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Shinobu Ryūtaki
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Japanese 龍瀧 忍 (りゅうたき しのぶ)
Rōmaji Ryūtaki Shinobu
Personal Information
Species Human
Gender 212px-FemaleFemale
Age Teens
Status Alive
Relatives Miyabi Ryūtaki (twin sister)
Eye Gold
Hair Black
Occupation Student
School National Knight Academy
Diva Marchosias
Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 4

Shinobu Ryūtaki ((りゅう)(たき) (しのぶ) Ryūtaki Shinobu) is the twin sister of Miyabi Ryūtaki and a second year at the Knights Academy in the Magic Division.


Shinobu is a beautiful young woman. She wears the academy's Magic Division girls uniform. She has long black hair and golden eyes. Her Magic Dress consists of a white bikini outlined with blue on the left side and red on the right side, decorated with fur that made the one seeing it think of a Demon Beast’s pelt. It also possesses armor made of mysterious red and blue metal and wings made of red crystal on the back. Her hair becomes wavier and is now in a ponytail.


Shinobu has a very serious personality, she hates men a lot (Kazuki for example) because she thinks he will steal her beloved Onē-chan since she is like mental support for her. She is also very dependent on her sister. However, during and after the Mt. Fuji treasure hunt, she breaks out of her shell and, with her sister's help, apologizes to Kazuki for her very rude behavior and develops feelings for him.

After opening up, Shinobu showed that she was actually quite innocent and lonely, more so than she previous let other people know. She started to enjoy other peoples' company and became happy when they helped her out. Surprisingly, Shinobu is a glutton and enjoys eating a lot of different types of foods especially meat.

Originally, Shinobu was always the one who tried to stop Miyabi when she would do something bold to catch Kazuki's attention (like wearing a string swimsuit). After falling for him herself, she started doing similar things with her, such as wearing a naked apron or the same string swimsuit her sister used.




Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Abilities and SkillsEdit

Marchosias 10 inherent powers:Edit

Level: 1: Blade Tusk: Creates twin swords that have boorish blades and look like the polished fangs of giant beasts they then attack the enemy as if they were being wielded by unseen swordsmen.

Level: 2: ?

Level: 3: Cross Conflict: Summons red crystal wings that expand from her back and emit both heat and cold. It protects the user’s body from the double elements of fire and ice.

Level: 4: Crimson Wolf Pack: Shinobu summons a pack of fire wolves that attack its enemies.

Level: 5: Iceblue Wolf Pack: Shinobu summons a pack ice wolves that can act as defensive shields or attack the enemy.

Level: 6: Burning Icicle: Summons a clone of Marchosias, a giant wolf with red crystal wings. The user sits on its back and as it flies through the air and drops red crystals that are laced with both heat and cold and explode.

Level: 7: ?

Level: 8: ?

Level: 9: ?

Level: 10: Awakening Killer Instinct: Reinforcement magic that gives the summoner amplified physical capabilities many times over by Marchosias’s strengthening.

Union MagicEdit

Moon Strike: A magic created by combining the powers of Gremory and Marchosias. Creates a moon of magic power in the sky that is launched at enemies.


  • Shinobu hates everyone except her older twin sister Miyabi. This is because of the discrimination her sister went through when she turned into an elf.
  • Kazuki obtained the Key to her Heart and shared his first kiss with her in Volume 8, Chapter 4
  • Kazuki mentioned in Volume 14 that he had already had a three-way with her and her twin sister