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Fenex color
Japanese フェニックス
Rōmaji Fenikkusu
Other names Pheynix


Alias Poet
Personal Information
Species Diva
Gender 212px-MaleMale
Status Alive
Affiliation 72 Pillars of Solomon

Hayashizaki Kazuki (King)

Partner(s) Amasaki Miō
Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 1
Manga debut Chapter 15
Phenex (フェニックス) is the 37th of the 72 Pillars of Solomon. He is the Diva of Amasaki Miō.


Phenex takes the appearance of a tall man who wears pants and a suit vest with a flame pattern on it as well as a black bow-tie, he always wears his mask and a hat. On his left arm, he has an accessory that takes the form of phoenix feathers.


When he first appeared in the Astrum and talked with Hayashizaki Kazuki, he seemed a wise and smart Diva telling Kazuki that he was in trouble, because of Magic Intoxication. He also acknowledges Kazuki as King.


Background Edit

His contractor Amasaki Miō was the first one in her year to successfully make a contract in the first Contracting Ceremony. The others who succeeded were Hayashizaki Kazuki and Hiakari Koyuki. He was the first Diva of the 72 Pillars to regain their connection to Lemegeton after she spent years cut off from her subordinates due to losing her memory and powers.


Volume 1Edit

After Miō was mortally wounded in battle with Loki, Kazuki kisses her so he can do a full power summoning and save her life. He was warned that he was risking his life doing so in his weakened state. But he didn't hesitate to do so, earning him respect as a King. He succeeded in saving her life but fell deep into Magic Intoxication. He spoke to Kazuki while he was drifting in the Astrum and encouraged him to wake up.

Volume 6 Edit

Lemegeton regained the power to grant Kazuki Solomon’s Emblem. With it he was able to connect directly with a Diva and access a Magic Dress as well as unique skills. Doing this also improved his casting time significantly. In his first battle he exclusively used Phenex because Miō was the only one with whom he had the required Positivity Level of 150 at the time.

Powers and Abilities Edit

10 Inherent Powers: Edit

Level 1: Barrett: The avatar of Phenex appears behind the user and it then shoots a fireball-like attack at the opponent.

Level 2: Fire Wall: After placing a hand on the ground, it creates a magic circle under the opponent and summons a wall of flame from it.

Level 3: Self-Burning: It clads the targeted person with protective fire. Using psychokinesis it can be extended on different objects like a sword.

Level 4: Anti-Aging: Healing magic that creates a small fire that accelerates natural recovery.

Level 5: Blazing Wings: Summons wings made out of flame which grants the ability to fly for short distances. Can also be used like a shield or sword.

Level 6: Israel Judgment: The avatar of Phenex rises behind the contractor's back and fires concentrated flame and light in the form of a powerful laser.

Level 7: ?

Level 8: Imitation Flare: Summons the avatar of the firebird. The flames of the Phoenix liberate all of their power, which creates a small pseudo sun. The converged energy can be directed to an opponent and detonate like a bomb. It possesses heat and light elements and the energy released is comparable to a solar flare.

Level 9: Super Nova: A small fire spark is created and fired, within the small spark Phenex's everything that carries infinite life is compressed creating something that has devastating destructive power.

Level 10: Revive: This spell denies someone's death. This spell can also be cast on the contractor.


  • Amasaki Miō became his Favored Princess Magician in Volume 9, Chapter 3
  • In demonology, Phenex is a Great Marquis of Hell and has twenty legions of demons under his command.
  • "Phenex" may be another way to write "Phoenix" as both share the same Japanese pronunciation, Fenikkusu. This is also pointed as Phenex wears phoenix feathers.
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