Hrotsvit Leedrama
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Volume 11 Color 3
Personal Information
Species Human
Gender 212px-FemaleFemale
Status Alive (Resurrected)
Eye Silver
Hair Silver
Affiliation Germany
Diva Odin
Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 11
Hrotsvit Lesedrama was the king of Germany.

Appearance Edit

Hrotsvit was a beautiful woman with long silver hair and silver eyes. She wore a deep blue robe calm with a veil placed in her hair, giving her a stern look. Her magical dress was a green hat brimmed and green robe.

Personality Edit

Hrotsvit was soft-spoken, polite, but a shrewd and insightful leader. Like most Nordic Mythology followers, she liked battle. However, she was much wiser and shrewd in relation to its people as Breatrix . Kazuki Hayashizaki compared his personality to Odin is known for: well Odin appreciated battle like Thor, he was best known for winning battles using strategy and wisdom instead simply head on approach.

She has proven since her first appearance to be quite arrogant, cunning and violent; making it hard for others to trust her. During the talks with Kazuki, Clark and Arthur, she blatantly disregarded America and even suggested to Kazuki that Germany and Japan should just plunder America rather then allied with them. Her attitude caused Kazuki to be even more distrusted with her than he was at Clark. She was also fine with abandoning Regina when they went after Loki, China, and Russian because she didn't see any reason to help. Ilyailiya considered Hrotsivit to be someone that shouldn't be trusted, even more then Loki.

Powers and Abilities Edit

As the King of Germany, Hrotsvit was the strongest person in her country. Having been a powerful warrior and strategist, Loki understood that she could not be beaten with only brute force alone and that even a king need companion to help out-smart her to win.

Weapon Mastery: Hrotsvit was immensely skilled with wielding mace's and spear's. Her attacks were fast, powerful yet accurate.

Perception Reinforcement Magic: Hrotsvit was as skilled in foresight and extra sense as Kazuki, if not more so because she was blind.

Master Tactician and Strategist: Hrotsvit was very cunning, wise and skilled at understand whatever situation she found herself in. She could quickly understand her opponents weakness and respond with the most optimistic method need to defeat them.

Power of the Lunatic King: According Beatrix and Loki, this power is Odin authority as king. The closer one is to magical depletion and death , the more powerful and fierce their spell and attack will become. The obvious weakness is that she has little defence, but she uses her insight to counter almost anything in her path. The only way to beat her to outsmart her and catch her by surprise.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite their difference in goals and ideals, Beleth said that Hrotsvit was a warrior that closely resembled Kazuki: Both being highly skilled martial artist with great insight and tactical thinking.
  • Hrotsvit was blind.

Gallery Edit

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