Kodzuki Kanon
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Japanese 香月 花音
Kana こづき かのん
Personal Information
Species Human
Gender 212px-FemaleFemale
Age 17-18
Status Alive
Eye Light Pink
Hair Light blonde
Occupation Student

Magika Stigma
Magic Division Student Council President (formerly)
Knight Order

Affiliation Magic Division

Witch's House (formerly)
Hayashizaki Kazuki

School National Knight Academy
Diva Belial
Partner(s) Yagumo Akane
Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 5

Kodzuki Kanon (()(づき) ()(のん)) is a 3rd year student and the previous Student Council President of the Magic Division. She is a contractor of Belial.


Kanon is a short young girl with light blonde hair as well as bright pink eyes that have unusual plus-shaped pupils. She is usually seen wearing the uniform of the Knight Order.


Kanon has a very childish and cheerful personality. She likes to tease the residents of the Witch's House. However she can become serious when the situation calls for it. However, she tends to slack off when it's time to study. Kanon thinks very highly of herself, often calling herself the greatest Student Council President (among other add-on's). A running gag around Kanon is how she always tries to be the center of attention and believes everyone would prefer her over Hayashizaki Kazuki. Although, everyone says that they prefer Kazuki; either liking him more or wanting to do things with him rather than her.



Two years ago she enrolled in the National Knight Academy in the Magic Division. She also formed a contract with Belial. Last year she lived in the Witch's House and was Student Council President. Along with her best friend and Vice-President Yagumo Akane, she was close to Otonashi Kaguya. In her third year she began working full time for the Knight Order, as many students did.


Volume 5 Edit

She and Akane served in the Knight Order in western Japan. They were most interested in rumors of the male magic student Hayashizaki Kazuki who won the job of Chief Student Council President. Only a few days later there was a massive coordinated attack on every Knight Order base in western Japan. They were overwhelmed by this force which was armed with Divas of Japanese Mythology. She and Akane escaped with a fraction of the Knights. Western Japan was quickly conquered and declared itself the independent nation of Yamato and built a wall. Because their commander was among those taken prisoner, Kanon was pressed into serving as commander, despite her young age. Desperate for reinforcements they traveled back to the Knight Academy.

They met with the new Headmaster Mr. Amasaki along with the Student Council members. They greeted Magic Division President Otonashi Kaguya, Vice-President Hoshikaze Hikaru and Hiakari Koyuki. They were then introduced to Amasaki Miō, Swordsmanship Division President Hayashizaki Kanae, Vice-President Hikita Kōhaku and Tsukahara Kazuha. They informed them of the situation and expected Yamato to invade further but it was hard to fully oppose them because Loki’s followers were causing trouble in the east and dividing their resources. The students were called into a meeting. To respond to an urgent request for reinforcement at the border, Kazuki would be leading an elite force of students from both schools to reinforce them. Kazuki told them this was entirely voluntary but urged those with the courage to fight.

They wound up with a force of about 150 people. The school had become the headquarters for the war effort. 10 more third years who escaped enemy territory gathered there. They were suddenly joined by the German Knights Beatrix Baumgard, Damian and Eleonora Abendroth too. They offered to cooperate as allies. Kazuki vouched for their strength. The Germans and the Student Council members were put in charge of squads under Kazuki’s command. They would meet up with the 200 Knights who escaped the west. But Kazuki insisted the seniors must rest first and prepared a meal.

On the way to the front lines Kazuki chatted with Ryūtaki Miyabi and her sister Shinobu. They passed quite a few people on the road who seemed to be refugees. The buses were suddenly fired on and destroyed. The students were slow to react due to shock but finally came to their senses. It was a perfectly executed ambush. Kazuki too was slow to react when he realized that Hayashi Shizuka had brainwashed those ten third years and ordered them to target the leaders Kanon and himself. He only survived because Beatrix shielded him and fell deep into Magic Intoxication. Kazuha freed those girls and the enemy fled as the Knight Order arrived. They took several enemy prisoners including Akira (Earth Snake).

Kanon had already woken up when Kazuki met her and Akane. He told them about Joka and the power to brainwash people. He also mentioned that people who were backed by China were behind this plot. The fact that ambush had been so perfect meant there must be a spy, probably high up in the Knight Order, leaking all their plans. He insisted they not do anything to reveal the fact they knew there was a traitor. He felt making a surprise attack was their best option then asked to question a prisoner to confirm a theory. Akane took him to the cell where Earth Snake was held. He recruited Charlotte Lieben Frau along the way. He asked Lotte to check to see if he was still hosting Midgarsormr. Normally a Diva wouldn’t give up a flesh body so easily but that was just what had happened.

He then told Kanon and Akane his theory. The fact that Loki, Joka and Nyarlathotep were all on the same team worried him. They all specialized in manipulating minds and hearts, meaning they might be able to combine their skills to easily grant new hosts to their allies whenever their old host was killed or captured. Illegal Magicians already had a huge advantage in casting time and if they could easily change hosts a prolonged war would be impossible to win. His plan was to take a force of students from the Academy and sneak behind the enemy Ines to take out Hayashi before the Knight Order knew what was happening.

As a favor Kazuki’s friend took over guard duty at the perimeter of the base. Akane had secured Kazuki wireless headsets for use in his operation. She also gave him information on the enemy camp. After confiscating the cell phones of his classmates to prevent information leaks, Kazuki led them all out of the camp in secret. He had realized there was no point in relying on conventional tactics in a magic war. He filled them in on his unconventional but brilliant strategy as they crossed the border in secret. They then surrounded the enemy garrison and despite being at a severe disadvantage in numbers they were able to drive the enemy into total disarray. Hayashi was taken prisoner in that raid but later committed suicide in her cell. Upon questioning a Japanese Diva who had calmed down they were told all the shrines in western Japan had been destroyed by people claiming they were working for the government, to show their devotion to the 72 Pillars. But the 72 Pillars didn’t demand such things and it was easy to guess the deception. The Yamato guys had fooled them with that simple trick, to drive them into a Wild God state. They used that to turn them against Japan and the 72 Pillars and get them to support a new state based on Japanese Mythology. If they could calm them out of their Wild God state and explain the truth Yamato would fall apart.

Kazuki and Akane arrived at headquarters where the Headmaster and Kanon were waiting along with the regimental commander Yamagata Koyata. His plan was to push hard north and shave off the enemy’s numbers. But in secret it was a diversion so a small group could reach the Ise Grand Shrine to meet with their chief god, which was the fastest way to calm them all down. Only the people in this room knew of this plan. Due to the leak they had to rely on Kazuki to carry it out. Kanon had suggested getting there by sea was the easiest way to get there undetected. They had arranged a small craft and it was their intention to send only Kazuki and Kazuha, which made him nervous. He called Kazuha on the phone to tell her the situation and she flipped out.

Volume 6 Edit

Their group was headed to the beach in cars driven by Akane, Kanon and Lotte. From there Kazuki and Kazuha would slip away on a boat to infiltrate Ise Grand Shrine by sea. Some girls were unhappy that only the two of them were going, but since this was an infiltration mission, having a small group was essential. The plan was to calm the rage of the Chief God there, which was the fastest way to calm all the Japanese Divas down. After all, the Diva they had already calmed out of her Wild God state had been easy to convince of the truth.  If they succeeded Yamato’s base of support and facade of legitimacy would crumble. In order to hide their purpose from the spy, it was said the group was allowed to take a brief vacation. They were given two beacons they were expected to light up after the mission to indicate success or failure.

The Knight Order had arranged to rent a beachfront property, complete with changing rooms. Kazuki, as the only guy present, was the fastest to change. As the girls gradually arrived he planned to offer them honest praise on their swimsuits. Akane was still wearing her uniform, as they had been ordered to remain professional. But Kanon suddenly appeared in her swimsuit and was the first to dive into the water. Kazuki and Lotte went out on the boat, which was small due to the need to avoid detection. It was equipped with GPS and a silent motor but was designed to appear nondescript to avoid drawing attention. The Ryūtaki sisters wandered off alone. After he got back Kazuha took her turn learning to operate the boat. Kazuki and Kazuha changed into casual clothes that wouldn’t look out of place in Yamato and they boarded the rather cramped boat. They weren’t carrying swords, to seem less suspicious. Their friends waved goodbye as they set sail.

Kazuki unlocked a new skill and was able to contact Miō with Telepathy. He let them know the mission was a success. He said many enemy magic users will have fled and urged them to attack new. Akane and Kanon arrived at the front lines for what should have been a surprise assault. But thanks to the spy Yamato knew their movements and were amassing their forces to protect the targeted garrison. Though this strike was no longer a surprise Kazuki said that large numbers of the Yamato magic users would have already left the battlefield. He also believed that the professional training and experience of the Knight Order would give them an edge. Akane selected the tactic for the battle. The students from the Knight Academy were among the rear guard. The other side didn’t seem to be lacking in numbers but Akane had faith in Kazuki. Indeed when they called Yamato’s bluff most of the rear guard turned out to be fakes without the ability to use Summoning Magic.  

Lotte flew above the battle using Deep Striker. While dodging incoming magic she kept in constant contact with Akane letting her know about the situation. Thus they could redeploy their forces quickly when needed. The discipline and training of their swordsmen was definitely superior to their opponents. They were able to break through the enemy lines. When the front line got into trouble students led by Hikaru jumped in to help. Lotte was playing a vital role here, but it took persuasion by Kazuki and Akane before the Knight Order would allow her to help, due to her being an Illegal Magician. Japan’s success in this battle so far could be said to be a combination of Kazuki’s creative style and Akane’s knowledge of traditional tactics.

Thanks largely to Akane’s leadership, it was looking like a great victory for Japan. She was suddenly contacted by Lotte who detected powerful enemy magicians approaching at high speed. The Yamato government had made an alliance with China and a group of their magicians had turned up at the last minute to help Yamato. As the enemy charged on horseback their efforts to take them out with long-range attacks were ineffective. Akane tried to organize the shocked troops, stunned China was brazenly getting involved here. The enemy pushed through their lines easily, their tactics were meaningless. They approached the headquarters where Kanon and Akane were. They decided to end the battle by killing the leaders, Akane was immobile from shock.

Kazuki arrived on the battlefield carrying Kazuha and Kamimura Itsuki. They would be unable to reach their friends in time so at Kazuha’s suggestion they were thrown. They weren’t able to hurt the enemies but succeeded in distracting them. Kazuki also launched a high-speed attack and failed to affect anything. Kanon used a spell that removed the Sacred Treasures held by the enemies.  The allowed them to fight back to some degree. But the Japanese Knights were still in disarray and helpless. It seemed things would get worse when Lotte detected more strange magicians approaching. But these figures on horseback had come to help Japan. Their leader used a Sacred Treasure that disrupted all the magic in the area. The enemies were left vulnerable by this and fled along with the Yamato troops. The Knights were ordered not to pursue. The strangers offered to join their ranks. It turned out they belonged to an alliance of Asian countries opposed to the aggressive expansion of China.

Kazuki attended a meeting that also served as a mission debriefing. The leaders of Ryōzanpaku were hoping to form an alliance with a Magically Advanced Country. Japan had always remained neutral in these conflicts. Soon the international community would step in and force a cease fire. They would then investigate and issue a judgment of which government was the legitimate ruling body of Japan. If there was a divided opinion on this, things might not be settled until the battle between Kazuki and Ikōsai Aisu ends and Japan had am official King. They were interrupted by the German Knights, including the newly recovered Beatrix. They announced they would be suspending their agreement with the government of Japan until this matter was settled.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Kodzuki Kanon is a contractor of Belial.

10 Inherent Powers: Edit

Level ?: Dead Asset: The avatar of Belial appears behind the user to destroy all of the Sacred Treasures created from the enemies' Summoning Magic.

Level ?: Emission Flare: Streaks of bluish-white flames in vast quantities descend from the sky and spread everywhere that not even the user can control, with no distinction between friend or foe.


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