Mr. Amasaki
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Rōmaji Amasaki
Personal Information
Species Human
Gender 212px-MaleMale
Age Elderly
Status Alive
Relatives Miō Amasaki (step-daughter)
Hair Gray
Occupation Headmaster of National Knight Academy

Chairman of the Board (formerly)

Affiliation National Knight Academy
Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 1
Manga debut Chapter 26

Mr. Amasaki is the step-father of Mio Amasaki. He was Chairman of the board of the Knight Academy. He becomes Headmaster at the end of Volume 3.

Appearance Edit

He is a tall man in his 60s with grey hair, he walks with a cane.

Personality Edit

He is known to have a temper and to be very protective of Mio. He was very uncomfortable when Kazuki Hayashizaki moved into the same house. Things got worse when he learned about Lemegeton and how Kazuki would be granted power by becoming a "Harem King". Thus he went along with all of the former Headmaster's underhanded schemes to discredit and destroy Kazuki, something he came to deeply regret later. After he realizes the error of his ways he becomes one of of Kazuki's strongest supporters.

History Edit

Years ago he found Mio at an orphanage and adopted her after recognizing her great potential at magic. One can tell he spoiled her rotten, because she acts like a spoiled princess.

Background Edit

Plot Edit

Volume 1 Edit

When Lemegeton was first contracted by Kazuki Hayashizaki there were calls to declare him an illegal magician right away. He was kept under close observation by the student council. He wasn't happy about his daughter living in the same house as a young man. At first Liz Liza Westwood said only that Leme could copy low lever magic. But after Kazuki managed to drive away Loki and used a full summon to save Mio's life. She was forced to disclose Leme's true identity and Kazuki's potential to become the King of the 72 Pillars.. She suggested it was time to accept him as a legitimate Magic Division student. The Board Chairman was the strongest voice in opposition, he didn't like that fact that Mio had been in danger, and he didn't like how Kazuki supposedly increased his power due to intimate bonds with his classmates. He still regarded him as an illegal magician and refused to accept Leme's legitimacy on face value. The Headmaster Tsukikurō Otonashi seemed to agree and agreed to step up their observations. He was vowed that if Kazuki should prove in any way untrustworthy the task of bring Leme down would be handed to the strongest Magical Stigma Kaguya Otonashi.

Volume 2 Edit

After Mio and Kazuki failed badly in their first quest, he asked two of his former students Yukari Souma and her partner Hajime Kondō to keep an eye on Mio during any future missions. It was through them that he learned her group and been attacked during a quest and had barely escaped with their lives. There had ben a plot he was unaware of, which involved a recent transfer student. Charlotte Lieben Frau had fled from Germany because she was facing a death sentence for making an illegal contract with a Diva to save her own life. She had chosen to flee to Japan as a refugee and they could find no legitimate reason for turning her away and she was permitted to enroll at the Academy. At that point the government was desperate for any help the Germans could provide with Loki, as the followers of Norse Mythology they understood him the best. The Germans had demanded the girl's return. But even though they felt no obligation to protect a refugee they could not just hand over an innocent girl to be executed without a massive outcry. The Germans had sent their elite squad, led by Beatrix Baumgard to Japan for one month, supposedly to assist in the search. But it became clear that they were really just looking for Lotte. So they struck a secret deal where the Knight Order was ordered to "look the other way" while Lotte was disposed of during a quest. That way her death could be declared an accident and any witnesses would be knights or students and could be ordered to remain silent.

Liz had arranged for Lotte to be teamed up with Kazuki and Mio and they took on the same quest they failed before, fighting demonic beats inside a Haunted Ground. Beatrix waited until they were low on magic power and stamina before attacking. She was the Ace of Germany's forces and should have won easily, but those in power had badly underestimated Kazuki. He was no ordinary student and was able to hold his own, at least in terms of swordsmanship. Those two bodyguards (unaware of the conspiracy) tried to help them but despite being professional knights they were no match for her either and Kazuki was forced to cover their escape too. All of them returned safely and Mio's dad had stormed into the Headmaster's office to demand an explanation for why his daughter had been placed at risk. He was told Beatrix had been under strict orders to kill no one except Lotte, but she was hot-blooded and had clearly not intended to limit herself. Kazuki was becoming an increasing source of irritation for them and many other men in positions of power. None of them had any desire to ever submit to a 15 year-old boy they could not control. They were seeking any excuse to undermine his authority as a potential King of the 72 Pillars. The Headmaster was already brewing a new plot which they could use to drive Kazuki from the academy and out of Mio's life. If it worked the title of "king" would be given to someone "more worthy" and the matter with Lotte would be dealt with. Amasaki wrestled with his conscience, as mush as he hated Kazuki it was his duty as an educator to protect his students. But his instincts as a father won out, and he told himself he was doing what was necessary to protect Mio.

After that Kazuki was under official orders to take on another quest then stand aside and let Beatrix murder his innocent classmate. But Kazuki not only fought back but defeated Germany's strongest knight, something no one had thought possible. The Germans were demanding an explanation for why Kazuki had gotten in the way. The headmaster called an emergency meeting of the magical department staff to discuss the crisis. Liz suggested that the Germans should just be told Kazuki had acted on his own to defend his classmate. But the headmaster insisted that while that would work in the case of a normal student, Kazuki was different. He might still be considered an Illegal Magician in the eyes of the law, one who had just overpowered a German knight and "abducted" his classmate Lotte. Liz insisted it was too early to condemn Kazuki, but after the amount of power he had displayed everyone else was quite intimidated and accepted the notion that he was "too dangerous". There was also a report that said Kazuki had taken possession of a Sacred Treasure and had inured two knights who tried to confiscate it. This was a blatant lie but Liz did not know the full story and was unable to make a good argument against it.

The Knight Order had officially ordered the Academy to arrest the Illegal Magicians Kazuki and Lotte. Lotte would be returned to Germany for execution. Kazuki's powers would be sealed and he would be sent to the Swordsmanship Division. Liz told them there was a chance the 72 Pillars could take offense if he was their king. The headmaster still insisted that there was no reason to submit to a 15 year-old boy and that Leme was probably manipulating him. Even if it was true, the Stigma coukld always be transferred to someone "more worthy" (namely someone those currently in power could control). This was an experimental procedure that could leave Kazuki permanently brain damaged but no one else objected. When the board chairman (seemingly reluctantly) backed up everything he had said there was longer any way to stop this from happening. The headmaster ordered the school's strongest Magical Stigma, his own daughter Kaguya to subjugate and arrest Kazuki and Lotte. This seemed very cruel as they were close friends. This should have been an easy task, especially because they were still exhausted from fighting Beatrix. But two of their classmates Koyuki Hiakari and Kōhaku Hikita jumped in help them. They all escaped and ended up seeking refuge in the Swordsmanship Division.

Volume 3 Edit

Powers Edit

As a man well past the prime age for magic, he possessed absolutely no magic power at all.

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