Kanon Kodzuki
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Japanese 香月 花音 (こづき かのん)
Rōmaji Kodzuki Kanon
Personal Information
Species Human
Gender 212px-FemaleFemale
Age Teens
Status Alive
Eye Light Pink
Hair Light blonde
Affiliation Knight Order
School National Knight Academy (formerly)
Diva Belial
Partner(s) Akane Yagumo
Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 5

Kanon Kodzuki (()(づき) ()(のん) Kodzuki Kanon) is a 3rd year student and the previous student council president of the Magic Division.


Kanon is a young short girl with light blonde hair as well as bright pink eyes that have unusual plus-shaped pupils. She is usually seen wearing the uniform of Knight Order.


Kanon has very childish and cheerful personality. She likes to tease the residents of Witch's House. However she can become serious when the situation calls for it. However, she tends to slack off when it time to study.

Kanon think very highly of herself, often calling herself the greatest Student Council President (among other add-on's). A running gag around Kanon is how she always tries to be the centre of attention and believe everyone would prefers her over Kazuki Hayashizaki. Although, everyone admits that they prefer Kazuki; either liking him more or wanting to do thing with him rather than her.


Kanon was the Student Council President of the Magic Division a year before the start of the series.



Volume 5 Edit


Powers and Abilities Edit

Abilities and Skills Edit

Belial 10 inherent powers: Edit

Level ?: Dead Asset: The avatar of Belial appears behind the user to destroy all of the sacred treasures created from the enemies summoning magic.

Level ?: Emission Flare: Streaks of bluish-white flames in vast quantities descend from the sky and spread everywhere that not even the user can control, with no distinction between friend or foe.