Hajime Kondō
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Hajime Kondou manga
Japanese 混同 はじめ
Rōmaji Hajime Kondō
Personal Information
Species Human
Gender 212px-MaleMale
Age Teens
Status Alive
Eye Unknown
Hair Blonde
Occupation Knight Order
Affiliation Swordsmanship Division
School National Knight Academy
Partner(s) Yukari Souma
Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 2
Manga debut Chapter 21

Hajime Kondō (混同 はじめ Kondō Hajime) is a police knight attached to the Knight Order of Chubu Jurisdiction.


Hajime looks like an ordinary young man. He wears the Knight Order's uniform.


Hajime has a quiet personality and listens to his upperclassmen without question. As a personal favor he agreed to protect Mio Amasaki during her quests. During that mission he was nearly killed by Beatrix Baumgard. Kazuki Hayashizaki saved him and his partner from death and covered for their escape. He felt guilty when he was presumably tricked into assisting in the plot to frame Kazuki and destroy his reputation as a king. So when they met agin during the civil war he treated Kazuki with the upmost respect and obeyed all his orders.



He and his partner Yukari were both former students of Mr. Amasaki the current chairman of the Knight Academy. He was concerned about his step-daughter Mio after she teamed up with Kazauki. He asked them to be bodyguards and to follow them on any dangerous quests. Their first mission was to clear a Haunted Ground and they had failed badly so he hired them after that as a precaution.


Volume 2 Edit

Kazuki and Mio re-challenged the same quest days later this time teamed up with a girl named Lotte and they fared much better. They did not interfere directly until Kazuki found a Sacred Treasure in a shrine and picked it up. Since the government said such things were dangerous they immediately stormed in to confiscate it, telling them off for even touching it. Mio was offended by their rude behavior. Later on the group was attacked by a knight from Germany named Beatrix, What none of them knew was there was a conspiracy centered around Lotte. She had fled from Germany because being an Illegal Magician there carried a death sentence. But Japan was desperate for help against Loki from the experts on Norse Mythology so they had struck a deal. The Knight Order had agreed to "look the other way" while the Germans "arranged an accident" for Lotte while she was on a quest. Any surviving witnesses would be ordered to stay quiet. Beatrix was therefore surprised when they rushed in to protect Mio then realized they were not aware of those orders. It was their intention to cover for the students and give them the chance to escape. But Hajime was totally outclassed by Beatrix and she would have killed him and his partner if Kazuki had not jumped in and saved his life, offering to cover for their escape. Yukari was offended by this at first but realized they were totally outmatched and took his advice, thanking him for saving their lives. But Hajime did run back briefly to help when Beatrix nearly killed Kazuki with a powerful spell, repaying this debt.

In the aftermath of these events Hajime asked his former teacher Hisatada Tsukahara to arrange a meeting with Kazuki, though Yukari maintained her cold attitude towards him. They could not tell him why they were there that day, only that they were under orders, So as to give thm a proper thank you, Hajime gave Kazuki the Sacred Treasure they had confiscated that day, which he had not bothered to turn in. Both he and his teacher did not approve of the government's stance on such things. They believed that their position was a conspiracy to keep the Swordsmen in a subservient position to the Magical Stigma. Kazuki knew he would be facing Beatrix again and needed all the help he could get so he accepted the gift. Most likely none of them knew that situation had been staged by the Headmaster Tsukikurō Otonashi. He was one of many in power who was threatened by the idea of a "king". They had no wish to submit to the authority of a 15 year-old boy who had already proven unwilling to blindly follow orders he considered wrong. The "theft" of this Sacred Treasure would be one of many false changes issued against Kazuki in order to destroy his reputation as a king. But in the end he was able to overcome these obstacles and prove himself.