Regina Olympia Folnar
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Regina Light Novel
Japanese レジーナオリンピアフォルナ
Rōmaji Rejīna Orinpia Foruna
Personal Information
Species Human
Gender 212px-FemaleFemale
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Relatives None
Hair Blond
Diva Zeus
Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 7
Regina Olympia Folnar (レジーナオリンピアフォルナ Rejīna Orinpia Foruna) or just Regina for short is the King of Italy.


Regina has a mythological appearance, she wears a long and narrow hat and a white mantle. She has long blond hair.


Regina has a short tempered, harsh and serious personality. She despises people who aren't blessed with "Blessing of Olympia". Regina is very prideful and impulses, often wanting to kill someone for even a trivia reason.

After almost dying, Regina started to mature. She decided she would use whatever methods she needed in order to win. Whether it was playing dead (something no believed she would ever do because of her pride) or allying with Loki. She also decide to stop being impulse, even apologizing to Vera for never listing to her.




Volume 7Edit

Regina first appears walking alongside Arthur.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As the King of Italy she is the strongest person of her country. Her magic power and control over it is so great that she aggressively uses it to overpower her enemies. Kazuki also called her his natural enemy because she doesn't have any openings in her fighting-style. Loki note that if wasn't for her personality, Regina could've been the strongest King.

Abilities and SkillsEdit

She possesses a very strong resist technique that takes care of most attacks almost as well as defensive magic.

Zeus 10 inherent powers:Edit

Level: ?: Leucothea Metamorphosis: The user transforms into a large swan with sharp talons instead of webbed flippers and a sharp beak, this form possesses the divinity of nature increasing its power and speed greatly. They can also assume a partial transformation consisting of only swan wings on the back.

Level: ?: Melachrinos Metamorphosis: The user transforms into a large black bull.

Level: ?: Kyuranoeides Metamorphosis: The user transforms into a giant whale, allowing her to function underwater without using magic power.

Level: ?: Keraunos: Summons an iron hammer of lightning that when thrown at the enemy has massive destructive potential, or it can be turned into the power of blessing and launched into sky to create rain clouds that produce large amounts of water.

Level: ?: Futeraronhi: Creates a winged spear sacred treasure that has great speed and piercing power when thrown, it can control wind and can return to the user when prompted.

Level: ?: Kithemonikos Aegis: Creates a membrane of light in front of the user that acts as a nearly indestructible shield.


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