Kōhaku Hikita
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Kohaku Hikita
Japanese 疋田 琥珀
Rōmaji Hikita Kōhaku
Personal Information
Species Human
Gender 212px-FemaleFemale
Age 15
Status Alive
Eye Dark Blue
Hair Dark Green
Occupation Student
Sword Division Student Council Vice President
Affiliation Swordsmanship Division
School National Knight Academy
Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 2
Manga debut Chapter 18

Kōhaku Hikita (疋田琥珀Hikita Kōhaku ) is the second strongest swordsman in fencing Division after Kanae Hayashizaki . She pursues Kazuki Hayashizaki initially because of his sword skills but with time she falls in love with him as the rest of the girls. She is also Kazuha Tsukahara's best friend whom she refers to as Priestess Princess-sama. Kōhaku later becomes the vice president of the student council fencing Division. She was the student council president for a brief time after defeating Kanae in Volume 3, but lost the position in Volume 5.


Kōhaku is a pretty girl, she has long hair gray (in subsequent illustrations, her hair is dark green), which passes around the waist and deep blue eyes. It also features six magic swords and a normal sword with her. Kohaku wears feminine uniform Sword Division with narrow sleeves a kimono-style blouse with a female miniskirt hakama style, combining in a device consisting of both Japanese and Western styles.


Kōhaku has a cheerful and happy personality, Kazuki described it as version "Swordsman" myo. It has unique "love" by Kazuki later, it is revealed that she is not in love with Kazuki, but in fact, his skill in fencing. She tries to get close to Kazuki make him marry her, despite all their attempts were unsuccessful. She wants to join Hayashizaki and Shinkage family sword styles in one to make the strongest school style sword. She finally stops chasing Kazuki under the pretext of uniting his two sword styles and finally admits her feelings to him, becoming another member of his harem. She also has a cool personality for those that she is not familiar with how to Hikari, however, she has a sense of honor as when she stopped fighting with Hikari when this defeat admitted. She addresses Kazuki with the honorific -dono, so is his way of speaking quite archaic and polite.

Kōhaku is very old and pure fashion when it comes to love. She quickly becomes embarrassed just to make physical contacted with Kazuki.

It addresses as this, self etc.


Kōhaku comes from Hikita family and is one of the strongest people of the Sword Division with Kanae. During her days of middle school, the other girls teased her because she wanted to become a strong swordsman. She fell hard for Kazuki after witnessing his battles at the school.


Volume 2 Edit

One morning she went to the Witch's House, where Kazuki lived with the members of the Magic Division Student Council. She came across Kazuki giving lessons to the Vice-President Hikaru Hoshikaze. They were playing around and flirting when he detected her presence and she emerged. She thought playing around would dull his senses, but Kazuki assured a worried Hikaru that wasn't case. Hikaru tried to launch a sneak attack when he back was turned. But it was detected, blocked and she barely stopped the counter-attack. Hikaru realized she had underestimated her badly and apologized. Kōhaku suddenly proposed to Kazuki out of the blue, despite only having met him minutes before. She told him her goal was to unite their two sword-styles. He thought this insane, of course, and turned her down flat.

So instead she asked him to join her party instead. Her plan was to create a party of swordsmen only. It was not permitted for them to take on quests without Magical Stigma, so that was where Kazuki came in. He could get them approved but would be expected to fight only with a sword in the field. She wanted to show that they were just as capable of accomplishing things like that. Kazuki knew that things had gradually been getting better for them recently, ever since his duel with Mio but it was evidently not fast enough for her. He noted there were many enemies out there that could not be defeated with sword alone, but she claimed to have a plan. She also complained about the banning of Sacred Treasures. Not just among students but even by those in the Knight Order.

Sacred Treasures were weapons that were found in Haunted Grounds that has been imbued with great power. The official stance of the government was that their origin was mysterious and they might be a threat to the mental stability of it's wielder. But she noted that no research or proof had even been shown to the public regarding that, it was just accept by people. Besides, the very same risks were carried by those who made contracts with Divas. They could not deny that given the strong discrimination there was regarding swordsmen it was not had to imagine a conspiracy to deny swordsmen access to something that might let them stand on equal footing. In the end Kazuki refused to leave his current party or to date her. The two girls argued about how Kōhaku was addressing Kazuki. In the end Kazuki found the debate interesting and offered to be her friend. Torazō Yamada came to visit and was surprised to see her there. He was critical of her for skipping their Student Council meeting to do this. But no loner wanted to join them. She soon lost interest in the argument and took off .

Kanae was very unhappy when she found out Kazuki was doing morning trining with Hikaru and confronted him about it. She then met Lotte, yet another rival, whom she refused to accept as a worthy housemate of her brother until she proved herself. Kanae still insisted she was the right girl for Kazuki, but he had no intention of marrying his step-sister. Kōhaku had been watching all of this from the bushes before revealing herself. Kanae was very annoyed that she was yet another rival for Kazuki's affections. The two of them got in an argument as she felt that Kanae was getting too friendly with the Magic Division president Kaguya Otonashi. Lotte recognized her as a worthy opponent for the practice match that was scheduled for that day. Kanae approved it and Hikaru acted as their referee. In the beginning it was an even contest and Kōhaku showed remarkable speed. But Lotte's chanting speed was no joke, she also could increase her range with lighting as well as machine guns, which no other Diva had been know to use before. In the end Hikaru put a stop to the fight before she got hurt and declared Lotte the winner by default. Kōhaku found this very frustrating and vowed to prove herself to Kazuki in some other way before storming off.

Ever since it became known that Kazuki would become King of the 72 Pillars there were those in power very unhappy about the notion. They had no wish to submit to the authority of a 15 year-old boy and grew more fearful of him every time he displayed his remarkable powers. His friend Lotte had fled from Germany because being an Illegal Magician there carried a death sentence. The Germans were demanding her return, and Japan found it hard to say no because they were the ones with the expertise on Loki, who they were desperately looking for. It proved to be a test of loyalty when Kazuki was ordered to stand aside and let Germany's ace knight Beatrix Baumgard assassinate Lotte while they were on a quest so they could cover it up later by pretending it was an accident. But Kazuki would not do it, he fought back and defeated Beatrix, something no ordinary student could do. People were even more fearful of his power now, and realizing he was beyond their control they got desperate.

The Knight Order declared that Kazuki was a dangerous Illegal Magician based on trumped up charges and ordered that the Knight Academy should arrest both him and Lotte. They handed this task to the strongest Magical Stigma, Kaguya, who recruited only Torazō to act as her vanguard so no one would realize what was going on until it was too late. Kazuki's homeroom teacher Liz Liza Westwood wound up being the sole voice of opposition. Realizing she would not find any help in her own department she contacted her old partner Hisatada Tsukahara who was an teacher in the Swordsmanship Division. It was he who sent Kōhaku to help them. But the time she arrived Kazuki had nearly been overwhelmed, along with Lotte, their teammate Mio Amasaki and their classmate Koyuki Hiakari who had tried to help them. Torazō was shocked by her sudden appearance but neither Kaguya nor Koyuki even knew who she was. One of her Scared Treasures produced a mist which could be used to cover for their escape. Kazuki insisted she was a friend who could be trusted and they escaped together, Kōhaku told them the Swordsmanship Division could shelter them without anyone finding out. Due to all the magic she used to cover for their escape, Koyuki wound up passing out due to Magic Intoxication and had to be carried the rest of the way.

Due to lack of space they were all sharing a room. Koyuki was still passed out and the other girls were resting and waiting for the effects of Kaguya's senses stealing attack to end. Kazuki was grateful for the rescue and she was glad for the chance to place him in her debt. She told him the whole story of how it happened and he was grateful that he still had a few friends left he could trust at the Academy. They were joined by the teacher and spoke of how they planned to use this situation to promote change at the school. There was a major school meeting coming up in a few days and they planned to seize the opportunity to expose the corruption of the Magic Division and the role they played in the attempt on Lotte's life. They could do great harm to their sterling reputation while boosting their own by bragging about her rescue. Kazuki didn't much care for them dividing school more than it already was but knew it was probably their best shot at ensuring Lotte's continued safety. Recognizing that Kazuki would feel conflicting loyalties, they planned to keep them locked up and under guard with Scared Treasure until the day came. They spoke of their distrust with the other Student Council and plans to rid the school of corrupt staff members keeping them down. It sounded to a nervous Kazuki like their were aiming to start a war.

Volume 3 Edit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Skills and ExpertiseEdit

Fencing : Kōhaku is exceptionally good at fencing.


Kōhaku tends to fight using seven separate magic swords, each with their own unique abilities, making her formidable enough to even beat Kanae when it begins to use them. However, magic swords are forbidden, apparently because they have a tendency to affect the minds of its users, even leading to long-term ownership. Kōhaku practice style Shinkage family Hikita which is the ancient sword style given in Kyushu. Swords known so far:

  • Taroudachi
  • Murasame
  • Doutanuki
  • The Mi kadzuki nechika
  • With wood
  • Sukehiro
  • nodachi ordinary


  • She wants to combine the sword styles Shikage and Hayashizaki.
  • She and Kazuki shared their first kiss in Volume 12, Chapter 2
  • She is the only member of the Harem who does not have have a bond with a Diva. Kazuki felt guilty for ignoring her feelings at first because seducing her would have no benefit for his power as king.