Quickly answer me! If you do not quickly answer who I am, I will become a yandere!

–Kaguya to Kazuki, Volume 1, Chapter 3

Otonashi Kaguya
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Japanese 音無 輝夜
Kana おとなし かぐや
Alias Nightmare Bringer
Personal Information
Species Human
Gender 212px-FemaleFemale
Age 16
Status Alive
Relatives Otonashi Tsukikurō (father)

Unnamed older brother (deceased)
Unnamed mother
Unborn child

Eye Amber
Purple (when in control of Asmodeus)
Hair Black
Occupation Student
Affiliation Magic Division
Student Council
Witch's House
School National Knight Academy
Diva Asmodeus
Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 1
Manga debut Chapter 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Terui Haruka

Otonashi Kaguya ((おと)(なし) (かぐ)()) is the student council president of the Magic Division. She is also the strongest magika student in the academy and one of the main heroines of the series.


Kaguya has a long black hime style haircut that goes past the waist and big amber eyes. She also wears a big purple ribbon in her hair. She has very large breasts and a slim figure. Kaguya wears the academy's girls uniform. Her Decorteo Brigieux is very revealing as it consists of black attire around her neck, over her breasts, arms and legs. Her eye color changes to purple when Asmodeus takes control of her.


Kaguya is a sweet girl who has a very warm and cheerful personality, she is willing to help anyone in need. Kaguya can easily talk to people who she just met, she is like an older sister to everyone in the Witch's house. After prolonged use of her Decorteo Brigieux, her personality changes since Asmodeus governs lustful desires so change in her personality is a common side-effect. Kaguya is very kind-hearted and care-free; she instantly became interested in Kazuki upon their first meeting and wants to guide him as his Magika senior, much to his sister's dismay. She is also very flirtatious when it comes to Kazuki attempting to sexually assault him in her Decorteo Brigieux due to Asmodeus's influence.



Kaguya is known to be the strongest Magika Stigma of the academy. She also had an older brother that was a swordsman, like Kazuki. However, he died in an unknown accident. Her father brainwashed her since she was a small child and instilled in her blind obedience to him. He also created an obsession with being the strongest Magical Stigma. Due to this she challenged and ruthlessly defeated many opponents in her first year and reached level 10 in a record breaking 2 months. Her cold visage in battle in those days seemed totally contradictory in comparison with her normal personality.


Volume 1Edit

When Kazuki Hayashizaki became the first male to be enrolled in the Magic Division she made it a point to introduce herself. As his sister was called away she took over as his tour guide, wanting to become his personal mentor. She referred to Kanae as a friend and spoke of her goal to settle the rivalry between the two schools. But Kanae didn't seem to share those opinions when they ran into each other a short while later. Kanae was fighting with two students to the Magic Division at once, and was still winning. Kaguya settled the dispute and she the girls began to jealously argue over which of them would continue Kazuki's guided tour. Later she was on stage in front of the first years to give a demonstration of the power of the Magical Stigmate. A Demonic Beast in the shape of a dragon was bought out as she summoned her Diva. In the end she defeated it with a single powerful blow, shocking all the new students.

As the Magic Division President she was in charge of the ceremony where the student would attempt to make a formal contract with their Diva. She would use telepathy to guide them to the Astrum. It was rare for students to succeed on their first try. But three first year students did, Amasaki Mio, Kazuki, and Hiakari Koyuki. However in Kazuki's case his Diva Leme fully materialized, naked (Kaguya offered her robe to the girl) but she seemed to have no memory or powers. There were calls to declare Kazuki an illegal magician and remove his stigma. It was only the intervention of Lizliza Westwood that saved him this fate. It was decided that Kazuki would live with the Student Council where they could keep an eye on him. Kaguya was teased for showing an interest in Kazuki. She escorted him to his new residence and told him he could choose any unoccupied room. This led to an embarrassing moment when he accidentally walked in on Mio changing. Mio fiercely objected to Kazuki living there with them. Koyuki (who had already lived there for years) had no apparent problem with it. When Vice-President Hoshikaze Hikaru returned from her quest and met Kazuki she was deeply embarrassed, revealing that she was weak to the presence of men.

They all stayed up late for the welcoming party. Kazuki woke up early the next morning and prepared food for the whole house. Everyone was very impressed with his cooking. Kaguya spent her time helping the other students form a bond with their Diva. Kazuki got into another argument with Mio. In the end, she went too far when she insulted the ancient sword style of his adopted family. He ended up challenging her to a fight where he would only use a sword to beat her. The student council tried to talk them out of it, such a duel had never happened officially. But Kanae interrupted their meeting, thrilled with the idea of this fight. She hoped it was part of a ploy to get himself transferred to her Division, but he had no such intention. She also returned the sword he had left at home when he was forced into the Magic Division. She used her own authority to approve the duel over their objections. As the two Presidents sat together watching the fight Kaguya was stunned at how Kazuki was able to predict the magic and evade it all. She still thought her large scale magic could counter such a skill. But Kanae was still confident to could beat her counterpart. In the end he won the fight, which was a shock to everyone. It was a particular thrill for the Swordsmanship Division who had always been told they were inferior to their counterparts and lacked confidence.

As Kazuki and Mio prepared curry he asked after everyone's preference, accurately guessing the other residents liked it spicier that Mio did. They are interrupted by Kanae, who had just learned where her brother was staying and was outraged. She had gone behind his back and convinced the staff he belonged in the Swordsmanship Division instead. An easy sell, as he had never shown any ability to cast summoning magic. But he was happy in the Magic Division and refused to go with her. It had been decided he would have to participate in the Inter-Division tournament. She introduced her Vice-President and personal student Kamīzumi Iori. He would have to defeat her using only summoning magic or he would be forced to transfer. Kazuki began to practice casting Barret, telling them vaguely that Leme could copy the summoning magic of other Divas. Kaguya wondered why he hadn't used her magic. She was upset when he told her vaguely their "compatibility" was not good enough and promised to work on it. The way they saw it, his biggest problem as that he had no magic dress and thus his chanting speed was far inferior to Mio. Later she was on a quest to stop an illegal magician called Earth Snake along with Hikaru and Koyuki. The guy attacked Mio and Kazuki while they were on a date in town. He was able to escape again. She cursed herself for hesitating to use a sure-kill technique. But Kazuki sympathized, guessing rightly that she had never killed before. That night she came to see Kaziki in his room. She was under the influence of her Diva and very turned on. He managed to calm her down and by the end he gained the ability to use her magic.

They tell Kazuki that this is one of the few events to allow spectators from the outside. They reassure him that there are magic barriers in place to protect the stands from errant magic shots. In the first match it was Hikaru vs. Yamada Torazō of the Sword Division. He actually does pretty well at the very beginning. But once Hikaru manages to accelerate with her magic she dominates completely. In fact Koyuki has to step in before she kills the guy in the heat of the moment. In Kazuki's match, Barrett proves ineffective alone. But Kaguya encourages Kazuki to use her magic too, and he is able win the fight. Suddenly the illegal magician Kaya appears and launches an attack, summoning dragons. Kaguya and Hikaru face one of them together but struggle. Kanae jumps in to cover for them giving them time to chant their high-level magic. She then launches her powerful magic against Kaya who is still struggling to fight the evil will of her Diva Loki. Once Kazuki realized her spell is deadly he asks her to show mercy to his childhood friend. But she is not able to cancel this magic, and Kaya was too dangerous to allow for mercy. But at the verge of death, Kaya surrenders herself totally to Loki and he uses her body to fully materialize. Kaguya is so shocked by this she loses her will to fight. But Kazuki ignores the danger and challenges Loki to a sword fight. Loki is shocked at being in a disadvantage in skill. He aims to kill Kazuki with a single powerful slash, but Mio jumps iin the way and is mortally wounded. Kazuki uses a secret skill to cut through Loki's magic and wound him. Loki is frightened by this and escapes. Kazuki then demonstrates his power as a King for the first time, doing a full summon of Mio's Diva to save her life. He then falls deep into magic intoxication. As Loki rose to power over the next few days they were busy with quests, leaving Mio behind to look after Kazuki. They were happy to see he was awake when they got back. Being under the influence of Kaguya's Diva they jumped into bed with him to enjoy some skinship, which upset Mio.

Volume 2Edit

After Kazuki and Mio failed badly in a quest Mio was in serious danger of being demoted to Rank-B and evicted from with Witch's House. When she found out Koyuki immediately challenged Mio to a duel and asked the teacher and Kaguya to be their witnesses. Kazuki didn't understand why it was approved so easily and still hoped to stop it. Realizing he did not understand Koyuki's intention she encouraged him to wait and see what happened. With Hikaru as the referee the fight began. Both girls displayed equally powerful magic but even when Mio seemed at a disadvantage she managed to fight back. Kaguya told Kazuki that Mio had a remarkable amount of magic power and always managed to find more when backed into a corner, making Kazuki realize he had never seen her fall into magic intoxication. In the end the match ended in a draw. Mio's evaluation was slightly improved and she was no longer in immediate danger of being demoted.

Liz called together the residents of the Witch's House for a special Student Council meeting. Though she had told her class that the new transfer student Charlotte Lieben Frau was both her relative and a native of Japan both of these were untrue. She was the princess of a small nation under the thumb of Germany. Lotte had suffered from an illness that kept her bedridden from birth. She nearly died around her 14th birthday when a mysterious Diva made her an offer. He took over the parts of her body suffering from illness and as a result she was totally cured. Doing this had made her an Illegal Magician, which carried a death sentence in Germany. So her Diva had flown her to Japan to seek asylum.and thus became a refugee. The Germans were still angry and demanding her return. When the Diva appears, taking on the appearance of a young boy Leme could tell what happened. He was just like her, having lost his powers and memory as the result of losing badly in a battle. He couldn't even remember his own name, so she called him "Prophet". He contracted with her partially to help restore his own powers. Though he had fully materialized he had not done anything to encroach in Lotte's mind.

As it turned out she had remarkable skill at telepathy, which allowed her to learn fluent Japanese in only 3 days. This is also why she was allowed to skip ahead and enroll as a Rank-A student despite being only 14. She would be living at the Witch's House where they could monitor her, just like Kazuki. Kaguya was eager to be her friend. Liz suggested that Kazuki and Mio should add ehr to their team, as her skills were already up to level 3. Hikaru wanted to learn about these powers and a practice match was scheduled for the next day. Lotte was already friendly with Kazuki and was eager to work with him. She became an official conquest target. They note that Germany would still participate in the hunt for Loki. They hold a party to welcome Lotte. For some reason people started to feed each other after getting the idea from Lotte. Kaguya came to see Kazuki in his room, once again having been affected by her Diva, apparently having harassed Hikaru because of it. The talked about how the Germans agreed to help temporarily, because the Norse gods hated Loki. The Japanese were desperate for full coopertion but they were unwilling to so that unless they handed over Lotte. But naturally other nations would be outraged of they knowingly handed over an innocent girl to be executed so it was a dicey situation. Once she had calmed down Kaguya went back to her room.

Lotte later had her practice match against Hikita Kōhaku of the Swordsmanship Division. During which Lotte's powers included machine guns, something which no other Diva had demonstrated the power to use before. After this it was publically admitted that she had contracted with a Diva outside the 72 Pillars, though the rest of it remained hidden. While inside a Haunted Ground Kazuk's group is attacked by one of the Germans but they managed to escape. The government had been so desperate to get help with Loki that they had agreed to "look the other way" while they "arranged an accident" for Lotte inside the Haunted Ground. It's possible that as the headmaster's daughter Kaguya knew about this and had thus found a roundabout way to warn him the previous night.

Kazuki had been ordered to take Lotte on another mission and stand aside while Lotte was murder in front to his eyes. But Kazuki refused to do so, they fought back and defeated the ace of the German forces, something no one had thought possible. There was already a conspiracy underway by many of those in power. They had no wish to submit to his authority of a 15 year-old boy. especially one who had not only proven himself very powerful but also beyond their ability to control. The Knight Order classified him as a dangerous Illegal Magician and had ordered his immediate arrest along with Lotte. Her own father cruelly ordered Kaguya to subjugate her classmates who had become dear friends to her. Blindly obedient as ever to his will she accepted this assignment without question.

Instead of the Knight Order arriving to collect an unconscious Beatrix instead Kaguya arrived, she had recruited Torazō to at as her vanguard. They were filled with nothing but thoughts of duty. Since the charges were from the Knight Order they seemingly give no thought that they might be false and would not listen to any arguments they were given by Kazuki. They were told that both Kazuki and Lotte would be arrested and that she would be handed over to Germany to be killed. They had no choice but to fight back, but they would be hard pressed to defeat Kaguya in normal circumstances and now they were exhausted after their fight with Beatrix. Kaguya tried to concentrate on Lotte early in the fight. But the fact that Lotte specialized in telepathy helped her resist her magic to some degree. Torazō didn't wind up having much impact on the fight. Kaguya was clearly torn by what she was doing but considered it her "duty" and refused to back down. Neither of them would listen to Kazuki at all, and he had no means to resist the pain bought on by her magic. Though Lotte encouraged him to use telepathy to fight against it, he had no real skill at that kind of magic. The group was hopelessly overwhelmed by all this power and could barely move anymore. Kaguya summoned a scythe that would deprive people of their senses one by one then reduce them to a state of magic intoxication. She deprived Mio of sight and sense of touch. Kazuki was the only one still moving and trying to defend himself, but it was only a matter of time. Kaguya was making it clear how hurt she was by what she was doing.

Suddenly hope arrived in the form of Koyuki who suddenly appeared and cast Moves in the Field to help her friends make their escape. Koyuki urged Kazuki to pick Mio up and they tried to make their escape while their attackers were not able to move. She explained the whole situation to them. How he and Lotte would be arrested as Illegal Magicians. Kazuki would be forced to undergo a Stigmata transfer operation and sent to the Swordsmanship Division. Part of the reason they had attacked them in this matter was to force them to resist arrest and thus create an excuse to reject Lotte's status as a refugee and deport her back to Germany. But they had not gotten away yet. Kaguya and Torazō were able to pursue them by riding on top of the tentacles produced by her magic. She suspected Koyuki had overheard all these plans, and she seemed surprised that Koyuki had chosen to help "the criminals" instead. Kaguya had not wanted to involve the others in this to spare them pain. She insisted this was the best solution left for Kazuki, completely unaware that this would have a major impact of the 72 Pillars evaluation of Japan. Kaguya was surprised that Koyuki was willing to risk everything for him. Koyuki also noted how hard Kaguya had cried when she had accepted this order. Kaguya now knew how Kazuki's power worked and told him to give up trying to capture their hearts, though she had wanted to be captured too. Asmodeus appeared and warned her she could not make full use of her powers if it was not something she really wanted to do. But Kaguya insisted she was able to turn off her emotions and do her duty. Just when they were in serious trouble again another unexpected savior appeared Kōhaku Hikita, who carried several Sacred Treasures with her. Kaguya and Koyuki didn't even know who she was. She was able to create the cover they needed and they escaped together. After they got away, Kaguya sank to her knees in tears about what she had been forced to do.

Volume 3Edit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As the Magic Division president of the Knight Academy, Kaguya was the strongest summoner there until Kazuki Hayashizaki defeated her. As a Chouki Magician she is the strongest summoner of Asmodeus.

Abilities and SkillsEdit

Asmodeus 10 inherent powers: Edit

Level 1: Desire Tentacle: Summons black tentacles to strangle its enemies.

Level 2: Feel Pain: This magic inflicts hallucinations of pain to the opponent.

Level 3: Suicide Black: Defensive magic that covers the summoner in a black mist and reflects all incoming pain to the enemy.

Level 4: Cocytus: Summons a pure white cold wave that freezes anything it touches instantly.

Level 5: Twilight Spectre: Summons a big black shark that devours its enemies.

Level 6: Ultra Violence: Makes an aura that doubles the sense of pain to the people in its range.

Level 7: ?

Level 8: Near Death Roulette: Weapon creation magic that summons a scythe that has the ability to rob the victim of one of their five senses randomly with each strike, the sixth strike will disconnect the opponent's magic power and force them into magic intoxication.

Level 9: Guernica: Covers enemy that the spellcaster feels hatred for with hell's flames that burn to the point that there aren't even ashes left.

Level 10: Seventh Hell: Through Asmodeus the gate of hell is summoned that spits out miasma that become Guenerica Hell Fire in contact with those whom the summoner feels hatred towards. Simply Multi-target Guenerica. In Volume 10, she mastered this spell and discovered that the gate of hell not only brings punishment towards her enemies but mercy towards the innocents. For the mercy part, the gate of hell cleanses the evil of the innocent souls whose lives were unjust.

Different Powers:Edit

Union Magic: Galaxy: Galaxy is Kaguya's very own original union magic that even Kazuki cannot copy, it summons a geometry pattern of light that spreads out in radial waves around Kaguya. The vicinity becomes a pitch black darkness with Kaguya as the center, countless lights shine in the surroundings. This ability has few more moves such as:

  • Sun’s Wind: Summons a wind of corona gas that surpasses one million degrees and rains down on Kaguya's enemies and burns them down thoroughly.
  • Cosmic Ray: Summons high energy radiation that is usually absorbed by the atmosphere and rains down directly on enemies and burns them to nothing.

Resist: Kaguya has remarkable proficiency in countering incoming attacks with the opposite element and wavelengths.


  • Among all the main female characters, Kaguya has the largest breasts.
  • Kaguya means "Shining Night", and Otonashi means "Soundless".
  • Kazuki obtained the Key to to her Heart in Volume 1, Chapter 4
  • In Volume 4, she became the first girl to be directly confessed to by Kazuki
  • She and Kazuki had their first kiss in Volume 10, Chapter 6
  • She became a Chouki Magician in Volume 11, Chapter 3
  • She lost her virginity to Kazuki in Volume 13, Chapter 2 (along with most of the Harem)
  • She and Kazuki conceives a child at the end of Volume 14