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Japanese マヤ
Other names Naiarlako (by Kaya)
Personal Information
Species Human (formerly)

Possessed Elf

Gender 212px-FemaleFemale
Age 12-14
Status Deceased
Hair Black
Occupation Magika Stigma

Illegal Magician (in Japan)

Affiliation Chaos Brigade
School None
Diva Nyarlathotep
Partner(s) Kaya
Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 5
Maya (マヤ) was a former experimental subject who became the new vessel for Nyarlathotep. Her goal was to tame the evil god before he could recover his strength. In the end she failed and her mind was consumed.


Maya is an Elf at the age of a middle schooler with black hair and black skin. In order to match with Kaya’s punk fashion, she wears a black no-sleeved parka with a hood that is worn low over her eyes and a miniskirt tied with a belt decorated with studs.


Maya has a calm and gentle personality however she hates when Kaya calls her "Naiarlako" which is her nickname created by Kaya.



She was originally an experimental subject in the laboratory under the National Knight Academy, though her personality hadn’t been destroyed. When she became the vessel for Nyarlathotep her hair and skin turned pitch black.


Volume 5 Edit

Hayashizaki Kazuki was shocked to run into Kaya. She had come to congratulate him on his election and was amused to find him in an awkward situation. She was accompanied by an Elf girl with dark skin who gave him the chills. The girl was named Maya and was the new host of the Faceless God Nyarlathotep. Loki had noticed the true identity of the former Headmaster Otonashi Tsukikurō. They tried to form an alliance but negotiations failed. But they were entrusted with a small piece of the Diva which they implanted in one of his research subjects. Maya was attempting to tame the Diva while he was still weakened. They decided to take the risk and try to gain a powerful ally which Kazuki told her was too dangerous. But she refused to believe he was that evil. Kaya tried to recruit him without success. She cites the corruption of those at the top. She encouraged him to join her and embrace anarchy but he refused. Kazuki used his power for the sake of others while Kaya had lost faith in humanity.  Unable to recruit Kazuki, she declared him an enemy and vowed to crush him one day.

Loki and his followers formed an alliance with various Chinese sleeper agents within the Japanese government including the former Knight Academy Board Chairman Takasugi Takayoshi.  The Divas of Japanese Mythology had fallen into a Wild God state The Illegal Magicians corrupted by those Divas were aligned with them. A massive coordinated attack was launched on Knight Order bases all over western Japan. They took them totally by surprise and only 200 Knights, plus a dozen third years from the Academy managed to escape to the east. The former Board Chairman and Kaya appeared on TV declaring west Japan was now the independent nation of Yamato. The fact they were using Divas of Japanese Mythology, rather than Taoist Mythology, gave them at least the pretense of legitimate independence. They began building a wall.

Kazuki led a volunteer force of high-ranked students to reinforce the border. They wound up with 150 volunteers along with a German Knight squadron. On their way to the front lines the group fell into an ambush and was nearly wiped out. Since China had spies everywhere it wasn’t hard for Kazuki to guess there was a traitor, probably high up in the Knight Order leaking all their movements to the enemy. Kazuki was worried because Loki, Joka and Nyarlathotep were all on the same team. The fact that the Divas had abandoned the prisoners they captured so quickly conformed his suspicion. Kazuki knew those three Diva specialized in manipulating minds and hearts. By combining their powers and techniques he realized they could probably grant new hosts to enemy Divas without much trouble any time they were killed or captured. Meaning they were sure to lose a drawn out conflict with Yamato.

He realized their only chance was to seize the element of surprise by launching an assault with only people from the Academy before the traitor knew they were onto them. He formed a raiding party and snuck across the border. He used a brilliant if unorthodox strategy and was able to drive the enemy into total disarray. Kaya appeared on the back of a dragon and ordered the troops to retreat. She offered her praise to Kazuki for this bold action. Behind her Maya was clearly terrified of heights.

Volume 6 Edit

When it was learned that Hayashizaki Kazuki had infiltrated Ise Grand Shrine Kaya led a group of Illegal Magicians to attack his group. As Kaya took on Kazuki the others faced the strongest contractors of Japanese Mythology Tsukahara Kazuha, Ikōsai Aisu and Kamimura Itsuki. In the end Loki was satisfied after gauging Kazuki's current strength and ordered them to withdraw.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Maya's body was taken over by Nyarlathotep after he recovered from his defeat. Because it's a full possession she can use skills rapidly.

10 Inherent Powers Edit

Level ?: Sanity Down: Nyarlathotep has the power to control the minds and emotions of others using this power.

Level ?: Psycho Noise: Sends out a wave of sound that makes it hard for enemies to concentrate on such things as chanting etc.

Level ?: Arkham Drive: Nyarlathotep can attach a tiny piece of himself to those who might be vulnerable to him. This will survive even if the main body is destroyed. If this person is consumed by very dark thoughts He is able to exploit that weakness and forcefully seize their body and magic for himself. A side-effect of this power is that the victim’s skin turns black.


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