Leme will make you a harem king!

–Leme to Kazuki, Volume 1, Chapter 2

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Leme Manga

Japanese レメゲトン
Rōmaji Remegeton
Other names Leme (レメ Reme)
Alias Lesser Key of Solomon
Personal Information
Species Diva
Gender 212px-FemaleFemale
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Eye Gold
Hair Silver
Affiliation National Knight Academy
Partner(s) Hayashizaki Kazuki
Hibiki (former contractor)
Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 1
Manga debut Chapter 3
Voice Actors
Japanese Honda Mariko

Lemegeton (レメゲトン Remegeton), shortened as Leme (レメ Reme), is a Diva, also known as "Lesser Key of Solomon" and is contracted to Hayashizaki Kazuki.


Leme is a petite young girl who has long silver hair, dark tan colored skin, yellow eyes as well as white star-shaped tattoos on her forehead, arms and legs, Leme is always seen with a white tunic and black armbands. When Leme transforms to her original form, she becomes noticeably taller and her breasts become bigger, in this form she wears a revealing black dress with yellow bracelets. The marking on her forehead becomes bigger and a black "halo" appears behind her.


Leme speaks in the third person, and always refers to Kazuki as "King". She's very cheerful, and shows great interest in making Kazuki the Harem King. Leme has an odd set of priorities as she was proud when she discovered that Prometheus was shorter then her, as well as genuinely worried when she thought that Hikaru's "male bonding" was preventing her from sleeping with Kazuki.

She also not above showing anger and distaste to people who do inhumane things to people with magic and while viewing them tools or weapons.

However, she is also quite apathetic, being able to solve the major problems of Kazuki not being recognized and causing the turmoil of the school when Kazuki was hunted by Kaguya by simply uttering a single sentence, but stubbornly refusing to do so.



It is known that sometime in the past Leme made a contract with Kazuki's mother Hibiki. But she and Loki's former contractor killed each other years ago, which was how Leme lost her powers and memory. But she kept a close eye on her son, deciding he was her ideal successor

Volume 1Edit

Leme is first seen when Kazuki makes a contract with her. She also has memory loss, but starts regaining her memories little by little. She at first materialized naked, to her embarrassment but Otonashi Kaguya.offered her robe. Leme passed out and was taken to the infirmary. Since she was one of the 72 Pillars (though someone possibly related) there were immediate calls to declare Kazuki an illegal magician and remove his stigma. Lizliza Westwood prevented this by pointing out that Leme didn't seem hostile and had no apparent powers. So he was instead placed on probation and moved in with the Student Council so they could observe him.

At Amasaki Mio's insistence, Kazuki was given a corner room away from the female residents. Leme visited him and shockingly told him he should aim to be a harem king. She told Kazuki her true name and was revealed to be the Lesser Key of Solomon - Lemegeton. As her contractor he would become the King of the 72 pillars. She gave him a ring which allowed him to measure his relationships with the Magical Stigma girls he was connected to. It would allow him to tell how to improve his relationships with each girl. As he improved their bonds he would be able to use their summoning magic. All this made him very uncomfortable, as he had no experience with women. He was shocked to discover the highest number was Mio's who seemed to despise him. Leme insisted that she was hiding her true feelings for some reason.

The next morning he was able to improve his relations with everyone by making a delicious breakfast. Kazuki got very upset when Mio insulted the sword style of his adopted family. So Leme suggested they settle their argument with a duel. She told Kazuki it would allow their relationship to get better, though he could not see how. He seemed to be at a disadvantage fighting only with a sword. But Leme's faith was rewarded when he won the duel. It was then reveled that he and Mio had been close as children in the same orphanage. She was upset that he failed to recognize her. He managed to repair their relationship and hers became the first summoning magic he could access. At first, on his teacher's advice he told everyone she could only copy low level magic. Barrett would not be enough to win the fight, so Leme encouraged him to improve his relationship with Mio. He managed to finally get her forgiveness and started calling her Mio.

He managed to ask her on a date and they had a good time. until they were attacked by an llegal magician. They were helped by Kaguya who chased him off. That night Kaugya visited him, she was under her Diva's influence and was very turned on. He found a way to calm her down. By the time she left he became able to use her magic as well. Leme recognized the symptoms when Kaya was totally taken over by Loki. When Mio was mortally wounded by Loki, Leme confirmed that could do a full summon, but it would be risky in his weakened state. Kazuki still took the chance and did full summon of her Diva, saving her life. He fell into deep magic intoxication for days. Naturally this exposed the fact that Leme was more powerful than anyone realized.

Volume 2Edit

After the two of them failed on a quest Mio was in danger of being evicted from the Witch's House. She was still the only girl he had a strong bond with at that point so that must be avoided. His teacher encouraged him to add Hiakari Koyuki to their team, which would add strength and help him grow as a King at the same time. Kazuki doubted it could be done though, as the two girls were rivals. Liz asked if it was possible to use magic from other mythologies. Leme appeared and confirmed it could happen, if that person was an ally who wanted to support Kazuki. Liz still thought it unlikely, given poor international relations and that the government would consider those people Illegal Magicians. But still she wanted to give the matter some thought.

Later on, thanks to Koyuki Mio was no longer in danger of being evicted. Kazuki later visited Koyuki and tried to persuade her to join them, offering her his honest praise. But as usual she was uncomfortable about his feelings and refused. That night Leme told him his lack of power could easily be fixed by getting closer to other girls. He hated the idea of getting close to them for the sake of power, but couldn't deny he wanted to get along better with Koyuki. Mio knocked on his door, wanting to spend the night in his room. Leme immediately returned to the Astrum for just the one night so they could be alone. But was unwilling to sleep apart from him all the time. The next morning he was doing sword training with Hoshikaze Hikaru, who wanted to improve her fighting skills. They wind up having a perverted accident or too, but Leme considers her reactions to it rather odd. Their relationship was not making much progress at all. Leme believed it was due to her man phobia. He later met Hikita Kohaku who proposed to him on the spot for the insane reason of wanting to combine their two ancient sword styles. Kazuki was not sure how to deal with such a strange person and didn't want to, Leme reinforced that decision by noting that she was not a Magician Stigma and thus he had no reason to get closer to her.

Recently, Kazuki's classmates had a change of heart about him and kept asking him and Mio to join their party. One of the girls was contracted to one of the 72 Pillars and Leme recommended it, but Kazuki refused. He told them he was only interested in adding Koyuki to their group. She told him no but he was still making progress in their relationship. Charlotte Lieben Frau was suddenly introduced to the class as a transfer student. Without meaning to, Kazuki managed to make a great first impression on her and she was eager to be friendly. Liz called the residents of the Witch's House to a meeting where the full truth about Lotte was shared with them alone. She was born in a small nation which was now controlled by Germany. She suffered from a lifelong illness and was only the verge of death when she made a contract with a mysterious Diva who saved her life by taking over the unwell parts of her body. This allowed her to live a normal life for the first time. Leme was delighted to meet this Diva who looked like a small boy, finally seeing one shorter than herself. She recognized him as someone similar to herself. who had lost their powers and memory after having badly lost a battle. He could not even recall his own name so Lotte had named him "Prophet". He had fully materialized but had done nothing to harm Lotte and was just using his bond with her to recover his own strength. At Liz's suggestion Lotte vowed to support Kazuki and became the first conquest target from outside the 72 Pillars. Leme was thrilled by the new possibilities. Later, Kazuki prepared fhe food for a welcoming party, where he continued improve his relationships with everyone. While cleaning up a naked Lotte asked for help at how to work the electric heater for the bath. So an uncomfortable Kazuki showed her, Leme and "Prophet" were interested enough to watch him too. Lotte asked him to take a bath with her but against Leme's advice he refused. Kazuki spent some time alone with Kaguya that night as well.

Kazuki did morning training with Hikaru and also spent time with his sister. Lotte had her practice match with Kohaku as her opponent and won the fight. After this Liz convinced Kazuki to let Lotte join his team and they opted to re-challenge she same Haunted Ground mission they had failed before. They indeed managed to have great success but just as their day ended and they were low on magic power and stamina one of Germany's knights, Beatrix Baumgard, attacked them. She would not admit so, but she was there after Lotte's life. She was an experienced and powerful fighter and they all struggled against her, but she was clearly very impressed with Kazuki's skill with a sword. A couple of random knights tried to help them but were easily outclassed and Kazuki had to cover for their escape. After a close call a demonic beast showed up suddenly and distracted Beatrix, allowing the group to escape. During a meeting with Liz back at the school, Kazuki demanded better security. Instead he was shocked to learn that the whole thing had been officially condoned.

The government could not afford to alienate Germany, who were the experts on Loki nor could the turn her over openly or face international condemnation. The Germans were only in Japan for a month, supposedly to hunt for Loki but were really after Lotte. So they had ordered the Knight Order to simply "look the other way" while they disposed of an innocent girl. As a refugee they apparently felt no obligation to protect her. All this had been arranged to happen during a quest so they could write it off as a simple accident. There were official orders this time, he was to go on another quest, let Lotte be murdered by Beathrix then keep their mouths shut afterwards. Kazuki was appalled and refused to go along with that, already planning ways to turn the tables. Liz was surprisingly happy, having predicted his response. She had paired them up for that very reason, having predicted everything that had transpired. She saw this as a test of his potential as a king. Leme agreed, telling him if he had gone alone with the despicable plot she would never have acknowledged him as a worthy king. The Germans would only be there for a month, so if he could manage beat her or escape her one more time the matter should be settled. She was the Ace of Germany and no ordinary student would stand a chance. Nor could they seek help from Kaguya or anyone form the Student Council or Germany would complain about interference from the school. But if he could harness his potential as a king and combine it with Lote's powerful Diva they might have a chance of pulling it off.

As Kazuki left the meeting with his teacher Leme appeared and offered him encouragement, aiding him to get past his nervousness. She agreed he should concentrate on improving his relationship with Lotte, Kazuki had his own theory about the sudden way the demonic beast appeared that bailed him out of trouble Kaya suddenly appeared, confirming she was responsible. Kazuki was shocked to see her, thinking she no longer existed. But she told him that while Loki could have consumed her entirely at that time he had left her unharmed on a whim. Keeping her around as a more interesting way to interact with the new king. But they were now fully merged together and Kaya no longer fought Loki's will. Kazuki wanted to help her but she insisted she was perfectly happy like this and didn't want his help. She also noted that a fully materialized Loki would be more than he could handle. Though Loki was still recovering from the injury Kazuki had given him They were currently faced with a common enemy, namely Beatrix's Diva Thor and they were seeking a temporary alliance.

Kazuki smuggled her into his room so they could continue the discussion. Kazuki was told of the various strengths and weaknesses of Beatrix and her Diva. Loki would have a tough time by himself as he had no particular expertise at close quarters combat, that was where Kazuki would come in. He was still hesitant to team up with Loki But Kaya insisted that Loki was not evil, he simply sought to promote chaos and seek revenge against the other Norse gods. She noted that he never killed humans if he could help it (which the news reports had confirmed). She became a tempoarary ally and Kazuki was able to read her positivity, proving to him that she was not an illusion and had indeed not been destroyed by Loki. He was very relived, as the sight of her being taken over by Loki had been haunting him ever since. She told him how the Divas were divided into two camps "Order" where the Divas sought to strongly influence humans, and "Chaos" which more or less encouraged anarchy.Kazuki found it hard to explicitly trust or support either side at this point.

Kaya noted that the 72 Pillars featured Divas from both sides and he should have a similar philosophy as king. Seeking friends and allies from both sides. Kaya encouraged him to see the temporary partnership as a chance to understand their side better. She strongly suggested that he work on his relationship with Lotte and gave him some good advice for doing so. He realized that both she and Liz had recognized "Prophet's" true identity. In the meantime she would be at the Haunted Ground laying their own trap for Beatrix.She wanted to spend the night but Kazuki kicked her out. Lotte had already realized that Beatrix was targeting her and was sorry for causing him trouble. But Kazuki encouraged her and vowed to protect her to the best of his ablity. He then asked her out on a date, and their relationship started to improve rapidly. Being an otaku she asked if they could visit Akihabara. When they visited a shop selling gal games both "Prophet" and Leme materialized, fascinated by the products for sale. She though it might be great training material for the "harem king". But Lotte was annoyed with them for getting in the way of their date and they left immediately. By the end of the day, Kazuki had not only obtained they Key to her Heart, but their relationship had nearly doubled from where it had been.

With help from Kaya and his team Kazuki was able to defeat Beatrix and save Lotte. But there were consequences behind the scenes no one expected. There had always been people in power that had been unhappy with the notion of a 15 year-old boy becoming king. Not only had he shown tremendous power but that he would not blindly follow orders he considered morally objectionable. They got desperate enough to trump up several charges against him and the Knight Order declared him an dangerous Illegal Magician. The Academy was ordered to arrest both him and Lotte and they gave the task to the strongest Magical Stigma they had, Kaguya. Sadly the fact that he could use her magic gave him no special immunity. They were informed that Lotte would be deported back to Germany and Kazuki was to have his Stigmata forcibly removed. Already exhausted from their last fight, they found it hard to defend themselves but Kazuki would not surrender Lotte without a fight. He was also worried about the 72 Pillars and how this would effect their judgment of weather Japan was worthy of their support. His classmate Koyuki turned up and tried to help them escape but was soon overpowered too. In the end it was Kōhaku who saved them, as she possessed a Sacred Treasure that provided cover for their getaway. She also offered to provide them a place to hide withing the Swordsmanship Division.

They all wound up sharing a room and were still recovering. Kazuki was grateful for the rescue and learned that it was Liz who had recruited help from the Swordsmanship Division. He was glad to know he still had a few friends he could trust at the Academy. But the progressive element in the Swordsmanship Division had plans to use this to advance their own agenda. When a meeting was held in a few days they planned to expose how the Magic Division had participated in a conspiracy to claim an innocent girl's life. This would do great damage to the sterling reputation of the Magic Division while boosting theirs while speaking of her rescue. This may have been the best option to keep Lotte safe in the future, but the last thing anyone needed was to divide the school any further. Not sure which side Kazuki would choose, they told him his group would be confined until the time came, under guard by people armed with Sacred Treasures. They had a clear vendetta against his friends on the Magic Division Student Council. They also spoke of plans to rid the school of staff who actively worked to keep them in an inferior position. They spoke as if a war was about to erupt. As they left Leme appeared, despairing that the situation had come so close to the point of no return, But she was reassured when Kazuki reminded her of his role to grow the power of bonds and bring people together. It was then that Kazuki fully embraced his role as king for the first time, vowing to stop both Kaguya and Kōhaku and bring everyone together.

Volume 3Edit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Leme being the Lesser Key of Solomon gives her control over the 72 pillars of Solomon, magic is Ars Goetia. Her Decorteo Brigieux is in the form jewelry accessories that measures the bonds and allow the use of magic from her contractor's harem of summoners. Leme is a unique Diva who had the Power of King to control Solomon 72 Pillar.

This ability is the ability to be able to use all 10 of the characteristic magics owned by the other Solomon 72 Pillar. In contrast with normal Diva that could only used 10 variety of magic, Not only she can use the magic from the Solomon 72 Pillar she can also use different magic from different mythologies that are aligned to her. This allows her to use more than 720 variety of magic.

Her Authorities as the king of 72 pillars of Solomon are:

  • To give her contractor Kazuki a map that can show the location of the girls in his harem that have high positivity levels.
  • Telepathy to any member anywhere regardless of their whereabouts. In order for this to work, the positivity level of the member must be at least 150.
  • She can also give her contractor the pendant of Solomon called "Zekorbeni", which allows Kazuki to almost instantly chant the magic of any one whose positivity level is above 150.
  • In Volume 9, she granted Kazuki the title of King, which gives the girls that are a part of his harem and the 72 Pillars access to the full power of their contracted diva, in order for this to happen their positivity level has to be 150 or above.
  • By the end of series, Leme used the combined positivity level that Kazuki developed during the story to create his last magic dress, Gematria, Solomon's Garment. With it, Kazuki can sense the magic power and feelings from people who are very far from his position, even when they are dead. It also grants Kazuki the ability to use spells from other Mythologies regardless of their positivity levels.


  • The Lesser Key of Solomon, also known as the Clavicula Salomonis Regis or Lemegeton, is an anonymous grimoire (or spell book) on demonology. It was compiled in the mid-17th century, mostly from materials a couple of centuries older. It is divided into five books—the Ars Goetia, Ars Theurgia-Goetia, Ars Paulina, Ars Almadel, and Ars Notoria.