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Japanese マルコシアス
Rōmaji Marukoshiasu
Personal Information
Species Diva
Gender 212px-Male Male
Status Alive
Affiliation 72 Pillars of Solomon

Hayashizaki Kazuki (King)

Partner(s) Gremory

Ryūtaki Shinobu

Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 4
Marchosias (マルコシアス) is the 35th of the 72 Pillars of Solomon. Marchosias has the strongest offensive abilities among the 72 Pillars of Solomon. He is contracted with Ryūtaki Shinobu.

Appearance Edit

He is depicted as a wolf with a gryphon's wings and a serpent's tail, spewing fire from his mouth.

Personality Edit

According to legend he has a faithful devotion to Gremory that far surpasses his loyalty to the King.

History Edit

Background Edit

A year ago he made a contract with Ryūtaki Shinobu.

Plot Edit

Volume 4 Edit

During the match against Hayashizaki Kazuki's team both sisters rode on his back while firing magic at their opponents below.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

10 Inherent Powers:Edit

Level: 1: Blade Tusk: Creates twin swords that have boorish blades and look like the polished fangs of giant beasts they then attack the enemy as if they were being wielded by unseen swordsmen.

Level: 2: ?

Level: 3: Cross Conflict: Summons red crystal wings that expand from the caster's back and emit both heat and cold. It protects the user’s body from the double elements of fire and ice.

Level: 4: Crimson Wolf Pack: The caster summons a pack of fire wolves that attack enemies.

Level: 5: Iceblue Wolf Pack: The caster summons a pack of ice wolves that can act as defensive shields or attack the enemy.

Level: 6: Burning Icicle: Summons a clone of Marchosias, a giant wolf with red crystal wings. The user sits on its back and as it flies through the air and drops red crystals that are laced with both heat and cold and explode.

Level: 7: ?

Level: 8: ?

Level: 9: ?

Level: 10: Awakening Killer Instinct: Reinforcement magic that gives the caster physical capabilities amplified many times over by Marchosias’ strengthening.

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