A King (の王) is a person who is the contractor of the ruling Diva of a Mythology. Each King possesses skills beyond normal Summoning Magic. This is known as their King’s Authority and is unique for each King. It seems that Kings are chosen for their character traits rather than talent in magic alone.

In some cases the King has subordinates whose power is equal to their own. Those with close relationships sometimes designate a successor to inherit their King’s Authority should the King’s contractor be defeated. For example when Odin’s contractor Hrotsvit Lesedrama was defeated Thor’s contractor Beatrix Baumgard became the new King of Norse Mythology and Germany. Zeus ruler or Greek Mythology had two sons Poseidon and Hades who were in line for the throne.

There are also cases where two Divas have equal standing in their Mythology and their contractors must compete for the status of King. One example of that is the case of the Japanese Mythology where Susanoo and Amaterasu were rivals for control. This incident also proved that the King’s Authority could be voluntarily surrendered when Amaterasu chose to subordinate herself to Hayashizaki Kazuki as her contractor Kamimura Itsuki lacked the strength to fight. Once Kazuki won the formal match with Ikōsai Aisu, he inherited the King’s Authority. A more unusual example was the contest in the United Sates between two Kings. They had totally different philosophies and in the end Clark Moore and her Diva Super One (based on modern civilization and capitalism) defeated Stella and her Diva The Great Spirit (based on equality and nature).

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