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Japanese 焦点
Other names Forcalor


Personal Information
Species Diva
Gender 212px-Male Male
Status Alive
Affiliation 72 Pillars of Solomon

Hayashizaki Kazuki

Partner(s) Miyamoto Reina
Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 4
Focalor (焦点) is the 41st of the 72 Pillars of Solomon. He is contracted with Miyamoto Reina.

Appearance Edit

He is described as a griffon.

Personality Edit

All of the 72 Pillars of Solomon recognize Hayashizaki Kazuki as their King.

History Edit

Background Edit

His contractor was brainwashed by Hayashi Shizuka.

Plot Edit

Volume 4 Edit

His image is first seen during the Election Tournament.

Powers and Abilities Edit

10 Inherent Powers: Edit

Level 1: Northern Wave: The griffon Diva flaps his wings and causes a cold wind and a tsunami.

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