Kazuki Hayashizaki Edit

his relationship started null because ilyaelia onli helped him protect charlotte but then they became as she ally with loki along with china to defeated them and other kings(arthur,regina and hrosvit).she initially saw to kazuki antithesis being that he uses the power of the emotions to defeat them while she discarded them in order to become more powerful but deep dow she felt jealous of him for allowing himself to have feelings that she could not.

at the end of being defeated by kazuki she joins together with the other divas and contractors to help kazuki defeat lucifer.after this defeat lucifer and asks for her wish she goes japan a starst study about the country while at the same time once she loses her emotionless attitude and becomes a more cheerful girl,she also becomes emotionally attached to kazuki saying that it her duty to teach her to live emotions.

Charlotte Lieben Frau Edit


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