A King (の王Without) is a person who is contracted to the Chief Diva mythology of their countries. The king is their country and they also have the authority of kings, a power that differs from king to king granted by his diva contracted giving them power that exceeds that of a standard Magika stigma.

Its seems to be a criterion in choosing a like magic talent is not a problem, but instead of characters.

Below Diva Chief King is the Semi-Chief, the divas who have the power rivaling or equal to Diva Chief thus giving his fellow contractor power to the king. Semi-Chiefs also have authority to grant your contractor, but only if he proves his kingship he can turn, and that's why they wield such immense power. The Semi-Chief Divas usually have a close relationship with the mythology Diva Head as Poseidon and Hades (Diva Semi-chief) of the Greek Mythology and the brothers of Zeus (Chief Diva), Thor (Diva Semi-Chief) of the Nordic being the son of Odin (Chief Diva) Mythology, and both Susanoo (Chief Diva Candidate), Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu (Former Chief Diva) of Japanese mythology and brothers, as well as competing for the title of king. They can become the king when the current king dies or when the current king chooses to transmit its energy, which can happen of their own accord or when defeat the king as seen when Eimi Moore and his diva: the Great Spirit fought Clark Moore and her diva: a Super for the title of King of the entire American continent and failed. As it is the semi-chief, although she Diva is a part of a different mythology than Clark is possible because the separate myths that comprise the ideals of all America: equality and nature and civilization and capitalism. Also, when Aisu Ikōsai and his Diva: Susanoo fought Kazuki Hayashizaki and his Diva: (which received authority of Kings Amaterasu ) Lemegeton for the title of Japan's King Both gods of their respective myths must defeat his rival to. become the king, and the king should end the rebellion to retain his title and power.

List of known kings Edit

Japan: Solomon 72 Pillars mythology , Japanese mythology : Kazuki Hayashizaki - Lemegeton : Bonds of Power, Amaterasu : Power of Harmony

Britain: Celtic Mythology : Arthur Basileus - King Arthur :Power of promise

Italy: Greek Mythology : Regina Olympia Folnar - Zeus: Power of Olympian doctrine

Germany: Norse Mythology  : Beatrix Baumgard    - Thor   : Power King Lunatic

Russia: Slav Mythology : Ilyaelia Murometz - Svarog : Power of Sacrifical Heart

China: Taoism Mythology : Fuxi - Sky Dragon Decree : Decree skies power '

United States: American Justice Mythology : Clark Moore - Super One : Power of Wealth