Itsuki Kamimura
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Itsuki Kamimura
Japanese (かみ)(むら) いつき
Rōmaji Kamimura Itsuki
Personal Information
Gender 212px-FemaleFemale
Age Teens
Status Alive (Resurrected)
Eye Hazel
Hair Brown

Itsuki Kamimura ((かみ)(むら) いつき Kamimura Itsuki) is the summoner of Amaterasu.


Itsuki is a relatively short girl, she has very long brown hair and chestnut colored eyes. Itsuki wears a long blue dress with white ornaments as well as blue ribbons, she also wears blue sandals.


Itsuki is a cheerful girl, but she's very shy when she encounters a stranger. She also a hikkikomori.


She came from a lineage of Shinto Priests. She went to study how to become a Priest however with the high expectations she soon succumbed to pressure and starting failing. She soon became conscious to those around her and starting becoming a shut in NEET. She found isolation comfortable. Around that time Amaterasu became her friend. Later she asked her parents for money for "Shinto School" however it was used for games. When her parents found out they stopped caring for her. She later learned she had more magical power than others. Before she was crowned as a King she was killed by Aisu Ikōsai.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Abilities and SkillsEdit

As the current summoner of Amaterasu she is one of the strongest summoner of Japan. She gave up her King position to Kazuki saying that it was too much work for her. She doesn't do well with close quarters combat and always attacks at a distance.

Amaterasu 10 inherent powers:Edit

Summon a copy of Yata no Kami using Amaterasu's magic to purify beings. (In the early version of Japanese mythology the real Yata no Kami belonged to Amaterasu until it was stolen by her brother Susanoo in heaven) Amaterasu powers allows Itsuki to use the power of the Three Regalia to certain extent compared to the real sacred treasures.

Level ?: Ame no Murakumo:

Level ?: Ame no Murakumo - Shirakumo no Yoroi:

Level ?: Yata no Kagami - Youka Ippou:

Level ?: Yata no Kagami - Youka Issen:

Level ?: Yasakani no Magatama - Yachimon Shibari:

Summon a short sword (sacred treasure of Amaterasu's) with the ability to add something akin to white armor (Body Reinforcement). The full extent of this magic is yet known.

Level 10: Ame no Nuboku:


  • Kazuki obtained the Key to her Heart in Volume 11, Chapter 1
  • She and Kazuki had their first kiss in Volume 11, Chapter 3