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Japanese ガミーギン
Other names Gamygin


Personal Information
Species Diva
Gender 212px-FemaleFemale
Status Alive
Affiliation 72 Pillars of Solomon

Hayashizaki Kazuki (King)

Partner(s) Asamiya Anna
Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 4
Gamygyn (ガミーギン) is the 4th of the 72 Pillars of Solomon. She is the Diva of Asamiya Anna.

Appearance Edit

She is portrayed as crying with a hoarse voice in contrast with her beautiful appearance.

Personality Edit

All of the 72 Pillars of Solomon recognize Hayashizaki Kazuki as their King.

History Edit

Background Edit

Asamiya Anna made a contract with her last year.

Plot Edit

Volume 4 Edit

Her image is first seen during the Election Tournament.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

10 Inherent Powers: Edit

Level ?: Spinning Death Scythe: A giant floating scythe is summoned and it attacks the enemy as if it was held by an unseen hand.

Level 5: Black Titan: Pitch black mist bursts forth from the earth rapidly and envelopes the user's body. The mist then transforms into a giant that is controlled from the inside.

Level ?: Gallop Racer: Summons a horse with a body clad in red flame. If the individuality is so strong it can also transform into a large red bike.

Trivia Edit

  • This character is usually depicted as male in the legends.
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