Silirat Denkaosen
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Japanese シリラットデンカオセン
Other names Whirlwind of Destruction
Alias Silira of Might
Personal Information
Species Human
Gender 212px-FemaleFemale
Age Teens
Status Alive
Hair Black
Occupation Magika Stigma

Illegal Magician (in Japan)
Resistance Fighter

Affiliation India

Hayashizaki Kazuki

Diva Shiva
Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 6
Silirat Denkaosen (シリラットデンカオセン) is part of Ryōzanpaku an organization opposed to China's aggressive expansion, she is ranked 3rd and contracted to Shiva. She is first introduced in Volume 6 after Shouko and herself help out the Japanese Knight Order.


Silirat is a girl of a small stature with short hair, and an ornament in her hair which looks like a snake, Silirat usually wears a sailor uniform.


Not much is known about her personality, but it is shown that she is pretty confident in her abilities as one of the strongest members of Ryōzanpaku.



She was originally born in India and her Diva was of Hindu Mythology, a faith in danger of being crushed by China. The King of Taoist Mythology Fu Xi derived her power from the amount of territory she controlled. Under her rule China became the most aggressive of the Magically Advanced Countries. However, the other nations wouldn’t allow them to do whatever they wanted without stepping in. As a result they needed to use underhanded and duplicitous methods in order to expand their influence. She became a member of Ryōzanpaku, an alliance of Asian nations fighting back against aggressive Chinese territorial expansion.

The most recent example was in Japan. Chinese sleeper agents had managed to worm their way into positions of power there. They used deception to drive the Japanese Divas into a Wild God state. Those possessed by them became their front line soldiers when they conquered western Japan and declared it the independent state of Yamato. This sparked a Civil War but gave them at least the pretense of being a legitimate Japanese independence movement. Once they had established Yamato however, they immediately made an alliance with China and in essence surrendered to them.


Volume 6Edit

Thanks to the efforts of Hayashizaki Kazuki and a small group, many of the Japanese Divas came back to their senses and left the front lines. The Knight Order pressed their advantage at this moment and was on the verge of a major victory in short order. To their outrage China directly stepped in at that moment sending in a squad of their most powerful Magika Stigma. After a long battle the Japanese were exhausted and the invaders broke right through their lines and tried to execute their leaders in cold blood. At that moment Ryōzanpaku arrived and canceled out the magic of the invaders. As the enemy fled along with the Yamato forces they offered to work with Japan as allies.

Kazuki attended a meeting with Commander Yamagata and Yagumo Akane, it also served as a mission debriefing. The leaders of Ryōzanpaku including Lu Shang Xiang were stunned Kazuki was a King, they had never heard of a male King before. China’s Taoist Mythology had become corrupted and they were extremely aggressive. Most of the smaller neighboring countries were clearly choosing surrender rather than face an armed conflict. Those who lost their freedom would essentially be forced to do forced labor to provide them resources produced through alchemy. This group felt that the worse price was that their language, Mythology and culture would be stamped out and replaced by China’s. This group was hoping to form an alliance with the first Magically Advanced Country to be targeted by China in this way.

Yamagata was encouraged to endorse this alliance to repay them for saving them. Yamagata hesitated because Japan had always remained neutral in these conflicts. Yamagata knew the international community would soon step in and force a cease fire. They would then investigate and issue a judgment of which government was the legitimate ruling body of Japan. If there was a divided opinion on this, things might not be settled until the battle between Kazuki and Ikōsai Aisu ends and Japan had am official King. They were interrupted by the German Knights Beatrix Baumgard and Eleonora Abendroth, since things would shortly become more complicated it was announced they would be suspending their agreement with the government of Japan until this matter was settled. Sure enough, things progressed just how Yamagata predicted.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Silirat Denkaosen is a contractor of Shiva, the only Diva of Hindu Mythology featured in the series.

10 Inherent Powers: Edit

Level ?: Trisula: Summons a trident Sacred Treasure that possesses 3 different attributes including fire and electricity.


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