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Prometheus manga

Prometheus original form

Japanese プロメテウス
Rōmaji Purometeusu
Other names Prophet
Personal Information
Species Diva
Gender Male
Age Teens/Unknown
Status Alive
Eye Silver
Hair Blonde
Partner(s) Charlotte Lieben Frau
Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 2

Prometheus (プロメテウス Purometeusu) is the Diva of Charlotte Lieben Frau.


Prometheus takes the appearance of a young boy with light blonde hair and silver eyes. His whole body is clad in mysterious suit that is made from unknown material that is neither cloth, nor metal. Kazuki Hayashizaki described him as neither good, nor evil. Based on his outfit, he seems to be a space alien, or a human from the future. When Prometheus's full power is released, he takes a form of a man in the prime of life, with a large, muscular build.

Personality Edit

Not much is known about his personality, but his face describes it perfectly. He usually has a very stoic and blank expression on his face. He is very snobbish. Some time ago, he forgot his name and who he is, but with the help of Charlotte, he regained his memories. When he reencountered the Italian King, Regina Olympia Folnar, Prometheus displayed intense anger towards her and her blind faith to the Olympian mythology, while mocking her at the same time. Prometheus wanted mankind to become independent to themselves and didn't regret his decision to help them. Like all Divas that are aligned with Kazuki he acknowledged him as his King. He's also loyal to his contracted summoner Charlotte and follows her decision whenever she's in a dire situation. Prometheus is very proficient in science and technology, like operating jet planes, etc.

History Edit

At first, Prometheus appears as a strange Diva with amnesia who doesn't know his name. In Volume 7, it was discovered that the Italian King, Regina Olympia Folnar was the one wounded him half dead that caused his amnesia. He was in such a sorry state that he had even forgotten his own name. He made an offer to a terminally ill 14 year old girl, Lotte.They wound up sharing the same body, taking over the parts of her body that were sick. This cured her and allowed her to live a normal life for the fist time. While at the same time giving him the chance to recover his own strength. Lotte decided to call him "Prophet". Since the Germans demanded strict adherence to Norse Mythology, Lotte was facing execution for making an Illegal contract,. He used his unique understanding of technology to fly her to Japan on a jet airplane to seek asylum and thus she became a refugee. The Kight Order carefully investigated him, as he was fully materialized, but found no evidence he had encroached on Lotte's mind. She was then enrolled in the Knight Academy.


Volume 2 Edit

When Lotte was enrolled as a transfer student most students were not told the truth to avoid concern bout the German response. They were told falsely that Lotte was native to Japan originally and that she was a relative of the blond teacher Liz Liza Westwood. Only the residents of the Witch's House, where she would be staying were told the whole truth. He made an appearance during the explanation of her situation. Leme was delighted to finally see a Diva shorter than herself and recognized that they were in a similar state. Later Kazuki was forced to give Lotte instructions on how to work the water heater for the bathtub. as "for some reason" he refused to turn up when she was taking a bath. Both he and Leme were fascinated enough by his lecture to turn up to watch it. He also made an appearance during her match with Kōhaku Hikita. When Kazuki and Lotte visited Akihabara, both "Prophet" and Leme turned up, fascinated by many of the products for sale. But Lotte complained they were getting in the day of their date so they. left at once. During their second battle against Beatrix Baumgard to protect Lotte, Kazuki kissed her in order to perform a full summon. It was then that Prometheus' true identity was confirmed. By using Kazuki's power he was temporarily restored to his original power and appearance. He transformed Kazuki's sword to make it more powerful and ideally suited to him. He was then able to use it to defeat Beatrix.

Volume 3 Edit

Abilities Edit

Summoning: Prometheus can summon personal equipment.

Technokinesis: Prometheus can use any sort of technology at ease just by first glance. He can operate any transportation vehicle, hack computers, etc.

Trivia Edit

  • Prometheus (/prəˈmiːθiːəs/ prə-mee-thee-əs; Greek: Προμηθεύς [promɛːtʰeús], meaning "forethought") is a Titan in Greek mythology, best known as the benefactor who brought fire to mankind.
  • He is addressed by Regina as the Titan of Wisdom.