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Other names The Zero Knight
Personal Information
Species Human, Ghost
Gender 212px-FemaleFemale
Status Deceased
Relatives Hayashizaki Kazuki (son)
Hair Black
Occupation Knight Order


Diva Lemegeton
Partner(s) Liz Liza Westwood
Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 1
Manga debut Chapter 15
Hibiki (響) was the mother of Hayashizaki Kazuki who left him at the entrance of Nanohana House. She was also the previous contractor of Lemegeton. Also 10 years ago she fought against Loki with a legendary sword in her possession Ame-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi. She wasn't aware that she wielded the Kusanagi at that time, she was also the Zero Knight who defeated Loki in his incomplete materialization.



According to Loki, she was a lot like Kazuki on protecting the very things important to them even at the risk of their life. Hibiki has an indomitable will.



During the Mythology's chaotic outbreak Loki and his comrades killed many of Hibiki's family members, friends, acquaintances, and allies. She refused to give up and stared at Loki's contractor and Loki with fierce opposition with a strong will that sent them shivering. At some point in time she came in contact with the Ame-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi and used it to defeat him. Somewhere in the middle of the outbreak Hibiki left Kazuki at the entrance of the Nanohana House to protect him from Loki, so that she could confront him and his contractor and defeat them. Her final battle was at the third level of the Grand Haunted Ground at Mount Fuji where she fought, defeated and killed Loki's previous contractor. When she realized the importance of the sword she was holding, she used up all of her remaining life force to place a super strong seal on the Kusangi so it won't fall into the wrong hands. She has been waiting on Mount Fuji in spirit since her death for the day where her successor challenges the Grand Haunted Ground as a test to claim the sword.


Volume 1 Edit

White under Magic Intoxication, Kazuki is haunted by the memory of his mother abandoning him.

Volume 4 Edit

Kazuki is hit with a spell that forces him to relive his greatest trauma. He once again sees his mother abandon him and is able to see her face clearly for the first time. He is already past this trauma, but remains curious what drove her to do it.

Volume 8Edit

She was mentioned that 10 years ago she fought against Loki, however both her and Loki's host died. Before she died, she realized the importance of the sword she was holding so she placed a super strong seal on the Kusanagi so that she can leave it to her successor of Lemegeton to claim the sword so it won't fall into the wrong hands. 10 years later she reunited briefly by voice with Kazuki and Lemegeton and helped her son by giving him a temporary Kusanagi to defeat Ilyaelia Murometz.

Volume 9 Edit

Liz Lisa Westwood mentioned her to Kazuki about the time she was with her. Later, in the Haunted Ground of Mt. Fuji, Hibiki sends her avatar to Kazuki and talks with him about their past. She sees Kazuki's cooking and deeply regrets that she couldn't teach his child about her own cooking. After some moments she disappears and encourages Kazuki to reach the top of the mountain.

When Kazuki and the girls reached the summit, Hibiki swung Kusanagi at Kazuki. He parried the slash with one of the basic arts of Hayashizaki's style and counterattacked, but he stopped. She praises Kazuki's strength and reveals everything that she regretted, including her decision to abandon her son, Kazuki, to an orphanage. Instead of being scolded or being the target of Kazuki's rage, he thanks her for everything.

Moments after that, Hel warps and tries to consume Hibiki's magic power and soul. Hel fails to consume her completely and she retreats with Kazuki while the girls try to hold Hel off. She spoils Kazuki a bit and leaves Kusanagi to him. Unable to maintain her materialized body, she vanishes from the Haunted Ground and conveys her light particles and magic power to Kazuki's chest, saying that from now they will be together.

Volume 11 Edit

Her soul appears inside his subconscious mind thanking him as Kazuki breaks through Medicine Wheel's illusion.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

From what Loki said about her in Volume 8, it was assumed that she was the strongest person in Japan from killing many Demonic Beasts, subduing many Illegal Magicians, and fighting Loki's incomplete materialization evenly. In Volume 9, Liz Liza Westwood confirmed that she was the strongest Magika Stigma in Japan in her time when the world was chaotic and surpassed every member of the First Knights.

She was also Japan's King and the King of the 72 Pillars of Solomon at that time.

She was the contractor of Lemegeton.

King's Authority: Edit

Authority of the King of Japanese Mythology: Hibiki owned the Three Regalia and was therefore the King of two Mythologies.

Power of Bonds: As the contractor of Leme, she would have been granted the power of other Divas of the 72 Pillars of Solomon. The level of power she could use would have been dependent of the relationships she had with her fellow contractors.


Kusanagi: One of Japan's Three Regalia that was previously owned by her.


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