Weapon Info
Kanji 道影(みちかげ)
黒猫道影(くろねこみちかげ) (Current)
Romaji Michikage
Kuroneko Michikage (Current)
Type Sword
Sacred Treasure (Current)
Current Owner Hayashizaki Kanae
Owned By Hayashizaki Kanae
Light Novel Light Novel Volume 9
Manga N/A

Michikage (道影(みちかげ) lit. Shadow Path) is the sister blade which forms the pair with Doufuu. It later became a sacred treasure after Beleth made his magic power possess the blade thus it earned the name Kuroneko Michikage (黒猫道影(くろねこみちかげ) lit. Black Cat Shadow Path).

Appearance Edit

Michikage appears to be similar to Doufuu, but it instead has a jet black blade kept in a sheath.

After it became Kuroneko Michikage, its blade's shape fixed into a streamlined form that give off the impression of flowing water, a gust of wind, an impression of speed.

History Edit

Michikage is a jet-black katana that has been paired as being the sister blade of Doufuu, which Hayashizaki Kanae used in the past when she was young, but gave up soon after Kazuki became the successor of the Hayashizaki-style switching to her two kodachi.

Ability Edit

As Michikage is the sister blade of Doufuu, it could be stated that it shares the same properties as it, meaning it that it has the strength and sharpness are rumored to cut even through steel. After becoming a sacred treasure through Beleth made his magic power possess the blade, becoming the Kuroneko Michikage it gained an assortment of abilities aside from an increase in both physical abilities and defenses after donning her "Decorteo Brigieux".

  • Battou Kaikon ― Kokui Musou: Kanae summons her "Decorteo Brigieux", however later it is stated that it not an actual Decorteo Brigieux but a Sacred Treasure Dress. After donning the clothes the outfit is able to sense her moves, meaning if Kanae wants to bring out the power of Kuroneko Michikage, she is required to move close to the "Quintessence Movement", but if she falters then the power will instead decrease.

Trivia Edit

  • After Kanae agreed to have Beleth possess Michikage, she could form a formal pact with Hayashizaki Kazuki.
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