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Magika chara8 Kaya
Japanese 香耶
Kana かや
Personal Information
Species Possessed Human
Gender 212px-FemaleFemale
Age Teens
Status Alive
Relatives Amasaki Miō (step-sister)
Eye Orange-Red
Hair Black (formerly)


Occupation Magika Stigma

Illegal Magician (in Japan)

Affiliation Hayashizaki Kazuki

Chaos Faction

School None
Diva Loki
Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 1
Manga debut Chapter 8

Kaya (()()) sees herself as the “little sister” of Hayashizaki Kazuki and Amasaki Miō. They lived in the same orphanage years ago. However, those two showed great potential and got adopted as kids. Kaya got left behind and became very lonely and bitter, which is why she agreed to form an Illegal Contract with Loki. He used her affection for her childhood friends to twist her mind and seize her body for his own.


Kaya has silver hair, she is first seen wearing a white tattered blouse. Kazuki described her as a girl that was probably in junior high. Later in Volume 2, she starts wearing a black t-shirt printed with a skull image and jeans that were roughly damaged, and boots that were accessorized with silver thumbtacks.


Kaya has a serious personality, she appears to hate everyone except Kazuki. She calls him onii-chan with twisted affection. She once told Kazuki she agreed to the contract because she wanted power and the ability to escape her miserable circumstances. She also insisted she was happier having power, even if she had to share her body. It isn’t clear though if those feelings were truly hers or if she was being influenced.


Background Edit

When she was little, she stayed at the Nanohana House with Miō and Kazuki who she loved as older siblings. However Kazuki was adopted due to his potential as a swordsman. Then Miō was adopted for her talent at magic. Since Kaya had no such great potential she was left behind alone and became very lonely. But she still had dreams of her own and this made her vulnerable to the influence of Loki who she made a contract with, turning her into an Illegal Magician and her black hair silver.

Plot Edit

Volume 1 Edit

Kaya approached Kazuki while he was in town. He was on a date with Miō but she wasn't with him at the time. Kaya greeted him as an old friend. But he didn't recognize her at first due to her strange appearance. He was concerned about her strange behavior. He eventually addresses her by name and she was very happy. She ran off before Miō returned. She was upset when Akira (Earth Snake) attacked them after she departed. She insisted she would kill them both herself. Of course, this wasn't her true desire, but a dark impulse placed in her by Loki to twist her mind. She continued to struggle against this, but Earth Snake was too far gone already and no longer thought for himself.

Kaya was in attendance at the Inter-Division battles where Kazuki competed. She became angry that he had found happiness and a place where he belonged, unlike her. She summoned dragons, vowing to destroy the new home he found for himself. Kazuki and Miō fought against her and were very disturbed that their childhood friend had gone insane. Finally Otonashi Kaguya hit her with a deadly attack. She begged Kazuki to save her, but was unable to do anything. In terror she completely surrendered to Loki and he used her body to fully manifest in the world for the first time.

Volume 2 Edit

A girl named Charlotte Lieben Frau had recently joined Kazuki's class. She had fled from a small country controlled by Germany because being an Illegal Magician there carried a death sentence. But the Japanese desperately needed help from Germany in the hunt for Loki as they were the followers of Norse Mythology. The Germans had demanded her return but Japan could not do so openly, as they didn't want the world to know they had surrendered an innocent girl to be executed. So they had struck a secret deal where the Knight Order was ordered to "look the other way" while the visiting Germans "arranged an accident" for Lotte while she was on a Quest. Lotte was teamed up with Kazuki and Miō when they were attacked. Beatrix Baumgard, the Ace of Germany and contractor of Thor was very powerful. But Kazuki just barely managed to hold his own with swordsmanship alone. Kaya summoned a Demonic Beast from out of nowhere and sent it after Beatrix, giving Kazuki and his party the chance to escape. After this Kazuki was outraged to learn of the conspiracy and refused to stand aside and let an innocent girl be murdered. As the Germans would only be in Japan for a month, it was possible the matter would be settled if they could survive just one more confrontation with Beatrix.

In actuality Kazuki had recognized the magic that had provided the diversion for his escape. He was stunned when Kaya suddenly appeared before his eyes at the school. He thought she had been consumed by Loki but he had decided to leave her original personality intact on a whim. Primarily he thought she would be a more interesting way of communicating with Japan's new "King". She could guess his intent but insisted she didn't want him to rescue her. Now that she had merged with Loki she was perfectly content. She also noted that he wouldn't stand a chance against her now that she had full access to Loki's powers. She told him they now had a common enemy, namely Beatrix and suggested they team up to fight her. He snuck her into his room so they could continue their discussion in private. When he mentioned that the other residents had visited his room she got jealous of them. When he wasn't sure whether to believe her story she became a temporary ally, and he was able to read her Positivity Level, proof she still existed. He was quite relieved, the sight of her being taken over had been haunting him.

She mentioned that he had wounded Loki and he was currently recovering his strength. Much like Lotte's Diva and the "the three major gods" were, though Kazuki didn't understand what she was referring to. Loki wanted to team up with him because he himself had no particular expertise at close-quarters combat like Kazuki did. She asked if she could meet with Miō, but he still hadn't decided to work with them yet. But she insisted that Loki wasn't evil, he made it a point not to kill humans. Other than Miō (which she said was accidental) he had indeed heard of no other casualties from his actions. Loki simply wanted to organize the Illegal Magicians, cause chaos and seek revenge against the Norse Mythology.

She told him that the Divas were divided into two camps "Order" and "Chaos". The "Order" side sought to control the actions of humans, such as those nations that demanded strict "faith". While "Chaos" promoted freedom and anarchy, just the opposite. While she knew Kazuki couldn't fully embrace "Chaos", what had been done to Lotte by the other side made it hard to trust them too. The 72 Pillars actually aligned closer to the "Chaos" side and she suggested he shouldn't limit himself when seeking allies. This brief partnership with Loki was a chance to learn more about that side. She told him about Thor and the strengths and weaknesses of his Summoning Magic. She strongly suggested he should improve his relationship with Lotte, as her power would help to counter the advantages Beatrix had. It seemed that they already suspected "Prophet's" true identity. His job was to take Lotte on a date while she and Midgarsormr would be clearing out most of that Haunted Ground. This would limit the places where they could be ambushed and let them chose the location of the battle. She was confident the muscle-brained Thor would ignore the obvious trap and still attack them. Once things were settled she asked to spend the night but he kicked her out.

As she promised Kaya had the Haunted Ground mostly cleared out before they arrived to narrow down the places where Beatrix would try to attack them. When they met up she had the last Demonic Beast restrained there, the rest had all been eliminated. Miō was shocked by her appearance but Kaya was very happy to see her and greeted her with a hug. Kazuki had only told her that they had a temporary alliance in order to defeat Beatrix. Kazuki was worried the trap was a little too obvious. But Kaya was confident the muscle-brained battle-crazed Thor would ignore all the warning signs and rush right in, which she did. The two Norse contractors decided the death of the last Demonic Beast would be the trigger for the battle and that was how it was launched. Beatrix was still able to deflect long-range magic. But Kazuki was able to utilize a new strategy. Beatrix complained that he was no longer fighting as a pure swordsman but their new tactics were more effective. Beatrix noticed that while Kaya had a powerful Sacred Treasure sword but lacked any real talent for using it. When she moved in to attack her Kazuki intercepted her before she could. Kazuki had also acquired a Sacred Treasure of his own and Beatrix realized she no longer had a clear advantage.

She tried to take out Kaya first and when she defended it she was finally recognized by her as the contractor of Loki. Beatrix used magic to speed herself up and went after Lotte, her original target. Kazuki didn't yet have a spell that could match her speed but Lotte had close-range defenses and was able to stop her with Miō's help Beatrix then realized Miō would be an easier target and went after her. Kazuki attempted to cover for her but Kaya warned him he had made a bad mistake. He should have tried to stop Beatrix's Level 10 chant rather than cover for Miō. Kaya had to jump in the way to defend him. By combining their defensive power she was barely able to survive it. Kaya was in a weakened state and suggested that this was Kazuki's best chance to beat Loki. But he refused to attack her while they were allies, she criticized him for being an idiot. She then got into an argument with Thor, who briefly materialized. Their goal in Japan was just to kill Lotte, they were actually hoping to make peace with Loki and bring him back into the fold. But Loki refused and made it clear that he would never agree and their old friendship was over. Kaya was no longer able to continue the fight and made her escape. Telling Kazuki the power of his bonds would give him the path to victory. Sure enough, Kazuki was able to do a full summoning of Prometheus by kissing Lotte, defeating Beatrix.

Volume 5 Edit

Kazuki was shocked to run into Kaya. She had come to congratulate him on his election and was amused to find him in an awkward situation. She was accompanied by an Elf girl with dark skin who gave him the chills. The girl was named Maya and was the new host of the Faceless God Nyarlathotep. Loki had noticed the true identity of the former Headmaster Otonashi Tsukikurō. They tried to form an alliance but negotiations failed. But they were entrusted with a small piece of the Diva which they implanted in one of his research subjects. Maya was attempting to tame the Diva while he was still weakened. They decided to take the risk and try to gain a powerful ally which Kazuki told her was too dangerous. But she refused to believe he was that evil. Kaya tried to recruit him without success. She cites the corruption of those at the top. She encouraged him to join her and embrace anarchy but he refused. Kazuki used his power for the sake of others while Kaya had lost faith in humanity.  Unable to recruit Kazuki, she declared him an enemy and vowed to crush him one day.

Loki and his followers formed an alliance with various Chinese sleeper agents within the Japanese government including the former Knight Academy Board Chairman Takasugi Takayoshi.  The Divas of Japanese Mythology had fallen into a Wild God state The Illegal Magicians corrupted by those Divas were aligned with them. A massive coordinated attack was launched on Knight Order bases all over western Japan. They took them totally by surprise and only 200 Knights, plus a dozen third years from the Academy managed to escape to the east. The former Board Chairman and Kaya appeared on TV declaring west Japan was now the independent nation of Yamato. The fact they were using Divas of Japanese Mythology, rather than Taoist Mythology, gave them at least the pretense of legitimate independence. They began building a wall. Some Knights who hadn’t escaped to the east began causing disruptions, preventing Yamato form concentrating all their forces on the border. Loki’s followers were using similar methods in the eastern part of the country.

Third year students serving in the Knight Order led by Kodzuki Kanon fled back to the Academy to request assistance. Kazuki agreed to lead a volunteer force of high-ranked students to reinforce the border. They wound up with 150 volunteers along with the German Knight squad led by Beatrix, who were after Loki. On their way to the front lines the group fell victim to a perfectly executed ambush. Hayashi Shizuka was leading the assault and Kazuki and Kanon were almost killed by friendly fire when he realized too late that some of those third years had been brainwashed before being returned to their unit. Beatrix risked her life to protect Kazuki and Tsukahara Kazuha managed to free those girls. The Yamato forces fled as the Knight Order arrived and several prisoners were taken.

Since China had spies everywhere it wasn’t hard for Kazuki to guess there was a traitor, probably high up in the Knight Order leaking all their movements to the enemy. Kazuki was worried because Loki, Joka and Nyarlathotep were all on the same team. The fact that the Divas had abandoned the prisoners they captured so quickly conformed his suspicion. Kazuki knew those three Diva specialized in manipulating minds and hearts. By combining their powers and techniques he realized they could probably grant new hosts to enemy Divas without much trouble any time they were killed or captured. Meaning they were sure to lose a drawn out conflict with Yamato. He realized their only chance was to seize the element of surprise by launching an assault with only people from the Academy before the traitor knew they were onto them.

After confiscating the cell phones of his classmates to prevent information leaks, Kazuki led them all out of the camp in secret. He had realized there was no point in relying on conventional tactics in a magic war. He filled them in on his unconventional but brilliant strategy as they crossed the border in secret. They then surrounded the enemy garrison and despite being at a severe disadvantage in numbers they were able to drive the enemy into total disarray. Kaya appeared on the back of a dragon and ordered the troops to retreat. She offered her praise to Kazuki for this bold action. Behind her Maya was clearly terrified of heights. Kazuki was even able to prevent Hayashi from escaping and took her prisoner, though she later committed suicide in her cell. Upon questioning a Japanese Diva who had calmed down. They were told all the shrines in western Japan had been destroyed by people claiming they were working for the government, to show their devotion to the 72 Pillars. But the 72 Pillars didn’t demand such things and it was easy to guess the deception. The Yamato guys had fooled them with that simple trick, to drive them into a Wild God state. They used that to turn them against Japan and the 72 Pillars and get them to support a new state based on Japanese Mythology. If they could calm them out of their Wild God state and explain the truth Yamato would fall apart.

Volume 6 Edit

Through her connections in Yamato, Kaya had the opportunity to meet with the King of China Fu Xi. The young Emperor was a pretty teenage girl. She was adorned with so many heavy ornaments she had to constantly use magic to support their weight. She offered any aid they wanted, but Loki knew such help would come with strings attached. So they said they wouldn’t ask for help unless they really needed it. Loki knew this girl’s King Authority granted her power based on the amount of territory she controlled. But the other countries wouldn’t allow them to aggressively expand their territory without stepping in. So they were forced to obscure their efforts by using careful manipulation and deceit to give their expansion the appearance of legitimacy. One such case was Yamato, who proclaimed western Japan an independent state after it was conquered by a group using Japanese Divas. But in truth their leaders were all sleeper agents loyal to China. Through this alliance they were more or less allowing China to annex them. Loki didn’t care who won the Civil War that resulted, it was the resulting chaos he was after.

It was later revealed that there were two Chief Gods of Japanese Mythology. Susanoo and Amaterasu were the Yin and Yang and totally opposite. Normally Susanoo and Amaterasu would each nominate a candidate and they would fight for the formal title of King and the ability to use the King’s Authority. Amaterasu dearly loved her contractor Kamimura Itsuki but knew she wasn’t suited for combat, so she refused to make her an official candidate. Susanoo became frustrated about this and the fact their Mythology had gotten so weak. So he made an alliance with Yamato and Loki, though neither side truly trusted each other. He arranged to have Itsuki brutally murdered by Yamato, hoping to force his counterpart to choose another candidate. Instead Amaterasu took her contractor’s soul into her own realm and was desperately keeping it intact. Susanoo helped Yamato and Loki drive his subordinates into a Wild God state.

In the meantime they rounded up all the young people with strong magic power they could find. Many of them were desperate for power and jealous of the Stigma. When they were offered a chance to form an artificial contract with a Diva they agreed. But the irrational Wild Gods no longer had the ability to form proper contracts and wound up forcefully possessing those people at the ceremony. Quite a number of them lost their sanity and became little better than Demonic Beasts, fueled by irrational hatred of all magicians. Those rejects were left behind to guard Ise Grand Shrine. Susanoo was using them to turn it into a Haunted Ground to sap the strength of his rival and destroy her. Kazuki later infiltrated the shrine and the first instinct of Susanoo’s contractor Ikōsai Aisu was to kill him to end the war. But the other side’s plan was to make Amaterasu and Itsuki subordinate to Kazuki and have him be the proxy King candidate. There were advantages for them in that scenario. Since they no longer needed to be dependent on Loki for their power their tenuous relationship with Loki soon ended.

They were contacted by Ikōsai Aisu who told them Kazuki and Kazuha had infiltrated Ise Grand Shrine. Kazuki would become the opposing candidate for King of Japan and they were asked not to interfere with him until the contest was settled. But Kaya and a few others showed up at the shrine, having never intended to honor their agreement.  She didn’t believe Aisu had the ability to defeat Kazuki. She also knew how her Power of Usurpation worked and that as soon as she defeated Kazuki would have gone after the other Kings, including her former allies. Aisu was so furious she almost surrendered totally to her Diva to seek revenge but Kazuki stopped her. He believed they could escape if they worked together. He knew Kaya could only bring a few close followers because they couldn’t let it be revealed how they had tricked the Japanese Divas into joining them. Kaya asked her followers to hold his companions back, confident she could defeat Kazuki. They were all shocked when he suddenly revealed a new skill. 

The group displayed their Summoning Magic as they ran down the stairs to intercept the force from Yamato. Aisu acted offended after getting help from Itsuki but still lined up with them. Among the masked figures facing them Kazuki recognized Maya. He also recognized other Divas from Norse Mythology such as Hel and Fenrir. But he knew from past experience that while Illegal Magicians had fast chanting speed, they tended to be limited to low-level magic. He was confident in his companions facing 3-to-1 odds and took on Kaya. Kazuki easily used his improved power to overpower Kaya, who surrendered control to Loki. He summoned dragons and Kazuki used his unique skills and experience to defeat them. They are interrupted by Midgarsormr. The Yamato guys were under attack, many of the magic users had fled and asking for help, Loki figured out how Kazuki contacted his allies to signal is success. Loki and Kaya decided to ignore it, more interested in testing Kazuki’s new powers. Kazuki was able to counter skills that worked before. When Loki used a weapon, he couldn’t block, Kazuki went for mutual destruction. Loki couldn’t believe Kazuki took such a foolhardy risk to win. Both of them were in rough shape but Kazuki was running low of magic after having fought all day. He was surprised when Loki decided they should retreat rather than finish him off. It seems they were satisfied having gotten an accurate picture of his growth. Kazuki was viewed as a necessary piece of their future plans.

Since it became an international conflict when China chose to intervene directly, things would soon get more complicated. The other Magically Advanced Countries would soon step in and force a cease fire. They would then investigate the matter and make a judgment of which government was the legitimate ruling body of Japan. There was no way to be sure what criteria they would use. If there was a divided opinion it could become a stalemate until either Kazuki or Aisu won the battle and became Japan’s official King, which is just the kind of chaos Loki was after.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Kaya's body has been taken over by Loki. Because it's a full possession she can use skills rapidly. Loki's powers conjure things out of thin air, including monsters, weapons and armor.

10 Inherent Powers:Edit

Level: ?: Muspelheim: Summons a wall of fire that burns everything caught inside of it.

Level: ?: Dragon Invite: Summons Demon Beasts, namely dragons like Fafnir.

Level: ?: Weapon Invite: Summons a Sacred Treasure at random.

Level: ?: Armor Invite: With this skill the caster can summon various types of armor.


Laevateinn: Laevateinn is a very destructive sword, it can create shockwaves that destroys everything in its path.
Mjölnir: Mjölnir is the hammer from Norse Mythology. It has immense destructive power.
Burtgang: Burtgang is one of the swords in Kaya's weapon arsenal it can easily cut off a zombie's head.
Cloak of Feather: With this cloak Kaya has the ability to fly.


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