Earth Snake
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Earth snake
Other names Earth snake
Personal Information
Gender Male
Age Teens
Status Alive
Hair Black
Occupation Stigma Hunter
Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 1
Manga debut Chapter 9

Earth Snake is a Stigma hunter as well as an illegal magician.

Appearance Edit

Earth Snake has short black hair, wide eyes and jagged teeth.He wears a tattered black shirt as well as white jeans with boots.

Personality Edit

Earth snake has a cruel and wicked personality as seen when he attacked Mio Amasaki and Kazuki Hayashizaki with no reason.

History Edit

At some unknown point, he became an illegal magician and stigma hunter.

Plot Edit

Volume 1 Edit

Kaguya Otonashi, Hikaru Hoshikaze, and Koyuki Hiakari had taken on a quest to bring him down but he kept escaping, He attacked Miō Amasaki and Kazuki Hayashizaki by surprise while they were on a date. Kaguya catches up and attacks but he gets away again. Kaguya is angry at herself for hesitating to use a sure-kill attack. Kaya is angry at him for attacking her friends. She vows she will kill them herself. Of course, this is Loki's influence, which she was still fighting against. Earth Snake, on the other hand, was so corrupted he couldn't think for himself at all anymore.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

He can cast his spells more rapidly and without incantation because he is an illegal contractor.

Debris Bullets: The smashed up pieces of earth around him levitates and flies towards his enemy.

Titan Stomp: He stops the ground cousing a stone wall to rise up and black attacks.