Charlotte Lieben Frau
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Charlotte manga debut

Japanese シャルロット・リーベン・フラウ
Rōmaji Shārurotto Rīben Furau
Other names Lotte
Personal Information
Species Human
Gender 212px-FemaleFemale
Age 14
Status Alive
Eye Dark green
Hair Blonde
Occupation Student


Affiliation Magic Division

Witch's House
The Dukedom of Seinmundo (formerly)

School National Knight Academy
Diva Prometheus
Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 2
Manga debut Chapter 18

Charlotte Lieben Frau (シャルロット・リーベン・フラウ Shārurotto Rīben Furau) is one of the youngest females to be contracted to a Diva and also the former princess of the Dukedom of Seinmundo and one of the main heroines of the series.


Charlotte is a petite little girl in her teens who has light blonde hair as well as dark green eyes. She usually wears the academy's uniform, but sometimes changes to casual clothing consisting of a white dress and dark boots.


Charlotte is a girl who is always seen happy, with that kind of cheerful attitude she had became a really popular person in the class. Charlotte is also a very big otaku and imagines herself as a "Princess" and Kazuki as a "King." She always ends her sentences with -desu since she thinks it is cute. Charlotte sometimes inserts german words in her sentences.


Charlotte was born the daughter of the ruling family of the Dukedom of Seinmundo, which had become the puppet state of Germany. She had a serious illness ever since birth and it kept her confined to bed. She spent much of her time watching Japanese anime despite it being frowned on. When she turned 14 she was on death's door when a mysterious DIva appeared inside her. He was in a weakened state and didn't even know his own name. But he was still able to take over the parts of her body that were sick and thus cure her condition. this made it possible for her to go outside and have a normal life for the first time. This also would give him the chance to recover his own strength. She decided to name him "Prophet". Currently Charlotte is in the state of being half human, half god. There was a cost to this deal, as Germany demanded absolute faith towards it;s own Divas. By contracting with one outside the Norse Mythology, she became an illegal magician and that carried a death sentence there. Thus Prophet used his abilities to fly them to Japan in a jet airplane to seek a asylum and thus she became a refugee and an enemy of Germany. Of course, she was an Illegal Magician in the eye of Japan too and they could also be harsh, but only if the Diva was hostile.and there was no evidence of that. They were able reach the correct assumption that he was a Diva of Greek Mythology. Her remarkable talent at telepathy allowed her to learn fluent Japanese in only 3 days. Thus she was classified as a Rank-A magician and was allowed to enroll as a first year at the National Knight Academyd despite being only 14 years old.


Volume 2Edit

Being a transfer student was almost unheard of and she attracted much interest. To keep people from worrying, most students were told that she was a distant relative of her teacher Liz Liza Westwood (they were both blonde). Most students bought this story, despite the facts that Lotte did not look in the least bit asian. She was very popular with the girls in class immediately. But her eyes were drawn to Kazuki, who had been using magic to mold his face into a funny anime character to amuse their classmate Koyuki Hiakari. As a big time otaku Lotte was very amused and went and asked him to do it again so he did.

Liz called the residents to the Witch's House to a special Student Council meeting, telling them the full truth about Lotte and her history. They were shocked by everything they were told, the teacher asked that they look after her and make her feel welcome. They were still worried about the Germans taking action. They had demanded her return but Japan had refused. It was a delicate situation and the Germans were unhappy. But the international community would never have been fine with them knowingly handing over an innocent girl for her execution. They were quite impressed by the courage she had shown and the abilities she had displayed. At Liz's suggestion she made "Prophet" appear, who took on the appearance of a small boy. Leme turned up, evidently happy to meet a Diva even shorter than her. She immediately recognized he was in a similar state to her, having lost his powers and memories after suffering a terrible defeat in battle. Since he was fully materialized it could have been a situation like Loki and Kaya where he could have seized all control of her body. But they had carefully checked and found that he had not harmed Lotte's original personality at all. They discussed the impressive abilities of her Diva and where thay thought he came from. She would stay at the Witch's House while they continued to investigate, just as the case was with Kazuki. Kaguya Otonashi, in particular,was eager to be friends with her. Liz also asked Kazuki and Miō Amasaki to add her to their team. Her powers were already up to level 3 and her powerful telepathy would a great asset.

Hikaru Hoshikaze was eager to find out about these powers and suggested a mock battle be held the next day. Lotte was delighted by the idea of working with Kazuki and was already quite affectionate with him. Mio told her her behavior was not appropriate towards a young man she barely knew and Lotte was embarrassed. At Liz's suggestion, Lotte vowed her support of Kazuki and thus became the first conquest target from outside the 72 Pillars. As they were the experts on Loki, the elite Magical Knights of Germany would be arriving shortly to help with the search. Kazuki and Mio prepared the food for a welcome party that night. Lotte, being a spoiled princess demanded that Kazuki feed her. The other were jealous and it ended up with several people were feeding each other. He made sure to include Koyuki, even though she had been sitting by herself in the corner. While Kazuki was doing the dishes. Lotte ran into the kitchen stark naked, having been unable to figure out how to work the electric water heater in the bathroom. Like many magically advanced countries, Germany had abandoned modern technology and now relied on magic for everything, He figured she was used to being helped by attendants and averted his eyes, "Prophet" could have helped her but "for some reason" he refused to turn up when she was in the bath. In the end he showed her how to work it Leme and "Prophet" watched too, apparently fascinated. Suddenly Lotte removed his pants without asking and suggested that take a bath together. Though Leme thought it a great idea Kazuki told her she was again acting inappropriately. He fled the bathroom leaving an embarrassed Lotte behind.

The next morning Lotte meets Kazuki's sister Kanae Hayashizaki, who as Kazuki predicted showed jealous anger at having yet another girl treating him as a big brother. She insisted Lotte should have to prove she was worthy of living with Kazuki, just as the other residents had done. Just then one of Kanae's classmates Kōhaku Hikita turned up, yet another girl who was pursuing him. As the two girls argued, Lotte recognized that Kōhaku would be a good opponent with which to prove herself in the test match that day. Kanae approved it and Hikaru was their referee. Kōhaku was extremely fast but Lotte's casting speed was extraodinary because she shared her body with her Diva. She not only used lightning attacks but machine guns as well, a skill no Diva had ever shown before and the students were shocked. In the end Hikaru had to stop the match and declare Lotte the winner before Kōhaku wound up getting seriously injured. Kōhaku was frustrated and stormed off as Lotte celebrated her win. It was officially disclosed that Lotte had a contract from outside the 72 Pillars but the rest of her story remained a secret from most. Liz was able to convince Kozuki to accept Lotte as a member of his group.

Their group agreed to a take on a quest to clear monsters out of a Haunted Ground. Kazuki and Mio had failed this quest badly a few days before because with just the two of them their range of tactics was just too narrow. He was confident Lotte's presence would help make it a success this time. As they approached the gate they saw several knights standing around talking, One of them was dressed in a German uniform. It had been announced they would be in Japan for only a month, to provide information and assist in the search for Loki. Naturally Lotte was nervous in her presence but Kazuki was confident that she was only there to hunt for Loki and told her that, but could sense the woman keeping an eye on them. The guard remembered them from when the ran away a few days before also noting Lotte's unusal features before admitting them. This time they found the beasts far easier to handle with Lotte's help. Kazuki with his sword acted as their vanguard. It was hot so the girl took a dip in a small lake to cool down. They were attacked by a creature with tentacles and Mio took pleasure in defeating it. They made good progress and and things were going quite well. They discovered an enshrined katana which had clearly turned into a Sacred Treasure. Kazuki was curious enough to pick it up when they were interrupted by two members of the Knight Order Yukari Souma and her partner Hajime Kondō who told them they were not permitted to touch such things and confiscated it. before departing. Mio felt insulted, there was no such rule and felt that they had implied they would be keeping it for themselves rather than handing it in with their mission report.

Lotte had only recently out of her sick bed and was running low on stamina so Kazuki offered to carry her on the way home. Something that made her happy but Mio was jealous. Just as they were finishing up for the day they were confronted by the knight from Germany Beatrix Baumgard, who had purposely waiting until they were low on magic power and stamina. Kazuki warned the others, recognizing the treat. Beatrix carried a Sacred Treasure in the form of a shield which blocked much of their magic. Kazuki rushed forward to attack with his sword, but unlike him she was experienced in fighting and casting magic at the same time. She found him a worthy foe and concentrated on him. She refused to answer his questions and used her own magic, which he found hard to cope with but managed. He found his own kind of magic rather ineffective against her defensive powers. They were interrupted by the same two knights who had confiscated the Sacred Treasure before. Beatrix was surprised that at their presence and realized they were not part of the Loki subjugation force and thus hadn't been told. The two attacked her for threatening their "protection target" (Kazuki could tell they were referring to Mio). But Kazuki could tell that the swordsman was no match for Beatrix and would have been killed if he had not rushed in to protect him. He warned the professionals they were out of their league and offered to cover for their escape. Realizing he was right they had no choice but to accept and fled while thanking him. As he and Mio prepared to use their level 5 magic to escape Beatrix called on a powerful spell that might have killed him instantly. But that swordsman returned briefly to help him, returning the favor before retreating. Suddenly a demonic beast seemed to be summoned out of nowhere. It distracted Beatrix long enough for them to use blazing wings to make their escape with Lotte.

In the aftermath Kazuki learned that there was a conspiracy where the Japanese government ordered the Knight Order to "look the other way" where Lotte was concerned. Because they were so desperate for continued assistance in the hunt for Loki. Kazuki had refused to go along with the plot but decided not to tell Lotte about this so as to not cause her excessive worry. But since the Germans would only be in Japan temporarily if they could survive one more encounter the matter should be settled. But given the situation they could not ask for help form any official sources so Kazuki was encouraged to improve his relationship with Lotte while he had the chance. He found her drinking mink following a bath. She was doing anything she could to get bigger and stronger. Given her long illness she viewed herself as scrawny and weak. But he encouraged her with the fact that she was still very young and had plenty of room to grow yet. She had recognized (as it was rather obvious) that Beatrix had been after her and apologized for causing him trouble. But Kauki insisted be did not consider her a burden. He vowed he would protect her and he pointed out they had a chance to win as the Germans only had a limited window of opportunity in which to act. He then proceed to ask her out on a date, not as a group with Mio but for just the two of them. Lotte was so happy her positivity jumped quite a bit in one go. Being a big time okaku she naturally wanted to visit Akihabara for their date.

Kazuki met Lotte in the usual place before his dates and they took the train to their destination. Though some of the shops they visited did not strike Kazuki as a proper place for a date. "Prophet" and even Leme were fascinated enough by the products for sale that they materialized to take a look. But Lotte complained that they were getting in the way of their date and they withdrew at once. They then went shopping. Lotte recalled the many years spent in her sickbed when she could only dream of en experience like this. Among the knights posted in town they saw one in a German uniform. But Kazuki reassured a nervous Lotte that they could not possibly be targeted in such a public place. They visited an arcade and played some games together. They also took some pictures together to preserve the memory. Lotte made it clear how much she loved Kazuki despite their brief association and at that point Kazuki obtained the Key to her Heart. They visited a cosplay cafe based on the Divas of the 72 Pillars. Though Kazuki saw little resemblance between the costunes and the real thing. Lotte dressed up in a cute puppy costume and they continued to have a good time. But the end the level of their relationship had nearly doubled.

They took on the same quest to clear out the same Haunted Ground. Kaya had cleared out the entire place except for a single zombie tied up at her feet. Loki had a long history with Thor, the Diva who was contracted with Beatrix and had offered their help as temporary allies. Kazuki had accepted the offer reluctantly. Kaya had grown up with him and Mio and greeted Mio with a hug. Leaving that last beast alive in order to act as a beacon to draw Beatrix to them. Kazuki was worried but Kaya was confident that Thor would ignore the obvious signs of a trap and walk right into it, which is just what happened. At her suggestion the death of the last beast became the trigger for the start of the fight. She went after Kazuki first, who relied more on magic this time. Managing to be more effective at short range then the girls at long range. Their tactics had changed this time and were more effective against Beatrix. She went after Lotte, her original target, but she had close range defenses and with Mio's help she was able to get her to back down. She went after Kaya, recognizing that while she had a powerful sword, she had no real skill at using it. But Kazuki jumped in to help her. Kazuki used the Sacred Treasure against her, which he had received as a gift from the two knights he had saved earlier.

She decided to concentrate on one target at a time, trying to reduce the number of opponents by one. She attacked Kaya again, and the power she used to block it exposed her true identity as Loki. She went after Lotte next and was baffled when she used the same powers that Kazuki did to repel her. Recognizing Mio as the weak link, she went after her, and indeed she was not well suited to close range defense. Kazuki jumped in the way to protect her but as Kaya pointed out he had made a potentially fatal error. He should have tried to disrupt the chanting of Beatrix's powerful spell rather than worry about protecting Mio. They both might have been killed but Kaya took the hit, by combining his protective magic with hers they managed to survive it but Kaya was in bad shape. She noted it was the perfect opportunity for Kazuki to rid himself of Loki, but he refused to attack an ally. Thor materialized, to deliver a message that Odin had intended for Loki. Though they had publically claimed to be in Japan to join the hunt for Loki, they were only there for Lotte's life. In fact, they actually wanted to bring Loki back into the fold. But Loki refused to do so, as he was strongly opposed to their philosophy. Thor had decided their long friendship over. Kaya could no longer fight and withdrew, telling Kazuki he already had the means to win this battle with the power of his bonds. Lotte was will to surrender to protect her friends but instead, Kazuki kissed her, doing a full summon of her Diva. For the first time revealing his true identity as Prometheus, the Titan of Greek Mythology. By using Kazuki's power he is temporarily able to take on his original appearance and abilities. He transformed Kazuki's weapon and made not only massively powerful but made it's shape ideal for Kazuki's skills. Using that combined with the technique learned over many years Kazuki is able to overpower and defeat Beatrix. As Lotte was thanking him, Mio demanded to know what exactly his power was.

As they waited for the Knight Order to come pick Beatrix up Kazuki told them how the power of bonds worked. He spoke of the levels of affection and how a kiss could be used to unleash their full powers. He insisted to Lotte that he had not kissed her just for the sake of power but she could sense his true thoughts and was not offended. Mio was shocked to learn that Kazuki had already done this with her, to save her life after she had been killed by Loki. She had no clear memory of it happening and seemed a little upset. Lotte told him he should kiss her again properly to make up for it so he did. Lotte kissed him again too and they both wound up happy. Instead of the Knight Order Kaguya and Torazō Yamada of the Swordsmanship Division turned up to arrest them. The Knight Order had declared that Kazuki was a dangerous Illegal Magician and both he and Lotte were to be arrested. The conspiracy opposed to Kazuki had become desperate and had seized this opportunity to be rid of him with several false charges. Lotte was to be shipped back to Germany for execution while Kazuki would have his Stigmata forcibly transferred and would be sent to the Swordsmanship Division. They insisted their best option would be to surrender and accept the punishment but Kazuki would not surrender Lotte like that and had to fight back. Both Kaguya and Torazō now regarded them as criminals and refused to listen to a single word they said.

They would have a hard time fighting Kaguya even at full strength, now they were already exhausted. Her magic made other feel illusionary pain. Lotte, with her telepathy was able to resist this magic to some degree. She encouraged Kazuki to do the same but he had no talent at all for that kind of magic and was particularly vulnerable. Torazō, by contrast had little impact on the fight and kept getting blasted away by their magic but kept fighting anyway. Kaguya summoned a scythe which could deprive them of their senses one by one then render them unable to fight. Mio lost her sight and sense of touch, and was naturally very frightened. Both the girls were restrained by tentacles. Kazuki was still on his feet it it was only a matter of time before he was cut down. They were saved by the sudden arrival of Koyuki, who cast Moves on the Field to prevent their opponents from moving. They then tried to escape using magic ice skates, Kazuki was carrying Mio. Koyuki told them about the charges against them. They had attacked them this way to force them to resist arrest. This would be used an a convenient excuse to reject Lotte's refugee status and deport her back to Germany. They had not managed to escape though, as Kaguya and Torazō where pursing them while riding on the tentacles produced by her magic.

Kaguya had already suspected that Koyuki had overheard when she had been given this mission. She had not wanted to involve anyone else close to Kazuki and force them to make a painful choice. But she was surprised that Koyuki was so close to Kazuki that she would take his side under these circumstances. But Koyuki knew she was equally torn, as she had been crying when she accepted the job. Kaguya still insisted that she best Kazuki could do was to meekly accept his punishment to prevent anything worse from happening to him. But Kazuki would not let Lotte die without a fight, and was also worried how this could effect the 72 Pillars' evaluation of Japan. Koyuki resisted with her strongest magic but it was no use against Kaguya. Kaguya now knew how Kazuki's power worked and told him to give up on getting closer to people, even though it was what she wanted for herself. Asmodeus appeared and warned her that she would be unable to use her full powers if her heart wasn't in this. But Kaguya insisted her sense of duty was stronger than any of her emotions. Just as all hope seemed lost Kōhaku turned up, shocking Torazō. She was armed with several Sacred Treasures which she was able to use to create cover for their escape. Kaguya and Koyuki didn't even know who she was, but Kazuki trusted her. They were able to finally escape. She offered to take them into the Swordsmanship Division and hide them. Koyuki exhausted so much power helping them that she passed out in magic intoxication and they had to carry her as well.

They wound up sharing a single room, as space was at a premium in the Swordsmanship Division. The girls were all lying down. Koyuki was still unconscious and the other girls had not yet recovered the senses stolen by Kaguya's magic. He was grateful for the rescue but didn't understand the timing. It turned out their teacher Liz had learned about the order but felt she could not trust anyone in her department to help them. So she had contacted a teacher in the Swordsmanship Division Hisatada Tsukahara, who had once been her partner in the Knight Order. It was he who had sent Kōhaku to help them. Kazuki was thankful that he still had a few allies left and she was glad for the chance to place him in her debt. The teacher arrived and they explained how the more progressive elements among them planned to turn this situation to their advantage. There was an important school meeting coming up. There they planned to expose the corruption of the Magic Division and the role they had played in the attempt on Lotte's life. While at the same time they would glorify the fact that they had been the ones to rescue her and keep her safe. This would raise their stature while harming the exalted reputation of the Magic Department. Kazuki did not like the idea of them dividing the school any further but it might be their best shot at keeping Lotte safe in the future. Worried about Kazuki's loyalties, they decided to confine them and warned him all their supporters had been secretly provided with Sacred Treasures. They made it sound like the planed to go to war with the Magic Division council and get rind of any elements of the staff they considered corrupt. As they left Leme materialized, worried that hings had reached the point of no return with both sides so far gone, But she was pleased to learn Kazuki had found new resolve. Fully embracing his role as king for the first time, he planned to stop both Kaguya and Kōhaku and bring everyone together.

Volume 3 Edit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Abilities and SkillsEdit

Prometheus 10 inherent powers: Edit

All of Prometheus powers are technology based weapons. Prometheus can bestow Charlotte the ability to use anything created by humanity masterfully including computers, airplanes, and anything else electronic.

Level 1: Mitrailleuse: Creates a gatling gun that rapidly fires bullets. It can be sustained as long as it has ammo.

Level 2: Seusenhofer: It covers the users' upper body in jet black metal armor that can defend against physical attacks.

Level 3: Collider Field: Creates a metal gauntlet on the users' hand that can discharge an electromagnetic field to cause electrical burns and paralysis. The gauntlet can be sustained as long as it has energy..

Level 4: Blitzkrieg: It creates an electric lance that is approximately 3m long, it can also transform into a naginata.

Level 5: Deep Striker: Creates a jetpack on the back of the user that can reach very high speeds. It excels at linear acceleration. It also has a visor with an enemy detection unit that displays magic power.

Level 6: Custom Liberion: Angular shaped armor with flexible thrusters that are attached to the user's four limbs. Compared to Deep Striker, Custom Liberion excels at three dimensional maneuverability. The user can freely accelerate, break and change directions. Also, the armor has gatling guns installed in the arms and blades that are attached to the legs.

Level 7: ?

Level 8: Gustav Dora: Summons a gigantic gun battery (cannon) that protrudes out from the user's chest, with the length of few dozen meters and the thickness diameter close to one meter, and a propulsion system on their back to withstand the recoil of the fired projectiles. It can shoot highly explosive projectiles that are almost the same size as a human and weigh a few tons. It can be fired multiple times and can be sustained as long as it has ammo.

Level 9: ?

Level 10: Olympia Forger: It creates a weapon that is comprised of one soul. Because of that it lays perfectly in the hands and can display enormous amounts of power.


  • Charlotte is an otaku.
  • She is the former princess of the Dukedom of Seinmundo.
  • Kazuki obtained the Key to her Heart in Volume 2, Chapter 4
  • She and Kazuki had their first kiss in Volume 2, Chapter 5
  • She was the first of the harem to give Kazuki a kiss
  • She lost her virginity to Kazuki in Volume 13, Chapter 2 (along with most of the Harem)