Lizliza Westwood
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Japanese リズリサ・ウェストウッド
Rōmaji Rizurisa Uesutouddo
Personal Information
Species Human
Gender 212px-FemaleFemale
Age 30~
Status Alive
Eye Purple
Hair Blonde
Occupation Teacher
School National Knight Academy
Diva Agares
Partner(s) Hibiki (formerly)

Hisatada Tsukahara (Formerly

Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 1
Manga debut Chapter 2

Lizliza Westwood is a teacher at the National Knight Academy.


Liza is a very short teacher, she has neck length hair that is tied in a bun. Liza is always seen wearing a formal outfit with a very short skirt, knee-socks and black boots. Even though Liza looks like a kid, she is in fact somewhere around 30+ years old, in other words she has eternal youth. Her Decorteo Brigieux takes an appearance of a green colored dress with an oversized wizard hat with a red ribbon around it, Liz also summons a staff with an hourglass on it which has the ability to manipulate time.


Liza may be a short person and look like a pre-schooler, but her personality tells otherwise. She is very harsh to her students calling them trash. But in truth, she just wants to make them good knights. She is a teacher with a strong and straightforward sense of justice. She was even the first among the adults to ally with Kazuki Hayashizaki after his power as a king was discovered.

Liza is surprisingly very self-conscious about her physical appearance. This wasn't helped by the fact that most of the men that approached her were only interested in her because she looks like a kid. This made her give up on dating and focus on her work instead.


Liz Liza was one of the first knights that fought in Japan's great tragedy 10 years ago. She was a companion of Hibiki, whom she admired and looked up to as a big sister-like figure. She is the only known survivor from the first generation. At some point in her career she was partnered with swordsman Hisatada Tsukahara, who became a teacher at the Academy along with her. Liz Liza had her time frozen by her diva "Agares" and retained the body of an 18 year old.



Volume 1Edit

She is first seen introducing herself to her new students.She does so with verbal abuse, as was her style. She called out Kazuki in particular for being the only E-Rank magician at the magic school (he had never made an effort at magic as a swordsman). He vowed to make an effort to improve though, meeting her approval. She also noted that the only two year one A-Rank students were in that class too. Mio Amasaki arrogantly stood without being called and bragged about this. She was told to sit down. When people were curious about the other A-Rank Koyuki Hiakari, seated behind Kazuki, raised her hand and was revealed to be an elf. Kazuki was frankly captivated by her beauty and was soon mocked for not paying attention to the teacher. They went around the room to introduce themselves and talk about their interests. When Kazuki listed swordsmanship as a hobby be was ridiculed, even by the teacher, and told his hobby was not relevant to his new position. She told the students they would be taking part in a ceremony, to make their first effort to contract with their diva. Naturally, all the students were very interested.

The ceremony was led by Magic Division President Kaguya Otonashi It was rare for people to succeed on their first try, nobody in class 1 had done so. The arrogant Class-A Mio was the first to manage it, making a contract with Phenex. She immediately wanted to try out her new powers and had to be stopped by Liz. Kazuki and Koyuki were the only other two to succeed. But in Kazuki's case his Diva, Leme, fully materialized but seemed to have lost her memory. Since she did not seem to be a Diva of the 72 pillars there were immediate calls to declare him an illegal magician, remove his stigma and send him to the Swordsmanship Division. It was only due to Liz' intervention that he was spared that fate. Leme did not seem to he hostile or have any powers. Also she seemed to be connected to the 72 pillars even if she was not one of them. There was a risk of offending them if they acted rashly. So he was instead placed on "probation" while the staff investigated Leme. He was placed in the Witch's Mansion where the Student Council could keep an eye on him. Liz teased Kaguya who seemed to be interested in Kazuki. Leme seemed to be an unusual Dive indeed.

During classes most students were still trying to contract with their Diva. While Koyuki and Mio were just trying to improve their summoning magic. Kazuki had been given no such magic so he was forced to do dull exersizes to improve his basic magic. Most students considered huch an exercise beneath them and he was again the object of ridicule. But if he wanted to improve he had no choice bot to devote himself to basic magic training. Another nasty argument with Mio led him to challenge her to a duel. Mio was A-Rank and had reached level 2 while Kazuki had E-Rank magic and would fight with only his sword. But despite all the odds being against him he won the fight without much trouble. This shook one the precepts that nearly every student believed, that magic was overwhelmingly superior to the sword skills. She was the first person who Kazuki told about how Leme had chosen him as king of the 72 pillars. Leme was encouraging him to form a harem with magic uses, as his powers would increase as his bonds with them improved. Sensei found this strange and suggested that this should be kept secret for the moment, unsure how everyone would react. People, including the staff, were only told vaguely that Leme could copy low level magic of other Divas.

For the Inter-Division matches outside spectators were allowed to watch. Protective magic was used to shield them from harm. In the first match Magic Division Vice-President Hikaru Hoshikaze dominated Torazō Yamada with her acceleration magic. In the second match Kazuki would face off against the Swordsmanship Division Vice-President Iori Kamīzumi. The staff had decided he must prove he could win this fight using only Summoning Magic or he would be forcibly transferred to the other school. In the end he unlocked new magic and was able to with the right to stay. The school was then attacked by the illegal magican Kaya who summoned dragons to cause chaos. While the students fought them off, Liz used her mist magic to provide cover for the spectators while they were being evacuated. When Kaya was later nearly killed by Kaguya she surrendered everything to Loki who was able to fully manifest. Kazuki was the only one with the will to keep fighting at that point. He managed to wound and drive away Loki with sword skill alone. He then saved a mortally wounded Mio by doing a complete summon of her Diva. After that it was no longer possible to hide the true scope of Leme's powers from the staff.

They held a staff meeting where Liz told them about Leme's true identity as the Lesser Key of Solomon and how she had selected him as King of the 72 Pillars. She also told them how his power increased with "intimate bonds" with his classmates. She suggested they should now accept him as a legitimate Magic Division Student. She was confident Kazuki would recover from the deep magic intoxication he was in from doing a full summon in his weakened state. She had a similar experience once before. But just she feared many people there were extremely threatened by the idea of a King and refused to accept it. The loudest voice belonged to Board Chairman Amasaki, whose step-daughter had just been in grave danger. He was very unhappy about his daughter living with a "Harem King". He refused to accept the legitimacy of Leme on face value and still regarded Kazuki as an illegal magician. The headmaster Tsukikurō Otonashi agreed to step up their observations. If Kazuki should prove in any way untrustworthy he planned to assigning Leme's "subjugation" to his daughter, the strongest Magical Stigma Kaguya.

Volume 2 Edit

Mio and Kazuki failed badly at their first quest and were forced to return home after only 3 hours. She called Kazuki to her office and told him that Mio was on the verge of being demoted to Rank-B and evicted from the Witch's House. She had already suffered a loss to Kazuki (who was a Rank-E) and now this, When Kazuki objected she told him the school did not play favorites, other students were showing improvement and completing quests successfully. With the threat of Loki, students had to show their worth by completing quests quickly. The staff felt that perhaps she was slacking off and that a demotion might give her the kick-in-the-pants she needed, but Kazuki insisted that wasn't the case. He wondered why she was telling him rather than Mio, but she though it was his job to support her. The easiest way to improve their team was to get Koyuki to join them (she knew this would help his power as a King as well). Kazuki agreed completely but knew they would never work together, as they were rivals. She felt he was not taking the danger they faced seriously enough. She also asked if it was possible for him to use magic from Divas outside the 72 Pillars. Leme appeared and confirmed it could be done, as long as the person was an ally who wished to support Kazuki. Liz didn't think it likely to happen anyway, as the government considered those kind of people Illegal Magicians anyway. Koyuki later challenged Mio to a duel. Kazuki tried to stop it at first, not understanding her intention. Liz watched the duel where they displayed equally impressive magic and it ended in a draw. This improved Mio's standing slightly and she was no longer in immediate danger of being demoted.

The princess of a small Dukedom under the control of Germany Charlotte Lieben Frau had made a contract with mysterious Diva she called "Prophet" who had lost his memories and powers. The poor girl had suffered from an illness from birth and he had made his offer when she was on death's door about the time she turned 14. In the end they shared the same body, as he took over the unwell parts of her and enabled her to go outside and have a normal life for the first time. At the same time he would have the chance to recover his own strength. The problem was that Germany demanded strict allegiance to Norse Mythology and any Illegal Magician found there was put to death. "Prophet" used his unique ability as a Diva to fly Lotte on a jet airplane to Japan to seek asylum, thus she became a refugee. Of course, she was an Illegal Magician on the eyes of Japan too. But the Knight Order had carefully examined her. Despite being fully materialized he had not harmed her personality at all. There was no evidence he was hostile and it was correctly assumed he was a Diva from Greek Mythology. Because of Lotte's talent for telepathy she managed to become fluent in Japanese in only 3 days. Since her magic was already Rank-A level she was permitted to transfer into the academy despite being a year too young. Transfer students were unheard of in their unusual school and she drew much interest. To avoid the true story getting out most people were told that she was Liz's distant relative (since they were both blonde). They said that she was native to Japan but that had only recently returned from Europe. It was only due to her excellent Japanese that people accepted the obvious lie and she was quite popular. She called out Kazuki for making a strange face in class, which had been done with magic.

She called together the residents of the Witch's House for a special Student Council meeting. They were the only students told the whole truth about Lotte and her Diva. Naturally they were all shocked and impressed by the story. Of course, there was still some worry over what the Germans might do. Naturally, they had demanded her return but Japan said no, despite badly needing their expertise in the hunt for Loki. They were not happy, but the international community would never have been fine with them handing over the innocent Lotte to be executed. At Liz's suggestion "Prophet" was brought out to meet them. They were assured there was no evidence he was harmful to Lotte. Leme was interested in him too, noting he was even shorter than her. She recognized someone in a similar state to herself, having lost his powers and memory after a devastating loss in battle. Lotte would be staying at the Witch's House under observation, just like Kazuki. Kaguya in particular was eager to be her friend. Liz also asked Kazuki and Mio to accept Lotte into their party. Her magic was already Level 3 and with her telepathy she would be able to help to compensate for their weaknesses. Hikaru in particular was interested in her abilities and asked to have a practice duel the next day. Lotte was very happy about working with Kazuki and was already very affectionate with him. Mio scolded her for behaving inappropriately towards a guy she barely knew. Liz suggested she affirm her desire to support Kazuki and she does so. Thus Lotte became the first official conquest target from outside the 72 Pillars. They were also told that some of Germany's elite Magical Stigma would still be coming to Japan temporarily to assist with the hunt for Loki.

Lotte took part in the mock battle, her opponent was Kōhaku Hikita of the Swordsmanship Division. Hikaru was the referee and Kōhaku was remarkably quick on her feet. But she could not compete against Lotte's extraordinary casting speed. She also had great range, using not only lightning but also modern weapons like machine guns. This was shocking to the students who had never seen an ability like that before. Liz was forced to admit that Lotte was an Illegal Magician being kept under observation like Kazuki. But the rest of her controversial past was still kept hidden. After this demonstration Liz urged Kazuki to accept Lotte into his party. She explain to her ignorant student that the damage produced by lightning was indeed different from fire and that the range of tactics would definitely increase. He finally agreed to let her be a team member. She suggested that they should re-challenge the same quest they had failed before, in order to secure Mio's Rank-A status. As they were nearly done for the day and were running low on magic power and stamina they were attacked by a knight of Germany Beatrix Baumgard. The Germans had been arrived in Japan to help with the hunt for Loki, but only for a month. She did not admit that she was after Lotte's life but it was clear. From her statements it seemed the Knight Order had been ordered not to interfere, though a couple did as they were not aware of the orders. Thanks to an unexpected intervention the group had managed to escape from her without any casualties.

When Kazuki returned to the school he was called in alone by his teacher. He demanded an increase to security to prevent this incident from happening again but was shocked to discover the whole thing had been officially condoned. It seemed those in power in Japan were so very desperate for information and help with Loki that they had made a secret deal. They could not just hand the girl over without being condemned by the international community. So they had ordered the Knight Order to simply "look the other way" while the Germans disposed of an innocent girl on their own soil (they felt no obligation to protect a refugee). The attack had occurred on a Haunted Ground so they could claim the death as a simple accident. They assumed that Kazuki and Mio, if they survived, would keep the mouths shut if ordered to. Now the power brokers were very angry and had now flat out ordered Kazuki and Mio to stand by and let Lotte be murdered before their eyes and keep their mouths shut. Naturally Kazuki was appalled and flat out refused to accept such orders. He wanted to turn the tables and beat her, despite the odds against him. To his surprise Liz was quite happy with his response. She knew he was that kind of person and that was exactly the reason she paired him up Lotte, having predicted his escape She also knew, that as the future king, he should therefore have enough power to protect her. Leme chimed in and agreed, if he had simply given up and let Lotte be killed, she would have never recognized him as a worthy king. He had been ordered to go on one more mission so Beatrix could target them again under the guise of an "accident". But they would only be in Japan for a month, and if they could drive her off one more time that should be the end of it. She was the Ace of Germany and it would be impossible for a normal student to accomplish. Nor could he seek the help of someone like Kaguya, as that would be seen as interference by the Academy. But if he combined his potential as a king with the amazing strength of Lotte's Dva it might be possible. The interference of those two knights who helped them escape was a mystery though.

As Liz had hoped, Kazuki was able to overpower Beatrix and then informed the Knight Order so they could pick her up. The Germans were outraged and demanded an explanation. What Liz had not anticipated was the strong reaction that followed. The headmaster called an emergency meeting of the staff of the Magic Division. Liz thought that they could just tell the Germans that Kazuki had acted on his own to protect his classmate. But the headmaster felt this would not be enough in his case. They had not accepted him as a legitimate student yet. H started to refer to him as an "Illegal Magician" who had just taken out a knight of Germany and "abducted" his classmate Lotte. Liz still argued they were rushing to judgment. But everyone else had been quite intimidated by all the power Kazuki had displayed it was easy to accept the argument he was "dangerous" and Liz found herself the sole voice of opposition. The Knight Order had sent an official report charging that Kazuki had taken possession of a Sacred Treasure and had injured two knights who tried to confiscate it from him. Liz did not accept this story (which was not true) but did not know enough of the facts to make an good argument to refute it. It was at that that time that Liz truly understood the depth of the conspiracy which was trying to prevent Kazuki's rise to power.

The Knight Order had issued an official order, declaring both Kazuki and Lotte were Illegal Magicians and that the Knight Academy should place them both under arrest. Lotte would be returned to Germany for execution while Kazuki's powers would be sealed and he would be sent to the Swordsmanship Division. Liz still argued that the Divas of the 72 Pillars could object. But the headmaster still insisted there was no reason to accept a 15 year-old boy as a legitimate authority. He insisted that Leme was probably manipulating him for her own purposes. Just in case, the stigmata could always be forcibly transferred to someone "proven more worthy" (in other words someone the those currently in power could manipulate or control). This was an experimental procedure that could leave Kazuki permanently brain damaged. But when Board Chairman Amasaki agreed with everything the headmaster just said it was clear no argument was going to change the decision. The headmaster would order the school's strongest Magical Stigma, Kaguya, to subjugate and arrest her classmates. This struck Liz a especially cruel for a father to order his own daughter to attack her close friends. Unable to rely on anyone in the Magic Department, Liz contacted her former partner Hisatada Tsukahara, who was a teacher in the Swordsmanship Division and get him to help. The group were attacked just after their battle with Beatrix and were very low on magic power. But with help from Koyuki and Kōhaku they all escaped safely and took refuge within the Swordsmanship Division.

Volume 3 Edit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Abilities and SkillsEdit

Agares 10 inherent powers: Edit

Level ?: Chrono Stutter: Magic that slows movements of the opponent.

Level ?: Leap Stasis: Negates the various attacks.

Telekinesis Magic

Mist: Liz is able to summon a giant mist that can cover an entire battlefield.


  • Liz hails from Great Britain.
  • Because of her childlike appearance, Liz Liza was mostly approached by pedophiles who nicknamed her legal loli.
  • She and Kazuki kissed in Volume 14, Chapter 1