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Leme will make you a harem king!

–Leme to Kazuki, Volume 1, Chapter 2

Japanese レメゲトン


Romaji Remegeton


Alias Leme
Alias Lesser Key of Solomon
Personal Information
Species Diva
Gender 212px-Female.pngFemale
Status Alive
Eye Gold
Hair Silver
Affiliation 72 Pillars of Solomon

National Knight Academy
Witch's House

Partner(s) Hibiki (former contractor)

Hayashizaki Kazuki

Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 1
Manga debut Chapter 3
Voice Actors
Japanese Honda Mariko

Lemegeton (レメゲトン), shortened as Leme (レメ Reme), is a Diva, also known as "Lesser Key of Solomon" and is contracted to Hayashizaki Kazuki.


Leme is a petite young girl who has long silver hair, dark tan colored skin, yellow eyes as well as white star-shaped tattoos on her forehead, arms and legs, Leme is always seen with a white tunic and black armbands. When Leme transforms to her original form, she becomes noticeably taller and her breasts become bigger, in this form she wears a revealing black dress with yellow bracelets. The marking on her forehead becomes bigger and a black "halo" appears behind her.


Leme speaks in the third person, and always refers to Kazuki as "King". She's very cheerful, and shows great interest in making Kazuki the Harem King. Leme has an odd set of priorities as she was proud when she discovered that Prometheus was shorter then her, as well as genuinely worried when she thought that Hikaru's "male bonding" was preventing her from sleeping with Kazuki.

She's also not above showing anger and distaste to people who do inhumane things to people with magic while viewing them as tools or weapons.

Leme places great value on human life and their free will. Unlike the other countries, Japan wasn’t forced to adopt a strict faith doctrine. Thus this became part of the process by which they would judge Japan worthy of their support or not. When Kazuki was falsely accused by the Knight Order and became a fugitive Leme could have easily resolved it by asking the 72 Pillars to verify her identity. But she refused, as she had decided to not directly interfere in their decisions. Japan came very close to losing their support at that time. Especially when they discovered an attempt by key members of the government to enslave the 72 Pillars to their will.   



When the 72 Pillars first decided to ally with Japan, Leme also appeared and selected a woman named Hibiki as the King of the 72 Pillars. However, before she could establish her reputation or Leme’s as King, she wound up fighting Loki's former contractor and both contractors were killed. As a result Leme lost most of her memories and powers and was unable to materialize again for many years. But even in that state she kept a special eye on Hibiki’s son Kazuki, who she had given up for adoption for his own safety. Over time she came to see him as the perfect person to succeed his mother as the new King. Even though the 72 Pillars had never selected a male contractor it made pervert sense. Being a man, Kazuki would have a much easier time forming “intimate bonds” with the female Contractors than his mother did. She once said that after losing her memories she was no longer able to contact the other 72 Pillars in Astrum, thus those years must have been very lonely for her.


Volume 1[]

Chapter 2:

  • At the National Knight Academy the Contracting Ceremony for the Magic Division was held. Hayashizaki Kazuki was guided to the Astrum by Student Council President Otonashi Kaguya using Telepathy Magic. Kazuki was asked if he was ready accept a power that could change the world and found his resolve. Most unusually she physically manifested before sealing their contract with a kiss. She then realized she had appeared naked in the appearance of a little girl. Kaguya was kind enough to offer the girl her robe. The 72 Pillars were the only group of Diva accepted as legitimate in Japan and she wasn’t one of them. But other than giving her name as “Leme” she claimed to have no memory. Even more baffling, she had provided her contractor with no Summoning Magic or a Magic Dress. Kazuki was in danger of being declared an Illegal Magician but she decided to go to sleep without answering any of his questions.
  • An emergency staff meeting was held where there were indeed calls for his Stigma to be immediately removed and for him to be sent to the Swordsmanship Division. But both Kaguya and Kazuki’s teacher Liz Liza Westwood noted that Leme had followed all the normal steps taken by the 72 Pillars when they chose a contractor in Japan. Therefore it was possible she was connected to them somehow and they couldn’t risk offending them. It was decided to move Kazuki and Leme into the Witch's House where the Student Council lived and have them observe her and determine her motives. While Kazuki was stressing out awaiting their decision Leme spent the day sleeping peacefully. He carried her to their new home and she only woke up when she suddenly needed a bathroom.
  • As the residents gathered for a welcoming party Leme noted things about the girls living there. Kaguya was seeing Kazuki as a disciple and little brother. Amasaki Miō was arrogant and had a tsundere attitude toward Kazuki. Hiakari Koyuki was a stoic Elf girl who had low self-esteem. Finally Vice-President Hoshikaze Hikaru who looked and acted like a boy but was terrified of men. She noted there were plenty of interesting “conquest targets” here but Kazuki didn’t understand what she meant. The party lasted until midnight.

Chapter 3:

  • When Kazuki returned to his room after the party he found Leme waiting for him. Leme told Kazuki he should “aim for a Harem”.  She had recovered a little of her memory and revealed her true name and identity to him. She told him how as her contractor he had been selected as the King of the 72 Pillars. She told him that a grave crisis was approaching Japan and a leader was needed in order to face it. She told him she wasn’t a powerless Diva but her strength would depend on his “intimate bonds” with the Magika Stigma close to him. With those connections she could command all 10 spells of all 72 Pillars. Kazuki had no experience with romance but she gave him a Magic Dress “Solomon’s Ring”. This ring would tell him the Positivity Levels of the Magika Stigma in his life and also let him know how they were reacting to his words and actions. When the number reached 65 he would obtain the “Key to Her Heart” and gain access to their Summoning Magic. When that happened Leme would gain a connection to the contracted Diva as well Kazuki found it hard to believe Miō had the highest score, she seemed to hate him. But Leme insisted Miō was hiding her true feelings and he should focus on her first. Kazuki felt it was deplorable to become a “Harem King” only for the sake of power. He insisted he would get stronger through friendship. Leme thought being “just friends” with 72 girls would be much harder but didn’t argue. Though she had been given her own room, Leme insisted on sleeping in his bed because her body was dependent on his magic power.
  • Kazuki got up early to do the cleaning and to prepare breakfast and lunch for everyone. As they all sat down for breakfast Leme noted his tasty cooking was good enough to raise the Positivity Level of the entire household.
  • Leme didn’t materialize again until it was time for lunch. While complaining about Kazuki’s cooking Miō still sat with them to eat (at least Koyuki was honest in her praise). Kazuki was the target of scorn in class but Leme said that the girls who hadn’t even managed to form a contract yet had no business looking down on Kazuki. Kazuki finally lost his cool when Miō mocked the Ancient Sword Style of his adopted family. Leme encouraged him to prove the superiority of his skills by challenging Miō to a Duel. Kazuki hesitates, but Leme insists that even if she couldn’t recall the reason she'd chosen him, she would not have picked a weak contractor. She believed defeating Miō would bring out that person’s true feelings, and she was right.
  • Kazuki obtains the Key to Miō’s Heart and Leme established a connection with Phenex.

Chapter 4:

  • Kazuki’s sister Hayashizaki Kanae was rather possessive of him and staged things so Kazuki would have to prove he belonged in the Magic Division. In one week he would have to win a Duel against a skilled Swordsman Kamiizumi Iori with only Summoning Magic or he would be forced to transfer to the Swordsmanship Division. He had only told his teacher the full truth about Leme and how his powers worked. She was worried about how people would react and suggested they only tell people Leme could copy the low-level Summoning Magic of other Diva for the time being. So far Kazuki could only use Miō’s Level 1 Barrett and he knew it wouldn’t be enough. Leme encouraged him (in his mind) to ask Miō out on a date. He finally does so, with some big missteps but she finally agrees.
  • Kazuki was unable to understand why no new spells had been granted to him when after his date with Miō her Positivity Level jumped quite a bit. Leme told him of a way to access more power in a hurry. She said the first time he kissed a Magika Stigma a temporary shortcut was activated. This would allow him to use her magic at any level. But this could only be done once per girl and should be saved for dire emergencies. Kazuki obtains the Key to Kaguya’s Heart and Leme established a connection with Asmodeus.

Chapter 5:

  • Kazuki had already won his Duel when an Illegal Magician attacked the school. The girl was named Kaya and she was a childhood friend of Kazuki and Miō. Leme recognized the symptoms at once when Loki seized control of the girl’s body. Kazuki was the only one who had the courage to keep fighting after that shocking development. After Miō sacrificed herself to protect him, Kazuki found the focus to pull off a special technique. Loki’s powerful Defensive Magic was cut thru and he was forced to withdraw. Loki acknowledged him as a worthy King. After Miō died in his arms, Kazuki decided to take a risk and asked Leme to confirm that he could perform a Complete Summing of Phenex if he kissed her. There was a serious risk to Kazuki given his wakened state but he carried it out and saved Miō, though he fell into Magic Intoxication for five days.


  • Kazuki was caught on camera when he saved Miō. It became impossible for Liz Liza to hide the truth about Leme from the remaining staff or the Knight Order any longer. However this knowledge was not shared with the student body at large. Loki was also busy organizing the rogue Diva under his leadership. After Kazuki woke up he and Miō decided to form a party together. He also invited Koyuki to join them when she got home but she declined. Kaguya and Hikaru were delighted to see he was awake when they got home. All three new arrivals hugged Kazuki and Leme noted that his Harem was making progress.

Volume 2[]

Chapter 1:

  • Kazuki and Miō form a party together but their range of tactics and magic is too narrow and they fail their first official Quest. His teacher calls him into a meeting to discuss this and suggests he add Koyuki to their party. This would not only make them stronger at once but allow him to get closer to her. Kazuki agreed totally but couldn’t convince the two rivals to work together. Liz Liza asked if it was possible for them to learn magic aside from the Diva of the 72 Pillars. Leme materialized and confirmed it could be done if the girl’s Diva wished to be their ally. But given that diplomatic relations were so poor with other countries at present and the laws regarding Illegal Magicians, it seemed unlikely to happen.
  • Miō’s official evaluation had dropped so much she had been in danger of being demoted to Rank-B and evicted from the Witch’s House. Koyuki had found a way to bail her out of trouble without damaging her pride and Kazuki visited her room to thank her. He made yet another attempt to recruit her into their party. She seemed to think accepting his invitation would interfere in his romantic relationship with Miō and turned him down again. As they got ready for bed that night Leme suggested getting closer to a number of girls to get stronger. He was still disgusted by that idea but confirmed he wanted to get along better with Koyuki. When Miō turned up wanting to sleep next to him, Leme vanished at once so as not to get in the way. Miō had learned her lesson and promised not to be so possessive and opposed to other party members. When Miō expressed a desire to sleep next to him more often, Leme complained that her position would be usurped.
  • Hikaru had recently asked Kazuki to teach her swordsmanship, to improve her close-range combat skills. Hikaru was still under the mistaken belief that others saw her as a boy too. Leme was amused when Hikaru apologized after treating Kazuki to a lucky pervert moment, thinking she had offended him. Kazuki noticed that though they seemed to get along great, her Positivity Level had never moved from the “friend zone”. Leme believed this was due to Hikaru’s man phobia. They met a first year from the Sword Division named Hikita Kōhaku, who turned up and proposed to Kazuki out of the blue. She did so for the absurd purpose of combining the sword schools taught by their families. Kazuki rejected the idea of not marrying for love and Kōhaku decided to change her approach. She wanted his help in her goal of improving things for Swordsmen on campus, not just in attitude but official policy, such as the legalization of Sacred Treasures. Kazuki agreed with much of what she said and offered to be her friend. He rejected the marriage idea flat out, though Kōhaku seemed unwilling to give up. Leme insisted there was no point in getting closer to a girl who didn’t possesses a Stigma

Chapter 2:

  • Recently, Kazuki's classmates had shown interest in him joining their parties. Leme recommended it, but Kazuki refused. He was only interested in adding Koyuki to their group. She told him no but he was still making progress in their relationship. Charlotte Lieben Frau was suddenly introduced to the class as a transfer student. Kazuki managed to make a great first impression on her and she was eager to be friendly.
  • Kaguya called the residents of the house to a meeting where the full truth about Lotte was shared. She was born in a small nation which was now controlled by Germany. She suffered from a lifelong illness and was on the verge of death when she made a contract with a mysterious Diva who saved her life by taking over the sickly parts of her body. This allowed her to live a normal life for the first time. Leme was delighted to meet this Diva who looked like a small boy. He was in an even more hapless state than she was. She recognized him as someone similar to herself, who had lost their powers and memory. He couldn't even recall his own name so Lotte had named him "Prophet". He had fully possessed Lotte but had done nothing to harm her and was just using his bond with her to recover his own strength. Liz Liza asked Kazuki to add Lotte to their party. “Prophet” recognized him as an ally and Lotte became the first conquest target from outside the 72 Pillars. Leme was thrilled by the new possibilities but asked Kazuki to keep quiet about this.
  • Later, Kazuki prepared the food for a welcoming party. While he was doing the dishes, a naked Lotte asked for help at how to work the electric heater for the bath. When an uncomfortable Kazuki was explaining it, Leme and "Prophet" materialized to watch him. Lotte asked him to take a bath with her but against Leme's advice he refused. The government of Germany had sentenced Lotte to death for the crime of being an Illegal Magician and was demanding Japan permit her extradition. Soon a squad of their elite Knights would arrive to assist in the search for Loki.

Chapter 3:

  • They opted to re-challenge she same Haunted Ground mission they had failed before. With Lotte along, they indeed managed to have great success but just as their day ended and they were low on magic power and stamina one of Germany's Knights, Beatrix Baumgard, attacked them. After a close call a Demonic Beast showed up suddenly and distracted Beatrix, allowing the group to escape.
  • During a meeting with Liz Liza back at the school, he was shocked to learn that the whole thing had been officially condoned. The government could not afford to alienate Germany, who were the experts on Loki nor could the turn Lotte over openly or face international condemnation. The Germans were only in Japan for a month, supposedly to hunt for Loki but were really after Lotte. So they had ordered the Knight Order to simply "look the other way" while they disposed of an innocent girl. All this had been arranged to happen during a Quest so they could write it off as a simple accident. There were official orders this time, he was to go on another Quest, let Lotte be murdered by Beatrix then keep their mouths shut afterwards. Kazuki was appalled and refused to go along with that. Liz Liza was surprisingly happy, having predicted his response. She had paired them up for that very reason, having predicted everything that had transpired. She saw this as a test of his potential as a King. Leme agreed, telling him if he had gone along with the despicable plot she would never have acknowledged him as a worthy King. The Germans would only be there for a month, so if he could manage to beat her, the matter should be settled. If he could harness his potential as a King and combine it with Lotte's powerful Diva they might have a chance of pulling it off.

Chapter 4:

  • As Kazuki left the meeting Leme appeared and offered him encouragement. She agreed he should concentrate on Lotte. Kaya suddenly appeared, confirming she had provided the diversion against Beatrix. Kazuki was shocked to see her, thinking she no longer existed. At that time Loki had left her unharmed on a whim. Keeping her around as a more interesting way to interact with the new King. They were now fully merged, she insisted she was perfectly happy like this and didn't want his help. They were currently faced with a common enemy, namely Beatrix's Diva Thor and they were seeking a temporary alliance. They know about Beatrix and her Diva and they share that information. Loki had no particular expertise in close-range combat like Kazuki had so it would be a tough fight for them alone. Kaya insists Loki doesn’t kill humans; he just hated the gods who try to impose their strict doctrines on humanity, so his philosophy is closer to that of the 72 Pillars. Kaya even appeared as a temporary conquest target, proof she wasn’t an illusion. In the end Kazuki agreed. They also urged him to get closer to Lotte. He at first thought he would make it a group outing but is told off by Kaya and Leme for not understanding a girl’s feelings. The girl was nervous after what happened but Kazuki vowed to protect her. She could sense the sincerity of his feelings and accepted his invitation for a date.  Being an otaku she asked if they could visit Akihabara.
  • Thanks to Miō Kazuki now understood how to treat a girl on a date. The advice he got from Kaya not to treat Lotte like a kid was useful too. When they visited a shop selling gal games both "Prophet" and Leme materialized, fascinated by the products for sale. She thought it might be great training material for the "Harem King". But Lotte was annoyed with them for getting in the way of their date and they vanished immediately. Kazuki obtains the Key to Lotte’s Heart and Leme established a connection with “Prophet”. They also visited a cosplay café based in the 72 Pillars and Leme was offended by the costumes. By the end of the day, Lotte’s Positivity Level had nearly doubled from where it had been.

Chapter 5:

  • Kazuki’s group managed to overpower Beatrix with help from Kaya. The true identity of “Prophet” is revealed to be Prometheus, the Titan of Greek Mythology.

Chapter 6:

  • After the battle his teammates demanded to know everything about how his powers worked. He told them and wound up kissing them both again, pleasing Leme. Behind the scenes, those in power who opposed him being King were terrified of the power he displayed in defeating Germany’s Ace. They trumped up charges against him and sent the Academy’s strongest magician Kaguya to arrest Kazuki and Lotte. She attacked them without even giving him an explanation or a chance to refute he charges. Kaguya was deeply conflicted but felt compelled to do her duty. Kazuki was weak at Telepathy Magic and was very vulnerable to the skills Kaguya had. Kazuki hoped he would have some immunity to those powers as the King, but Lame told him that wasn’t the case. Leme warned him that betraying their King in this way could lead Japan to lose the support of the 72 Pillars, so they couldn’t afford to be taken prisoner, They were helped by the intervention of Koyuki who told him if he were captured his Stigma would be forcibly transplanted. Koyuki wasn’t strong enough to cover for their escape but Kōhaku suddenly appeared with her Sacred Treasures.  She blinded their pursuers temporarily and offered them shelter in the Sword Division.


  • They reached a place of relative safety. Kazuki shared a room with Koyuki who had passed out due to Magic Intoxication and his teammates who were still deprived of their senses by Kaguya’s magic. While they were resting he was told by his rescuers they had their own ambitions. They were a militant wing of the Sword Division that was planning to expose the scandal involving Lotte, the corruption of the Magic Division and the Knight Order.  They planned to use it to place the Swordsmen in a position of dominance. They revealed how they had been stockpiling Sacred Treasures in preparation f or what sound like an armed revolution that could spread across the country. After they left, Leme materializes, shocked that things were so hopeless just as the other Magically Advanced Countries were poised to target Japan. Though Kazuki had never embraced Leme’s advice before he now saw the importance of the role of a King. He vowed to get stronger and use his influence to end the corruption of the Magic Division and the militarism in the Sword Division and bring the two schools together.

Volume 3[]

Kōhaku keeps them locked up for the next two days. Though they found it dull, they were fugitives and it was dangerous to leave. Since space was limited in the room, Leme stayed out of the way. Kazuki made progress with the girls during that time. Koyuki finally awoke from Magic Intoxication and Kazuki makes a serious effort to cure her loneliness and low self-esteem. Leme told him, she was shy and he needed to be careful in how to approach her.

Kōhaku came to visit, finally they would be allowed outside as long as they stayed in the Swordsmanship Division. Kazuki had been telling her that it was wrong to promote dissension between the schools when there are greater threats facing Japan. Kōhaku had always dismissed this argument before but now she was taking him seriously. She pointed out he was wanted as an Illegal Magician now. But he insisted the charges of stealing a Sacred Treasure and assaulting two Knights were false. Liz Liza-sensei believed there was some nefarious force at work behind the scenes in the Magic Division and it was a threat to all of them. He told her his true identity as the King of the 72 Pillars. Leme materialized for the first time in days and confirmed everything he had said. After thinking about it, Kōhaku said she would introduce him to someone also in a unique position.

They meet the girl who was Kōhaku‘s best friend Tsukahara Kazuha. It was revealed that she was an Illegal Magician. She summoned her Diva Futsunushi no Kami. Leme turned up again, having recognized him as a Diva of the Japanese Mythology. Leme introduces Kazuki as her selected King of the 72 Pillars. They insist they are being framed by powerful people behind the scenes. Those corrupt people seemed to be willing to cross any ethical line to avoid losing their positions of power to a young King like Kazuki. While 72 Pillars could come out in public and verify Kazuki’s identity as King they hadn’t. Part of the reason they gave Japan power without restricting their free will was to see how they treated that power without their influence. Japan was still being evaluated to see if they were worthy of that power. If things continued like this Japan was sure to be judged unfit and the 72 Pillars would abandon Japan with disastrous consequences.    

Futsunushi no Kami insisted they were like the 72 Pillars in that they didn’t demand strict faith, nor did they want flesh bodies. They didn’t want much devotion but if they were ignored entirely they would sometimes get bitter and do wild. Prometheus notes that all the ancient belief systems outside of Japan had been crushed by the strict faith doctrines. Futsunushi no Kami insisted he had a problem with the 72 Pillars for allowing the unfair treatment of swordsmen. Leme insisted that they agreed, the government had decided to do that on their own. They were arming themselves for war because he sensed a sinister magic power brewing in the facility under the Magic Division. However, they knew nothing about this power. Apparently he was the only Diva on campus who was sensing this power. They realized that an Illegal Magician was likely behind it. They had been unable to investigate the facility because the door would only open to those who had a Stigma, and Kazuha was the only such person they had. Kazuki’s group realized this could tie into the conspiracy and agreed to investigate. Kazuha had a low opinion of Kazuki and considered him a womanizer. She insisted he face her n a duel to prove he could handle the job. Leme encouraged him to make her submit and add her to his Harem. But when he won her opinion of him didn’t change. She just got jealous he had talent in both magic and swordsmanship, unlike her.

While exploring the underground facility, Kazuki and Koyuki become separated from the others, having fallen much deeper into the facility. For some reason Koyuki’s magic isn’t working right now and she is extremely vulnerable. As they discuss how to get back they realize her magic was the key. Kazuki and Leme tell her exactly how his power works. Leme shows a worried Kazuki how to verify the safety of the others using his powers. She also tells him she had unlocked a power that allows him to determine his position relative to the conquest targets he was worried about. The two grow closer as Kazuki continues to risk his life to keep Koyuki safe. He starts calling her Koyuki and obtains the Key to her Heart.

They encounter the Headmaster Otonashi Tsukikurō, who confirms their suspicions that this was once a secret government facility devoted to using science and technology to artificially boost magic power. He admitted that experimental brain surgery had been done on newborn babies and that many of them had died as a result. Those that survived later mutated and became known as the Elves. They are all appalled by the way he casually dismisses the loss of life as being for the greater good and insists that he is totally sane. Despite what he told the Magic Division and the Knight Order he knew all along that Kazuki was really the King. But he felt Kazuki’s naïve morality made him unfit to be the King they needed. Leme greatly values human life and free will. Japan had been hadn't been restricted by faith Doctrines like the other countries were and yet those in power were still not satisfied only to have power at the whims of the Divas. They realized the Diva must obey the orders of their contractor. But they could always choose not to grant their power to the next generation, after all the career of a Magika Stigma was short. Thus they tried to surgically transplant the Stigma from retired mages to younger magicians. Which would essentially turn the 72 Pillars into slaves serving the whims of humans, Leme was shocked they would be betrayed like that But since the patients suffered brain damage the project was abandoned and shut down.

The Headmaster had begun a new project on his own. He transplanted several Stigmas onto Elves whose ego had already been crushed by his cruel experiments and made them obedient dolls. The King who would lead his army would be his own daughter Kaguya, once Kazuki’s Stigma was transferred to her. Apparently he had brainwashed her from birth to be obsessed with being “the strongest”. To turn off all her emotions in battle and to obey all his orders without question. By this point Kazuki had seen all the warning signs and could tell his mind had been corroded. The Headmaster had become an Illegal Magician without realizing it until that very moment. The Headmaster completely surrendered to his Diva who revealed himself to be the Faceless God Nyarlathotep, the Crawling Chaos of the Cthulhu Mythos. He admitted the Headmaster had been a useful pawn because he refused to question his own sanity. He had used the man to create weapons for his use. Once Kazuki’s Stigma was transplanted into Kaguya, he would use that vessel to enslave the 72 Pillars and planned to use them to destroy the other Mythologies. He planned to test them by attacking the “rebellious” Swordsmanship Davison. Of course, they were also tasked with disposing of the witnesses who discovered this facility. Kazuki was in serious trouble while having to protect Koyuki. But with help from Vepar, she is able to obtain magic even stronger than before by embracing her feelings for Kazuki.

Kazuki helps the others and they all escape the underground lab. He organizes a group of friends and allies and leads them into battle against the Quad-Core Magicians. Using excellent teamwork they wipe them out. The Headmaster had called in the German Knights to attack them again. But Kazuki once again displays his leadership qualities as he gives advice to his friends before they take them on. Leme is starting to see him as a true King. When he faces against the brainwashed Kaguya, she truly starts to see his full potential. Kazuki is fully able to understand her feeling now and uses that knowledge to free her from the mind control. Kazuki is the one who strikes the final blow to destroy the evil Diva who instigated this whole mess.

Kazuki is glad to return to his old life and spends time with Koyuki, Hikaru and Kaguya. Kazuha pays him a surprise visit to thank him for his help. Her Diva permits her to become a conquest target. Though her points are only at the “friendship” level, he offers her very helpful advice to improving her swordsmanship. He is called into a meeting with the new Headmaster Mr. Amasaki, who was the former Board Chairman and Miō’s step-father. He had bravely called out the former Headmaster when his crimes were exposed and nearly died as a result. Both men had gained great respect for each other that day. The man admitted he had gone along with the former Headmaster’s schemes to ruin Kazuki due to his protective instincts towards Miō. He feels ashamed of this now and promises to fully support Kazuki. Kazuki was no longer a probationary student and his false criminal record would be expunged. Both he and Leme realize he will be a valuable ally in the future. They had brought back evidence of the government’s involvement in that fancily. The scandal had already brought down several powerful people and that leverage would be used to institute much-needed reforms.

These included fair treatment of Illegal Magicians who had no hostile intent. They would also push for the legalization of Sacred Treasures. Both Kazuha and Kōhaku had proven to be vital assets in that fight and such resources were needed for the future. The one request Kazuki made of him was to keep living at the Witch’s House, which wouldn’t normally be allowed. The Headmaster wasn’t entirely conformable about that, but Leme insisted it was important for the development of his Harem (and thus his power as a King). Since that place was reserved for members of the Student Council and their trainees, he made it conditional. He would be creating the new position of Chief Student Council President. This person would have authority over both schools and help to equalize the treatment of both divisions. The condition was that Kazuki must win election to this new post with the Headmaster’s full endorsement and support.

Volume 4[]

Leme enjoys a meal with the other residents of the house. Miō pulls Kazuki aside and asks to go on another date and he agrees. While waiting in the pre-arranged place to meet Miō, he is stunned to run into Beatrix, who insists she is no longer a threat to him. After the scandal with the former Headmaster the government had prohibited them from targeting Kazuki and Lotte again. She warned Kazuki that he was being careless with his safety. Now that other countries were becoming aware of his identity as the King he could easily he targeted by a foreign assassins. Miō is shocked to see him chatting with Beatrix. She told Kazuki she had become obsessed with fighting and killing him and she had interpreted that feeing as love. She boldly confesses before running off. Kazuki and Miō have an enjoyable date. But on their way home, they are indeed targeted by an assassin garbed in black who is trying very hard to conceal her identity. She hits Kazuki with a powerful strike that stops his heart. But Miō revives him after she runs off. He admits he had let her hit him so he could learn what kind of technique she was using, relying on Miō to heal him. He admitted it was more dangerous than he thought but found out she was an operative of China. Both Leme and Miō were angry at him for putting his life at risk and he agreed to reflect on it.

Before the vote for Chief Student Council President it was decided a tournament would be held. Each candidate would form a team with two members from each division. All their friends get together at lunch to declare who will run and choose how the teams will be divided. The candidates among them are Kazuki, Kaguya and Hikaru. Kazuki’s teammates will be Miō, Kōhaku and Kazuha. While this seems like a powerful team on the surface, Kazuki worried there would be rules put in place that could hamper them. At the meeting he meets twin girls Ryūtaki Miyabi and Ryūtaki Shinobu. They are identical except that Miyabi is an Elf. She tries to get close to Kazuki. She is grateful to him for exposing and destroying the former Headmaster who apparently been targeting her. These girls were strong, but more troubling was that they were supporting twin boys from the Sword Division. They were extremists who hated the Magika Stigma and advocated that their human rights and freedoms be revoked. Leme asked Kazuki to try especially hard not to lose to them.  Strangely many of the other candidates were delinquents who didn’t seem the type to run for office and were certainly unqualified. As he feared the rules would prevent Kazuki from using his sword and the swordsmen were banned from using anything but pure swordsmanship. Kazuki is called in to a meeting with the Headmaster. 

He is worried because only 3 of the 16 candidates seemed like they were fit for the job. The new Board Chairman had been the one to suggest this format. He suspected that the man was stacking the deck by bribing those troublesome people to enter the election. He may be trying to install a puppet in the position to seize full control of the Academy. The man was a radical who supported the same polices as his insane sons who they had met earlier. If he could get full control he could derail all the reforms the Headmaster was pushing and would be in a position to badly influence generations of young Knights, just as the last Headmaster had done. When Kazuki told them about the attempt on his life it seemed likely that China was behind this entire plot and they might try to use the tournament as cover to make another attempt on his life. At home Kazuki finds Hikaru and Leme playing around in his room. She needs help getting over her man phobia and he agrees to let her stay there for a few days. Leme goes to visit the other Divas. Leme worried that Hikaru’s Positivity Level wasn’t moving. She thought the fact that she saw herself as a man was the cause.  Kazuha asked Kazuki for swordsmanship lessons, as she didn’t want to be humiliated by her poor skills.

Kazuki spends the next few days practicing and strategizing with his team. He also trains with Hikaru and Kazuha to improve their swordsmanship. He excuses himself from meeting with Hikaru in his room later and finds somewhere secluded to wander off alone. He succeeds in drawing out the assassin. He is able to keep a cool head and completely sees though her technique. She grows increasingly frustrated and he is finally able to unmask her as Katsura Karin, a first year in the Sword Division and a participant in the tournament. Even when she employs her Summoning Magic she can’t compete because she was unable to maintain her calm and her Diva orders her to retreat after giving her praise to Kazuki. Koyuki and Lotte come to visit him later dressed is sexy outfits and they spend the night having fun together.

In the first round, Kazuki’s team won the first match by use of excellent teamwork and strategy. During that match he made an effort to keep Kazuha safe and was able to help her finally find her confidence and display her true skills. Kaguya also won her match with a tremendous advantage in power. The third match was won by the twin sons of the Board Chairman, due to them having recruited such powerful allies. Kazuki had made lunch for the group and they all spent time hanging out together. Even Miyabi came over to try his food before being dragged away by her sister. Hikaru won decisively in the fifth match. Kazuki paid attention to the team led by Mibu Akira. This team had Katsura Karin as a member. Though he hadn’t yet told anybody she was the one who tried to kill him before, it would be hard to prove it. It was clear Karin and the other swordsman Hayashi Shizuka had trained the spell casters in martial arts. They were able to use those skills to win the fight without help. That night Kazuki tells Hikaru of the plot behind the scenes at the school. He also tells her that Karin and Hayashi were assassins with dangerous techniques and she should be careful in the match tomorrow.

In the first match of the second round, Kaguya is confident. But Kazuki has seen through all their weaknesses and tactics. By working to keep each other safe, Kazuki’s group is able to whittle down their numbers and defeat Kaguya, who officially loses the title of “strongest”. At his point she gains new respect for him and starts calling him by his given name. The second match with the twins went exactly as the first round did. The third match became a dangerous affair. Hayashi showed off her ability to pierce right through Defensive Magic and didn’t hesitate to seriously injure their opponents. While Hikaru and Lotte weren’t inferior in terms of magic, their opponents miraculously kept getting up after clearly getting knocked out of the fight. It was clear to even audience members they were cheating somehow and the Headmaster said the match should be forfeited. But the Board Chairman accused him of favoritism and overruled him. Kazuki’s group suspected one of those enemy swordsmen had a contract with a powerful Diva who was supplying Divine Protection to their teammates.

In the end only Hikaru was left and Hayashi subjected her to a savage beating, severely injuring her. The spectators and referee were so stunned by it they were slow to respond until Kazuki stated calling for them to stop the match. Realizing Hayashi fully intended to murder Hikaru, Mibu was barely able to intervene in tie, using magic to finish the match without lasting harm. Kazuki and his housemates, together with Liz Liza-sensei skipped the last match to make sure Hikaru and her team got medical treatment. As she is resting back in her room, Kazuki vows to get revenge for Hikaru. She urges him to use her magic to do so. She is stunned and frustrated to learn that he has yet to unlock her magic, despite all that time spent together. He realizes they may have hit the limit of what “friendship” could do. He realized that until she saw herself as a girl and him as a member of the opposite sex, they would never make progress. He insisted they should go on a date tomorrow. That night he also calls his sister, who was depressed after her loss today. Kaguya comes to visit in another of her erotic moods. He started calling her Kaguya in private and their erotic fun reaches a higher level before she calms down and asks to spend the night. He also agrees to go on a date with her sometime soon as well.

While waiting for Hikaru before their date, Leme noted that his relationships had already become like a Harem. She urged him not to feel guilty because they were all having fun. She noted that she herself harbored a desire to be human and have fun like they do. When Hikaru arrived for the date she was dressed up like a “cool guy” and it looked very good on her. But she had completely ignored his request to go on this date as a proper girl. Kazuki dragged Hikaru to the same boutique he had visited on his date with Miō to buy her proper female clothing for their date. He happened to run into Miō there, once he explained the situation she helped pick out Hikaru's outfit and fix her hair, resulting in a remarkable transformation. The two attend a romantic film together and begin acting much more like a couple. In fact their PDA annoyed some local thugs who tried to attack them. Kazuki defended Hikaru, who quite liked being protected and he finally obtained the Key to her Heart.

While looking at the stars in the park they are attacked by 10 magicians. Kazuki recognizes them as former participants in the tournament who are acting strangely. As Kazuki protects her, Hikaru calls for help from the Knight Order and Beatrix and her squad show up. It's clear these girls have been brainwashed, and Kazuki's keen senses identify Karin and Hayashi nearby, pulling the strings. Beatrix's group recognize the later as one of the most dangerous operatives of China. She had the power to brainwash people to fight for her. She also supposedly could provide Divine Protection that would allow allies to fully recover, even from death, up to 70 times. The German Knights didn't have any methods to free those brainwashed girls without killing them, But Leme and Hikaru knew how to do it. Hikaru kissed Kazuki, who did a full summoning of Baal. The magic is drained from the controlled girls and they pass out. Their plot foiled, Karin and Hayashi retreat. The Knight Order had taken those freed girls into custody and planned to fully investigate the matter.

As the semi-finals began, Miyabi said this would not be so much a test of Kazuki’s power but of his heart. In one of these tests Kazuki’s allies are affected by a spell that causes his teammates to focus all their resentment on him. While dodging their attacks he frees them from the spell by expressing his honest feelings. Included in that is him explaining to Kazuha that his relationships are not about making a Harem but not betraying their feelings for him and trusting in the bonds he shared with all those girls. Leme truly starts to see him as a worthy King after hearing that. He is also forced to relive his greatest trauma but he escapes that easily, again with the bonds he’s made.

Kazuki winds up overcoming every trial she throws at him. Miyabi winds up surrendering the match without consulting her teammates. It seems her only purpose in participating in this was to test Kazuki’s worthiness as a man and as a leader. He had so far exceeded her expectations that she freely confessed to him in front of the shocked crowd. She urged him to add her and her sister to his Harem, Leme got mad at her Diva for blabbing the secret of how Kazuki’s power worked. Shinobu was unable to accept in her mind that her sister was an Elf. She had come to despise everyone other than her sister, who had treated Miyabi so badly. This had led to their social isolation. Perhaps by interacting with Kazuki and his friends they could be free of that.

As expected the most dangerous team won the second match and progressed to the finals. Kazuki was called into the Headmaster’s office; the results of the investigation were in. The Knight Order discovered that many of the tournament’s participants had been brainwashed and had been left with no memory of their actions. It also seemed that this brainwashing was also why they had all entered the tournament in the first place. They had also investigated the background of Karin and Hayashi, who hadn’t been arrested because Kazuki’s word alone wasn’t enough proof. Karin’s father was a police officer killed in the line of duty by Illegal Magicians during the destruction of Tokyo. She was adopted by the Hayashi family after becoming an orphan. The Germans had told Kazuki Hayashi was a well known agent, so her identity was probably fake. The final match would be their last chance to assassinate Kazuki. They might end up going overboard and exposing their true colors.

When Kazuki got home all the residents of the house were wearing maid outfits, having prepared a party to celebrate him getting into the finals.  They insisted on doing all the housework until the finals. Leme noted that he had finally conquered all the girls in the house. Hikaru and Lotte encouraged him to take revenge for them in the final match as they sat down to eat. Leme was pleased to note that Kazuki had adopted a philosophy very similar to that of King Solomon himself.

Volume 5[]

Futsunushi no Kami had told Leme that he had suddenly been cut off from the other Divas of Japanese Mythology. This should be impossible with those he was especially tied to, the only cause he could think of was that they had suddenly gone wild. Leme wanted to inform Kazuki of this crisis but didn’t want to distract him in the middle of the tournament. When Kaguya faces Hikaru in an exhibition match they are curious who he will support. He sidesteps this by cheering for his sister. Miyabi is still trying to get closer to him. At lunch the girls all feed him food they prepared and he has fun with them. He also tells the group of the conspiracy at work and how Hayashi had brainwashed people and was supplying Divine Protection to her team. The group was shocked those two were agents of China. Kazuha had Summoning Magic that could cut off that power and rescue the girls if they were brainwashed. Due to the rules though, Kazuki would have to back those girls into a corner and get them to break the rules and use Summoning Magic first. Leme noted he could have saved himself some trouble if he had conquered that girl before now.

During the fight Kazuki took on Hayashi and Karin alone and despite numerous close calls was able to layer many types of magic. Hayashi became terrified of his power and ordered his sister to act as her meat shield. She had Divine Protection, but she was clearly in terrible pain. Refusing to do any further harm to Karin, Kazuki used Deep Striker to attack Hayashi directly. They finally abandon their disguises and unleash their Summoning Magic at him, endangering everyone on the battlefield. Kazuha removes the Divine Protection from Mibu and Asamiya Anna, though at a terrible price to them. But Kazuha was still attacked by Mibu, who was never brainwashed and was just supporting Karin. Kazuha ran out of magic and was unable to assist him, but Kazuki was desperate to find a method to rescue Karin from her sister’s control and protect everyone from danger. Kazuha encouraged him to do what he could so he apologized before kissing her and doing a full summoning of her Dive. Though she was angry with him he was able to cut away all the dangerous magic and free Karin from control without harm. Hayashi was able to escape alone but vowed to return.

The Headmaster put a seal on Karin’s magic and kept insisting on sending her to a special prison for Illegal Magicians. But Kazuki and Karin’s teammates were confident that Hayashi was the real criminal and could have been forcing Karin to act against her will. To test that Kazuki decides to monitor Karin in his room to find out if kindness could redeem her. During his stay things like tasty food and hot baths were new to her, proving how cruel her foster family was. One night she prepared to kill Kazuki in his sleep but he stopped her. He didn’t know how to deal with these new feelings of hers. But he encouraged her to reject that dark views of her sister and seek a happier life. She would rather complete her mission and die. But Dakki told her it was hopeless without her help. She should have been sealed, but she had altered herself to bypass the seal. She was now the Japanese Diva Tamamo no Mae. She encouraged Karin to surrender her body to gain the power necessary to win. He told her not to give up on having a happy life. Forced to choose, she no longer had the desire to kill and he embraced her.  Her Diva was delighted by this, she had given her that push to get her to embrace her true feelings. She now considered herself a subordinate of Kazuki, insisting he treat Karin well. She was a Diva of numerous faiths anyway, and ad no special loyalty to China.

After a week Kazuki had succeeded in adding Karin as an ally. He returned just in time to vote in the election. While he was absent he left his campaign in the hands of his teammates. They all gathered for an assembly. All 16 candidates were on stage waiting for the official tally. Kazuki worried there might be some funny business with the vote count but he was elected by a wide margin. Leme saw this as a major stepping stone towards becoming King. He gave a speech focusing on unity between the two schools. He returned to find Karin playing games, in danger of becoming a hard core NEET. He insists she start attending school again in the Magic Division. He also insisted that she move into her own room.

They all gathered for a meeting and made suggestions on ways to promote unity. The idea that appealed most to Kazuki was to create a school newspaper. He noted the absence of Kazuha and went to meet up with her in the clubroom. She turned beet red and tried to run. Fearing the loss of this relationship he desperately kept catching her. She now gets how his power worked and understands he had no choice in that situation. But she was still upset he stole her first kiss in such an unromantic setting. He vows to atone for this so she surprisingly demands a “do-over”, wanting him to find a way to kiss her again in a more romantic setting within the next month. After that he ran into Kaya, who came to congratulate him on being elected. She introduced him to a young Elf girl who had become the new host of the weakened Faceless God. She was attempting to tame him and gain and powerful ally and Kaya wouldn’t listen to Kazuki’s warning about the risks. Kaya tried to get Kazuki to abandon the corrupt power structure and embrace anarchy like her. But Kazuki refused to abandon his relationships. He also believed in wielding power for the sake of others, unlike the selfish Kaya. Not able to recruit him Kaya declared they were now enemies and left.    

Yumeno Shiori won the post of newspaper chairman. Miō noted she was the top of the Rank-B students and frankly at Rank-A level. They spent the day beginning to set up the newspaper office in the Witch’s House. After finishing work Kazuki began to worry about how to fulfill Kazuha’s request. Leme was unable to offer him useful advice on romance. Leme had grown quite a bit and he began treating her more like a woman, but she insisted his attention should be focused on the other girls. Kazuki ran into Lotte and Karin dressed in sexy cosplay outfits. They played around acting out scenes from a favorite anime until they were interrupted by Koyuki. Koyuki admitted she fantasized about being dominated by Kazuki so he indulged her in some perverted fun of that nature. Hikaru liked acting out dramatic scenes of herself and Kazuki. She also encouraged him to grope her while they made out. Miō told Kazuki she wanted to hear his heartfelt words of praise for her. She enjoyed his words so much she tried on every outfit she had to hear his praise, including her birthday suit. When asked, Kaguya told Kazuki the setting was critical for romance. When she mentioned the date he had promised her it had completely slipped his hind. She punished him by handcuffing him to her bed and toying with him all night.    

He thought he had grasped the idea of romance by the next morning. Kazuki met up with Kazuha outside the clubroom. But she tried to run off without listening to him. He was able to catch her and insisted he really wanted to repair their relationship. Though she didn’t think of herself anything special he told her of all about the wonderful qualities he admired in her and how much he valued their relationship. Though she complained loudly the whole time, her Positivity Level kept rising and he obtained the Key to her Heart. With her best friend so busy he made it a point to make her a boxed lunch every day and spent all the free time he could with her.  A few days later they were ready to publish the first newspaper issue. When he contacted the Headmaster for final approval he was told that the Board Chairman and his entire family had vanished without a trace. That night news reports stated there had been a massive coordinated strike on all Knight Order posts in western Japan by a mysterious force including mysterious Illegal Magicians. All of western Japan had now been conquered by this unknown army and was now under a complete communications blackout.  

The former Board Chairman appeared on TV announcing that western Japan was declaring independence and calling itself Yamato. All the politicians with secret ties to China appeared to be involved in this plot and had made an alliance with Loki. They were claiming legitimacy under the banner of the Japanese Mythology rather than the 72 Pillars, which people weren’t necessarily opposed to. By doing so they could maintain the facade that Yamato wasn’t just a puppet state of China. The Japanese Divas appeared to have fallen into a Wild God state after being ignored for so long. Their contractors had apparently all joined this movement too. Kazuha had avoided this fate by building her Diva a shrine and caring for him. A border wall was being constructed. The Headmaster and Kazuki were annoyed that both Futsunushi no Kami and Leme had known something was going on both hadn’t told anybody.

They met with two third years Kodzuki Kanon and Yagumo Akane who were already serving in the Knight Order. They were the Student Council members from last year. The students were called into a meeting. To respond to an urgent request for reinforcement at the border, Kazuki would be leading an elite fore of students from both schools to reinforce them. Kazuki told them this was entirely voluntary but urged those with the courage to fight. They wound up with a force of about 150 people. They were suddenly joined by the German Knights Beatrix, Damian and Eleonora too. They offered to cooperate as allies. Kazuki insisted the seniors must rest first and prepared a meal.

On the way to the front lines Kazuki chatted with Miyabi and her sister Shinobu. He made his first attempt to get through to Shinobu. They passed quite a few people on the road who seemed to be refugees. Lotte told him that she detected hostile intent from then. The buses were suddenly fired on and destroyed. The students were slow to react due to shock but finally came to their senses. It was a perfectly executed ambush. Kazuki too was slow to react when he realized that Hayashi had brainwashed a number of third years who had returned from the west and ordered them to target the leaders Kanon and himself. He only survived because Beatrix shielded him and fell deep into Magic Intoxication. Kazuha freed those girls and they enemy fled as the Knight Order arrived. They took several enemy prisoners.

Eleonora, unlike Damian, refused to participate in the war any longer. The fact that they had been ambushed so perfectly could mean only one thing, and the Knight Order had already lost this war. Kanon had already woken up when he met her and Akane. He told them about Joka and the power to brainwash people. He also mentioned that people who were backed by China were behind this plot. The fact that ambush had been so perfect meant there must be a spy, probably high in the Knight Order, leaking all their plans. He insisted they not do anything to reveal the fact they knew there was a traitor. Kazuki asked Lotte to check to see if the prisoners were still hosting Divas. Normally a Diva wouldn’t give up a flesh body so easily but that was just what had happened. He then told Kanon and Akane his theory. The fact that Loki, Joka and Nyarlathotep were all on the same team worried him. They all specialized in manipulating minds and hearts, meaning they might be able to combine their skills to easily grant new hosts to their allies whenever their old host was killed or captured. Illegal Magicians already had a huge advantage in casting time and if they could easily change hosts a prolonged war would be impossible to win. His plan was to take the Academy students and sneak behind enemy Ines to take out Hayashi to nullify the leak.

Before the mission he presented Kazuha with a bouquet of pretty flowers. He was out of breath from running around to pick them. She called this foolish but was clearly torched. He told her of the surprise attack he was planning on the enemy and asked her to agree to go on a date with him if they succeeded, to increase his motivation and she agreed. A friend of his took over guard duty at the perimeter of the base. Akane had secured Kazuki wireless headsets for use in his operation. She also gave him information on the enemy camp. Kazuki and his close friends raided their classmates’ rooms and confiscated their cell phones. Given what happened that day, Kazuki suspected an information leak. There might even be a spy among the students. He told them they were conducting a surprise raid on the enemy.

Once they had escaped he explained his plan in more detail.  He divided the students into squads based on their specialty. His friends’ unique skills allowed them to conceal their approach and take out the guards. They surrounded the enemy garrison and were able to destroy the building despite being detected and fired upon. With perfect coordination between the squadrons they attacked them from different angles and they fell into confusion. Kōhaku sent a signal when she located Hayashi. He carried Karin and raced there. Karin’s Diva was admiring his impressive leadership. With a little assistance from Miyabi Kazuki totally overpowered Hayashi and even cut through her escape magic, impressing even Joka. In the end she shamelessly ordered Karin to protect her. But Karin knew what real love and friendship was now and fought her sister instead. Karin defeated her easily and Kazuki made sure to capture her alive. Kaya appeared on the back of a dragon and ordered the troops to retreat. She offered her praise to Kazuki for this bold action. Behind her Maya was clearly terrified of heights. They returned to camp with captured prisoners and freed allies.

The Knight Order was in shock after finding out what he had achieved. It was Japan's first victory in the Civil War and he had given them a foothold in enemy territory. This went a long way to establish his reputation as a leader. When he got to his room he discovered Kaguya had assigned herself as his roommate. They were interrupted by Hikaru and the girls fought over him for a while and he wound up sleeping between them Prisoners were interrogated .Kazuki and Kazuha were watching Futsunushi no Kami question one of the Divas. Her Wild God ate ended due to using up her power, Ame no Uzume had calmed down and responded to questions. Apparently all the shrines in western Japan were destroyed.  The ones who did it claimed they were working for their government and showing devotion to the 72 Pillars. But the Headmaster and Lame insisted that didn’t make sense, the 72 Pillars didn’t demand devotion like that. Most likely they had been deceived so they would turn on Japan and the 72 Pillars and support a new state based on Japanese Mythology. But in their Wild God stage they wouldn’t listen to reason. He was told the fastest way to calm them all was to calm the rage of Chief God found in Ise Grand Shrine. Kazuki and Karin were brought to the prison where Hayashi had been found dead, having committed suicide. Kazuki comforted Karin as she cried.

He was called out by Akane who thanked him for his help. She also noted they had met as kids in a martial arts competition. She had devoted herself to studying tactics but still had trouble dealing with the unexpected. She admitted he was superior in his battle instincts. But he saw her strengths as well and suggests they might be able to compensate for each other’s shortcomings. Despite the fact that she had no confidence in her appearance he flirted with her openly. Kazuki and Akane arrived at headquarters where the Headmaster and Kanon were waiting, along with the regimental commander Yamagata Koyata. His plan was to push hard north and shave of the enemy’s numbers. But in secret it was a diversion so a small group could reach the Ise Grand Shrine. If the Japanese Divas could be calmed down Yamato would fall apart. Only the people in this room knew of this plan. Due to the leak they had to rely on Kazuki to carry it out. Kanon had suggested getting there by sea was the easiest way to get there undetected. They had arranged a small craft and it was their intention to send only Kazuki and Kazuha, which made him nervous. He called Kazuha n the phone to tell her the situation and she flipped out.

Volume 6[]

Kazuki woke up one morning to find Hikaru molesting him. To prevent the spy for discovering their plan, it was said Kazuki and his friends were allowed a brief vacation to celebrate their victory. They drove to the beach where the girls played while Kazuki and Kazuha leaned how to operate the boat from Lotte. Kazuki had some perverted fun with Lotte during their lesson. On the beach he looked for the twin sisters who had wandered off alone. As usual Shinobu only wanted to spend time with her sister and ran off when Miyabi chose to hang out with Kazuki and his friends instead. The sisters had been dependent on each other for a long time. He promised to add them both to his Harem, but he was sensitive enough to understand that Shinobu wasn’t ready to take that step. He told Miyabi it was important to be patient and understanding until she was ready to accept change. Miyabi was deeply touched. He had some perverted fun with Koyuki too before he and Kazuha set sail.

They both had their time to shine on their brief boat trip and got to shore without being spotted by diving underwater. They suffered some embarrassment while drying off and met a strange creature. It looked to be a bird-like Demonic Beast. But it talked and called itself Yatagarasu, a guide sent by Amaterasu. As it flew off they thought it strange the Chief God wasn’t in a Wild God state but Futsunushi no Kami refused to comment on it. As they stopped at a local restaurant to enjoy a lunch of shellfish Kazuki suggested they act like a couple to seem less suspicious. They overheard the locals saying Yamato completely ignored important domestic issues like clearing Haunted Grounds. One particularly massive one was now surrounding Ise Grand Shrine.

As they entered the Haunted Ground they spotted people in armor patrolling the streets and giving off the atmosphere of Demonic Beasts. Those things were easy to elude by crossing the rooftops until they were spotted by a monkey-like creature. A mysterious voice sealed them in the Haunted Ground and marked them in a way that made it impossible to hide. The minions were ordered to kill them. The things patrolling the streets all had an irrational hatred of magic users. They were unable to remove the spell marking them. At this point even Kazuha was accusing her Diva of leading them into a trap. It turned out they had been brought here to settle the dispute between two Chief Gods. Susanoo had allied himself with Yamato and Loki and helped them create this situation. They were asked to defeat him and rescue Amaterasu who was sealed in the temple. They were eventually cornered and forced to fight back.  Kazuha proved her improved skills as they fought side-by-side. It was during this battle that she truly accepted her feelings for Kazuki.

The armored people never seemed to run out of magic power but after they wore them down Yatagarasu was able to free those cursed people. What was left was people in Magic Intoxication. Yamato had recruited people with talent in magic and offered them an artificial contract with a Diva. These people were all envious of Stigma and craved power, so they agreed. They performed a massive ritual based on the research of the former Headmaster. But in their irrational Wild God state, the Japanese Divas couldn’t form proper contracts and could only forcefully possess them. The ones guarding the temple were the ones who lost their minds during this process.

Susanoo and Amaterasu were the Yin and Yang of Japanese Mythology and totally opposite. Normally they would each nominate a candidate and they would fight for the title of King. But Amaterasu’s contractor wasn’t made a candidate because she was too weak to fight. But Susanoo had lost patience and was trying to force her to choose a candidate or be destroyed. Their plan was to help Amaterasu recover her strength by making her and her contractor subordinate to Kazuki. This would make him the proxy candidate. This idea appealed to Leme as Kazuki would become King of two Mythologies. Kazuki wasn’t so thrilled but it would also accomplish their goal of calming the Wild Gods. They felt sorry for those cursed people and freed the remainder of them on their way to the temple, clearing the Haunted Ground.

They were confronted by the owner of that voice Ikōsai Aisu. She was accompanied by the last two masked soldiers who turned out to be the Takasugi brothers. Kazuha easily handled both brothers but Kazuki struggled badly against Aisu. She used all kinds to tricks he found hard to understand, but Kazuha was able to see through them easily and copy her. It turns out it was easy to see though from a distance. Yatagarasu persuaded Aisu to not go all-out yet. He explained their plan to make Kazuki the proxy candidate. She had the power to steal the power of any King she defeated. It was to her advantage to wait because Kazuki didn’t officially have a “King” title yet. In the temple they found a blood-caked room. It turned out that helpless contractor had already been brutally murdered by Yamato. Amaterasu, who dearly loved the girl, was desperately using her waning power to keep her soul intact in her realm. With the Haunted Ground gone it was possible to restore Amaterasu’s power and by combining it with Kazuki’s they could restore that girl’s flesh body. They were led to the seal and asked to supply magic power to it through the Astrum.

After passing a test they entered an environment controlled by Amaterasu’s disembodied contractor Kamimura Itsuki. Her Diva had created this world and a couple of strange individuals for her to interact with. She didn’t need much companionship as she was a hardcore NEET like her Diva. After that Amaterasu had apparently entered a state of hibernation to conserve her energy and they needed to wake her up. It turned out she was drawn to the interactions between men and women, done with open and honest feelings. In particular she seemed to be interested in perverted acts. This made them uncomfortable but they had no choice but to agree. They were put under a mild spell that compelled Kazuha to finally be honest with her feelings for Kazuki and they engaged in a few perverted acts which finally woke the slumbering god.

Futsunushi no Kami finally turned up at that point and they were annoyed he had given them no warning. But he knew that Kazuha would not have agreed to be his companion had they known and he wanted her to finally admit her feelings. Leme was satisfied because the Harem members might have fought over which of them would go. Amaterasu was haunted by guilt over what happened. She had chosen her best friend as her contractor without considering the consequences. But Aisu had been chosen based on strength and had instantly defeated her. This was why she would borrow Kazuki’s power and use it to restore the girl’s flesh body. The girl’s lifespan would depend on the strength of her bond with Kazuki. The girl didn’t care about romance or seemingly about her own life but her Diva encouraged her. Kazuki felt sorry for the lonely and depressed girl and agreed to support her. Itsuki officially became a conquest target. Not much changed though as he couldn’t use her King’s Authority until he beat Aisu and the girl’s Positivity Level was low.

They were ambushed by Aisu and the Takasugi brothers while they were fleeing the realm of the dead. The brothers had abandoned their humanity altogether in their quest for power. Once Kazuki understood Aisu’s tricks he was able to dominate the fight because she wasn’t used to facing strong opponents and lost her composure. She admitted it was her loss this time and fled. This was enough to tip the scales, most of the Divas originally loyal to Amaterasu came back to their senses. Thus their mission to drive Yamato into disarray was achieved. They also dragged the collapsed brothers back to the real world before they were consumed by the darkness. They headed outside so they could light off the beacon that would signal their success and the start of the attack.

When Kazuki’s group got closer to the entrance they found Aisu being confronted by Kaya and a group of masked people. They apparently had made a deal to help her become King. They had agreed not to attack Kazuki until their contest was settled. But Kaya had predicted all along that Kazuki would win in the end. Even if he lost, she knew that the nature of Aisu’s Power of Usurpation meant she would turn on the other Kings next. Aisu was ready to surrender herself totally to her Diva to power up and get her revenge but Kazuki stopped her and suggested they work together to escape. Kazuki predicts that Kaya had only brought her own close associates here. She couldn’t afford to have the deception they used to win over the Japanese Divas be exposed. Leme revealed she had unlocked more abilities. Now Kazuki could communicate with Harem members with Positivity Levels of 150 or better with Telepathy. That meant he could contact Miō without alerting Kaya. She asked her followers to hold the contractors of the strongest Japanese Divas back. She and the others were shocked when Kazuki unlocked the second part of his Magic Dress, Solomon’s Emblem.

He let Miō know the mission was a success. He was confident in his companions facing 3-to-1 odds and took on Kaya. Kazuki easily used his improved power to overpower Kaya, who surrendered control to Loki. After an intense battle Kazuki was surprised when Loki decided they should retreat rather than finish him off. It seems they were satisfied having gotten an accurate picture of his growth. Kazuki was viewed as a necessary piece of their future plans. After they left, Aisu also retreated, promising to get her revenge on those guys as well as to defeat Kazuki. When they arrived on the battlefield, Kazuki wasn’t surprised to see China had sent in some of their elites to intervene and prevent Yamato’s utter defeat. They managed to rescue Kanon and Akane who were nearly killed but were unable to fight back with their remaining magic power. They were suddenly helped by a mysterious group who chased the enemies away and offered their help as allies.

Since it became an international conflict when China chose to intervene directly, things would soon get more complicated. Leaders of the group that aided them Lu Shang Xiang and Silirat Denkaosen wanted to forming an alliance. The other Magically Advanced Countries would soon step in and force a cease fire. They would then investigate the matter and make a judgment of which government was the legitimate ruling body of Japan. There was no way to be sure what criteria they would use. If there was a divided opinion it could become a stalemate until either Kazuki or Aisu won the battle and became Japan’s official King. Having overheard this discussion, Eleonora announced they would be suspending their agreement with Japan so as to remain neutral until this was all settled.  Kazuki was delighted to learn that Beatrix had recovered and was treating her with clear affection. But Beatrix had only just woken up and was left totally lost by the conversation they were having.

Powers and Abilities[]

King's Authority:[]

Power of Bonds: Leme being the Lesser Key of Solomon gives her control over the 72 Pillars of Solomon. Her Decorteo Brigieux (Magic Dress) is in the form of jewelry accessories that measures the bonds and allows the use of magic from her contractor's Harem members.

This ability is the ability to be able to use all 10 of the characteristic magic owned by the 72 Pillars. In contrast with normal Diva that could only use 10 magic spells. Not only can she use the magic from the 72 Pillars she can also use different magic from different Mythologies that are allied with her. This allows her to use more than 720 magic spells.

Her Authorities as the King of the 72 Pillars of Solomon are:

  • She grants her contractor a ring that allows them to read the Positivity Levels of potential conquests. As of Volume 3 the ring can be used to generate a map that shows the location of the girls in his Harem that have high Positivity Levels.
  • Telepathy is possible with any Harem member anywhere regardless of their whereabouts. In order for this to work, the Positivity Level of the member must be at least 150.
  • She can also give her contractor the pendant of Solomon called "Zekorbeni", which allows them to almost instantly chant the magic of anyone whose Positivity Level is above 150.
  • In Volume 9, she granted Kazuki the title of King, which gives the girls that are a part of his Harem and the 72 Pillars access to the full power of their contracted Diva, in order for this to happen their Positivity Level has to be 150 or above.
  • By the end of series, Leme used the combined Positivity Level that Kazuki developed during the story to create his last Magic Dress, Gematria (Solomon's Garment). With it, Kazuki can sense the magic power and feelings from people who are very far from his position, even when they are dead. It also grants Kazuki the ability to use spells from other Mythologies regardless of their Positivity Levels.


  • Leme kissed Kazuki when they formed the contract in Volume 1, Chapter 2
  • The Lesser Key of Solomon, also known as the Clavicula Salomonis Regis or Lemegeton, is an anonymous grimoire (or spell book) on demonology. It was compiled in the mid-17th century, mostly from materials a couple of centuries older. It is divided into five books—the Ars Goetia, Ars Theurgia-Goetia, Ars Paulina, Ars Almadel, and Ars Notoria.