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Japanese ステラ
Rōmaji Sutera
Personal Information
Species Human
Gender 212px-FemaleFemale
Age Child
Status Deceased
Relatives Kazuki (self-proclaimed father)

Kaguya (self-proclaimed mother)

Hair White
Affiliation National Knight Academy
Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 10
Stella (ステラ Sutera) was an amnesiac girl found by Kazuki and his friends.


Stella looks like an ordinary child, she is quite short. She has shoulder-length white hair and big eyes. At first she is seen wearing dirty clothes, but they were later replaced by Charlotte.


At first when she is found she has very stoic personality, but later with the influence of Kaguya and Kazuki she became more cheerful and started calling them both Papa and Mama. She also has a very strong form of amnesia, she can't remember her parents and her own name.



Stella was originally part of the Native Americans settlement to feed the Great Spirit by giving their own lives to fuel it. The children of the Native Americans were treated as cattle and called "it". When she was on a slave ship heading to another country, the ship was intercepted by the Native Americans led by Crazy Horse and killed everyone on the ship to make their Great Spirit more powerful through the lives that were taken including hers. She overcame Red Metallica's magic and temporarily have a physical body to due to her desire to live a life with love and happiness.


Volume 10Edit

She is first found by Kazuki and his group on the ship that they defeated. She was amnesiac at first when they questioned her and decided to name her Stella. While traveling with Kazuki and his group to the United States of America (USA), they encountered the USA Knight Order and were escorted to the country. She then went with them along with Kazuki and his group to the domed city of Las Vegas. She enjoyed the sights of the city and had fun while slowly remembering about herself. She saw Red Metallica with a group of slave hunters and claimed that he has her battery. A battery that is powered by the life force and soul of a person. She travelled along with the group back to the Native American settlement as she keeps remembering things. When she returned back to the Las Vegas slave factory she remembered everything including her death and told Kazuki and his group everything about her life and the country she lived in. As she completed her desire of living a life of love and happiness, she starts to fade away and said that she wished that she could live again as the reborn child of Kazuki and his harem of summoners.


  • Kazuki obtained the Key to her Heart in Volume 11, Chapter 4
  • She is the only person with a confirmed Positivity Level of 200
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