Mr. Amasaki
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Japanese 天崎
Personal Information
Species Human
Gender 212px-MaleMale
Age 60s
Status Alive
Relatives Amasaki Miō (step-daughter)
Hair Gray
Occupation Board Chairman (formerly)


Affiliation National Knight Academy

Hayashizaki Kazuki

Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 1
Manga debut Chapter 26

Mr. Amasaki (天崎) is the step-father of Amasaki Miō. He was Chairman of the Board of the National Knight Academy. He becomes Headmaster at the end of Volume 3.

Appearance Edit

He is a tall man in his 60s with grey hair, he walks with a cane.

Personality Edit

He is known to have a temper and to be very protective of Miō. He was very uncomfortable when Hayashizaki Kazuki moved into the same house. Things got worse when he learned about Lemegeton and how Kazuki would be granted power by becoming a "Harem King". Thus he went along with all of the former Headmaster's underhanded schemes to discredit and destroy Kazuki, something he came to deeply regret later. After he realizes the error of his ways he becomes one of Kazuki's strongest supporters.

History Edit

Background Edit

Years ago he found Miō at an orphanage and adopted her after recognizing her great potential at magic. One can tell he spoiled her rotten, because of her attitude towards others in general.

Plot Edit

Volume 1 Edit

When Lemegeton was first contracted by Hayashizaki Kazuki there were calls to declare him an Illegal Magician right away. He was kept under close observation by the Student Council. He wasn't happy about his daughter living in the same house as a young man. At first Liz Liza Westwood said only that Leme could copy low-level magic. But soon after Kazuki managed to drive away Loki and used a full summoning of Phenex to save Miō life. She was forced to disclose Leme's true identity and Kazuki's potential to become the King of the 72 Pillars. She suggested it was time to accept him as a legitimate Magic Division student. The Board Chairman was the strongest voice in opposition, he didn't like the fact that Miō had been in danger, and he didn't like how Kazuki supposedly increased his power due to "intimate bonds" with his classmates. He still regarded him as an Illegal Magician and refused to accept Leme's legitimacy on face value. The Headmaster Otonashi Tsukikurō seemed to agree and stepped up their observations. He vowed that if Kazuki should prove in any way untrustworthy the task to bring Leme down would be handed to the strongest Magika Stigma Otonashi Kaguya.

Volume 2 Edit

After Miō and Kazuki failed badly in their first Quest, he asked two members of the Knight Order who were his former students Souma Yukari and her partner Kondō Hajime to keep an eye on Miō during any future missions. It was through them that he learned her group and been attacked during a Quest and had barely escaped with their lives. There had been a plot he was unaware of, which involved a recent transfer student. Charlotte Lieben Frau who had fled from Germany because she was facing a death sentence for making an Illegal Contract with a Diva to save her own life. She had chosen to flee to Japan as a refugee and they could find no legitimate reason for turning her away and she was permitted to enroll at the National Knight Academy. At that point the government was desperate for any help the Germans could provide with Loki, as the followers of Norse Mythology they understood him the best. The Germans had demanded the girl's return. But even though they felt no obligation to protect a refugee they couldn't just hand over an innocent girl to be executed without a massive outcry. The Germans had sent their elite squad, led by Beatrix Baumgard to Japan for one month, supposedly to assist in the search. But it became clear that they were really just looking for Lotte. So they struck a secret deal where the Knight Order was ordered to "look the other way" while Lotte was disposed of during a Quest. That way her death could be declared an accident and any witnesses would be Knights or students and could be ordered to remain silent.

Liz Liza had arranged for Lotte to be teamed up with Kazuki and Miō and they took on the same Quest they failed before, fighting Demonic Beats inside a Haunted Ground. Beatrix waited until they were low on magic power and stamina before attacking. She was the Ace of Germany's forces and should have won easily, but those in power had badly underestimated Kazuki. He was no ordinary student and was able to hold his own, at least in terms of swordsmanship. Those two bodyguards (unaware of the conspiracy) tried to help them but despite being professional Knights they were no match for her either and Kazuki was forced to cover their escape too. All of them returned safely and Miō's dad had stormed into the Headmaster's office to demand an explanation for why his daughter had been placed at risk. He was told Beatrix had been under strict orders to kill no one except Lotte, but she was hot-blooded and had clearly not intended to limit herself. Kazuki was becoming an increasing source of irritation for them and many other men in positions of power. None of them had any desire to ever submit to a 15 year-old boy they couldn't control. They were seeking any excuse to undermine his authority as a potential King of the 72 Pillars. The Headmaster was already brewing a new plot which they could use to destroy Kazuki's reputation. It was his chance to get that disgusting "Harem King" out of his daughter's life. If it worked the title of "King" would be given to someone "more worthy" and the matter with Lotte would be dealt with. Amasaki wrestled with his conscience, as much as he hated Kazuki it was his duty as an educator to protect his students. But his instincts as a father won out, and he told himself he was doing what was necessary to protect Miō.

After that Kazuki was under official orders to take on another Quest then stand aside and let Beatrix murder his innocent classmate. But Kazuki not only fought back but defeated Germany's strongest Knight, something no one had thought possible. The Germans were demanding an explanation for why Kazuki had gotten in the way. The Headmaster called an emergency meeting of the Magic Department staff to discuss the crisis. Liz Liza suggested that the Germans should just be told Kazuki had acted on his own to defend his classmate. But the Headmaster insisted that while that would work in the case of a normal student, Kazuki was different. He might still be considered an Illegal Magician in the eyes of the law, one who had just overpowered a German Knight and "abducted" his classmate Lotte. Liz Liza insisted it was too early to condemn Kazuki, but after the amount of power he had displayed everyone else was quite intimidated and accepted the notion that he was "too dangerous". There was also a report that said Kazuki had taken possession of a Sacred Treasure and had inured two Knights who tried to confiscate it. This was a blatant lie but Liz Liza didn't know the full story and was unable to make a good argument against it.

The Knight Order had officially ordered the Academy to arrest the Illegal Magicians Kazuki and Lotte. Lotte would be returned to Germany for execution. Kazuki's powers would be sealed and he would be sent to the Swordsmanship Division. Liz Liza told them there was a chance the 72 Pillars could take offense if he was their King. The Headmaster still insisted that there was no reason to submit to a 15 year-old boy and that Leme was probably manipulating him. Even if it was true, the Stigma could always be transferred to someone "more worthy" (namely someone those currently in power could control). This was an experimental procedure that could leave Kazuki permanently brain damaged but no one else objected. When the Board Chairman (seemingly reluctantly) backed up everything he had said there was longer any way to stop this from happening. The Headmaster ordered the school's strongest Magika Stigma, his own daughter Kaguya to subjugate and arrest Kazuki and Lotte. This seemed very cruel as they were close friends. This should have been an easy task, especially because they were still exhausted from fighting Beatrix. But their classmate Hiakari Koyuki and Hikita Kōhaku of the Swordsmanship Division jumped in help them. They all escaped and ended up seeking refuge in the Swordsmanship Division.

Volume 3 Edit

Ten Quad-Core Magicians attacked the Sword Division buildings while classes were in session. Several buildings were demolished and they then began to target the students. The majority who had no confidence to face off against the Magika Stigma chose to run away. Board Chairman Amasaki risked his own safety combing through the wreckage of the Swordsmanship Division looking for his step-daughter. He knew she and her friends had been taking shelter there to escape discovery.  Once he saw the enemy he knew they weren’t normal Illegal Magicians, because they were casting Summoning Magic from the 72 Pillars. He was thoroughly confused about what was going on. He found a place to hide, where he would witness a fight that would change the course of history.

The Headmaster declared the situation too dangerous and ordered the Magic Division not to do anything to aid the Sword Division until the Knight Order arrived. Two people ignored those orders and raced over to help. Liz Liza Westwood used mist magic to screen the escape of the fleeing students. Magic Division Vice-President Hoshikaze Hikaru used her enhanced speed to help the students who had already fallen into Magic Intoxication. Kazuki’s party arrives on the battlefield to assist Kōhaku and his sister former Sword Division President Hayashizaki Kanae. At Kazuki’s order they quickly organize themselves for battle. Hikaru jumped in to help. Tsukahara Kazuha also assists them. Given the crisis, she no longer cared if she was exposed as an Illegal Magician. He told them these things had their minds crushed already and there was no point in showing mercy. By making use of excellent teamwork they are soon able to defeat the 10 Quad-Core Magicians.

The Headmaster has called in Beatrix and her subordinates to subdue and capture Kazuki and Lotte. Kaguya is acting to support them from the rear. Under Kazuki’s leadership the group is able to hold back the professional Knights. Kazuki defeats Kaguya and manages to free her of the brainwashing that has kept her a slave to her father’s will from birth. The Germans realize they're in a bad position and flee. Kazuki then identifies the Headmaster as an Illegal Magician and the mastermind of this plot shocking Kaguya. Board Chairman Amasaki who revealed himself was outraged. He realized the Headmaster must have been the one who created those strange magicians and no doubt sacrificed innocent lives to do it. Nyarlathotep then stabbed him though the chest, having decided to kill all the witnesses. Miō ran over to help her step-father and she is gradually able to heal him. Nyarlathotep reveals his true form, but seems weak in terms of magic power. He uses Psycho Noise to disrupt the chanting of the mages, including Miō’s healing magic. But Kaguya finds the resolve to fight of her own volition for the first time.

Asmodeus congratulates her by giving her a special powerful spell she uses to destroy the enemy in a single hit. Though she had resolved herself to kill her father in the process he somehow survived. Though the monster returns briefly by seizing Koyuki’s body, Kazuki drives him out and is able to destroy him entirely. By this time Miō had managed to heal her step-father and urged him to let go of his vendetta against the man she had feelings for. As he looked at Kazuki he realized how misguided he had been. He realized his own selfish desires had blinded him to seeing the remarkable qualities of this young King.

He would be taking over as the new Headmaster and asked Kazuki meet with him before school. They had gained new respect for each other during the battle. Kazuki was no longer considered a probationary student. He apologized for the way Kazuki had been treated and intended to support him as a King. He was already using his influence to push the kind of reforms he knew Kazuki wanted. This included fair treatment of Illegal Magicians who weren’t hostile and the legalization of Sacred Treasures. The contributions of Kōhaku and Kazuha during the battle couldn't be denied. He was also working to expunge Kazuki’s false criminal record. He insisted those young Knights had nothing to do with it, he and the former Headmaster had fabricated the report all on their own.

Kazuki was no longer Rank-E and could take on more advanced Quests. The new Headmaster was also focused on leveling the playing field between the two schools. Prometheus had bought back evidence that key government officials were tied to those horrible experiments. The scandal was being used to force those people out and to advance the reforms they wanted. The only favor Kazuki asked for was to keep living at the Witch’s House. Leme insisted that being there was important to developing his Harem and thus his powers as a King. But since the dorm was intended for the Student Council, it was hard to justify it. Therefore, the Headmaster intended to endorse his election to the new post of Chief Student Council President, which would put him in change of both schools. Winning was a prerequisite to remain in his current home.

Volume 4 Edit

An emergency staff meeting was being held. Not only to discuss the parameters for the Chief Student Council President election, but also to discuss a series of attacks by a figure garbed all in black. No one had died yet, but somehow the attacker was able to avoid being seen on the security cameras. As they finished discussing measures to increase security they got to the main topic. It was quickly agreed to have an election in which the students of both divisions were given an equal vote. The new Headmaster was already thinking up ways to set up the election to be favorable to Kazuki. With the old Headmaster gone, Amasaki expected no one to object. But a voice of protest came from the new Board Chairman dispatched from the government, Takasugi Takayoshi. He argued that the divisions had largely been separate and the students didn’t know the students from the rival division that well. Liz Liza argued someone like Kazuki was well known and popular on both sides. But the new Board Chairman shot down their attempt to pre-select the candidate they wanted. The Headmaster was stunned that this newly appointed Board Charmin was immediately trying to work against him and undermine his efforts. The Board Chairman suggested the candidates should demonstrate their strength and leadership qualities to the students first. To that end he suggests 4-person teams made up of two students from each division compete in an Election Tournament.

The only victory the Headmaster achieved in their debate was that a free and fair election would still be held after the tournament. That way if the person who won did so by underhanded means there was still the chance for the students to reject them. Kazuki and Kaguya were called to a meeting. The Headmaster told them how he had planned to engineer Kazuki's victory originally and they got mad at him. The Headmaster was growing suspicious of the motives of the new Board Chairman. He had managed to push through approval of this strange tournament. The fact that all but 3 or the 16 teams were led by unproven and irresponsible people was very worrying. He feared they were on that man’s payroll. If he could install a puppet he could gain total control of the Academy. Not only could he derail the Headmaster’s agenda, he would be in a position to influence whole generations of Knights, just as the former Headmaster had done. When Kazuki mentioned the attempt on his life and his belief she was an agent of China, they all suspected they were the ones behind this whole plot.

In the first round, Kazuki’s team won the first match by use of excellent teamwork and strategy. During that match he made an effort to keep Kazuha safe and was able to help her finally find her confidence and display her true skills. Kaguya also won her match with a tremendous advantage in power. The third match was won by the twin sons of the Board Chairman, due to them having recruited such powerful allies. Hikaru won decisively in the fifth match. Kazuki paid attention to the team led by Mibu Akira. This team had Katsura Karin as a member. Though he hadn’t yet told anybody she was the one who tried to kill him before, though it would be hard to prove it. It was clear Karin and the other swordsman Hayashi Shizuka had trained the spell casters in martial arts. They were able to use those skills to win the fight without help from, the swordsmen.

In the first match of the second round, Kaguya is confident. But Kazuki has seen through all their weaknesses and tactics. By working to keep each other safe, Kazuki’s group is able to whittle down their numbers and defeat Kaguya, who officially loses the title of “strongest”. The second match with the twins went exactly as the first round did. The third match became a dangerous affair. Hayashi showed off her ability to pierce right through Defensive Magic and didn’t hesitate to seriously injure their opponents. While Hikaru and Lotte weren’t inferior in terms of magic, their opponents suspiciously kept getting back up after clearly getting to the point where they should have fallen into Magic Intoxication. It was clear to even audience members they were cheating somehow and the Headmaster said the match should be forfeited. But the Board Chairman accused him of favoritism and overruled him, insisting on proof of wrongdoing.

In the end only Hikaru was left and Hayashi subjected her to a savage beating, severely injuring her. The spectators and referee were so stunned by it they were slow to respond until Kazuki stated calling for them to stop the match. Realizing Hayashi fully intended to murder Hikaru, Mibu was barely able to intervene in time, using magic to finish the match without lasting harm. Kazuki and his housemates, together with Liz Liza skipped the last match to make sure Hikaru and her team got medical treatment. After the battle, Hayashi was questioned about the method she used to injure her opponents so badly. She apologizes for going overboard and promised to share the technique with the school if their team won, knowing that idea would appeal to voters.

While on a date, Kazuki and Hikaru were attacked by a group of 10 magicians from the school, all were participants in the tournament who had been eliminated. Kazuki believed they were being controlled by Karin and Hayashi, who were spies and assassins working for China. Kazuki had freed them from control. The Knight Order had taken those freed girls into custody and was supposed to investigate the matter. Kazuki had learned from Beatrix that Hayashi famously had the power to brainwash people. Her Diva could also grant Divine Protection to allies that would restore their magic power after they were defeated. Unfortunately, in an age where magic could deceive people, Kazuki’s word wasn’t enough proof to arrest them. The Board Chairman was also clearly in league with them.

The day of the semi-finals arrived. Kazuki faces the twin brothers in the first round. They get drawn into Lunatic Labyrinth but are the first team to emerge from it and still be fighting. When Kazuki destroys the sisters’ Union Magic, Ryūtaki Miyabi surrenders. Her sister Shinobu and their teammates were outraged but it turned out she only participated in this to test Kazuki, his character and worthiness as a leader. He had so exceeded her expectations that she kissed him on the cheek and confessed to him, stunning the audience. She urged him to add her and her sister to his Harem.

As expected the most dangerous team won the second match and progressed to the finals. Kazuki was called into the Headmaster’s office; the results of the investigation were in. The Knight Order discovered that many of the tournament’s participants had been brainwashed and had been left with no memory of their actions. It also seemed that this brainwashing was also why they had all entered the tournament in the first place. Their behavior had been strange enough to attract the attention of their friends. It seems these girls were among those who were assaulted by that mysterious figure over the past weeks and were brainwashed while under Magic Intoxication. They had also investigated the background of Karin and Hayashi. Karin’s father was a police officer killed in the line of duty by Illegal Magicians during the destruction of Tokyo. She was adopted by the Hayashi family after becoming an orphan. The Germans had told Kazuki Hayashi was a well known agent, so her identity was probably fake. The final match would be their last chance to assassinate Kazuki. They might end up going overboard and exposing their true colors.

Volume 5Edit

Before the finals a series of exhibition matches were held. This allowed the eliminated teams to display their talents again. It wound up being Kaguya and Hikaru in a battle for third place. Those two had fought many times and as always it ended with Hikaru’s loss. Kazuki had already discussed his plan with the staff. Without proof, the only way to stop those spies was to expose them publically. If he could force them to use their Summing Magic to openly try to assassinate him during the match it would be awfully hard for even the Board Chairman to excuse it. Kazuki also thought it very likely Hayashi had brainwashed everyone on their team, even Karin. Kazuha’s Summoning Magic could free them, as well as cut of that nasty Divine Protection, but they would have to get their opponents to violate the rules first or the match would be forfeit.

Liz Liza acted as referee. As was the plan Kazuki took grave risks to take on Hayashi and Karin alone. His team displayed excellent teamwork holding the magic users back. He was able to utilize numerous types of magic at once, shocking the audience and frightening Hayashi. She forced Karin to act as her meat shield, who suffered terrible pain as a result. Kazuki managed to attack Hayashi directly and forced them to use their Summoning Magic. Despite the danger the Board Chairman still refused to stop the match, having a logical argument prepared. Kazuha generated a weapon she was able to use to cut off the Divine Protection from the magic users. Though Kōhaku was forced to withdraw due to the damage she took while protecting her. But due to an attack by Mibu, who had never been brainwashed, her weapon was lost before Kazuki could use it to free Karin. Hayashi forced her sister to use a dangerous wide-area attack despite the risk to innocent people. Miō managed to rescue the enemy magicians and Kazuki did the same for Kazuha. In that desperate situation he had only one choice. He apologized to Kazuha before kissing her. Doing a full summoning of her Diva allowed him to disperse all the dangerous magic, free Karin from control and force Hayashi to escape while vowing revenge.

Karin was taken to the infirmary where Kazuki’s group gathered. The Headmaster said a seal would be placed on her Stigma to limit her magic. He planned to send her to prison for life without trial. But both Kazuki and Karin’s teammates objected. They believed she was forced to take those actions due to the influence of her cruel sister, who she desperately wanted the approval of. The Headmaster regarded those two delinquents as criminals too. But they just wanted to get stronger and help the pitiful Karin. They had no idea China was behind it all. They were only called delinquents because they resented having to abandon their goals in life to enroll in this Academy. Those girls believed strongly that if a kindly person reached out to Karin she could be redeemed. Several others, including the Headmaster's step-daughter Miō, also agreed they should give her a chance before condemning her. In the end Kazuki insisted he would take responsibility and monitor Karin. As her target this was the only way to verify she had reformed. He was confident she was no threat to him and he could put himself in a state of heightened awareness so he couldn’t fall victim in his sleep. Relenting to the King, the Headmaster told him to stay by her side full time and would give them a week before sending her to prison.

Kazuki had spent the week in isolation with the captured spy Karin. In the end his kindness won her over and she became his ally. He returned to class just in time for the formal vote. Those radical twin brothers had put on an elaborate election campaign in his absence. Kazuki had left his own campaign to his teammates Miō and Kōhaku. The students were called to a meeting where the results would be announced. The sixteen candidates were up on stage with the Headmaster and Board Chairman waiting for the official tally. Kazuki worried about funny business with the vote count. But in the end Kazuki was elected by a wide margin and gave a speech focusing on unity between the two divisions. Kazuki insisted she must start attending school again, this time in the Magic Division where he could monitor her. An election had been held and Kanae became President again with Kōhaku as Vice-President. Discussing ways to increase the communication between the schools the Student Council wound up proposing the creation of a school newspaper, which was approved.

Yumeno Shiori won the post of newspaper chairman. Miō noted she was the top of the Rank-B students and frankly at Rank-A level. They spent the day beginning to set up the newspaper office in the Witch’s House. A few days later they were ready to publish the first newspaper issue. Shiori had overworked herself and was exhausted. Kazuki focused on introducing himself and the other Student Council members. He also outlined his policy plans and welcomed suggestions and comments. He also included information on how each school operated. When he contacted the Headmaster for final approval he was told that the Board Chairman and his entire family had vanished without a trace. That night news reports stated there had been a massive coordinated strike on all Knight Order posts in western Japan by a mysterious force including mysterious Illegal Magicians. All of western Japan had now been conquered by this unknown army and was now under a complete communications blackout.

The former Board Chairman appeared on TV announcing that western Japan was declaring independence and calling itself Yamato. All the politicians with secret ties to China appeared to be involved in this plot and had made an alliance with Loki. They were claiming legitimacy under the banner of the Japanese Mythology rather than the 72 Pillars, which people weren’t necessarily opposed to. By doing so they could maintain the facade that Yamato wasn’t just a puppet state of China. The Japanese Divas appeared to have fallen into a Wild God state after being ignored for so long. Their contractors had apparently all joined this movement too. Kazuha had avoided this fate by building her Diva a shrine and caring for him. A border wall was being constructed. The Headmaster and Kazuki were annoyed that both Futsunushi no Kami and Leme had known something was going on with the Japanese Divas but hadn’t told anybody.  

They met with two third years Kodzuki Kanon and Yagumo Akane who were already serving in the Knight Order. They were the Student Council members from last year. They knew all the rumors about Kazuki and were very interested. They greeted Kaguya, Hikaru and Koyuki. They were then introduced to Miō, Kanae, Kōhaku and Kazuha. They informed them of the situation and expected Yamato to invade further but it was hard to fully oppose them because Loki’s followers were causing trouble in the east and dividing their resources. When their leader was captured, Kanon was effectively pressed into the role, despite being a student.

The students were called into a meeting. To respond to an urgent request for reinforcement at the border, Kazuki would be leading an elite force of students from both schools to reinforce them. Kazuki told them this was entirely voluntary but urged those with the courage to fight to volunteer. They wound up with a force of about 150 people. The school had become the headquarters for the war effort. 10 more third years who escaped enemy territory gathered there. They were suddenly joined by the German Knights Beatrix, Damian and Eleonora Abendroth too. They offered to cooperate as allies. Kazuki vouched for their strength. The Germans and the Student Council members were put in charge of squads under Kazuki’s command. They would meet up with the 200 Knights who escaped the west. But Kazuki insisted the seniors must rest first and prepared a meal. They were ambushed by the enemy on their way to the front lines, a key indication there was a spy somewhere leaking their movements to the enemy. But Kazuki displayed his leadership abilities by leading the students on a secret raid behind enemy lines, winning Japan’s first victory in the Civil War. Kazuki made sure to capture Hayashi alive, though she later committed suicide in her cell.

The Headmaster arrived a short time later, and along with Kazuki and Kazuha watched Futsunushi no Kami interrogate one of the enemy Divas. Her Wild God ate ended due to using up her power, Ame no Uzume had calmed down and responded to questions. Apparently all the shrines in western Japan were destroyed.  The ones who did it claimed they were working for the government and showing devotion to the 72 Pillars. But the Headmaster and Lame insisted that didn’t make sense, the 72 Pillars didn’t demand devotion like that. Most likely they had been deceived so they would turn on Japan and the 72 Pillars and support a new state based on Japanese Mythology. But in their Wild God state they wouldn’t listen to reason. He was told the fastest way to calm them all was to calm the rage of Chief God found in Ise Grand Shrine.

Kazuki and Akane arrived at headquarters where the Headmaster and Kanon were waiting, along with the regimental commander Yamagata Koyata. His plan was to push hard north and shave off the enemy’s numbers. But in secret it was a diversion so a small group could reach the Ise Grand Shrine. If the Japanese Divas could be calmed down Yamato would fall apart. Only the people in this room knew of this plan. Due to the leak they had to rely on Kazuki to carry it out. Kanon had suggested getting there by sea was the easiest way to get there undetected. They had arranged a small craft and it was their intention to send only Kazuki and Kazuha, which made him nervous. He called Kazuha to tell her the situation and she flipped out.

Powers and Abilities Edit

As a man well past the prime age for magic, he possessed absolutely no magic power at all.

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