Mino Tamiya
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Japanese 田宮美乃
Personal Information
Species Human
Gender 212px-MaleMale
Age 16-17
Status Alive
Occupation Student


Affiliation Swordsmanship Division

Team Mino Tamiya (Election Tournament)

School National Knight Academy
Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 5
Mino Tamiya (田宮美乃) is a second year student in the Swordsmanship Division at the National Knight Academy. He was one of the candidates for Chief Student Council President.

Personality Edit

While campaigning, all the candidates from the Swordsmanship Division gave speeches fiercely opposing the Magic Division. It was thought quite likely they were all in league with Board Chairman Takasugi Takayoshi in the plot to seize control of the school.

History Edit

Background Edit

He enrolled in the Swordsmanship Division of the National Knight Academy last year. In his second year he became a candidate for Chief Student Council President, facing Akihita Hibari in the fourth match of the first round of the Election Tournament. Whichever team won faced the team led by Takasugi Shūsui in the second match of the second round. They were drawn into the mental world of Ryūtaki Miyabi and lost.

Plot Edit

Volume 5 Edit

Prior to the finals of the tournament, a series of exhibition matches were held. This allowed the teams that were already eliminated to display their skills to the voters once again. The last two teams would face off for third place. Those teams were led by Magic Division President Otonashi Kaguya and her Vice-President Hoshikaze Hikaru. This was no surprise as many thought those two teams would end up being the strongest. Hikaru had never won in a match against her friend and rival and that held true in this team battle as well. The team led by Hayashizaki Kazuki faced off against the delinquent team led by Mibu Akira. Two undercover spies for China Hayashi Shizuka and Katsura Karin tried to boldly assassinate Kazuki during the match, endangering everyone on the field. Kazuki stunned the crows as he defeated both with amazing skills. Karin was caught while Hayashi escaped.

A week later the vote was held and the candidates were brought up on stage as they waited for the official tally of votes. It was no surprise when Kazuki won by a wide margin and he delivered a speech focusing on unity between the departments. A few days later the Knight Order facilities in western Japan were destroyed and suddenly the nation of Yamato was born. Their magicians had contracts with Divas of the Japanese Mythology who were in a Wild God state and declared they would follow their belief system. This allowed them to maintain the façade of being a legitimate Japanese movement rather than Yamato being a puppet of China, which was the actual truth.  Kazuki called for volunteers from the students and about 150 marched to the border and he led them on a covert mission that became the first victory in the Civil War. It isn’t stated if Tamiya was a volunteer.

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