Ishida Jussei
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Ishida Jussei.
Japanese 石田純生
Personal Information
Species Human
Gender 212px-Male Male
Age 16-17
Status Alive
Occupation Student


Affiliation Swordsmanship Division

Team Miyamoto Reina (Election Tournament)

School National Knight Academy
Partner(s) Miyamoto Reina

Nagasaka Yuka
Sagawa Tsuyoshi

Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 4
Manga debut Chapter 45
Ishida Jussei (石田純生) is a second year student in the Swordsmanship Division. He participates in the tournament to decide the Chef Student Council President.

Personality Edit

He is stunned by the abilities of their opponent Hayashizaki Kazuki, indicating he didn't prepare properly before their match.

History Edit

Background Edit

He enrolled in the Swordsmanship Division last year.

Plot Edit

Volume 4 Edit

An election for Chief Student Council President was announced. But rather than a traditional election, a tournament would be held. Each candidate would be in a four-person team with two people from each division. The candidates formed teams and arrived for a meeting. There were a few famous candidates. Hayashizaki Kazuki, the only male in the Magic Division, had built quite a reputation. Magic Division President Otonashi Kaguya, the most powerful Magika Stigma in the school who had already defeated nearly every strong student in her year. Magic Division Vice-President Hoshikaze Hikaru, who was strong and tremendously popular in the school. A candidate from the Swordsmanship Division was Takasugi Shūsui, he and his twin brother were radical political activists and weren’t strong or popular but had recruited powerful allies. Another team was led by Mibu Akira, who was notable for being forced to attend the school against her will and hated the place. A lottery was held at the meeting to set the bracket for the tournament.

He was recruited to help Miyamoto Reina win the post of Chief Student Council President. His teammates were Nagasaka Yuka of the Magic Division. As well as Sagawa Tsuyoshi of the Swordsmanship Division. They faced off against the team led by Hayashizaki Kazuki in the very first match of the tournament. He first faced off against Hikita Kōhaku and was being overwhelmed. When she ran off to aid Amasaki Miō he tried to attack her when her back was turned but was stopped by Kazuki. Kazuki then easily knocked him out of the match, from his reaction to Kazuki's powers he hadn't done his homework on their opponents before the match. Kazuki's team won the match.

The Knight Order discovered that many of the tournament’s participants had been brainwashed and had been left with no memory of their actions. It also seemed that this brainwashing was also why they had all entered the tournament in the first place. Their behavior had been strange enough to attract the attention of their friends. It seems these girls were among those who were assaulted by a mysterious figure over the past weeks and were brainwashed while under Magic Intoxication. Reina and Yuka were among those girls who were brainwashed. They were freed from control after they assaulted Kazuki in a large group and were taken into custody but were not held responsible for their actions.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Swordsmanship: According to Kazuki he had considerable skill but he was totally outclassed by Hikita Kōhaku even without her Sacred Treasures.

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