Magika no Kenshi to Shōkan Vasreus
Volume 06 Light Novel Cover
Japanese 魔技科の剣士と召喚魔王


Rōmaji Magika no Kenshi to Shōkan Vashireus
Novel Information
Cover Character(s) Tsukahara Kazuha
Author Mitsuki Mihara
Illustrations CHuN
Release Date July 25, 2014
Pages 295
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  • Chapter 1 - To the Beach of Abundant Land
  • Chapter 2 - Sneak MissionEnemy Territory Infiltration
  • Chapter 3 - Gate of the Celestial Rock Cave ~Love Simulation~
  • Chapter 4 - The Descent of God's Descendant
  • Chapter 5 - Head-on Collision ~Magic War・Sekigahara~
  • Epilogue - Archipelago of Chaos
  • Afterword


Kazuki and Kazuha manage to infiltrate Ise Grand Shrine but find things there are very dangerous and complicated. The Chief God Amaterasu is facing an insurrection of her own and Kazuki is asked a play a huge role in that battle. He will find himself preparing for a pivotal battle against a beautiful sword master who proves to be his most dangerous opponent yet!


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