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Japanese ミッドガードソーム
Rōmaji Middogādosōmu
Personal Information
Species Diva
Gender 212px-MaleMale
Status Alive
Relatives Loki (father)

Hel (sister)
Fenrir (brother)
Skoll (nephew)
Hati (nephew)

Affiliation Norse Mythology (formerly)

Chaos Faction

Partner(s) Akira (Earth Snake) (formerly)
Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 1
Manga debut Chapter 14
Midgarsormr (ミッドガードソーム) is the son of Loki he takes the appearance of a giant black snake. He corroded the mind of a young man named Akira (Earth Snake) but later abandoned him during the Civil War.

Appearance Edit

He is a massive black snake.

Personality Edit

His behavior shows him to be a faithful follower of Loki.

History Edit

Background Edit

He corroded the mind of a young man named Akira leaving him almost a mental vegetable. Akira went crazy and became a Stigma Hunter. He succeeded in obtaining a flesh body about the same time as his father.

Plot Edit

Volume 1 Edit

After Loki is wounded by Hayashizaki Kazuki Midgarsormr suddenly appears to help him escape.

Volume 2 Edit

He helped Kaya to clear out a Haunter Ground in preparation for a battle against Beatrix Baumgard. He also helped Kaya to escape the battle after she was unable to continue.

Volume 5 Edit

During the Civil War Akira was part of a group that assaulted Academy students as they were headed to the border to reinforce the Knight Order. Akira was captured while trying to assassinate Kazuki during that fight so his body was abandoned.

Volume 6 Edit

He had acquired a new host body when he contacted Loki. Many of the possessed soldiers of Yamato had suddenly been freed and were fleeing the battlefield. Yamato needed help because the Knight Order was aware of this and launched an attack. Loki decided to ignore their request for assistance because he was busy testing Kazuki’s new skills and didn’t much care about the results of the Civil War.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

10 Inherent Powers: Edit

Level ?: Debris Bullets: The smashed up pieces of debris around the caster levitate and fly towards the enemy.

Level ?: Titan Stomp: The caster stomps the ground causing a stone wall to rise up and block attacks.

Level ?: Land Escape: This power enabled the caster to escape underground instantly and elude capture.

Level ?: Fire Stone Flood: A wide-area attack magic that creates a flood of molten lava.

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