Fu Xi
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Fu Xi
Japanese フーシー
Kana 溥字
Rōmaji Pu Zi
Personal Information
Species Human
Gender 212px-FemaleFemale
Age 15-17
Status Alive
Eye Violet
Hair Violet
Occupation King of Taoist Mythology (Former)

Emperor of China

Affiliation Taoist Mythology (China)

Chaos Faction

Diva Dragon Yu Long
Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 6

Fu Xi (フーシー) is the current King of China. She is the contractor of the Dragon Yu Long.

Appearance Edit

She is a slender girl in her mid-teens. She wears heavy cosmetics and her clothes are adorned with so many gaudy objects that she must constantly exert magic power just to support the weight of all of it. But it was noted that underneath all that superficial nonsense she was still an outstanding beauty.

Personality Edit

She is constantly on the verge of insanity. Her Power of Heavens' Decree makes her stronger the more territory she rules. She is the reincarnation of thousands of years of people suffering. Thus to ease their suffering she wants to control everyone and gain more territory. This forces people to assimilate cultures, Mythologies, and ideologies to create a single culture and mindset. This process is her way to end people’s suffering. As stated in Volume 9 she wants them to become "single-celled organisms" in other words mindless individuals. Her dream is create people with no individuality to eliminate conflict and thus end all suffering.

History Edit

Background Edit

She is the strongest magician in China and thus rules that country. Her power was based on the amount of territory she controlled. China was definitely considered the most aggressive of the Magically Advanced Countries. But the other countries wouldn’t allow them to aggressively expand their territory without stepping in. So they were forced to underhanded means and deceit to give their expansion the appearance of legitimacy.

Western Japan was declared an independent state called Yamato after it was conquered by a group using Japanese Divas. In truth their leaders were all sleeper agents loyal to China who were pretending to lead a legitimate Japanese movement. They had won the loyalty of the Japanese Divas via deception. Their agents had destroyed all the shrines in western Japan while pretending to be officials of the government showing their devotion to the 72 Pillars. The Divas were gullible enough to fall for this simple trick and fell into a Wild God state.

Plot Edit

Volume 6 Edit

Through her connections in Yamato, Kaya had the opportunity to meet with the King of China. The Emperor offered any aid they wanted, but Loki knew such help would come with strings attached. So they said they wouldn’t ask for help unless they really needed it. Through this alliance Yamato was more or less allowing China to annex them. Loki didn’t care who won the Japanese Civil War that resulted, it was the resulting chaos he was after.

China smuggled a unit of their most powerful magicians over to Yamato to support them. When it looked very much like Yamato would suffer a resounding defeat this group launched a surprise attack on the Japanese Knight Order. They might have done a great deal of damage if not for the intervention of Ryōzanpaku, who forced them to withdraw. Since it became an international conflict when China chose to intervene directly, things would soon get more complicated. The other Magically Advanced Countries would soon step in and force a cease fire. They would then investigate the matter and make a judgment of which government was the legitimate ruling body of Japan. There was no way to be sure what criteria they would use. If there was a divided opinion it could become a stalemate until either Kazuki or Aisu won the battle and became Japan’s official King, which is just the kind of chaos Loki was after.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Fu Xi is the contractor of Dragon Yu Long and the King of Taoist Mythology,

10 Inherent Powers: Edit

King's Authority: Edit

Authority of Taoist Mythology's King: The power of the King is the Power of Heaven's Decree. The power of the King increases with the amount of territory they control.

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