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Japanese ダッキ


Other names Daji

Tamamo no Mae

Personal Information
Species Diva
Gender 212px-FemaleFemale
Status Alive
Affiliation Taoist Mythology

Fu Xi (former King)
Japanese Mythology (King)
Hayashizaki Kazuki

Partner(s) Katsura Karin
Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 4
Manga debut Chapter 43
Dakki (ダッキ) as she is known in Taoist Mythology or Tamamo no Mae (玉藻の前) as she is known in Japanese Mythology is the Diva of Katsura Karin. She is a Diva that is associated with several Mythologies as stories about a fox spirit are present in several cultures.


Dakki wears a gorgeous kimono, she is an adult goddess that emits a brilliant loveliness. She has golden ears as well as a tail. Dakki looks like a female devil with an intimidating air. Her body is equipped with a Magical Dress. It resembles Kaguya's, because Dakki wears a blue and black Decorteo Brigieux.


She seemed wise and calm, advising Karin to give up on defeating Kazuki. Unlike her he was able to keep a cool head and learn a great many hidden secrets from her. She told Karin she could never defeat such an opponent even if she had a massive advantage in power. She respected Kazuki from that moment and for protecting and helping Karin when she was exposed as a foreign agent. When he gave her the chance to live a far happier life she gave her a sizable push to make her accept it.



In the past she contracted with Katsura Karin who was forced by her foster family to become a spy / assassin on behalf of China.


Volume 4 Edit

Karin thought she had succeeded in assassinating the young King Hayashizaki Kazuki, but thanks to his friend’s healing magic he had recovered. Kazuki finds somewhere secluded to wander off alone. He succeeds in drawing out the assassin. He is able to keep a cool head and completely sees though her technique. She grows increasingly frustrated and he is finally able to unmask her by name as a first year in the Sword Division and a participant in the tournament. Even when she employs her Summoning Magic she can’t compete because she was unable to maintain her calm and her Diva orders her to retreat after giving her praise to Kazuki.

Volume 5 Edit

Kazuki felt great sympathy for Karin as her sister forced her to act as a meat shield during the final match. Though the Divine Protection kept her alive she suffered horrible pain. She was also forced to unleash a powerful wide-area spell that would risk the lives of innocent people. Desperate as always to gain her sister’s approval, she obeyed. Kazuki was able to destroy that magic and sever that Divine Protection as well as any unnatural influence she had been under. Karin was abandoned by her beloved sister without a second thought.

The Headmaster put a seal on Karin’s magic and kept insisting on sending her to a special prison for Illegal Magicians. But Kazuki and Karin’s teammates were confident that Hayashi was the real criminal and could have been forcing Karin to act against her will. To test that Kazuki decides to monitor Karin in his room to find out if kindness could redeem her. During this stay things like tasty food and hot baths were new to her, proving how cruel her foster family was.

One night she prepared to kill Kazuki in his sleep but he stopped her. She didn’t know how to deal with these new feelings of hers. But he encouraged her to reject that dark views of her sister and seek a happier life. She insisted she would rather complete her mission and die. But Dakki told her it was hopeless without her help. She should have been sealed, but she had altered herself to bypass the seal. She was now the Japanese Diva Tamamo no Mae. She encouraged Karin to surrender her body to gain the power necessary to win. He told her not to give up on having a happy life. Forced to choose, she admitted she no longer had the desire to kill and he embraced her. Her Diva was delighted by this, she had given her that push to get her to embrace her true feelings. She now considered herself a subordinate of Kazuki, insisting he treat Karin well. She was a Diva of numerous faiths anyway, and had no special loyalty to China.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

10 Inherent Powers:Edit

Level 1: Ya no Renga: Summons an eerie blue flame that turns into countless fireballs to rain down on enemies.

Level ?: Daihouraku Kokujou Jigoku: Summons 10 pillars that fire black strings that seek its enemies.

Level ?: Daitai Bonsou Jigoku: Creates a giant pit of poisonous scorpions and serpents.

Level ?: Kokibi: Summons a nine-headed bird.

Level ?: Kazenori Idzuna: Gives the caster the ability to fly.

Level ?: Kikan Choukou: Mind stimulating magic that drives away maliciousness.

Level ?: Dokuro Honzon Hangon'en: The jaw of the sinister skull moved with a clattering sound as if to laugh, and at that timing the skull turned into a pure black flame and swallows the target.


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