National Knight Academy  (国立騎士学院 Kokuritsu Kishi Gakuin), also formerly known as Caryatid (カリアティッド Kariatiddo) is a place where Magika Stigma, as well as swordsmen study. The academy has two departments: Magic Division and Swordsmanship Division. Swordsmen can enroll into the academy of their own free will, however people with an Enigma of the 72 Pillars have to enroll whether they want to or not.


The stone built school doors were standing in front of them. Flower beds decorated both sides of the path as it extended directly forward. In front, there is a fountain square. On the left of the fountain square was a brick built mansion and a sharp tower. The classic brick structure produced a feeling that it was indeed a school for Magic Users. Comparatively, on the right, wooden built Japanese-styled building were lined up closely in rows. That side was undoubtedly the dorm for swordsman. A school that was divided into two—— The school divides the Magic Division and the Sword Division to show a completely different perspective.
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