.

“Shem-ha MephorashI know thy true name…thy true name is Baalzebul, all evil was born in the Middle Ages. O corrupted god of good harvest, in accordance with my life regain that radiance!”

Hoshikaze-senpai performed Access while facing each other with Kazuki and opening the range between them.

Her body was wrapped in a gallant Magic Dress like a knight, senpai took the posture of preparing for action.

“Hayashizaki-kun, why are you in this kind of place!?”

“Senpai as well…what about SHR?”

“Kuu…I overslept!”

Hoshikaze-senpai’s cheek was slightly red and she reply in embarrassment.

That serious Hoshikaze-senpai overslept!?

“It can’t be helped okay!? It already became a custom to wake up early for sword training with you, but you are not here so even if I woke up early I had nothing to do, finally I went back to sleep for the second time! It’s your fault my life habit became tattered like this!”

“That kind of reason!? I mean, that’s not my fault right!?”

“A, anyway! …I have to arrest you!”

Hoshikaze-senpai pushed her way through the trees and the thickets, she was dashing towards Kazuki and the others.

“Freeze and lock, <Murasame>! Battou Kaikon―Kirisame Ranbu!!”

The one who immediately and without any hesitation intercepted was Kohaku. She liberated the power of the Sacred Treasure and pointed the blade of cold wave toward Hoshikaze-senpai.

“Howl! Civilization granted destruction to human! The roar of wisdom burn thy body, break, shut every dignity under the rubbles!! Mitrailleuse!”

Following Kohaku, Lotte too chanted her spell quickly which was the strong point of DrivePossession Summoning, she spread a barrage of bullets to try to stop Hoshikaze-senpai’s movement.

“O stream of atmosphere, converge in this body, become the storm of rejection against the people I resent! The eye of the typhoon is my throne! Wind Encampment BarrierStorm Fort!”

Hoshikaze-senpai chanted a wind defensive magic. A storm blew violently with senpai as the center.

The storm also functioned as protection wind. Even the blade of ice and the bullet of gatling gun were blown off by the wind and scattered to another direction. ―There was something called attribute in the magic of offense and defense. Both Kohaku’s Battou Kaikon and Lotte’s bullet had bad affinity against defense magic of wind.

Hoshikaze-senpai drew near becoming like the running typhoon itself. Kazuki came out in the front to cover everyone. Closing in upon that sort of Kazuki, Hoshikaze-senpai converged the barrier of wind and drew out an Iai.

What was on her waist was Kazuki’s beloved katana, Doufuu that he left behind in the Witch Mansion!

Senpai didn’t wish for a clash of magic but crossing swords against each other!?

“…Everyone, don’t interfere, it’s okay!”

Kazuki too drew his Iai and intercepted Hoshikaze-senpai’s katana. Blade and blade clashed and they entered a locking of swords.

Kazuki immediately flicked off Hoshikaze-senpai’s katana.

Senpai’s stance became disordered and became full of opening. But right at that moment―she invoked her spell.

“Throw down the lightning on my body and grant me lightning fast wit and speed of god…call the sleeping lion and wake up! Ride Lightning!”

Senpai’s movement accelerated! Her disordered stance burst with sparks and she righted her body fiercely.

And then she came flying with lightning speed with the consecutive attacks that Kazuki taught her.

BUN! BUN! BUN! The god speed sword came flying along with terrific sounds of slicing wind.

Kazuki Foresighted the timing and the trajectory of the attack, ‘GIIN!’ the sound of clashing sword rang out and the attack was repelled.

A sound that was unthinkable that it came from a fight between fellow humans echoed inside the forest.

“Hey…this is a joke right, how can this kind of offense and defense happen in a fight between fellow students of Magic Division…”

Kazuha-senpai leaked out an astonished voice. Not to mention the swordsman of the Sword Division, even Kazuki was undoubtedly gazing at Hoshikaze-senpai’s magic sword in wonderment.

But as expected from Kazuki, he could read Hoshikaze-senpai’s movement. That was because her form was exactly like what he taught her himself.

His blade met the god speed swordsmanship, both of their sword were once again locked against each other. Kazuki concentrated his Enchant Aura in one instant and repelled Hoshikaze-senpai’s katana with his whole strength. It was the end with that.

Doufuu flew away from Hoshikaze-senpai’s hand and it stabbed the earth straightly.

“Senpai, why didn’t you use any magic…?”

Kazuki asked Hoshikaze-senpai who had became unarmed.

Hoshikaze-senpai was the Number 2 Magica Stigma in the Magic Division after all. If she turned the fight into an exchange of Summoning Magic from long-range, the result would be uncertain even if she was fighting against five people.

“I…I wanted to learn more swordsmanship from you.”

Slowly, tears were floating in Hoshikaze-senpai’s long-slitted eyes.

“You are the first male friend that I was able to make. The training every morning was fun all along. Even so…why did you do something that made you being pursued by the student council of the Magic Division!? I…as I thought, I don’t want to fight against you ! I am not as harsh as Kaguya after all…”

The fighting spirit had gone from senpai, her Magic Dress also returned back to her uniform.

Her shoulder sagged down making her look so pitiful.

“Senpai, I am being falsely accused.”

“Even if you say that, my position doesn’t allow me to believe you.”

Hoshikaze-senpai glared with teary eyes. That was natural. However…

“That’s why, from here I plan to go to look for proof. After that I will come to the Magic Division.”

“Proof? …You will find that kind of thing?”

“Senpai, there is something in the underground of the Magic Division, do you have some knowledge of it?”

“The underground, below the Magic Division?”

Hoshikaze-senpai tilted her head in wonderment. Seeing that appearance, Kazuki was relieved.

Hoshikaze-senpai was not connected with the [underground ceremony that released the ominous magic power].

“There is something that even all of you senpai doesn’t know below this Magic Division. That is something that Solomon 72 Pillar also have nothing to do with, it is someone’s…by any chance it is filled with the ill will of a different Mythology. If the situation keeps going like this, the relation between the Magic Division and the Knight Order with Solomon 72 Pillar will be threatened. From here I am going to go investigating that location.”

“…So you are really accused with false charge? And to prove that, can you do it…?”

Hoshikaze-senpai blinked her eyes that were wet with tears.

Even in this kind of situation, she was still lending her ears to the voice of this side, she was really an honestly kind prince.

“Yes. I will come back to the Witch Mansion for sure. Until that time, please look after my soul as a swordsman.”

Kazuki picked up Doufuu that had fallen on the ground and handed it over to Hoshikaze-senpai.

Senpai brought this katana around because she felt that it was the symbol of her bond with Kazuki.

Once again, Kazuki entrusted his beloved katana to Hoshikaze-senpai.

“Understood, I’ll overlook you for today.”

Hoshikaze-senpai sheathed Doufuu back, then she wiped her teary eyes repeatedly with the sleeve of her uniform.

“I’ll overlook you for now, but I won’t wait for you for too long, okay? If you don’t return soon, there won’t be a next time!”

Senpai said her piece with pampering tone.

“…Thank you very much, senpai.”

Senpai forced herself a little to make a smile and jest around.

“Yeah, I’m glad. This is finished with no need to doubt my friend who is also my cute junior any further. You said that I can trust you, I’m really glad. …Well then, work hard you all.”

Senpai turned on her heel. A small heart mark flew here from that back.

‘This feeling too, I absolutely must not betray it’, Kazuki thought.

There was nothing in that place in a glance.

But for an entrance to the underground that even Hoshikaze-senpai didn’t know anything about, that was only natural.

“It was hidden by a Diva’s magic power. Looks like seal and concealment are applied at the same time.”

The avatar of Futsunushi no Kami said.

It was in the remote place of the Magic Division’s garden where trees were growing densely. There was nothing stood out there, but that normalcy itself was unnatural. Despite the hardship of walking about because of the abundance of trees and thickets in their surrounding, only that two or three meters of space that had its soil exposed and turned into wasteland.

“This location is the only one where reality is distorted. Even someone other than me can see it, right now, we are going to sever that seal.”

“…I become the miko of sword. Stone cleaved, root torn, sin cut through, right now in this hand that virtuous sword of crushing evil! Draw sword, Futsunushi no Kami!!”

Kazuha-senpai chanted the Summoning Magic of Futsunushi no Kami. The power of that Sacred Treasure hadn’t been show by even a portion in the previous duel, this time for sure she held aloft the sword gallantly.

“This sword possess the power to sever the flow of magic power and seal!”

A flash. Releasing light, Futsunushi no Kami depicted a beam of light in the air with its slash, a crack was running in that space where there was nothing. It resembled the moment where Cancer was appearing.

The space was smashed up into bits from where the crack entered.

―And then from down there, a totally different scenery was appearing.

In the space where there was nothing until just now, a cube made from metal became visible.

Its size was not really considerable, even compared to a single house it was smaller, a gate was installed in its entrance. In the side of the gate, there was a lens protruding out that looks like some kind of mechanism.

“This is an instrument device to confirm the stigmata. If it confirms the owner of the stigmata, then the gate will be opened. Just once, we tested it with my stigmata on Kazuha and it confirmed and opened.”

When Futsunuhi no Kami said so, Mio who didn’t have any cowardice character at all touched the gate repeatedly.

“This gate is…Adamantite. It’s impossible to break it apart even with Summoning Magic huh. It looks like there is no other way than to make the device confirm our stigmata.”

Adamantite was a new type of steel that was produced by alchemy. It boasted a hardness unthinkable by the current science, but its creation needed an advanced magic technique.

The present alchemy couldn’t form anything other than a single simple sheet of metal, moreover because of the ultra weight it boasted, it couldn’t be made into material for weapon, armor, or vehicle. The merit of its utilization was little.

“Fabricating a stigmata cannot be done, so from here on only Magica Stigma can enter.”

The present era’s security technique, because of the development of alchemy, new kind of problems were exposed.

Once <living body confirmation security> like using finger print or retina had the most reliability, but in the recent years, various risk of magic forgery were identified.

Copying finger print and retina using magic was not impossible as long as someone was making an effort for it.

In the level of common household, a system using key and alarm that was developed using complicated refining alchemy was enough, but the security for the level of insuring the secrets that the corporations and the country had was viewed as a problem.

Security using stigmata as confirmation was solid because of the point where it was impossible to be faked, but it was still an imperfect technique because of the point where it couldn’t be used except for Magica Stigma. Perhaps before long a system that would be using the difference of magic power wavelength between each individual would be born, but…

“This device, does it also has arrangement to record the shape of the confirmed stigmata into some storage?”

“Hmm, it probably has. When it confirmed my stigmata, it didn’t have any knowledge of my stigmata so there was no problem at all. But it’s a different story with the stigmata of Solomon 72 Pillar that you all have. You will be specially considered as infiltrator the moment you opened the gate. There is a risk, so your confidence is going to be tested here.”

Futsunushi no Kami said with a serious face and tone.

“…However Amasaki Mio, it looks like you are only getting dragged into this, is it really okay for you?”

“N―. According to what all of you said, there is a possibility that the top brass of the Knight Order and the Knight Academy are connected to this gate, so we couldn’t report this to the Knight Order and the Knight Academy right? Then the only Japan’s largest fighting power that can deal with the thing beyond this gate, right now in this place there are these four people.”

Kazuki and Lotte, from there Mio also glanced at Koyuki, then she said four people.

“There is no mistake something not good is being performed behind this door. Then we cannot possibly do something like overlooking this. We have to prove Kazuki’s innocence too.”

“…Guwahhahha! You are really a bold girl with a sense of justice!! I come to think that it’s fine to trust you all unconditionally even without testing you like this!”

Toward Mio who said bluntly without hesitation, Futsunushi no Kami was laughing admiringly.

“…It was unexpected for Amasaki-san to also count me in.”

Koyuki whispered absent-mindedly.

“After all, you are at least as strong as me, so it’s the fact that you can be relied on.”

Relied―Koyuki’s eyes turned wide just so slightly hearing that word.

But was she embarrassed after all, immediately she averted her sight from Mio and faced aside.

“Is Hiakari-san coming too?”

“…I have come until this far so is that something you need to ask? Thing like Kazuki’s innocence is inconsequential for me, but for there is something like this so near with the Witch Mansion, it cannot just be left alone like this.”

“Thank you, Hiakari-san.”

“Even though I have said that whatever happened to you is inconsequential to me, why are you still saying thanks?”

“Eh, because you are actually worried about us right?”

“Please listen carefully to what someone is talking about.”

This exchange looks like a promise.

“Kazuki, this one cannot accompany you because of the lack of stigmata. But this one’s heart will always be together with you. That’s why when you return home safely, marry this one.”

“That’s why I told you I don’t like to marry for the sake of kenjutsu.”

“N, no Kazuki, this one, that is not all…”

“…Don’t just keep making a stir in front of the gate, how about you all just go quickly?”

Kazuha-senpai slipped between Kazuki and Kohaku forcefully.

“If the SHR is over, the Magic Division’s students will come outside for class. Then it will become hard for us to return back to the Sword Division, don’t you know? Hush!” She waved her hand with spiteful gaze.

“…In the case that we haven’t returned after half a day, it’s probably pointless but report it to the Knight Order. The fact is, the only one who could do anything about what is beyond this gate is only all of you. I’m counting on you somehow.”

Futsunushi no Kami gave those words for the last time.

“Yosh, then let’s go everyone!”

The stigmata confirmation system itself looked like the entrance of the Haunted Ground.

The essential was the same with that time, Kazuki made the back of his hand emit the light of magic power and held it aloft before the device.

―The adamantite door opened with a grave sound. Behind it was a stair that continued to the underground.

“From the cross-section of that door also functioned as the construction to read the light of the magic power. If you don’t go through it one by one, it will close on its own accord. It will close the moment you go through, you couldn’t try to be sneaky.”

Kazuha-senpai explained how the opening of this door worked.

When Kazuki went through the door, the door closed immediately just like what Kazuha-senpai said.

Even with the door closed, the surrounding was bright. It was a stairs continuing to the underground, but the electric lights in the ceiling emitted bright light.

This side of the door also had the stigmata confirmation device. It looks like they could return when they came back here.

Before long, Mio, Lotte, and Koyuki came through the door in turn after going through the same procedure.

“Hiakari-san, are you nervous by any chance?”

Kazuki noticed that Koyuki’s expression was stiff. It was quite unexpected. The one that was the most accustomed with this among them should be her who often perform solo quests.

“…Nothing, that is not true. All of us are here already, so let’s advance.”

After they had descended underground for about two floors worth, they finally reached a corridor that was level.

The wall and the floor were made from concrete, but the more they advanced, the state of their vicinity came to a change. The hard concrete wall was, ‘dokun’, starting to begin to pulse weakly.

Like entering the inside of a living thing which had its own will….

Even the light of the electric lamp that should be made of inorganic matter turned pale, transitioning into suspicious tint.

“It looks like Haunted Ground transformation isn’t it? Even something like Demon Beast also might come out, perhaps there are also traps that was prepared by the owner of this building. In every meaning, we really don’t understand what is going on.”

Mio performed Access, she talked while her body was wrapped in the Magic Dress and also keeping her vigilance.

Next Lotte also changed her clothes into Magic Dress.

“Kazuki-oniisan, this is something I understood just now desu, but it looks like I can use my magic until level 5 desu. I think it was the influence from Prometheus remembering his own name.”

“Level 3 to level 5…Lotte’s chant is fast, so it is quite a considerable power up.”

“Yes, I’ll do my best!”

When Kazuki was patting Lotte’s head who was grinning happily, Koyuki also replaced her clothes with her Magic Dress. …Somehow her expression was stiff.

“Hiakari-san, perhaps your physical condition is bad?”

“Ah, no…please don’t mind me. Let’s keep advancing forward.”

Her condition weighed a little on his mind, but Koyuki was a solo player with abundance of experience that Kazuki couldn’t compare with.

That fact made him hesitate to meddle and ask her.

“Then I’ll stand as the vanguard. Mio and Hiakari-san is the rearguard, Lotte who can fight flexibly shall move to the middle.”

Mio and Koyuki didn’t have any objection, Lotte too “Okay, desu” accepted the special role obediently.

The width of the corridor was around three people standing side by side. When Kazuki who went as the vanguard saw this, he could say that the terrain made it easy for him to protect the back. It made his role as the vanguard even more important.

But, at that time…a rift entered the path of the corridor smoothly.


And then ‘GAKUN!’, their foothold shook. The floor where Kazuki and the others stood started to slide off diagonally, the rift was widening like a big mouth opening wide.

“TRAP!?” Mio yelled. “Everyone, jump!”Kazuki raised his voice.

The floor didn’t fall and opening a hole immediately, the dull concrete where they stood tilted vertically little by little. In that slight time extension, jumping to the other side of the rift was not a hard thing to do for the magician of this era because they could use Enchant Aura.

Kazuki, Mio, and also Lotte made blue light shine on their feet simultaneously and leaped off until the other side of the rift. However―for some reason only Koyuki that was still remaining at that spot.

Koyuki was standing stock still on that spot with uncertain expression. Strangely, there was no flow of magic power that could be sensed from her body. Koyuki’s body was stiff and her face was white as a sheet.


He didn’t understand what was her reason, but right now she couldn’t use magic power.

And then the floor tilted rapidly. It went towards the hole where its bottom couldn’t be seen.

Kazuki immediately leaped back to the tilting floor. And then his arms caught Koyuki’s body that was sliding down in the nick of time. And now―they were falling down together.

“Kazuki!?” He could hear Mio’s scream.

―With their postures as it was, there was no method to return back to where Mio and Lotte were. The floor had already finished tilting down, there was no more place he could kick off with his foot already. He couldn’t do anything other than to just let his body fall down.

Their bodies were falling down…Mio and Lotte’s figures were becoming farther rapidly….

‘zuzuzu’, The floor started to move once again after dropping off Kazuki and Koyuki, the dropping hole started to get blocked.

“Kazu, ki…”

Inside Kazuki’s arms, a scared moan of Koyuki’s voice was leaking out.

The two keep falling down just like that toward the unknown depth.


Translator's Notes and References

  1. Standard form of a movement, posture, etc. in martial arts, sport, etc.
  2. Princess shrine maiden
  3. Crossed fingers and word said to call someone to be avoided as 'dirty'
  4. Ancient name of Japan
  5. There are joke using word play of the kanji here, but it got lost in the translation
  6. Japan’s two-person comedy style, where one act as an idiot and the other act as the straight-man that give the retort(tsukkomi)
  7. Ninja skill
  8. Ninja’s sword
  9. Sword skill
  10. Observing the enemy, than choosing the most appropriate move from the nine moves that they have
  11. Pretty cowardly attack but very effective. They assign each person a turn, the first turn is the sacrificial pawn where he attract the attention of the enemy, which means he got the highest chance to die, while the rest surrounded the enemy and taking turn attacking him, the tactic is called Weed because this tactic is pretty low.
  12. The closing days of the Tokugawa shogunate.
  13. Like when those brat characters in samurai anime or manga foolishly challenged the protagonist by running right from the front with the sword hold overhead.
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