Illegal Magicians are those that form contracts with Divas outside the Mythology supported by their country. Other than Japan, Magically Advanced Countries are forced to adopt a strict faith doctrine. In those countries people who make Illegal Contracts are often executed as heretics without trial. Another reason to be cautious of such people was that when people make a contract with an unknown Diva their intention isn’t always benevolent. Some Divas would try to corrupt the mind of their host and seize their flesh body for themselves. Warning signs include lack of empathy and emotion in general. Often they will go insane and target innocent people. The 72 Pillars of Solomon, which support Japan, don’t demand a faith doctrine. But while their treatment of such people is less extreme they still would seal away the power of any suspicious magician they find. Often they are thrown in prison for life based on the flimsiest of charges. This was because Tokyo was destroyed 15 years ago by a group of rampaging magicians. However, if the Diva had no hostile intent it was possible to live a normal life, though many lived in constant fear of discovery.

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