Kondō Hajime
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Hajime Kondou manga
Japanese 混同 はじめ
Personal Information
Species Human
Gender 212px-MaleMale
Age 18-19
Status Alive
Hair Blonde
Occupation Swordsman

Knight Order

Affiliation Swordsmanship Division
School National Knight Academy
Partner(s) Souma Yukari
Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 2
Manga debut Chapter 21

Kondō Hajime (混同 はじめ) is a Police Knight attached to the Knight Order of Chubu Jurisdiction. When the Civil War began he was among the minority to escape Yamato. He served as a guard at the Knight Order base near the border.


Hajime looks like an ordinary young man. He wears the Knight Order's uniform.


Hajime has a quiet personality and listens to his upperclassmen without question. As a personal favor he agreed to protect Amasaki Miō during her Quests. During that mission he was nearly killed by Beatrix Baumgard. Hayashizaki Kazuki saved him and his partner from death and covered for their escape. He felt guilty when he was used as a part of the plot to frame Kazuki and destroy his reputation as a King. So when they met again during the Civil War he treated Kazuki with the upmost respect and obeyed all his orders.



He and his partner Souma Yukari were both former students of Mr. Amasaki the Board Chairman of the National Knight Academy. He was concerned about his step-daughter Miō after she teamed up with Hayashizaki Kazuki, who he described as a suspicious character and a possible Illegal Magician. He asked them to be her secret bodyguards and to follow them on any dangerous Quests. Her first mission had been to clear a Haunted Ground and they had failed badly, so her father was worried for her safety.


Volume 2 Edit

Kazuki and Miō re-challenged the same Quest days later, this time teamed up with a girl named Charlotte Lieben Frau and they fared much better. They didn't interfere directly until Kazuki found a Sacred Treasure in a shrine and picked it up. Given what they were told about this "suspicious" guy they immediately stormed in to confiscate it, telling them off for even touching it. They spoke to Kazuki as if they thought he was planning to keep the illegal artifact for himself. Miō was offended by their rude behavior. Later on the group was attacked by a Knight from Germany named Beatrix Baumgard.

What none of them knew was there was a conspiracy centered on Lotte. She had fled from Germany because being an Illegal Magician there carried a death sentence. But Japan was desperate for help against Loki from the experts on Norse Mythology so they had struck a deal. The Knight Order had agreed to "look the other way" while the Germans "arranged an accident" for Lotte while she was on a Quest. Any surviving witnesses would be ordered to stay quiet. Beatrix was therefore surprised when they rushed in to protect Miō, but then realized they were not aware of those orders. It was their intention to cover for the students and give them the chance to escape. But Hajime was totally outclassed by Beatrix and she would have killed him and his partner if Kazuki hadn't jumped in and saved his life, offering to cover for their escape. His partner was offended by this at first but realized they were totally outmatched and took his advice, thanking him for saving their lives. But Hajime did run back briefly to help when Beatrix nearly killed Kazuki with a powerful spell, repaying this debt.

In the aftermath of these events Hajime asked his former teacher Tsukahara Hisatada to arrange a meeting with Kazuki, though Yukari maintained her cold attitude towards him. They couldn't tell him why they were there that day, only that they were under orders. So to give him a proper thank you, Hajime gave Kazuki the Sacred Treasure they had confiscated that day, which he hadn't bothered to turn in. Both he and his teacher didn't approve of the government's stance on such things. They believed that their position was a conspiracy to keep the swordsmen in a subservient position to the Magika Stigma.

Kazuki knew he would be facing Beatrix again and needed all the help he could get so he accepted the gift. Most likely none of them knew that situation had been staged by the Headmaster Otonashi Tsukikurō. He was one of many in power who was threatened by the idea of a "King". They had no wish to submit to the authority of a 15 year-old boy who had already proven unwilling to blindly follow orders he considered wrong. The "theft" of this Sacred Treasure would be one of many false changes issued against Kazuki in order to destroy his reputation as a King. They also claimed that Kazuki had assaulted the Knights who had tried to confiscate it from him. The young Knights were likely ordered to keep quiet. But in the end Kazuki was able to overcome these obstacles and prove himself.

Volume 5 Edit

Loki and his followers formed an alliance with various Chinese sleeper agents within the Japanese government including the former Knight Academy Board Chairman Takasugi Takayoshi.  The Divas of Japanese Mythology had fallen into a Wild God state, the Illegal Magicians corrupted by those Divas were aligned with them. A massive coordinated attack was launched on Knight Order bases all over western Japan. They took them totally by surprise and only 200 Knights, plus a dozen third years from the Academy managed to escape to the east. The former Board Chairman and Kaya appeared on TV declaring west Japan was now the independent nation of Yamato. The fact they were using Divas of Japanese Mythology, rather than Taoist Mythology, gave them at least the pretense of legitimate independence. They began building a wall. Some Knights who hadn’t escaped to the east began causing disruptions, preventing Yamato form concentrating all their forces on the border. Loki’s followers were using similar methods in the eastern part of the country.

Third year students serving in the Knight Order led by Kodzuki Kanon fled back to the Academy to request assistance. Kazuki agreed to lead a volunteer force of high-ranked students to reinforce the border. They wound up with 150 volunteers along with the German Knight squad led by Beatrix, who were after Loki. On their way to the front lines the group fell victim to a perfectly executed ambush. Hayashi Shizuka was leading the assault and Kazuki and Kanon were almost killed by friendly fire when he realized too late that some of those third years had been brainwashed before being returned to their unit. Beatrix risked her life to protect Kazuki and Tsukahara Kazuha managed to free those girls. The Yamato forces fled as the Knight Order arrived and several prisoners were taken.

Since China had spies everywhere it wasn’t hard for Kazuki to guess there was a traitor, probably high up in the Knight Order, leaking all their movements to the enemy. Kazuki was worried because Loki, Joka and Nyarlathotep were all on the same team. Kazuki asked to interrogate the prisoners and he and Lotte were escorted to the cells by Yagumo Akane. Hajime happed to be the guard and he was delighted to meet Kazuki again. He wanted to make sure Kazuki knew that they had only been pawns in that conspiracy and were not purposely involved in framing him, but Kazuki knew that already. Kazuki also thanked him for the gift of that Sacred Treasure, which had been a lifesaver for him in that battle against Beatrix. The fact that the Divas had abandoned the prisoners they captured so quickly conformed his suspicion. Kazuki knew those three Diva specialized in manipulating minds and hearts. By combining their powers and techniques he realized they could probably grant new hosts to enemy Divas without much trouble any time theory were killed or captured. Meaning they were sure to lose a drawn out conflict with Yamato. He realized their only chance was to seize the element of surprise by launching an assault with only the students from the Academy before the traitor knew they were onto them.

Kazuki and Akane asked him for a favor and he was happy to oblige. That night he approached a friend of his who was guarding the perimeter. The guy was being more cautious of deserters from their own unit than enemy attacks. Since Hajime owed the guy a favor anyway it sounded reasonable when he offered to cover the rest of his friend’s shift. After the other guy happily hit the sack early Hajime looked the other way as Kazuki led the students out of the camp and across the border. Kazuki’s brilliant but unorthodox attack on the enemy base proved to be their first victory in the Civil War and gave Japan a foothold in the west. He brought back a number of freed allies and enemy prisoners, including Hayashi. Interrogation of these prisoners gave them key information that was useful to form a strategy against Yamato. Later Hajime brought Kazuki to the jail. Hayashi had been found dead, she had killed herself with magic but no one had noticed until it was too late.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Swordsmanship: Hajime was a trained swordsman working for the Knight Order. But when he tried to face Beatrix, Kazuki could tell he was totally outclassed and jumped in to cover for his escape.

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