A known phenomenon occurs within humans who are blessed with unusually strong magical powers, as their physical body warps to meet the massive influence of their powers these individuals are called Elves.

Appearance Edit

Their most notable feature are pointy ears, alice blue hair and burgundy eyes.

History Edit

When magic was first discovered, certain powerful people in the Japanese government realized that science could potentially be used to artificially boost magic power. This would give them an advantage over the other Magically Advanced Countries who had rejected science and technology due to the faith doctrines imposed by the Mythologies they followed. In the early days of magic they performed experimental brain surgeries on newborn infants in an attempt to amplify their magic power. These surgeries were performed without the knowledge or consent of their parents. In the end most of those children died and even the successful test cases had no greater magic power than someone naturally gifted at magic would have. They judged the cost/benefit ration to be insufficient and the project was abandoned.

When those children developed the Elf mutation a couple of years later in life, thanks to the cover-up, the public didn’t know the reason why and unfortunately many reacted in fear. Those children were often regarded as dangerous mutants or even as a new form of Demonic Beast. Many of those children were even rejected by their own families and suffered great emotion scars. The only thing they had going for them was greater than average magic power, which almost guaranteed they would receive an Enigma. Hayashizaki Kazuki and his friends discovered the truth about this project and other monstrous secret projects and thanks to the hacking skills of Prometheus, the evidence was turned over end of Volume 3. The scandal was massive and sparked major reforms to prevent such abuses from happening again.  

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Known Dark Elves Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Elves have sensitive ears.
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