From the secret groups, Rosicrucian Group, Golden Dawn and Ahnenerbe, that had inherited the thoughts and technology, they claim to be the legitimate Alchemy organization Dawn of the Almighty Wisdom.

The person that acts as the leader is known as Basileus Basileon. He was a strange person that published the results of producing a Philosopher’s Stone 15 years ago. In order to protect themselves from the threat of Magic, the Philosopher’s Stone was imported into the countries at an alarming speed.Because the Dawn of the Almighty Wisdom had sold the Philosopher’s Stone at a high price, they ruled the world.“Although Japan had luckily been listed as a Magically Advanced Country, but facing the aggression from other countries, we cannot think lightly of this and sit back and relax. The Knights are currently seeking for a stronger fighting force than now. This responsibility also falls upon us, who will be responsibility as future Knights.”The Dawn of the Almighty Wisdom had expanded to the extent where it could rule the world. However, due to the internal power struggle, it had led to their leader Basileus Basileon to be killed.The Dawn of the Almighty Wisdom that expanded over the entire world, suddenly lost their unity and fell apart in an instant. Each country’s government immediately tried to seize this opportunity and absorbed the legacy of the Dawn of the Almighty Wisdom.Then, the 7 countries with many Magic User, meaning that they had purchased the most Philosopher’s Stone, as the Seven Magically Advanced Country, they had inherited the ruling position of the world.

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