Weapon Info
Kanji 雷切
Romaji Raikiri
Type Sacred Treasure
Current Owner Unknown
Previous Owner Unknown
Owned By Hayashizaki Kazuki
Hayashizaki Kanae
Light Novel Light Novel Volume 2
Manga Chapter 21

Raikiri (雷切, lit. Lightning Cutter) is the sacred treasure that Hayashizaki Kazuki found in the shrine of a Haunted Ground in Light Novel Volume 2.

Appearance Edit

Raikiri appears to look like a normal shirasaya that appeared to be made from plain wood, which seemed to be breathing and has an atmosphere of holiness.

Background Edit

Though the exact time the sword was made is unknown, but after the location became a Haunted Ground, it was warped and changed into a sacred treasure due to the magic power. Raikiri remained enshrined until it was discovered by the trio Kazuki, Mio, and Lotte, Kazuki tried to test it out before it was confiscated.

Raikiri later returns to his possession for a temporary time to deal with Beatrix Baumgard who had been sent to kill Lotte who was classed as an illegal magician. Its current status is unknown after handing it to Kanae, but it would be assumed that it was taken to storage with the other sacred treasures.

Abilities Edit

Like most sacred treasures, it requires to absorb the magic power of its wielder to show off its true power. After uttering the command, "Flash, Raikiri", it lets the wielder to counter lightning-based abilities befitting its namesake as "Lightning Cutter".

Trivia Edit

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