Iwatami Reiko
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Japanese 岩見Re子
Personal Information
Species Human
Gender 212px-FemaleFemale
Age 16-17
Status Alive
Occupation Student

Magika Stigma

Affiliation Magic Division

Team Iwatami Reiko (Election Tournament)

School National Knight Academy
Diva Unknown
Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 4
Manga debut Chapter 46
Iwatami Reiko (岩見Re子) is a second year student in the Magic Division at the National Knight Academy. She was one of the candidates for Chief Student Council President.

Personality Edit

It’s known that she wasn’t brainwashed like many were and compelled to announce their candidacy. But it isn’t known if she was bribed or otherwise pressured into it.

History Edit

Background Edit

She enrolled in the National Knight Academy last year.

Plot Edit

Volume 4 Edit

An election for Chief Student Council President was announced. But rather than a traditional election, a tournament would be held. Each candidate would be in a four-person team with two people from each division. The candidates formed teams and arrived for a meeting. There were a few famous candidates. Hayashizaki Kazuki, the only male in the Magic Division, had built quite a reputation. Magic Division President Otonashi Kaguya, the most powerful Magika Stigma in the school who had already defeated nearly every strong student in her year. Magic Division Vice-President Hoshikaze Hikaru, who was strong and tremendously popular in the school. A candidate from the Swordsmanship Division was Takasugi Shūsui, he and his twin brother were radical political activists and weren’t strong or popular but had recruited powerful allies. Another team was led by Mibu Akira, who was notable for being forced to attend the school against her will and hated the place. A lottery was held at the meeting to set the bracket for the tournament. Her team faced off against the team led by Takasugi Shūsui in the third match of the first round. They were soon drawn into the mental world of Ryūtaki Miyabi and quickly defeated.

Volume 5 Edit

Prior to the finals a series of exhibition matches were held allowing the eliminated teams to show their skills again. In the end Magic Division President Otonashi Kaguya and her Vice-President Hoshikaze Hikaru (who many had thought would end up being the strongest candidates) faced off for third place. Hikaru had never defeated her rival and that held true even in this team battle. The final match was held between Hayashizaki Kazuki and the team led by Mibu Akira, which had been infiltrated by foreign spies trying to assassinate him. Despite the danger Kazuki displayed incredible skill and won the tournament, making quite an impression. Over the following week the candidates campaigned and on the day of the election all 16 sat in front of the student body waiting for the official tally. In the end Kazuki won by a wide margin and delivered a speech focusing on unity between the two schools.

A few days later news reports stated there had been a massive coordinated strike on all Knight Order posts in western Japan by a mysterious force including mysterious Illegal Magicians. All of western Japan had now been conquered by this unknown army. Western Japan declared itself an independent nation called Yamato which would follow the Japanese Mythology. This made it appear that they were an authentic Japanese independence movement. But the fact that many members of their leadership were suspected of being on China’s payroll, and that they were allied with Loki, made it clear that wasn’t true. Kazuki later called the students into a meeting. At the request of the Knight Order he would be leading a volunteer force of skilled students to reinforce the border. Thanks to an information leak, they were almost wiped out during an ambush on their way to the front lines. Feeling the need to make a surprise attack without tipping their hand to the enemy, Kazuki led only the students on a raid behind enemy lines. This assault became Japan’s first victory in the Civil War and went a long way to establishing his reputation as a leader. It is unknown if Reiko was a part of this volunteer force on not.

Powers and Abilities Edit

She is a Magika Stigma, but the identity of her Diva is unknown.

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