Futsunushi no Kami
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Japanese 経津主の神
Rōmaji Futsunushi no Kami
Other names Futsu no Mitama
Alias God of iron and fire
Personal Information
Species Diva
Gender 212px-MaleMale
Status Alive
Relatives Take Mikadzuchi (other half)
Eye White
Affiliation Japanese Mythology

Hayashizaki Kazuki (King)

Partner(s) Tsukahara Kazuha
Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 3
Manga debut Chapter 30
Futsunushi no Kami (経津主の神) is a God of Swords. He is a general of Amaterasu and is a Shinto kami of swords. He is regarded as the personification of the sword Futsu-no-Mitama. He is also the Diva of Tsukahara Kazuha. In Volume 6 Futsunushi no Kami assimilated with the fellow sword Diva of the Japanese Mythology Take Mikadzuchi, changing some of their 10 characteristic spells and making them stronger.


Futsunushi takes the appearance of a giant silver double-edged broadsword with a face engraved on it.


Kazuki described his personality like a good-natured uncle. The Diva of the sword sometimes has a strangely deep character. Like all Divas, he acknowledges Kazuki as a King and highly respects him as both a swordsman and a Magika Stigma at the same time. It brought him great joy when Kazuki summoned him into battle by kissing Kazuha.


Background Edit

Futsunushi no Kami is the Sword God that was worshiped by the lineage of Tsukahara for generations. Kazuha had a great devotion to swords that drew the attention of the Japanese God of Swords and she made a contract with him. In the eyes of the law this was an Illegal Contract but he was harmless and never did anything harmful to her. She hid the fact that she had a Stigma when she enrolled in the National Knight Academy and built a small shrine to her Diva in an abandoned clubroom at school. Due to her lack of friends she would spend much of her time chatting with him. It was at the start of her second year that she met her best friend Hikita Kōhaku , who had a deep resentment for the Magic Division and society in general for looking down on swordsmen as disposable pawns. Kazuha’s Diva naturally agreed with that and didn’t trust the 72 Pillars because they permitted that behavior. He also detected some sort of nasty dark power being used under the surface of the school. Because no one in the Magic Department did anything about it, he assumed the 72 Pillars must be behind that too and became worried something horrible was coming. They armed all the swordsmanship students they could trust with Sacred Treasures.

Plot Edit

Volume 3 Edit

Hikita Kōhaku aided in the escape of her friend Hayashizaki Kazuki and his friends when they became wanted fugitives and helped them out. The Knight Order and the Magic Division were willing to deport an innocent girl Charlotte Lieben Frau back to Germany where she was facing a death sentence. She and her friends knew the scandal would do great harm to their reputation. As they prepared to make their move on the other school they first faced off against Hayashizaki Kanae and the existing Student Council. Using Sacred Treasures they won, but only just barely, and took over the council. This made her lose confidence they could win against somebody like Otonashi Kaguya. Kōhaku later brought Kazuki, Charlotte and their friends Amasaki Miō and Hiakari Koyuki to meet Kazuha and revealed her status as an Illegal Magician. Kazuha was upset with her friend for this and for bringing Kazuki, who she regarded as a womanizer. There was no sign that her free will had been encroached at all so Kazuki wasn’t bothered by it. She calls out her Diva.

Kazuha insisted there was no danger, she and this Diva were connected since she was born. He also insists that he is like the 72 Pillars and doesn’t want a flesh body or to force humans to follow any kind of faith. Lemegeton materialized, having recognized him as a Diva of the Japanese Mythology. She introduced herself and mentions Kazuki being the King of the 72 Pillars. She also mentioned the powerful people who didn’t trust them and made false allegations to ruin their reputations. As he suggested, Leme could simply ask one of the Pillars to confirm Leme’s position as King and resolve this easily. But part of the reason they had granted powers to Japan without imposing a faith doctrine was to see how they would treat that power without outside influence. If they chose to betray their own King for selfish reasons then Japan would be ruled unworthy and the 72 Pillars would abandon them and move elsewhere. Clearly the 72 Pillars were running out of patience in this situation. They all learned just how serious this situation was.

While discussing the position of the Japanese faith Lotte's Diva Prometheus appeared and educated them all on similar belief systems. However, other than in Japan, those ancient belief systems had been crushed by the strict faith doctrines demanded by the other countries. While most of his fellows didn’t care much about the 72 Pillars, as a Sword God, Futsunushi no Kami was angry that modern Japan was disrespecting swordsmen. As it turns out, the 72 Pillars totally agreed with him on that point. It was the Japanese government who decided to give the Magika Stigma special treatment, going back to that free will thing again.

Futsunushi no Kami also complained about the dark rituals being performed underground at the Academy, but Leme and the others had no idea what he was talking about. This sinister force was why they had armed themselves for what he was sure would be an attack by the Magic Division. But according to Leme and Prometheus, they hadn’t sensed this dark magic at all, nor had they heard of an underground facility. If the 72 Pillars weren’t behind it, then it was likely an Illegal Magician. Kazuki would earn the trust of her Diva if he could investigate the facility and prove it wasn’t related to the 72 Pillars. They would have looked into it themselves, but the door would only admit someone with a Stigma. Kazuha had volunteered to check it out but it was too dangerous to let her go alone. Since it might be connected to the conspiracy against him. Kazuki and his friends agreed to go.

Kazuha insists Kazuki must face her in a duel first to prove his power. Though she is quite impressive at a distance, he has skill at both swordsmanship and magic. So once he is able to close the distance it’s all over. Kazuha is clearly jealous of his talents but her Diva is simply impressed. The entrance is near the Witch's House, but they don’t expect to meet anyone because classes are in session. But by coincidence Vice-President Hoshikaze Hikaru. Kazuki assures her of his innocence and asks her to give them the chance to prove it and she agrees to pretend she didn’t see them. By this point he was already convinced of their fine character and didn’t need further proof to convince him. Once they reach the concealed entrance, Kazuha shatters the barrier around it. Before entering, Kazuki asks them to inform the Knight Order abbot this place if they don’t return, though there is really no way to know who to trust.

A group of powerful and mysterious Illegal Magicians attacked the Sword Division and it seemed like they couldn’t rely on outside help.  Kazuha decided that the crisis warrants her revealing herself as an Illegal Magician. She joins Kazuki’s team and plays a critical role. But she also relies on the advice of her Diva to provide support from the rear without trying to rely on her swordsmanship. They defeat the attackers and Kazuki then exposes the Headmaster Otonashi Tsukikurō as an Illegal Magician and the mastermind of this plot. He then takes the lead in the fight and defeats him.

Kazuha paid Kazuki a surprise visit during morning training with Hikaru. She thanked him for his help in resolving the crisis. Her Diva does so as well and as an apology for doubting him he allows Kazuha to become a conquest target, though her number is only at the “friendship” level. Before she leaves he offers her helpful advice to improve her swordsmanship and she thanks him.

They provided evidence the Headmaster had based the weapons on years of secret immoral government research related to magic. Board Chairman Amasaki became the new Headmaster and fully supported Kazuki now. The scandal was used to leverage the government to force corrupt officials out and to advance key reforms. These changes included fair treatment of Illegal Magicians who weren’t hostile and the legalization of Sacred Treasures. It was also declared the two schools would be led under one banner now and be treated as equal.

Volume 4 Edit

The new position of Chief Student Council President was created. It was decided that the election would be preceded by a tournament which was meant to display both the skills and leadership qualities of the candidates. Each team would be made up of 4 people, two from each division. The residents of the Witch’s House got together with their friends from the Sword Division to decide the candidates and form the teams. When Kōhaku decided to join Kazuki’s team Kazuha reluctantly did so too, noting that she had no other close friends within that group. But when the rules were set for the tournament Kazuha would be prohibited from using her Summoning Magic, which was a serious handicap.

She was forced to swallow her pride and ask Kazuki to give her some sword training, as he best friend had proven to be an inept teacher. Kazuki realized that her problem wasn’t so much a lack of skill but self-confidence. She was so nervous that she would make a fool of herself that she would lose her composure in a fight. During that first match she indeed had a rough go of it to start with. But when Kazuki proved that her team would have her back it reassured her. She was finally able to show her real level of skill. At the end her team could have assisted her, but Kazuki wouldn’t let them. He felt it was more important to allow her to finish the battle on her own, which she finally did, stunning her classmates in the audience.  

The second round match gave Kazuha the chance to display her talent in magic, which she used to defeat one of the highest ranked students in her division. Something really suspicious happened during Hikaru’s match. The magic users on that team Mibu Akira and Asamiya Anna mysteriously kept getting back up after clearly losing the last of the magic power. Kazuki already knew the swordsmen on that team Hayashi Shizuka and Katsura Karin were undercover Chinese agents and assassins who were concealing the fact they were Illegal Magicians. But despite this clear cheating the Board Chairman (who was tied to China) refused to declare the mach forfeit. They all suspected one of those hidden Divas was supplying Divine Protection to the whole team. Futsunushi no Kami confirmed this was indeed possible , but the Diva would have to be highly ranked and specialized in Divine Protection. When Kazuki required some privacy, Leme came over to visit him one night.

Volume 5 Edit

Futsunushi no Kami had told Leme that he had suddenly been cut off from the other Divas of Japanese Mythology. This should be impossible with those he was especially tied to; the only cause he could think of was that they had suddenly become Wild Gods. Leme wanted to inform Kazuki of this crisis but didn’t want to distract him in the middle of the tournament. Kazuki discovered several of the candidates had been brainwashed by Hayashi (though Kazuki had freed them) and that was why they entered in the first place. Some professional Knights had told Kazuki that Hayashi could supply a Divine Protection that let someone revive 70 times. The only way they could win was to take her out first or to sever that magic power. It was even possible all the other members of her team were brainwashed too. Kazuha was the only one on their team who could free those girls. The only problem was it would violate the rules. Kazuki knew their main goal in the tournament was to assassinate him, if he could force them to go all out and reveal they were Illegal Magicians than Kazuha would be free to act.

During the final match Kazuki was able to drive Hayashi and Karin into a corner. They finally abandon their disguises and unleashed their Summoning Magic at him, endangering everyone on the battlefield. Kazuha removes the Divine Protection from Mibu and Anna, though at a terrible price to them. But Kazuha was still attacked by Mibu, who was never brainwashed and was just supporting Karin. Kazuha ran out of magic and was unable to assist him, but Kazuki was desperate to find a method to rescue Karin from her sister’s control and protect everyone from danger. Kazuha encouraged him to do what he could so he apologized before kissing her and doing a full summoning of her Dive. Though she was angry with him he was able to cut away all the dangerous magic and free Karin from control without harm. Hayashi was able to escape alone but vowed to return. As a result Kazuki won the election by a wide margin a week later.

A few days after that all the Knight Order bases in western Japan were destroyed by a group that seized full control. Former government officials with secret ties to China appeared on TV announcing that western Japan was declaring independence and calling itself Yamato. They had made and alliance with Loki. They were claiming legitimacy under the banner of the Japanese Mythology rather than the 72 Pillars. The Illegal Magicians on their side were using Divas of Japanese Mythology. This made it appear to be a legitimate Japanese independence movement, rather than a puppet state of China. The Headmaster and Kazuki were annoyed that both Futsunushi no Kami and Leme had known something was going on with them but they hadn’t told anybody.  

Kazuki led a group of students to reinforce the Knight Order at the border. But it became clear there was a serious information leak somewhere which meant the military campaign was doomed So Kazuki took the initiative and used only the students to launch a raid on the enemy's headquarters and destroyed it, taking several prisoners in the process. Kazuki and Kazuha were watching Futsunushi no Kami question one of the Divas. Her Wild God state ended due to using up her magic power, Ame no Uzume had calmed down and responded to questions. Apparently all the shrines in western Japan were destroyed.  The ones who did it claimed they were working for the government and showing devotion to the 72 Pillars. But the Headmaster and Lame insisted that didn’t make sense, the 72 Pillars didn’t demand devotion like that. Most likely they had been deceived so they would turn on Japan and the 72 Pillars and support a new state based on Japanese Mythology. But in their Wild God stage they wouldn’t listen to reason. They were told the fastest way to calm them all was to calm the rage of the Chief God found in Ise Grand Shrine. Kazuki and Kazuha were later given a secret mission. While the Knight Order made a massive push north, they were to infiltrate Ise Grand Temple. If they succeeded in persuading the Chief God, Yamato might totally fall apart.

Volume 6 Edit

To prevent the spy for discovering their plan, it was said Kazuki and his friends were allowed a brief vacation to celebrate their victory. They drove to the beach where the girls played while Kazuki and Kazuha leaned how to operate the boat from Lotte. This mission seemed dangerous to Kazuki and he wondered if the Sword God intended it to be some sort of test. Kazuha complained of the tight quarters on the boat as they set sail.

Futsunushi no Kami turned up briefly when they boat happened to enter a Haunted Ground. Kazuha made a notable blunder during that fight but redeemed herself throughout their mission with her natural gift for standard magic. They were suspicious when meeting Yatagarasu, who called himself Amaterasu’s guide. Futsunushi no Kami annoyed them by telling them only the bare minimum of what they needed to know. Ise Grand Shrine had become a massive Haunted Ground. They found themselves trapped inside and being chased by armored soldiers who had the atmosphere of Demonic Beasts. At that point even Kazuha was accusing her Diva of leading them into a trap. It turned out they had been brought here to settle the dispute between two Chief Gods. Susanoo had allied himself with Yamato and Loki. They were asked to defeat him and rescue Amaterasu who was sealed in the temple. They were eventually cornered and forced to fight back.  As they fought side-by-side Kazuha truly started accepting her feelings for Kazuki.

The armored solders were people who tried to contract with Wild Gods but were possessed and went insane, obsessed with destroying Stigma users. There was a way to free them but it took some effort on their part.  Susanoo and Amaterasu were the Yin and Yang of Japanese Mythology and totally opposite. Normally they would each nominate a candidate and they would fight for the title of King. But Amaterasu’s contractor wasn’t made a candidate because she was too weak to fight. But the power-hungry Susanoo had gotten impatient. There were few Amaterasu still had influence over. She had decided the best solution was to subordinate herself and her contractor to Kazuki. That way she could recover her strength and Kazuki would become the proxy candidate. This idea appealed to Leme as Kazuki would become King of two Mythologies. Kazuki wasn’t so thrilled but it would also accomplish their goal of calming the Wild Gods. They felt sorry for those cursed people and freed the remainder of them on their way to the temple, clearing the Haunted Ground.

They were confronted by Susanoo’s contractor Ikōsai Aisu. She was accompanied by the last two masked soldiers who turned out to be the Takasugi brothers. Her Diva recognized the ones the brothers were using and that they were at Level 2, but even together they were no match for Kazuha. She was critical of Kazuki for struggling against Aisu’s tricky style which she understood with no trouble. Yatagarasu persuaded Aisu to not go all-out yet. He explained their plan to make Kazuki the proxy candidate. She had the power to steal the power of any King she defeated. It was to her advantage to wait because Kazuki didn’t officially have a “King” title yet. In the temple they found a blood-caked room. It turned out that helpless contractor had already been brutally murdered by Yamato.  Amaterasu, who dearly loved the girl, was desperately using her waning power to keep her soul intact in her realm. With the Haunted Ground gone it was possible to restore Amaterasu’s power and by combining it with Kazuki’s they could restore that girl’s flesh body. They were led to the seal and asked to supply magic power to it through the Astrum.

After passing a test they entered an environment controlled by Amaterasu’s disembodied contractor Kamimura Itsuki. Her Diva had created this world and a couple of strange individuals for her to interact with. She didn’t need much companionship as she was a hardcore NEET like her Diva. After that Amaterasu had apparently entered a state of hibernation to conserve her energy and they needed to wake her up. It turned out she was drawn to the interactions between men and women, done with open and honest feelings. In particular she seemed to be interested in perverted acts. This made them uncomfortable but they had no choice but to agree. They were put under a mild spell that compelled Kazuha to finally be honest with her feelings for Kazuki and they engaged in a few perverted acts which finally woke the slumbering god.

Futsunushi no Kami finally turned up at that point and they were annoyed he had given them no warning. But he knew that Kazuha would not have agreed to be his companion had they known and he wanted her to finally admit her feelings. Leme was satisfied because the Harem members might have fought over which of them would go. Amaterasu was haunted by guilt over what happened. She had chosen her best friend as her contractor without considering the consequences. But Aisu had been chosen based on strength and had instantly defeated her. This was why she would borrow Kazuki’s power and use it to restore the girl’s flesh body. The girl’s lifespan would depend on the strength of her bond with Kazuki. The girl didn’t care about romance or seemingly about her own life but her Diva encouraged her. Kazuki felt sorry for the lonely and depressed girl and agreed to support her. Itsuki officially became a conquest target. Not much changed though as he couldn’t use her King’s Authority until he beat Aisu and the girl’s Positivity Level was low.

They were ambushed by Aisu and the Takasugi brothers while they were fleeing the realm of the dead. The brothers had abandoned their humanity altogether in their quest for power. They became a powerful monster and as Kazuha took it on she wondered if it was even possible to save them. Futsunushi no Kami said that if the curse was suddenly lifted the shock would probably kill them. There was still a chance to save them, but both her close-range and long-range skills couldn’t make a dent in the monster. Another Japanese Diva appeared, one nearly identical to himself. Take Mikadzuchi had formerly possessed one of the brothers as a Wild God but was now back to normal. He was impressed by Kazuha’s desire to save the despicable brothers. He wanted to contract with her as well, this was possible as the two Sword Gods were originally one entity. Kazuha took the risk and wound up becoming much more powerful. She was able to dominate the creature and safely return the brothers to normal.

Once Kazuki understood Aisu’s tricks he was able to dominate the fight because she wasn’t used to facing strong opponents and lost her composure. She admitted it was her loss this time and fled. This was enough to tip the scales, most of the Divas originally loyal to Amaterasu came back to their senses. Thus their mission to drive Yamato into disarray was achieved. They also dragged the collapsed brothers back to the real world before they were consumed by the darkness.

Powers and Abilities Edit

10 Inherent Powers: Edit

Level 1: ?

Level 2: Kenki Tensei: A globe of fire burns into existence at the caster's side and floats in place. From within the flame, a sword appears, a phantom of a famous Japanese swordsman/warrior starts floating faintly overlapping with the weapon and comes into existence they can then attack the opponent with the same skills and abilities they had when they were alive. The limit is a maximum of three phantoms.

Level 3: Futsu no Mitama: It creates a copy of Futsunushi no Kami that possesses the power to tear apart magic power and purify evil.

Level 4: Ameno Hidzukuri no Kazatsuchi: A composite attack that consists of a shockwave of wind and an explosion of flame.

Level 5: Tenkū Battō Rengehō: The caster summons a giant wind of flame that creates Sacred Treasure katana. These katana can be launched at the enemy and are enhanced with many elements, like being covered in flames, or clad in electricity, or the ability to fly in an irregular trajectory.

Level 6: Kenki Shihou Ken: A large number of bluish-white souls gather around the user, they then transform into 4 enormous arms and katana with each hand wielding a katana. The arms answer to the users' will and can be controlled remotely.

Level ?: Mikafutsu no Mitama: The caster creates a large golden katana that has the speed and destructive power of lightning.

Level ?:

Level ?:

Level 10: Futsunushi no Kami: Futsunushi no Kami can be summoned as the real sword and not a copy of a sword. This allows the user to use him as a sword. This sword is able to cut only the thing the wielder wishes to cut. What Futsunushi no Kami can cut is in proportion to the skill of its wielder.


  • In Japanese mythology, Futsunushi is a kami of swords, thus his Shinto priests are supposed to always wear Nihintō with them, at least in the shrine. He is a general of Amaterasu along with Take Mikazuchi.
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