Hayashizaki Jinkai
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Japanese 林崎 仁会
Kana はやしざきじんかい
Personal Information
Species Human
Gender 212px-Male Male
Status Alive
Relatives Mrs. Hayashizaki (wife, deceased)

Hayashizaki Kanae (daughter)
Hayashizaki Kazuki (step-son)

Occupation Swodsmanship[ Instructor
Hayashizaki Jinkai (林崎(はやしざき) 仁会(じんかい)) is the father of Kanae. He also adopted Kazuki as a child. He is the one who trained them both in swordsmanship.

Personality Edit

He was the one who first discovered Kazuki’s potential and took him out of the orphanage and accepted him into his school. After his wife passed away he formally adopted him into his family so his daughter wouldn’t be so lonely. He was a proud swordsman. The whole family celebrated when Kanae didn’t receive an Enigma on her 14th birthday, though Kazuki did the following year. It was he who first came up with the idea of how to use a sword to pierce through Defensive Magic, though it was Kazuki who was the first one to succeed at it.

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